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Topic: Wartune / Does R2 realize people work shifts besides day shift?

Guild Wars: Afternoon and Night shift workers are locked out
Arenas: Afternoon shift might be able to hit the noon one if they have a short commute. Night shift are either asleep at noon or getting fired.

The only gear that matters to a high level player is the orange crafted stuff. Good luck getting >100k insigs with weekend-only access to the arena, and zero access to GBs.

Tanks: Afternoon shift can hit the AM one. Night shift? Not if you plan on keeping your job.

BGs: Night shifters are either working or sleeping when all of these run. Afternoon shifters can probably catch the AM one and maybe the tail end of the PM one depending on what exactly their hours are – but it’s going to be tight in either direction.

Unemployed or morning/day shift: You can participate in everything, and be active in end game.
Afternoon: You’re going to be extremely limited, but can probably manage with difficulty.
Night: Good luck making even the 60 set in all of 2014.

It would be utterly trivial to add an extra BG, arena, and tank session, and they’d make a lot more money from those shifts not being forced out of the game.

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Topic: Wartune / Floating Damage

Ok, thanks everyone.

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Topic: Wartune / Floating Damage

I’ve heard 3 possibilities for what this could mean:

A. Modify your damage by a random amount between 0 and the percentage listed. This can be positive OR negative. So with a normal damage range of 100-120 and a 10% mod, you would do 90-132.

B. As A, but it’s always positive. You would do 100-132.

C. Your entire damage range is kicked up by that percent. You would do 110-132.

Has anyone thoroughly tested to figure out which of these is correct (or if it’s something else entirely)? Any help would be appreciated.

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Topic: Wartune / [Guilds] Guild Recruitment Thread

Guild: Chaotica
Server: 2

Chaotica is a small, growing, friendly guild. If you’re looking for the #1 guild on the server, we are not, and likely never will be it.

What we will be, and already are, is a friendly community of gamers looking to have fun, help each other, and succeed together in Wartune and beyond (we’re part of a larger community which you may or may not want to join in the future.)

There is no one barking orders here, and no strict hierarchies of any kind. Play the game the way you want, and play it with a group you can enjoy it with. Everyone has a voice, major decisions are voted on, and everything is open to discussion.

Our name comes from the idea of positive chaos – freedom, creativity, and individuality. Your rank means almost nothing, we look at what you say, not what title you say it under.

We have exactly one requirement to join us: be a good person. We don’t care what level you are – that comes with time, and we’ll happily help you both in learning the game, and leveling faster with our direct assistance. We don’t care if your gear sucks and your BR is a joke. That too is fixed with time. What we do care about is having a guild filled with the kind of people we actually want to play games with. We’d rather be a guild of good people than a top guild filled with the kind of people no one wants in chat. That doesn’t mean we don’t plan to be a successful guild – we very much do… we just won’t sacrifice our friendly atmosphere to get there.

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Topic: Wartune / [Info] Suggestions (#2)

Another thing that would be good is alternate uses for stamina. By level 40, dungeon runs give less than 1% of a level with utterly trivial loot. I would suggest a building appear in town at 40 with options something like this:
Extra arena duel: 5 stam
+50 on the farm xp cap for today: 10 stam
Extra town attack: 15 stam
Extra multiplayer dungeon run: 50 stam

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Topic: Wartune / [Info] Suggestions (#2)

-A “Sell all white equipment” button on the inventory window would be nice. You won’t equip it beyond your first hour of play, and you can’t recycle it, so it’s purely a bit of gold, it has no other use.

-A lock for items so you can’t accidentally sell/recycle something you intended to use in a few levels could avoid some major “oops” moments.

-A “helper mode” in multi dungeons would be good for helping lower levels. Basically, add a checkbox that will make the run not count against your 3/day, but not award anything either.

-Most people have 2 kinds of “friends”… those they actually play with, and those they just farm with. The ability to flag people as farm-only and shuffle them to the bottom of the list would be nice.

