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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / Kong Badger advice

Originally posted by infomage27:

build up a bit, and once you can craft Lump of Wood (10 wood + 1 iron + 1 fuel), make 50 of those, then upgrade them (the upgrade is free). those 50k xp the achievements give will bring you a good part of the way to level 10 (if you’re already level 7 or so, it’s probably going to be enough to push you over)

I guess this doesn’t work anymore?
I can’t find “Lump of Wood” under Upgrades after I crafted it.

edit: Nevermind.

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Topic: Kongregate / "Rate this game" Tab

Yes, please remove this OR give us an option to disable it OR let it pop up after 30 minutes.

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Topic: Wartune / Patch 2.46 Changes

Originally posted by kimwong3252000:

Credit to Kessar in S1 _

A. No change to inventory to have 9999 per spot.

Don’t you mean 999 per spot?

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Topic: Wartune / ???

Originally posted by littleduptobat:

What’s going on with Wartune, and how long is this going to last? I keep getting a white screen with an exclamation mark in the middle of the screen. This really pisses me off because I need my arenas to get the warriors marks.

That’s happening because your plugin container of Firefox is crashing. You probably don’t have enough RAM for the game?

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Topic: Wartune / Compensation for European Servers Time Change 3/30

Why was the Lvl. 60 Compensation Pack cancelled?

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Topic: Wartune / BIG BUG TODAY

Full ticket:

We’ll get compensation

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Topic: Wartune / SAMPLETICKET for DST-Bug


I wrote a ticket that everyone of you can use and should.
There’s a pastebin-Version available where tabs are displayed correctly:
Just so the work in R2’s side is greater and we get proper compensation:


today I wasn’t able to get any devotion-rewards because the daily reset doesn’t seem to have reset them. Same goes for some other things and daily quests can’t be completed.

Here is a full list of all the rewards I’m missing:
VIP Daily:
10x VIP Token

Hall of Heroes (Daily):
49000x EXP
5250x Gold
1000x Kyanite

Trial of Heroes:
41500x EXP
4500x Gold

Guild Blessing:
36000x EXP
3000x Gold
1000x Kyanite

Plunder a Hostile City (Daily):
38000x EXP
40x Guild Wealth
40x Guild Contribution (40000x Gold)

Fight in the Battleground:
99000x EXP
10500x Gold
5x Battleground Treasure Shard

Enter a Battleground (Daily):
44000x EXP
10500x Gold
10000x Daru
5x Battleground Treasure Shard

Arena Party Challenge (Daily):
37000x EXP
6000x Gold
40x Guild Wealth
20x Guild Contribution (20000x Gold)
10x Insignia

3/28 Sylph Arena:
1x Sylph EXP Scroll
1x Eggshell
10000x Kyanite

10 Devotion Reward:
50000x Gold

40 Devotion Reward:
1x Lvl. 1 Bonus EXP Scroll
5x Lvl. 2 Daru Pearl

60 Devotion Reward:
1x Rose
1x Runestone

80 Devotion Reward:
1x Lvl. 5 Luck Stone
2x Soul Crystal
1x Lvl. 2 Gem Pack

100 Devotion Reward:
2x Mount Training Whip
1x Skeleton Key
1x Signet Training

1 Astral attempt
4000x Gold

Wheel of Fate Free Attempt
1x-10x Fate Stone

Sylph Arena
5-10 lost Sylph Arena Attempts
with 50% winning-chance is roughly
75-150x Sylph EXP Scroll

3-5x Sylph EXP Scroll
2-5x Sepulcrum

Please compensate accordingly.

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Topic: Wartune / card engulfing

I, too, am at a loss here. Yesterday I’ve looked at the Hot Events-section and, upon seeing that Card Engulding ends today, pressed 1-click upgrade.
That was about 12 Upgrades to cards. Not counting multiple Upgrades to a single card. All in all I had around 20 cards lying around waiting for leveling.
Today I log on and what’s there in Hot Events?
A NEW Card Engulding-event with THE SAME REWARDS!

All I can do now is write a ticket to R2 to complain about event-stuff and hope that they don’t just say “player mistake, hurr durr”.
While I appreciate the work of our Forum-Moderators, this is an issue with the Event-System in itself.
Why can’t there be an event-shedule InGame?

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Topic: Wartune / How many chests did it take for you to get hades?

Originally posted by relinq1:

1600k chest , no hades good point is , i’ve made iris and eve(gaia) purple..

I don’t believe you.

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Topic: Wartune / Jewel Hunt help

Originally posted by FosterFrost:

Don’t confuse the number in the spin from the jewel invite, to the number of jewels removed or points received.

