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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / freemium? really?

Seriously, buying with rubies don’t award me the “card that you can’t get in-game” ? So there is content in this game that’s only unlockable with real money.

Let’s get this straight.

1. You have to pay real money to get a card that gives 300% dps to lumberjack ? That’s the first dps guy. At least give the buyer a super-rare equip for Nate or something.

2. You have to spend money on an idle game? Ok, it’s been made well, i won’t lie, but still it’s not like “proper” games (indie or not), and even low-priced games offer full content for a one-time price.

3. So i’m guessing this is becoming freemium now. A freemium idle game. I’ve seen everything.

I’m leaving, it’s been a bitter defeat. Good luck to all you spenders.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Might & Magic Heroes Online] Game Review (Read Me)

Man i hate “freemium” games. A fee is waiting on every corner. They should all just charge once for the game, and then once for each expansion or something. I would pay! Anyway, thanks for warning sensible players that this is a cashgrab. I do the same when i come across it.

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Topic: General Gaming / [Shonen Idle] unity crashes

well, ive been trying to play this game for a while now but my unity player has been crashes since it first came out. Unity is not supported by chrome, so i’m now using firefox to play unity games. Now that firefox is updated to 38.0.5 maybe it doesnt support unity anymore too?

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Topic: General Gaming / [Shonen Idle] Fatal Content Error (fixed)

yep im also getting an error

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Chains of Darkness] New Players, read before trying out this game.

a single question should cover it all. Is it freemium? I mean will i have to pay more than a max of 50$ or at least a subscription of 100$ a year to be even with everyone? That’s the only question you would have to copy and paste. If the answer is no, then try it and if you like it pay it. If the answer is yes don’t even bother.

You will have to grind, this happens in ALL games even some single player ones. You will have repetition if you want a huge game because designing an ever-changing game is extremely time-consuming – you would end up with something like 4 worlds and that would be it. There should be an element of outsmarting the opponent but some bosses will be difficult to win if you haven’t grinded that much. There is no “best game” out there and in the end, everyone really wants to get paid as well as achieving a certain degree of customer satisfaction. If the devs were to get to the point of having a good salary, then they would obviously work on something better and so on. But if they have to work more than ordinary to get less than ordinary then you will obviously just get something that pays them. This means, this kind of formula.

Again, this is not a review of this game – i haven’t played it that much. It’s just conversation.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Blue Moon] Feedback

Thanks but it’s still not a toggle button or at least a keep-it-pressed kind of button. Still thanks though :)

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Blue Moon] Feedback

Nice game but i’ve already encountered some issues.

1. The character needs to auto-attack at least if he’s received damage or at least an easier way to select targets.

2. The character needs to auto-loot or at least an easier way to loot.

3. Crafting weapons’ list looks like a list of all the weapons in the game. Either remove the level requirements or make it so it only shows the next weapon in line. Otherwise i’ve no idea why i have to see the level60 weapon since i’m level4.

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Topic: Party Of Heroes / Feedback

So i played a bit and it looks like a cool game but i have some issues:

1. It needs to save your preferences in the battle. I prefer to have the top view by default, but it keeps re-entering “3d” mode with every battle.

2. It needs auto-use skills for already won levels.

3. It needs more ways to get diamonds. If i want to get the last booster i need 100 diamonds. I saw one level’s mastering would give me 3 diamonds. This means i would need to master 30 levels like that one. And i don’t even know how many there are in the entire game.

4. Unfortunately this game smells like P2W since its early levels. I also read some topics in the forum and people say it didn’t use to be like this but they changed it so it’s even more P2W. sad

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Topic: General Gaming / [Idle Goo] block size?

Block size is how many units you’ll gain when the module’s production finishes. Its difference with “output” is that “output” is how many units you would gain if the module were to finish in one sec. So in lamer terms, a module that produces 300 units in 3 secs has a block size of 300 and an output of 100.

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Topic: RobotPet / finished the game?

So basically i finished all levels on hard mode, reached level 100 in infinity mode, and… is there anything else to it ? Or does it mean that i only have the infinity mode to play on?

