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Topic: Kongregate / [Event] Come celebrate 100K games on Kongregate! ROUND TWO!

Something is seriously wrong when TEC2 was chosen over EBF4. What the heck.

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / 100,000

Also the requirement to have each image open makes each page ridiculously long.

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / Down to One 2015 - Round 3: rlax (7/29, 9 PM, UTC+3)


In the professional league, not even a 56k score could spare him from elimination as Bookworm52 and graveyard890 were eliminated. On the amateur league’s side, nikeas and Rajesh1999 did not post and were sent on the way home.


This round it’s all bout rlaxing… and no, I did not misspell that.

Game: rlax

Task: highest score

Number of eliminatees: 2 per league (8 → 6)

Deadline: 7/29, 9 PM, UTC+3

Example screenshot:

Good luck!

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / Obscure is More [Round 14 - NATO Phonetic Alphabet]

Sierra (7)

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Topic: Forum Games: Continuous Games / The List

Originally posted by SamsterSamster:

Lou said Salem’s Lot btw

Whoops. I forgot I even had that on the list.

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Topic: Forum Games: Continuous Games / The List

Stephen King novels

1. Carrie ~ Pulsaris
2. Salem’s Lot ~ LouWeed
3. Cujo
4. The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger
5. It ~ Darkboy5846
6. The Green Mile
7. Bag of Bones
8. Under the Dome ~ Bankzy
9. Doctor Sleep ~ Bookworm52
10. Revival

No love for The Dark Tower? :o

There are 50 Nitrome games on Kong – ten of them are on my list.

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / Down to One 2015 - Round 3: rlax (7/29, 9 PM, UTC+3)

Originally posted by 10crystalmask01:

Bah. GL Amateur league! Go crazy Professional League.

1. eProdigy – 82,085

This player is an amateur?

Based on qualifier scores, I already told ya

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Topic: Kongregate / [Event] Come celebrate 100K games on Kongregate! ROUND TWO!

Originally posted by hamuka:

Just a quick question again: How and why is Mu Complex not even in the top 64?

That was already answered by Cman. He’s a scrub and thinks they are too hard. (Also, there are currently no eligible easy or medium badges from them that could be in quests.)

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Topic: Forum Games: Continuous Games / The List

Marvel Cinematic Universe screen media

1. Iron Man ~ SamsterSamster
2. Marvel’s The Avengers ~ back900
3. Guardians of the Galaxy ~ Darkboy5846
4. Ant-Man ~ FlyingCat
5. Captain America: Civil War
6. Inhumans
7. Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. ~ Bookworm52
8. Marvel’s Daredevil
9. A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Thor’s Hammer
10. All Hail the King

There are 54 Stephen King novels – ten of them are on my list.

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / BOLD - Round 5 grace period + Round 6: TV Series!

I’m late with this, so I’ll extend your grace period to 7/27, 4:30 PM, UTC+3.

Round 6: TV Series

It’s time for the round you didn’t vote as the winner earlier: TV Series! Because this is likely very different from anything you’ve written before, I’ll provide an example season below but I’ll go through the general bits your submission must include first. There are also a couple limitations I’ll be making for you that you’ll have to choose from.

Round 7 (that will heavily revolve around this round, but should be doable with a round 6 submission too) will be posted a whopping 9 days from today (making the deadline 8/4, 4:30 PM, UTC+3) but don’t slack out on your round 6 submission – it could take you a while to write it, and it could even be easier to do it an episode at a time or something like that. As usual, you’ll have an additional day after round 7’s start to finish up round 6. :)


1. Title of the series. Self-explanatory.
2. A short description that briefly introduces the main concept of the series as well as the main characters.
(2.1. Further descriptions of the characters.)
(2.2. Your cast. You can choose to cast your characters to specific actors and actresses but it’s not mandatory.)
3. The episodes. Your season must have at least 13 episodes but can have up to even 24 if you feel like it. As you can see below from my example submission, these can be extremely bare depending on the amount of episodes or the genre of the show (an episodic crime series doesn’t need too complex synopses).


A. A story arc that spans the whole length of the season (does not have to be the main focus or even be featured in all of the episodes).
B. Fantasy or scifi as the genre.
C. A tragic death of a main character in an episode that usually does not contain a massive plot twist (usually major deaths occur in the season finale or in case of a longer [22 to 24 episodes] season, in episodes 11-13 that usually end the “front” side of the season.).
D. At least two limelight episodes focusing on secondary or antagonist characters.
E. Flashbacks and/or flashforwards are in a major part on the series.
F. All episodes are named after songs.


SACIS: Orange Office

The Orange Office investigates crimes mainly in the heat of Florida. Led by long-time agent partners Lara Hargrave (Stana Katic) and Josh Byron (Jared Padalecki), the team that includes agents Beau Robbins (Chris O’Donnell) and Rachael Dalton (Lana Parrilla) as well as analyst McKay Hayes (Yvonne Strahovski) solves everything possible from robberies and kidnappings to serial killer cases. The department is led by director Marcus Dean (Jim Caviezel) whose charisma and connections occasionally help the team.