-Guild buildings should list a max level and a cost chart via a (?) the way the main guild page shows permissions for the ranks. It’s hard to plan a guild’s growth when the costs are all over the place, and both costs and max levels are unknown.

-Custom guild ranks (where you name the ranks and check off the permissions for them) would be ideal, but failing that, I would suggest tweaking the system a bit to allow more options in giving people power, such as these 5 ranks:
—Assistant Guild Master: Can do everything but rename, transfer, or disband a guild.
—Senior Officer: Works like Assistant Guild Master does now
—Junior Officer: Works like Officer currently does
—Trusted Member: Can invite, but cannot kick.
—Member: Unchanged

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Topic: Kongregate / Suggestions

Kong has long had a policy of disabling external ad networks, high score systems, etc. This is generally not an issue, as Kong has their own versions of this stuff, and to the devs and players alike, it really doesn’t matter which is used, as long as someone’s is.

Recently, however, you’ve started disabling things like the Armor Games login system (the ENTIRE system, not just the ads), because you want us to play ONLY on Kong. This creates 2 major problems:

1. Loss of save files. The whole point of a global login is to let you play the same file on all sites, and blocking things like the AG login means being forced to start over on Kong. This is no big deal if it’s a short game, but if it’s something like a 30+ hour campaign-driven strategy game, or pretty much any RPG ever, it tends to result in people who played elsewhere simply ignoring the Kong version. Result? No ad revenue for Gamestop, no ad revenue for the game devs, and no badges for the players. Everyone loses.

2. Our money doesn’t count. I loved Kingdom Rush, and wanted to support the devs, so I purchased the premium version on NG, via the AG system. The idea is that both my premium status and my campaign save could then be used anywhere I’d like. I can be on AG, NG, or any other Flash portal with the game, punch in a login, and boom, there’s my save, and it knows I bought the game, even though I mainly played it on NG. This will work anywhere that isn’t Kong. Needless to say, I’m not buying it twice, so the result is the same as #1 (compounded in this case, as I can’t use my save OR my paid account).

I don’t know if you’re trying to put NG and such out of business or something, but what you’re doing is having the opposite effect. If I’m going to purchase a game, I will ALWAYS do it elsewhere if possible, because my choices are “only for Kong” and “the entire Internet with the exception of Kong”. Likewise, on pretty much any game I can’t beat in one sitting, I tend to find myself ignoring the Kong version in favor of well… pretty much anywhere else, because my save file is likewise a choice between “Kong” and “Everywhere Else”.

I would recommend working something out with the owners of other APIs where game saves and purchases will carry over to Kong, even if high scores, ads, etc, won’t. Otherwise, the more popular these global systems become, the more ad revenue (and eventually, players entirely), you’re going to lose. I know I find myself going to NG far more than Kong (when I used to spend equal time on each), and I doubt it’s just me.

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Topic: Kongregate / THE INVASION HAS BEGUN!-

I don’t like the way Gamestop killed most of the competition, the fact they that buy used games so they can resell them at 10x what they paid for them, or the fact since they no longer sell PC games in most of their stores and bought out pretty much everyone who did, I’m stuck with Best Buy (eww) or Newegg (awesome, but obviously takes a couple days to receive stuff) to get PC games now.

None of that has anything to do with Kong though. I really couldn’t care less if there’s a tiny “yeah, we own this” logo in the corner. Whether GS will stay the hell out of the Kong staff’s way and let them do what they do best or will take over and run the site into the ground is something we won’t know until we start saying a bit more changing than a beta tag and a logo.

I hope they don’t destroy Kong, but if they do, oh well. Kong and NG are the 2 flash sites I mainly go to, and NG will never be bought out.

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Topic: General Gaming / [Cursed Treasure: Don't Touch My Gems!] Suggestion Box

Just frenzy vs the assassins, you’ll defeat them easily with that.
Hotkeys really aren’t necessarily, as the only thing you’ll ever want to do ultra fast a bunch of times in a row is spam meteor, and you can hold shift for that.