I believe the following is “semi accurate” (have seen similar rates posted elsewhere), and consistent with I get:

An invited spinning total of -

  • 1-10 gives you 1-2 auto clicks (selecting the two jewels to exchange = one auto click),
  • 10-15 gives you 2-3 auto clicks
  • 20-25 gives you 2-4 auto clicks
  • 25-35 gives you 5+ auto clicks

Each auto click is a selection of the two jewels to exchange. Sometimes an auto click does nothing (i.e. – no match, no points). Sometimes one auto click sets off a barrage of matches.

But obviously the higher the spin number, the more auto clicks that occur, and therefore exponentially a higher chance of getting matches (points).

Hope this explains the spins/benefits of JewelHunt – and does not muddy the waters more …..

That’s wrong.
If you have ever compared what one spinned and how many jewels got removed, you’d see that the number is equal to the jewels removed. 25 is maximum because the board is 5×5.
There are also 0-Spins. Very unfortunate.

Have you ever looked at your board when the jewels disappeared? They are randomly removed. There are no auto-matches.

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Topic: Wartune / I want answers

Originally posted by Worldchampion370:

R2 has no right to ban my account if i don’t do anything on it

This is not right.
R2 has the right to ban your Account whenever they want and for no particular reason.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Glean 2] Bugs

when blowing up a mine with dynamite, you get damage.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Glean 2] aquatic drilling damage

You have to upgrade Drill Speed to minimize damage

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Topic: Wartune / [Bound Balens Card] Typo

Originally posted by Dragu89:
Originally posted by LordWotan:

Seems like you made a typo with [Bound Balens Card] definition. I can see that the word Balens has a s, so there should be 2 or more balens in it, but there is only 1 balen in it. It’s lower than what I expected. :/
If you wanted to give me a compensation pack, I would like a Baby Griffin Card.

Thank you!!! Hope I get a compensation pack for this…

This typo effects me as well. To help sooth the emotional distress I would like a griffin as well.

I volunteer as tribu.. ahem. I meant I’m affected by this, too!

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Glean 2] aquatic drilling damage

That’s a mechanic of aquatic worlds. Just don’t do too many drills in 1 go. Make short pauses when drilling, because damage accumulates exponentially when you’re not stopping.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Glean 2] Bugs

Originally posted by spamzombie:

Resourse quality upgraded to 5 and most of time doesn’t work – number of resourses gained still the same as in the beginning. In spaceship upgrade room all upgrades enabled :(
Sometimes, however, number of resourses gained is correct. It’s miracle, i think…

Possibly because you had Bonus Time in the beginnng and now you don’t.
So in reality, you get +100% ressources.

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Topic: Wartune / Jewel Hunt Levels

Originally posted by casa2:
Originally posted by Worldchampion354:
Originally posted by Dante1776:

the op is probably wrong…i got those runestones before lvl 15 for sure

same before my lvl 70 was permanantly banned


because he’s a constant annoyance on S3 – Europe

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Topic: BloodRealm / Badges

Originally posted by biancoverde33:

ANd if you choose another champion, how on earth can you restart from scratch?

Go tot he market, click the CHAMPIONS-Tab and buy one of the other starters for 1k Coins.

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Topic: Technical Support / Ghost Game Message Notifications


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Topic: Wartune / Never Have Fireworks Again!


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Topic: Wartune / What do you use your firecrackers for?

ALWAYS get the mount if you don’t have it already.
I’ve gotten the mount a little bit of mahra. Had over 700 whips saved

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Topic: Technical Support / My Computer freezes


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Topic: Technical Support / Animated .gif Avatars

Originally posted by iCrystalina:
Originally posted by Thyrael:
Originally posted by iCrystalina:

This is said in the Kongregate FAQ’s (I think, if not it’s somewhere very near). They state Avatar GIFs are not supposed to work, so do not complain if they don’t.

Citation needed.

Here’s some more clarification: Click here for clarification.

I’m happy that mine works

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Topic: Technical Support / My Computer freezes

Hi, I have the same problems using Firefox.
I tracked it down to being the Users status-bar.
Firefox with Kongregate is running at ~45% CPU-Load as long as the status-bar is in the viewport (The part of the page, that is visible in your browser-window).

As soon as I scroll down so that the bar isn’t visible anymore, CPU-Load goes back to normal levels. (0-3% Load).

Just to clarify which area I’m talking about:

Please everyone: Try scrolling down a bit so the bar isn’t visible anymore, if the lag disappears, then the Kong-Devs have to fix something.

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Topic: Technical Support / Moderator/Rules Problem

Originally posted by MichaelN152:

I recently got banned for a rather stupid reason, I posted some porn links in the chat of DoTD and now I gotta wait out.

Read this again and tell me why you SHOULDN’T be banned.