Season 1

Cast and characters (season 1):
Stana Katic as agent Lara Hargrave
Jared Padalecki as agent Joshua “Josh” Byron
Chris O’Donnell as agent Beau Robbins
Lana Parrilla as agent Rachael Dalton
Yvonne Strahovski as analyst McKay Hayes
and Jim Caviezel as director Marcus Dean

Episode 1: Welcome to the Jungle
The newly-admitted Orange Office team sets off to catch a killer who turns his – or her? – victims to animals. The case soon turns into a chase in the heat of Miami nightlife when the team realizes that’s where they’ll find the UnSub.

Episode 2: White Flag
The team’s attention is directed to Tallahassee when a young woman is found badly beaten and drowned. The last person to see her alive was her abusive husband…

Episode 3: Bed of Lies
A woman contacts Marcus, claiming that her boyfriend is part of the infamous Boxers, a group of thieves performing their crimes through violence. The team looks into the claim and discovers that while it’s mainly a lie, a part of it is true.

Episode 4: Poker Face
The team needs a man – or a woman – undercover at a poker tournament when it is believed a group of criminals has kidnapped the leading player’s son.

Episode 5: Her Name Was Lauren Duncamp
A badly burned female victim confuses the team at Cape Canaveral. McKay discovers some odd things about the victim’s DNA when it shows up under three different names and related to a dozen crimes.

Episode 6: Smells Like Bleach
Two possible crime scenes but only one body surprise the team in Jacksonville. Soon Josh believes he might have a possible third crime scene, but they all can’t be actual ones – or can they?

Episode 7: Cat and Mouse
A vanished mascot and little girl demand the team’s immediate attention at Walt Disney World in Orlando. The parents soon get demands from the kidnapper and Lara and Beau notice signs of a possible fraud.

Episode 8: The Fourth W
The death of a promising young journalist in Saint Petersburg turns out to be somewhat easy to solve as the killer is caught quickly. However, Lara and Josh want to also know the motive behind the crime.

Episode 9: Intervention
The team tries to determine the exact events when a gun fight leaves a total of three people from two rival gangs. Meanwhile, Rachael is asked to provide a court statement for a case (ep6) and she is very nervous.

Episode 10: These Are My Hands
A serial killer is on the loose in the Pensacola area. The MO contains dismembering the victims which Beau finds surprisingly disturbing. Lara is receiving weird text messages from someone in her past.

Episode 11: An Angel Ahead (1/2)
Josh learns about Lara’s violent ex-boyfriend, James Henderson (Joseph Morgan), who seems to be stalking her now. Another stalker case keeps the team busy when a man is being stalked and harassed by his girlfriends who seems innocent and almost angelic.

Episode 12: A Demon Behind (2/2)
McKay discovers the man also has a second relationship with a womand who seems somewhat mentally unstable. But the question is, is the most obvious choice the correct one? Josh manages to scare off Lara’s ex-boyfriend.

Episode 13: Friday
The Orange Office attempts to untangle a web of lies when a babysitter and the baby vanish with nearly no trace. The motive could be any of the several possibilities and the team attempts to find out exactly which one of them.

Episode 14: Buzzcut Season
When a serial killer shaves his victims’ heads into a buzzcut, the team is led on the track of someone connected to Russian mafia. Dmitri Rashunov (Timothy V. Murphy), however, is eventually cleared of all suspicion and especially Lara is left a little bitter.

Episode 15: The Fire Keeps Me Awake
The CEO of a large company nearly dies in an arson fire. The team is asked to protect her when it seems that the arsonist will stop at nothing to take her life. James Henderson meets with Dmitri Rashunov.

Episode 16: Where the Wild Things Are
Concern from an old lady in McKay’s apartment building leads to the discovery of a drug lab. McKay determines that the lab leader is still out there and the team starts hunting.

Episode 17: Suit Up
Some sort of terrorist action is suspected to happen at a fundraising gala and the team has to go undercover to keep threat level at zero. Two assassination attempts occur, but the team blocks them and then wants to know if they were related.

Episode 18: Wintervale
The team delves into the world of LARPing when an active participant is found suffocated. For some of his fellow Wintervaleans, the line between reality and fiction has already blurred. Which was the motive then related to?

Episode 19: Lose Control
The team is informed that they have 24 hours to solve the murder of a man in his thirties, or the UnSub will kill a woman currently in his captivity. The team splits up to solve the murder and to find the woman and the UnSub.

Episode 20: Back to Sleep
A boy claims to his parents to have seen “Sandman with a knife” and they discover someone did break into their house and his room, specifically. The team is asked to find the stalker before something bigger happens. James Henderson and Dmitri Rashunov set off their endgame.