My main suggestion is to change the level 14 boss, as on all levels EXCEPT 14, you can get a brilliant through strategy. When the final enemy of 14 enters, he either freezes on the first shot, or he reaches the gems. There are no other possible outcomes, making this a complete crapshoot.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Internet Domain Names

.com is “commercial”. This may seem odd when the majority of .coms aren’t selling you anything, but remember that the original net was for military and colleges, not common citizens, and so it’s the “commercial” sites as opposed to the academic or military. I’ve seen .com referred to as “common” or “community”, and think either of those would be a better reflection of what it actually is on the net of today, but they’re unlikely to change it. Most don’t actually care as regardless of what it is officially, .com has long been known by pretty much everyone as the default TLD you use if your site doesn’t fit one of the more specialized ones.

As for who owns the TLDs that aren’t country-specific, and the domains within those TLDs that aren’t registered to a site owner, the organization you’re looking for is ICANN.
This assumes of course that your desired name hasn’t been bought by a domain hoarder – a practice I personally think should be banned, but is sadly quite common.

Technically, nothing stops you from making your own DNS, or even something entirely entirely different than the web – Usenet is a great example of precisely that. The problem of course, is that your DNS only works if people are willing to connect to it. Usenet was started back when the common citizen was still heavily restricted, and so there was far, FAR, more support for an outside system. Most people are happy with today’s web, so barring anything stupid like the end of the net neutrality, you’re unlikely to get your own network off the ground on a global scale. On a smaller scale of course, such as a private network in a country that locks down their DNS servers, or a tiny network used only by a college, it’s quite possible to build your own thing, and it has been done, whether to get around a block, or simply for the experience of building (or joining) a private thing… much like the BBSes of a decade ago.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / What do you think about Islam?

I lump them in with Christians. They have (mostly) the same belief structure, follow the same holy book series (they just have a 3rd volume), have largely the same moral teachings, etc. There’s important differences of course, but at their core, they’re VERY similar.

As with Christians, there are those who follow it as a path of peace, see it as a source of wisdom, and respect those around them. There are the annoying (but generally harmless) proselytizers. There are those who hate everyone who believes anything different, and yes, in extreme cases, there are those who think killing in the name of their religion is somehow morally acceptable. (Yes, Christianity still has terrorism – abortion clinic bombings, etc.)

As a general rule, I’m far less concerned with what beliefs one chooses to hold (no one knows for sure what’s right, we all choose what we feel makes the most sense), and more concerned with how they apply their chosen path to their life. Religion (or declared lack thereof), can be a force of great good or evil, or it can have little to no impact, and ultimately, which it’s going to be depends on what kind of person you are FAR more than which particular belief system you think is closest to the truth. You shouldn’t need religion to tell you right from wrong, and you shouldn’t need it to tell you how to live either. Those who understand this – regardless of path – tend to be both the happiest and most moral people.

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Topic: General Gaming / How to beat Balloon in a Wasteland on Day 1

It can be done. :)

Start: Already be running for your balloon before the screen fades in, start repairing the balloon ASAP.

Wave 1: Don’t stop repairing until you lose a point of health, then kill them as fast as you can, and go back to repairing. The shop WILL activate while you repair, so don’t stop.

Gun shop: Get the 2nd pistol, and fully upgrade it.

Wave 1 (yes, there’s two wave 1’s, no, I have no idea why :P): As in the previous wave, repair your balloon until you take a hit, then clear the enemies ASAP. Return to repairing.

Fort shop: Reject this. You don’t need a fort in a 1 day game, nor do you have time to assemble one.

Wave 2: As with the 2 wave 1’s, start firing when you take a point of damage, clear the wave fast, return to repairing.

Gun shop: Reject this. Although the shotgun packs more of a punch, it takes too long to reload for the weak stuff you’re fighting at this point. Stick with the pistol for now.

