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Topic: Wartune / [Announcement] Wartune Now Seeking a Kongrgate Moderator

In game name: SirSpankin
Age: 23
Current lvl: 30

Hello my name is Joel and i feel that i could help players get the best out of this game. Though my time here i have only missed a couple days of checking in and I currently help new players anyways with such things as builds, skill sets, guild operations as well as small technical problems such as after the update to clear the cache to rejoin the game. I hope that you will consider me in this search for moderators and thank you R2Games for making an awesome RTS for us all to enjoy.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Abortion

OK game crazy kid. it’s already pretty clear all you wanted here was for people to go against your beliefs so you could in essence disprove all of them and make yourself into some kinda hero in your own mind. Honestly if circumstances are not ideal for children to be raised in abortion AND adoption are both very easy ways to ensure a child doesn’t have to grow up in a horrible situation. I will assume you have had a fairly easy childhood, But it is clear to me at least that bad
Parents do exist in this world. People not fit to hold onto something as precious as life. i think it is an OPTION for people who are not ready and cannot support a child. Ex: drug addicts,underaged mothers in poverty HALF THE FUCKING PEOPLE IN AFRICA and such don’t be a retard no real need to pretend this is a discussion anymore, it’s a way for you to become your own hero. you’re so awesome you’re so cool and gosh darnit people like you.


Topic: General Gaming / CONSOLE WARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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