Episode 21: Yellow Flicker Beat, Part 1
The episodes starts off with three scenes: the victim getting electrocuted on Friday and both Josh and Lara getting shot on Saturday. The team is solving the electrocution execution at a university’s parking garage and soon discovers Dmitri Rashunov is involved. It becomes clear the whole team is on the firing line and the first half of the two-parter indeed ends with Lara being shot and then crashing at an OR after having been rushed to the hospital.

Episode 22: Yellow Flicker Beat, Part 2
The season finale starts by a flashback to Lara’s ex-boyfriend/stalker James Henderson and serial killer Dmitri Rashunov planning their attack on the team. The duo is after the team which is trying to concentrate on catching Rashunov while worrying about Lara. It’s revealed that she survived the surgery and Josh and Beau visit her. Unbeknownst to them, James is also heading to the hospital to finish the job after hearing Lara survived. At the hospital, he headshots Josh after shooting him multiple times in the chest but is soon killed himself by Beau. With the team down to two members, they work extra hard to find Rashunov and with Marcus’s contacts succeed in that. The episode ends with a tearful separation when Lara puts her long-time work partner to rest in peace.

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Topic: Kongregate / Summer '15 suggestion thread

Originally posted by ninjaChameleon:
Originally posted by DoomlordKravoka:

Make it so a youtube URL covered in #s displays as a video.

They got rid of that for a reason

Yeah, people were putting several 1-second video embeds on a single forum page making the page lag massively.

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Topic: Forum Games: Continuous Games / Hangman!


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Topic: Kongregate / [Event] Come celebrate 100K games on Kongregate! ROUND TWO!

TEC2 is winning against EBF4. Boo.

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / Down to One 2015 - Round 3: rlax (7/29, 9 PM, UTC+3)

Sorry, I will have to take the lower score.

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Topic: Forum Games: Continuous Games / Unnamed User Created Badges Game!


Divide now has a medium badge you can go and obtain!

Cut to the Chase Badge (medium ~ 15 points)
Complete all 28 levels
[ ] Game completed

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Topic: Forum Games: Continuous Games / Fake Mafia Hosting

Toast has been modkilled for breaching rule #24½: Do not get fried.

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Topic: Kongregate / Chat Scripts


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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / Down to One 2015 - Round 3: rlax (7/29, 9 PM, UTC+3)

Can you accept this non highscore tab screen because i closed the game before realizing i was still in chat.

It probably submitted to the highscores so all you need is a screenie with you in the main menu showing the highscores.

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / Obscure is More [Round 14 - NATO Phonetic Alphabet]

Keri Brand – Russell

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Topic: Forum Games: Continuous Games / The List

My apologies for this mess of a round. I promise to try and be more clear with them from now on.

Pokémon that do not evolve

1. Pinsir
2. Ditto ~ adv0catus
3. Dunsparce ~ MyNameIsNothing
4. Stantler
5. Mawile
6. Solrock ~ Andyb112
7. Rotom
8. Sigilyph
9. Bouffalant
10. Hawlucha

I went and saw Ant-Man earlier this week, so today’s round revolves around the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The list could include any of the films, TV series or short films regardless of their status. So, today’s theme is Marvel Cinematic Universe screen media.

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / Down to One 2015 - Round 3: rlax (7/29, 9 PM, UTC+3)


Interestingly, both leagues had five nonposters. back900, BestMte, MachuPichu, MaistlinRajere and XxLittle_StarxX have been eliminated from the professional league, 10crystalmask01, adv0catus, bracketK, RandomTurtle and TwinUniverse from the amateur league. Thanks for being part of the competition, though.


My apologies for how traumatizing last round was – two insanely broken games. I’ll try to pick some better games from now on.

For the second round, you’ll be playing one of my all-time favourite tourney games ever: Jumpcat. You’ll be vying to hit one of your league’s top 8 spots with the highest total score to survive the round.

Game: Jumpcat

Task: highest total score

Eliminatees: 2 per league (10 → 8)

Deadline: 7/27, 2:30 PM, UTC+3

Example screenshot:

Good luck!

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Topic: Kongregate / Kongregate Tournament Sign-Ups & Directory

Bumping this because I’d like to hear if anyone’s got a tourney ready to go after Best’s one-night one-man show. I’m trying to scrap up something totally new with one other former host. :)

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Topic: Kongregate / [Event] Come celebrate 100K games on Kongregate! ROUND TWO!

Originally posted by ninjaChameleon:
Originally posted by TurkeyPie:

“Frantic Frigates (1.5k) vs Sierra 7 (432)”

Is it just me or is Sierra 7 really underrated?

It’s unity, no one wants an unity game for a quest.

Sierra 7 is not unity.

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Topic: Kongregate / [New Feature] Introducing Kongpanions!

Originally posted by Funnykidsc:
Originally posted by FlyingCat:

Wonder how a crown is going to fit that.


That’s not too bad.

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / Down to One 2015 - Round 3: rlax (7/29, 9 PM, UTC+3)

I’m not going to change the game with one hour to go, fyi. Don’t break it yet.