Wave 3: Same as wave 2, though you may want to start firing a bit earlier. You WILL take some damage on this one. When you’re backed into the edge, just run through them… you’ll take less damage than staying in the corner, as you’re much faster than they are.

Trap shop: Don’t bother with the permanent traps, but DO buy all 3 single use ones. The time these save are key to the 1 day clear.

Wave 4: You’ll be overwhelmed, but that’s where the mines come in. Hold out with your pistol as until you’re taking significant damage, then move forward a bit and set your first squeaker off. Now stay alive with the pistol until all enemies have spawned, group them up, and finish the rest off with your second squeaker.

Fort shop: Reject this. Again, you have neither the need for a fort nor the time to construct it in a 1 day clear.

Wave 5: You WILL take heavy damage on this one, but if you have even 5 HP left at the end, you’re fine. Hold them off until EVERYTHING has spawned, gather them into a reasonable small group, then kill everything remaining with your howler mine.

Turret shop: As you have no fort, you can’t use this. Reject it and move on.

Gun shop: Because you’ve spent so little at this point, you can upgrade straight to a fully upgraded assault rifle. Do so.

Wave 6: You’re not supposed to actually have an assault rifle at this point, so this one will be rather easy. Let a few enemies gather up on you as you repair the ballon, then clear the screen by unloading your clip in their general direction. Repair while you reload, and again, wait until you’re taking damage. Your second clip should finish the wave.

Fort shop: Of course, reject this.

Wave 7: DO NOT FIGHT. You should be so close at this point that you’ll either finish the balloon before you take a hit, or before you take much damage. Just sit back and wait. You should have it.

My best time is Day 1, 11:46 PM. I know on that run I was less efficient with the squeakers than I could have been, and lost a second or two in other places. It can probably be cleared by 11:30, maybe even earlier if you’re REALLY good. I think I was 18th on the high score list, so there’s definitely room to shave seconds off this time. I’m happy with my day 1 clear however, so I’m done. :P

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Teleportation! It is impossible

It depends on what you consider true teleportation. If string theory eventually allows us to fold space such that we travel a very short distance to move an enormous distance, the result is, at least on a practical level, teleportation, even if technically, we’re just making use of dimensions beyond the 3 we normally perceive, and actually just moving normally, albeit on an invisible axis.

As for the other method – producing an exact copy of something elsewhere, that raises a whole bunch of issues. For one, you now have 2 copies of something… no big deal if it’s an object, but if it’s a person, you just created a clone, and not a normal clone, but one that DOES have all of the original’s memories. How exactly does society (and you for that matter!) deal with the fact that there’s now 2 of you? On the other hand, if the process destroys the original, have you just committed murder, or are you simply taking the person apart and putting them back together elsewhere. In either case, if souls exist, things get even more complicated – will the soul find the new body, or get lost – or in the case of the clone, will only one end up with a soul? This is the sort of thing we can really only guess about.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Basis of extraterrestrial life.

It really depends on the planet. If the planet in question is extremely similar to Earth, it’d probably be carbon-based life with a similar food chain, etc. Change a single gas in the atmosphere or a single dominant element in the soil though, and you could end up with creatures that breathe nitrogen, are silicon-based, etc. If life is possible on something like a gas giant, then it would be NOTHING like anything we’ve seen before.

Of course, it’s also worth noting that even on earth, not all food chains are the same. We assume photosynthesis at the bottom, and in most ecosystems, that’s true. Creatures in deep ocean vents, on the other hand, use chemosynthesis instead, and while they roughly fill the role of “plants”, it’s a completely different basis to the chain.

