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Topic: Off-topic / Should I install a bigger Hard Drive into my Laptop?

I don’t think you need much more, but your processer is shit. Upgrade it.

I have the same processor and I can confirm that this is true

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Topic: Off-topic / during a SWAT raid, how would you keep the SWAT team from assassinating you?

I’d advice laying down any potential weapons you have in your hand or in the reach of it. Raise your hands up just in case

SWAT doesn’t kill for fun and prefers subdueing their targets and then capturing them

A maniac serial killer on the other hand… Well, the best you can do is to call for help and keep a weapon (a firearm) in the hand. Take cover and stay hidden. You know your house, the invader(s) does not. Do not trust reasoning to help. Be ready to kill.

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Topic: Off-topic / Should I start posting in OT again?

I hardly find anything post worthy here anymore so it really comes up which kind of posts you want to post

Note: Expect most of your posts to be “filler” posts if you post a lot

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Topic: Off-topic / I am sick of hearing about that missing plane in the news

The story is constantly evolving, and it’s a hot topic for others than relatives of the victims of the plane, so it sells

Deal with it

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Topic: Off-topic / Why does the last post in a page get so ignored?

Because scrolling would take effort. That’d be a travesty!

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Topic: Off-topic / OT's Official "Off-topic Regulars" Thread!

I used to be a frequent and a regular poster here, tho I have now significanty slowed down

Add me if you like

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Topic: Off-topic / You're going to have a conversation with yourself from five years ago. What do you say?

I assume this situation is something “Your current consciousness will be shifted into your past self 5 years into past. What will you say to your past yourself, before your consciousness is dragged back into present moment?” in order to avoid time paradox

//puts nerd glasses off

I was 13 five-years ago. I’d tell my past self to learn to do the homework because only now I realize how important scrutinizing that would have been

No, I do not follow lottery or stock market courses so I would have no idea what to tell about them to my past self

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Topic: Off-topic / am i the only one who constantly changes their profile picture?

I used to do that all the time

But now, I’ve kept this monochrome angel as my avatar for about a… year?

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Topic: Off-topic / No Swearing Thread

I never swear IRL

I’m more lenient to myself in internet tho, and do swear

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Topic: Off-topic / Did you know you can buy feeder bunnies for large snakes?

Why would you get a pet snake in a first place? They’re boring

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Topic: Off-topic / Did you ever go public places without underwear on?

I’m sure I have at some point

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Topic: Off-topic / How much money do you think the mods earn per day? Discussion in Kongregate

Heh, I wish Kong paid me. But, it won’t happen..

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Topic: Kongregate / is it just me or?

Flash game industry is slowly dying now that more effective gaming engines are coming to publicity (some even to browsers, such as unity) a lot faster and a lot cheaper which rivals traditional flash games. So, that pretty much leaves your cookie cutter MMOs which are totally unoriginal but have still being tailored as being addictive. Welcome to a new world of flash gaming

My opinion of it: I don’t like it

Of course, there are some really good indie flash games released almost daily but I feel we already have shortage of them

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Topic: Off-topic / The Official My Little Pony Thread

This thread got revived? Wow, thought it’d buried forever

Oh well, just came here to wonder that and say that one pony is leaving the heard (which is me) so I’d like my name to be removed from “the list of bronies”.

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Topic: Off-topic / OT's Official "Colour" Thread!

White is my favorite color, no doubt, although it’s technically not a pure color but a mix of them

I also like blue, red and green, in lighter and darker hues. However, mixes like violet don’t stick to me

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Topic: Off-topic / So I downloaded titanfall

I don’t know how good it is, but I do know my toaster won’t be able to run it

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Topic: Off-topic / So Trent and I were talking and

I used to be a brony but that thread was just plain disgusting, even for me

After a few posts, I noticed how things worked out there so I stopped posting there rather quick

So. no. Resurrection of MLP master thread would be just repeating the history

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Topic: Off-topic / Today was a shitty day.

Not particularly shitty but not particularly happy either

Also, what made your shitty day?

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Topic: Serious Discussion / When Does A Human Life Begin?

Originally posted by Nuob:

On that note, another interesting question may be: when does “potential for life” become life?