Would be nice if you had levels for tougher petbots, like 2000% rebuilt, or more. Also would be nice to be able to play all levels on hard mode from the start – or keep the levels marked as finished when you rebuild (since there’s no point in playing them again and again)

I’d like to see extra boss levels, like on other worlds, with one being really tough (like, needing level 100 with gold items and a 10.000% bonus or something, to win it) and when you win that one, you basically win the game.

Right now i don’t know what am i playing for.

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Topic: The Gate / Review

I’ve been playing “The Gate” for quite some time now (of course not as long as other players) and i think it’s time for another review. My reviews answer questions that i also would like answers to before i started playing.

1. Is it pay to play ?

The game gives you premium currency by logging in and staying online. Also the game gives you premium items at random each time you log in. You can win a 9/10 pvp streak by just playing through the game. You can pretty much get anything a premium player gets without paying. So no, it’s not pay to play.

2. Is it pay to win ?

Obviously such games are built around the same formula. You like the game? You want to have a more challenging team? Pay. Like i said before, you can have a 9/10 pvp streak without paying. But suddenly you will see teams popping up of almost impossible setups (i saw a team of 4 super-rares, all nightmare evolved, all equipped with rank 3 or 4 items – in order to do that by grinding you would have to kiss everyone goodbye for a year (i’ve been playing for more than a month every day and i still haven’t managed to nightmare evolve my free card)). So if you’re dreaming of rank 1 forget it. If you’re dreaming of collecting the free premium currency to one day be able to buy the guaranteed super rare card you’ll be bored before you will be able to. And it will be just one card (you need 8 copies of them to fully evolve them) and always at random. To get a specific one you will need to have high ranks in pvps, which will need good cards. So basically to really dig into the game, you need to pay.

3. Is it worth paying?

When you enjoy a game it’s always worth paying the devs. And this game has had a lot of work put into it. But if you’re looking to pay a small amount of money to get really high in the game then no. A small amount will give you a small boost. Then again, i haven’t payed myself, so i’m not entirely sure if i’m being honest, but from what i saw you need to buy a lot of stuff with premium currency so i’m assuming you will need to constantly buy premium currency.

4. Is it worth playing without paying?

If you like to play an interesting game and stay low and just have fun then yes. It’s a cool game to play. If you want to be all serious about it then no – but that’s obvious about any game that features premium currency.

5. Does it need brains or grinding

Sadly, it needs more grinding than brains. It would need brains if you could easily set up a set of strong teams of different elements. But you spend so much team strengthening one team that it’s impossible to have another one of equal strength (even if the other teams’ elements are in your favour in a specific battle). So i’ve been grinding using the “auto” feature, which is nice, but even if i plan my battle against a stronger team (whose player has payed) i will still lose. easily.

6. To sum up

If you’re looking for an interesting twist in CCGs and don’t wish to be the strongest but just to have fun, then this game is for you. If you wish to play a competitive CCG and pay then this game is for you. If you’re looking for a competitive game which is also free then sorry but it’s not a charity :P

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Topic: Idling to Rule the Gods / help with a faq?

Can you make a sticky to explain things about the game ? For example: how does rebirth work ? I feel like i’m stuck, i wanted to rebirth, but not everything is green. You can later edit the post to add more stuff. But rebirthing really needs to be explained..

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Inferno Legend] How to Login (after maintenance)

Doesn’t work. But i went to their website and saw they have more than 15 servers (i think they have 21?) so it’s not really a surprise they won’t reply here. Guys if you really want to play a game, AND pay for it, consider going to their website and play it through there. Always a better experience.

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Topic: Legacy of a Thousand Suns / Credit Bank

Ok, i just tried it out and it seems like you’re right, it does take money from the bank if you need them. But shouldn’t there be an explanation for this? I mean i had to write a forum post, or wait for your answers etc…

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Topic: Legacy of a Thousand Suns / Credit Bank

I’m not sure if this is correct. If it is, then the FAQ explains it wrongly. You can only use the deposited money for stuff the bank provides, like hp refill etc. You can’t, for example, upgrade a structure in the facilities. That’s at least what the FAQ sais.