So the short answer is: the life that exists on a planet will be life that makes use of common elements on that planet (although not necessarily the most common), and it will be adapted to conditions on that planet. It’s not just what the planet and its atmosphere are made out of that you have to consider – on a planet where a day is a few Earth months, and extreme cold occurs during the middle of the night, metabolism and sleep cycles would have to work very, very, differently, and obviously, any surviving creature would need a much greater range of temperature tolerance than is needed to live on this planet. That’s just one example… change pretty much any major variable vs. Earth, and life has to adapt to said change. Last but not least, a planet is a big place, so while a few things may be true of all life on a world, much like we have arctic areas, tropical areas, and weird climates like the ocean vents I mentioned above, different regions of any planet with life are going to have different ecosystems built around regional climates and conditions.

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Topic: Off-topic / Ripping off Evony?

Evony… also known as the game that ripped of Ikarium… which ripped off Tribal Wars, which ripped off Travian, which is the game the rest of them ACTUALLY cloned. :P

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Topic: Serious Discussion / American values after an attack.

A single large building being destroyed got us the “patriot” act, warrentless wiretapping, “national security letters”, the TSA, and of course, a war in Iraq that no one was for before they trumpeted nonexistent connections to the group behind said the destruction of said building… while completely ignoring the war everyone DID want against the actual enemy.

At the same time, corrupt politicians will always have SOMETHING to feed on… it doesn’t even have to be a real threat. Ever read about the Salem witch trials?

The thing with rights is that there there will always be corrupt politicians trying to take them away, and there were always be people trying to stop that from happening by actively defending their rights, and working to get the corrupt leaders out of office.

What keeps a country healthy is keeping that second group more powerful than the first. What makes a country slide backwards is when the defenders become weaker… and with no serious effort being made to fight the things I mentioned in the first paragraph… that’s clearly the case now.

How it works is simple – politicians tell us we need to give up our rights to be safe, and people stupidly believe it. All that’s really changed is that the communist boogeyman hiding around the corner is now the terrorist boogeyman instead. If you choose to live in fear, you choose to be oppressed.
“They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” – Benjamin Franklin

What it comes down to is… will people actually start seriously standing up for rights again? It’s too soon to really know for sure… remember that McCarthyism lasted several years.

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Topic: General Gaming / mastermind:needs badges

Beat the game definitely isn’t a hard badge unless there’s restrictions on it. The game isn’t hard to begin with, and once you buy a moon base, it’s stupidly easy. Throw up gattling turrets, equip your minions with flamethrowers, and maybe VERY occasionally use a superpower, and you win.

For hard, I’d say either a heavily restricted game, like “beat the game without ever purchasing a business”, or “beat the game before that big bar on the left fills X times.” Normal would just be beat the game. Easy could be any simple task (maybe research one level 3 science?). I don’t think an impossible badge is possible with MM… there’s simply no way to make the game hard enough.

All of this is moot though, because unless the developer implements the Kong API, it can’t get badges.

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Topic: General Gaming / Starcraft 2 vs Red Alert 3

The original Red Alert was awesome, but after EA consumed Westwood’s soul, none of the C&C games have been very good.

That doesn’t leave much of a contest… assuming Bliz ever works on stuff besides WoW and actually releases SC2 some year, it’s going to be the better game.

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Topic: Off-topic / Money?

Short term – get a service job. They’re always in demand, and while they don’t pay amazing, you’ll get enough to live on.

Medium term – get a better job, but don’t plan on keeping it forever.

Long term – find something you’re happy doing, which you can also make a living out of. As we have no idea what you enjoy, this isn’t something we can answer for you.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Will China Take Over?

Obviously any statement on this is purely speculative… but here’s what I think:

China is likely to fall to its own people. They’re trying to run a paradox – a communist dictatorship with a free market. This forces them to simultaneously attempt to exert control and limit speech, while enabling the internet, etc, for business… which guarantees the restrictions will mostly fail.

What I think will happen (and this may be decades off) is that the communist party will be overthrown by the people, and they’ll establish a new nation – likely eliminating most of the slave labor in the process. The result WILL be a very powerful nation, but one that respects its citizens, and thus won’t be delivering stuff for 10 cents. That will simply make the 3 world superpowers be the US, EU, and China, and likely with far less conflict than when it was US vs. USSR.