I’d like to resurface this question

Personally, the moment a succesful fertilization in a woman occurs, there is (almost) a guaranteed chance for human life as the zygote is born. Do I consider a zygote as human life? No. Even the name tells that.

A human life begins with the brains. When the brains, the ultimate control centre of the human body, activates and becomes operational to control the body it is “assigned” to, then a human life is born. To distinct a human from animal, the brain must be able to provide the feel of self consciousness, morale and it must be able to think outside of present moment (those functions are mainly handled in Cerebral Cortex AFAIK). Animals, aside from humans, do not have all these qualities, or at least they are not strong enough to make a packet known as ‘human’. Potential =/= already existing

That’s why I do not consider a robot of the today human, because it currently does not have enough human-like qualities, but it has potential to be upgraded/evolved into very human-like being, even if the upgraded version were to have a shiny metallic crust

The moment when human brain becomes “advanced” enough on a baby is when the “baby” (concurrent state) is at least 24 weeks old, providing the growth of a baby happened naturally (the number may be different in synthetic fertilizations, but that’s future). By now, I consider the brain to be advanced enough to create a human “life”.

Performing abortion before aforementioned week is not killing human life, but nonethless, it’s killing life. If we are allowed to kill animal life a.k.a non-human life, why not fetuses as well? They are not advanced enough to be considered human, at least in my opinion. The longer a woman carries the fetus/zygote, the more likely the potential of human life is to become existing human life. Some people are willing to draw the threshold of chance for human life by fertilization (coitus or not) lower than me. Oh, and don’t mistake me classifying fetuses as “animals”. Fetuses are a class of their own

By the definition I provided above, I do not think patients in severe coma are anymore considered human life if they are no longer conscious of theirselves or the environement around them. They do have potential, but the line where the potential of human life is lost is subjective. A coma patient that has been in an incurable state of coma for months with minimal brain activity might as well considered dead. All that coma patient has is his/her body, kept alive by autonomic brain systems, which I have defined to be outside of “humane” thinking. They are necessary because they control the body, and the body supplies energy, proteins etc… to a part of the brain that allows us to “think like a human”. However, if that part of the brain is beyond repair and non-functional, it is considered dead. But that’s just my opinion. Like I said, the line of living and dead is very subjective. I cannot say this for the behalf of majority of humankind or even scietific community. Just my own thoughts

Summary of my thoughts: There are a lot chances for human life, either by natural way or “unnatural” (robotics), but a human life is born when the brain is independently able to meet these requirements:

the feel of self consciousness, morale and it must be able to think outside of present moment

Since life is not certain due to our friend, death, I cannot say life must be absolutely guaranteed. There are only chances for it. Personally I expect a very high chance of human life before it is considered an existing human life. Shut down, underdeveloped or not advanced enough brain is not considered human life. So a lot of my points correlates to brain. There are no absolute answers, only philosophic ones here

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Topic: Off-topic / Xernex virus

I thought the point of viruses was to steal vital information such as credit card info, secret nuclear missile launch site locations or lists of undercover spies, not to destroy them

If you want to shut down an important governmental computer, the way you described is likely not going to work because of:

  • The antivirus systems in highly secure computers is probably more advanced than your own virus
  • Your virus can still be denied access to your computer
  • The system can still be restored from back-up drives and system restore programs. The only absolute way to destroy vital info from computers is to drill a hole to a motherboard or scorch it with a blowtorch etc… which I doubt a virus can do efficiently

EDIT: LOL @above

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Topic: Off-topic / The world will end on February 22, 2014 according to Norse mythology

It will happen, just like apocalypse the mayans predicted will happen

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Topic: Off-topic / Atheist jokes

Why did an atheist placed his aquarium into a jungle?

Because he thought the fishes in it would eventually evolve into monkeys, monkeys to humans and humans to atheists

I wonder if he believes there is more steps in the ladder of evolution

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Topic: Kongregate / Do games with Kreds still exist?

There hasn’t been many good games where you can spend kreds in a while

However, there are these:

Originally posted by Stots:

Plenty of those uber-fun freemium MMOs.

Originally posted by randomboy839:

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After seeing your comment, I’m not surprised the game is MLP related

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Topic: Kongregate / Official Best of 2013 Quest Voting Thread!

I vote for The last door: Chapter 1

One of the few games I played through before it even got badges. Wp, dev