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Topic: Legacy of a Thousand Suns / Credit Bank

So i deposited credits in the credit bank and later on went to withdraw them. But there was no withdraw button. I thought i was probably missing something, i wasn’t seeing the button or whatever. It’s a bank after all.

So i checked the FAQ to see what was going on. In the FAQ i had to search for credit bank, and in the end i read “you cannot withdraw credits from the credit bank”.

My question is not “why can’t i, it’s a bank!” but “how was i supposed to know that before i deposited my credits?”

This isn’t, of course, a post to whine about not being able to withdraw them. I only deposited a few anyway. But shouldn’t this be something that a player definitely knows? Like, below the bank, a small text saying “note: you cannot withdraw your credits after you’ve deposited them” ?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [The Ninth Realm] Review

There was no offense intended to any of what i said. I’m simply being “brutal” (as in brutally honest) to whoever develops a “Freemium” (at least at first appearance) game. For example, if the game was completely free, i wouldn’t be so anal about the long time it takes to resume to your turn. However, on the other hand, we have seen a billion turn-based games that have solved such things. For example a toggle button that speeds up or removes all enemy animations, or all animations in general.

I saw what you said about the cards, that you can hover and see their effects etc. However once in-game, you don’t really have the time to do that. A solution to this would be to remove the time from the campaign, or at least give the player the ability.

Of course the work you put into this is visible throughout a single run through the campaign. But anyway, just saying my last line (that it’s quite innovative) wouldn’t do you any good, nor would it do any good to anyone else who decides to play it. In the very end, i’m just saying my opinion as a gamer. I wouldn’t even begin to imagine how hard it would be to program from scratch.

However, towards games that implement payment methods, i talk with all feelings aside, because then, when money is involved, it gets serious.

Now, concerning the paid stuff that you can also get for free. I haven’t been that far into the game so i wouldn’t know about that. But i suppose you mean you can unlock runes by levelling up? How can you organize a deck then? I mean, it’s a strategy game, shouldn’t you be able to get booster packs? Usually card games (because it does have the card-game style implemented) give you certain booster packs for free currency, or for lower premium currency (you have both methods to buy them) and if there is an update (like a new race or a new era or something) for some time you can only buy those with premium currency. Or limited edition cards.

But the way to go for such a game is definitely not “buy everything or wait until level 3141341” which is what it seems to be from a first glance. That is called “pay-to-play”.

As long as i played the campaign i had some fun, but i wondered, is there any more to it than this? Gaining levels that just mean you get a new rune per level (when you already have 3151 starter runes) isn’t really an upgrade to the character or to the gameplay.

Anyway, again, no offense intended. Just an opinion. Others might get hooked up on it or even find what i said as negatives to be positives.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [The Ninth Realm] Review

So i played a bit and i think i’m ready to write my starter’s review.

First of all i only played the campaign. If the campaign bores you, then the rest of the game will.

Now, before i begin it reminded me a lot of another game, whose name i will not include here, because i do not want to advertise anything.

Also this review is harsh because the game is premium based (as explained on my first point below). If you’re supposed to pay for something, then you’re expecting to buy something that actually works well.

But anyway, let’s go:

1. It’s premium based. Whoever wants to spend some time, you are free to do so, however if you are looking for a game to play for free (with the occasional premium bonuses), then this isn’t your game. I played (and won) almost all matches at the campaign and i received no tokens (the in-game standard currency), but even so, cards do not even cost tokens. They cost gold (premium currency).

Some would argue that this isn’t a flaw. But you have to imagine that if you’re going to play this for as long as it was intended to be played, you’re going to spend a lot of money. Money you could collectively spend to buy a new stereo, a new pc, a new x-box, a new tv, and go for a trip to Mars to play the latest version of “alien versus predator” with the scenery of the red planet as your actual background. This, of course, goes for all premium-based games.

2. Growing in levels doesn’t mean anything. Well, with every level you get a new card (they’re called runes here), but don’t imagine anything fancy. However, the character you start with doesn’t seem to get any stronger as you go on. I would expect that i would get some passive bonuses, or some choices, ie more starting mana, or more damage or hp or something, anything really, but you get absolutely nothing. The only thing you can do with you character is customize his (i think you can only have a male character?) appearance. Nothing more. At least until level 4 that i got to.