The above of course assumes the US doesn’t lose it’s status as a superpower, which with the way BOTH of our political parties currently handle the economy, is no guarantee.

If you’re in the US, the real concern ISN’T China, it’s how we’re running our own damn country into the ground. If you’re not in the US, then meh, one superpower is replaced by another, little actually changes.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Uber happiness

Your levels sound fine, but trying to base a society on level 3 alone is fatal. Humans are not fit for trust, there will always be abuse. That is why punishment and rules are necessary (I don’t know why you seperated them, they’re practically the same).

Yep, that’s exactly the problem. We can’t build a society only on the moral people, because the rest will ruin it, fast. This is why concepts like the free society don’t work.

As for 1 and 2 being the same, the key difference is that level 2 is based more on fitting into society, while 1 is purely selfish – it’s someone’s who has passed the “I’ll do anything if I won’t get caught” stage, but hasn’t actually developed a real moral code. Here’s the full explanation now that I remember the guy’s name who came up with the levels:

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Topic: Serious Discussion / The Body

I don’t think it’d actually affect all that much. Such a person most likely did exist, so while finding the body would eliminate debate on his existence, that isn’t the main debate. The question is whether he was simply a powerful spiritual leader, as everyone who doesn’t follow Christianity or Islam believes, the son of God, as Christianity believes, or a prophet, as Islam believes. Finding a corpse wouldn’t answer that question, it would merely guarantee that he really did exist.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Is swine flu overrated?

The only difference between swine and regular is that swine is new, so no one was immune yet. The result is that the infection rate is much higher. The mortality rate, however, is actually LOWER than the normal flu.

So… if you have a very weak immune system or a weak body for other reasons, then it’s a very real threat. If not, it’s just a flu, and you’ll get it over it in a few days like any other.

The response that was made by actual medical professionals was appropriate – develop a vaccine as some would need it, stockpile it in case it mutates into something worse, and otherwise just monitor it and keep the public abreast of the situation.

The media of course, never resists a good chance to incite panic for the sake of TV ratings, and as usual, went ridiculously overboard with warnings. If you ignored the media coverage and read the actual releases from the CDC, WHO, etc, however, you’ll find that they were quite reasonable both in their assessment of the situation, and their response to it.

What scares me is that because most DO just listen to the news, and the news always blows minor pandemics out of proportion, if we ever DO have a truly deadly plague, it’s going to be weeks before most realize it’s for real this time, and that’s going to massively up the death count.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Freedom - Real, or a Mindset?

100% freedom would require no social contact (since social relationships require some form of compromise), which in turn would not be 100% freedom since you then can’t do anything social, and thus aren’t free in choice of activities. So technically, the answer is no.

When speaking in realistic terms rather than purely semantic ones however, I would argue that yes, it’s quite possible to be free:
1. Do you have a job you enjoy, doing something that has value to you, and a work environment where you feel that as long as you do your job well, you’re free in your approach towards it?
2. Are you free of any controlling relationships?
3. Do you have enough money that you can reasonably do what you want? (Note: this requires far less money than most think)
4. Have you avoided developing a fear of change?
5. Do you live in a society that generally respects personal choices, so long as you don’t harm others?

If you can answer yes to all 5, I’d say you’re free. If you can’t, you can probably fix it.

So… I’d argue it’s somewhere in between… it’s a mindset, but it’s a mindset that develops from a real set of circumstances – a set of circumstances which most can change, so most can in fact be free.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Uber happiness

I would think that everyone (besides obviously sociopaths) has a certain basic sense of right and wrong – don’t steal, don’t kill unless necessary in defense, etc. Of course, whether this is automatic or trained has been both a philosophical and psychological debate since well… pretty much since those fields existed. The answer is likely a bit of both – you have a certain basic sense of fairness and justice, but it has to be refined through teaching.

