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Topic: Off-topic / Difference between Hip-Hop and Rap/MC and Rapper?

yo I agree with loubenny except I don’t completely agree with what he said about MC’s. I believe that what he said so far is true but he left out the main meaning that is brought forth by rappers and MC’s. I believe that rappers are all about entertaining people, it’s a business for them and I’m not saying that’s a bad thing but they always just try to make their music sound nice and they don’t really care if it effects the audience in a bad way as long as people like and and their shit is getting bought. Now an MC is a person who’s rapping for the love of it, a person who raps for meaning and it’s like the lyrics are more important than the beat that accompanies them. MC’s try to stretch a positive influence over society and our culture and rap about things in the now unlike rappers who rap about money, drugs, sex and other similar worldly and almost corrupting things. One could also argue that MC’s use to be the rappers back in the day, meaning that they did it for profit and fame but we gotta think about now, we gotta think about the present. The MC’s that are around now do what they’re doing out of curtesy for what they believe to be true hip hop.