3. The in-game fights versus pc are really long without any reason. For example, when the computer ends the turn, you have to wait for about 3-5 seconds until “your turn” flashes and it’s your turn at last. Now, count to 3 (it’s at least 3) and imagine having to do that every single time the computer ends the turn.

I can’t imagine the frustration i would get even if i got to pvp.

4. I don’t understand how some effects work. My monster fights and stuns the enemy, “stunned” flashes above him, but he still retaliates to the attack that stunned him. I guess this is just a programming flaw rather than an actual drawback of the game, and that it will be corrected in later updates. Unless it disappears after the dev gets enough money.

5. The damage output of the monsters has a minimum and maximum number. This is ok, i guess, if the min is, say, 5 and the max is 6. But one monster i saw had 1-10. Oh, and you guessed right. It’s never gonna do 10 damage if it dies on the next turn.

Generally i found out that my monsters (from the starter’s pack i guess) had all low hp, and low damage apart from 2 (an eagle and some sort of yeti) which were extremely expensive for what they provided so i almost couldn’t ever use them. I think there’s a lot of balancing to be done there.

6. About the gameplay, i had several frustration streaks when i tried to move the map around. You basically have to click and drag down to move the map upwards, as normal. However, at some points it gets stuck and you have to move the map a bit downwards and the upwards again.

I tried moving it with arrows or wasd but nothing worked.

7. Since i have been saying all the bad things about this game i feel it is my responsibility to say a good thing about it as well. It is quite innovative (even if it reminds me of that other game (which was also premium based ffs)) and fun to play, if i forget about all the other things. It had some strategy elements in it (although unfortunately not enough to make it thought provoking), which actually made it quite fun to go through.

However it’s always a fun-to-time ratio with these games.

Now, if you’re willing to pay, i bet it would be a lot of fun (again, what i’ve said about the gameplay aside), since it does support pvp. If you’re willing to pay.

So! Thanks for reading, this was another review by me, the magnificent Azgara.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Heroes Of The Sword] Review

So i played a little bit, just got to level 2 (or 3 i’m not sure) and i already have some things.

First of all i played the tutorial, which made me think this game has a lot of potential. Then i entered the arena for a quick game to see what pvp is like. I’m not sure if the game is pvp based or something else however it seemed that way. Now, When i entered the arena, there was a guy there that used uppercut all the time and basically won everyone. I also managed to get a few last hits which is why i leveled. However it seems like an unfinished game to me.

I’ve played other platform mmo’s which i’m not going to mention here, of course. However there was either more action, or easier gameplay. By that i don’t mean that it was easier to win, but that it was easier to control your character and/or your strikes.

Such a game that requires drag-n-drop or clicks to attack – instead of keys – requires a more sophisticated gameplay. Does it matter if i strike the other person on the head or on the torso ? Either way, it would be too difficult to land a “headshot” since the player can move all the time. The movement, now that i came to it, was not very well designed. A platform game is based largely on the movement of the character so this disadvantage is quite large.

The animations were also the same every time. We are in an age that we have the technology to make wonders with an hour’s work, so such things are unacceptable in my opinion.

What was good about it was the terrain, that everything seemed (and was) climbable.

I did not check the music or the pricing so i cannot comment on those.

I also loved the fact that it’s an actual NEW game, not mimicking the ones already in existence.

So my final rating will be 2/5 both points achieved by the “newness” of it. The points removed are for everything bad i said above.

NOTE: This review is just my opinion and should not by any chance be treated as anything more than that.

Goodbye and good luck.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Sword & Magic] Suggestions

I only played a bit and i have a few suggestions already:

1. Let the player play a harder level mode and, upon completion, render all other modes played and completed under the same score (or A if you want to motivate them to play them again). The starting levels were extremely easy, i killed everything hitting once. I understand the later levels might be more difficult, however i’d prefer to just play the first levels on a harder difficulty and not bother with them anymore.

2. Smooth animations: there are a ton of games out there that actually have smooth animations. I’m not sure if it was chrome, or the game, but the animations looked like a normal game playing at low fps. I suppose you know you are competing with the other devs.