Of course, many assume that morality can be defined with a simple set of rules. It can’t.

The biggest danger in morality is believing in black and white absolutes.

If I say murder is wrong, no one is going to argue otherwise, and obviously, the overwhelming majority of the time, it IS wrong. What if I present the following scenario, however?

You see a man holding a device, verbally commanding it. He is 3 seconds away from nuking a city. You can’t possibly reach him in time, but you have a gun, and can easily shoot him before he hits the button. You cannot merely shoot his hand – the device is voice-activated and he will still be able to detonate the bomb. The device itself is bulletproof, so you cannot attempt to destroy it. The only way to stop him from from issuing the command is to stop him from speaking within 3 seconds… and anything involving a gun that stops someone from speaking in 3 seconds is generally fatal. This leaves you only 2 options: kill the man, or allow him to set off the nuke. I think pretty much everyone would agree: kill the man is the correct answer here.

There’s also the fact that some things really do depend on the culture you’re in. Clothing didn’t develop out of a sense of modesty, it developed because 1) it keeps you warm, and 2) it makes it harder to get sunburn. Imagine a society where neither was an issue – it’s always warm enough, and there’s little to no risk of sunburn. If clothing developed at all in such a society, it would almost certainly be 1) purely decorative, and 2) optional. There would be nothing at all wrong with nudity in that case.

Want an example that doesn’t require you to find a tribe somewhere? How about recreational drug use? Nearly every society allows it (yes, alcohol is a recreational drug), but where do you draw the line? What drugs are acceptable to use, which aren’t, and why?

There’s also another fact: in certain cases, morality can change over time. Many ancient societies considered homosexuality to be evil, for a very simple reason – if you’re gay, you don’t breed. In a society where most kids won’t survive until adulthood, and living long enough to die of age is extremely rare, as many people as possible need to breed to ensure survival of the species. Because of this, regardless of your innate sexual preference, you were expected to breed, period. With modern medicine, however, the overwhelming majority of kids will live to see adulthood, and a strong majority of adults will live into old age. Having a percentage of our population not breed simply isn’t an issue – indeed, it may even be doing the species a favor in overpopulated areas.

On the flip side, what about having 8 kids? Most ancient societies would consider this normal and healthy, because you know only a fraction of those kids will survive. In modern times, having 8 kids you can’t support is generally viewed as a very immoral action, for obvious reasons.

There was one thing I remember reading, which says that one’s sense of morality develops in 3 levels:

1. Based on punishment – this isn’t real morality, even a sociopath will follow this

2. Based on rules – this is only as good as the rules… you were fine with slavery if this was your standard in the 1800s in the US.

3. Based on internal sense of right and wrong. This is obviously where a truly moral person is

The goal is to get as many people to level 3 as possible… but that’s harder than it sounds, as most societies are NOT based on that level, but rather the rule of law – level 2.

Unfortunately, a lot of people simply don’t give serious intellectual thought to what’s acceptable, and a smaller (but very dangerous) portion just. don’t. care. With this in mind, most societies are based on the following:
-People at level 3 require no direction.
-People at level 2 require a strong, clear rule of laws, ideally written by a consensus of those at level 3. (although of course, that consensus will vary from society to society)
-Some people will never pass level 1, and a system of punishment is necessary to keep them in check.

It’s a functional solution, but NOT an ideal solution. Changing laws in a moral direction often requires getting arrested – since you have to break the existing laws to do it, and laws often fail to keep up with a changing society (google “US Blue Laws” for a great example of this). The question of course, is how do we get a better system, and well… they’ve been trying to figure one out since ancient times with no luck. Solve this and you’ll be a legend forever. :)

So to answer the OP’s question, of course. There will always be those who grow up in terrible situations, and for the rest of us, at some point, we’re going to choose how to live.

Last but not least, don’t think good or evil is an either/or thing. Everyone does both, it’s just a question of what lines you won’t cross. A moral person simply has a much higher bar… no one is perfect.