3. I have to move the cursor on loot to pick it up? Well… let’s say fine. But i have to collect xp in the same manner??

4. A faster equip or selling method. Double click should equip, shift+click should sell. If you don’t like that then pressing “s” could morph the cursor to a “selling” cursor.

5. Any female characters? I didn’t get much of the storyline to understand if all females are gone, or if only males go out and fight so i may be wrong here, but i was expecting female chars.

At this point i found nothing else to mention apart from a bug that forced me to restart the game, which happened when i opened my loot bag, then pressed space, then closed my loot bag. Another loot bag appeared at the top of the screen which i wasn’t able to close. Maybe make space a toggle button?

Anyway, the most frustrating thing i found was the animation. I would much prefer it static, or smooth, at least make an option to remove animations, the “one frame up-one frame down” sequence made me nauseous.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Akaneiro] Suggestions

Right, so i played the game with all 3 characters up to level 4 and ended up on playing prowess char more.

1. The cunning character is way too difficult to play. He has low mellee damage (one single handed weapon) and specializes mostly on single targets, although he still doesn’t have much damage there. His first arrow skill deals almost as much damage as the normal attack of a prowess character. I always love ninja-type characters but this one did nothing for me. Later on i saw he uses traps, but how can you use traps successfully in a real time rpg with the camera so close to the character ? I would suggest his skills either do tons of damage to a single target, or hit multiple enemies. Right now he’s the weakest character of all.

His blink skill could be good in pvp fights, IF they’re ever possible, but still, the camera is far too close to use it and attack from a distance. And still, to attack from a distance you need some mana, which will make your pool easily depleted. I equipped him with a nodachi (the twohanded katana thingie) and he killed all with a single strike, and then i found out he specialized in single handed weapons.

2. Power character is good, but you always need to point where you want him to strike with his skills. All his skills need you to point with the mouse cursor. There should be a way to avoid that, and just make him use the skill where he is facing without needing to point anywhere. He specializes in double singlehanded mellee combat, which looks awesome. However his first skill, at level 1, with the first axes, which is supposed to strike multiple targets hits them for 8 damage. This is hardly anything when you want to use the skill to defeat them fast. So yeah, needs more damage there. I didn’t have any other bad thing to say on this char, just what i said above.

3. Prowess char is the most op, however when i use my thorns shield it seems im taking more damage. I might be wrong. Anyway. He’s op.

4. The threat levels keep changed even if you restart the game with a new char. Every time i needed to spend karma to lower it, so that i can play the normal level 1 with the new level 1 char. Only thing i found is that with a threat of level 3, i managed to defeat level 1 with the level 1 prowess char and a level 3 ally. Didn’t happen with power char and i’m sure it wouldn’t happen with the cunning char either. I had to spend about 500 karma to revive my power char, and i only died once with prowess. With the cunning char i died once or twice even on easy xD but without an ally.

5. it desperately needs an autoloot button, or a show items button. With the “auto-fade” or without the “auto-fade” button checked, it looks the same, and i can’t see the items unless i hover my cursor over them.

6. The skills need to be level-indifferent. The level cap is fine, but if i want to grind to equip a skill before the appropriate level i should be able to. Maybe make it so it becomes cheaper if you’re higher level, but you can still buy it and use it if you’re low. If you want to stay with the level policy, then make it so i don’t get to see the skills i can’t yet equip. Like, “you’re now level 4 ! You can equip this skill ! Buy it now for so-and-so karma !” or something. Going to the ability shop just to see all the cool things you can’t buy is just frustrating.

7. Needs a sell all button. Actually some games feature the “junk bag” where you can just click on an item (say ctrl+click) and then it goes in the junk bag, then you can automatically sell everything from the junk bag.

8. last but not least, the escape button needs to negate any menu you have open. You go to the shop, you sell your items, you hit escape, you go on playing.

that’s all for now. Awesome game i gave it 5/5 but still not perfect. :)

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Dragon's Call II - Beginning of the end] From a veteran

Hi all

I used to play this a lot on the game’s website, i’m not sure which server i was on but i was on one that had just started (so i’m guessing s2). I had an assassin.

I have to make a few points so that you don’t find out the hard way.

1. Don’t pick an assassin. As it happened in the previous Dragon Call, the mage rules in this one, although i had heard in my clan (I was in the angels- the first ranked clan in the server) that warriors own the mages after a specific (high) level. However i had never heard anything for an assassin.

The thing is assassin is supposed to be fast, dodge attacks, and hit more. However if you fight a character of higher level (say a mage who isn’t supposed to dodge) he will dodge most your attacks, be as fast as you, and even if you dodge one of his attacks, his next one is going to be devastating.

2. Pay to win: and this is important. You can be pretty awesome without paying if you start the game when the server does, but soon you’re going to lose ranks in the arena due to payers. I was playing each day, exploiting all my AP, doing all events, and although i started in the top ten, i was soon overthrown by others who had at least payed once. Even a bit can really buff you.

3. Teammates. Destiny hunters is bad. Eagle eyes is bad. Whilar is really good because his special attack stuns. Stone warrior was kept from the best of the players because his special halves all damage and has increased hp later. The mage you can get (the one with the dagger, i don’t remember his name now, he’s a warlock i think, Elias maybe?) is really good for starters because he does a lot of damage. Now, i didn’t use anyone else from lower tiers – once i unlocked ogre, dragon, and the machine (T-something) i switched to those. Those do some serious damage, however i think it’s better to learn which char does what beforehand, consult your clan, as it is very painful to level them up, even if by training them (or fusing them? i don’t remember the option’s name) with other chars they can pretty much start with lvl 30 and half the pots you used for other chars.

4. Use pots, at least for your main char.

5. Do every event each day. You need the rep and the gold if you are to compete people. You can do certain premium staff for free each day, exploit that.

6. Do astrology a lot until you get some serious signs. I think purple is the best sign you can get.

7. You get dragon gold (premium currency) rarely, so spend it rarely. After you can do certain adventures in higher levels where you gain crystals that you can imbue your weapon with, you can spend DG to unlock 2 more stats for those crystals, do so on purple crystals.

8. Don’t rush to get levels, although you will need them for the arena, but prefer to get gold and upgrade your gear. Refining your gear changes their output a great deal, especially after you start upgrading them into higher levels (i mean, from common to kingdom, from kingdom to thunderclap, etc). To do that you need resources. Don’t keep resources you don’t need, but if you’re not sure, better keep them. They might be really valuable afterwards.

9. Unlocking an extra slot in the garden costs a lot compared to what it does. Basically, if you want to get another chest of gold (for later levels) you can just use one slot, so this is only useful if you want another xp thingie, so you can have two for free at the same day. However later on you’ll realise this really means nothing. You can’t use that on your main char, and in order for it to be useful, you need to refresh it so you can get a better one. If you refresh it on one slot however, the price goes up even if you want to refresh it on the next slot. Refreshing also costs DG. So my advice is DON’t get a second slot. Unless you’re a payer. So get all slots and refresh everything.

Anyway i’ll stop here ’cause i have to go. This is just advice, the game is pretty simple to understand.

The reason i left the game was because suddenly the page i was going to to play suddenly stopped working for no reason so i stopped. Now i’m not going back because even losing a day or two might get you to fall behind and, if you’re fighting for the ranks as a free player, you can’t really afford that.

But, to be honest, you can’t really get far without paying in this game. Payers will always get the best places in the world events, which means a LOT of money, rep and xp for them, which means they will get even more powerful than they were.

I wish you luck.

PS: i don’t know if things have changed but when i played this is accurate.

PS2: Before you play, note that this game has auto stats, no skills (each char gets a skill (just one), which gets upgraded after a certain level, and after a while everyone pretty much has the same skills) and it’s mainly played using gold and dragon gold.

PS3: I expected much much more from Dragon Call II since i was also a fanatic supporter of Dragon Call I again, as a free player. But it’s NOTHING like the first one. So keep that in mind.

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / mini suggestion

The save function you said is needed ASAP. I had the same trouble…

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / certain suggestions/problems/bugs

I did something and it worked, i’m not sure if they fixed it but i tried recycling all of the same item minus 1, so if i had 30, i recycled 29, then i chose the remaining one and recycled it manually. I did this at 3 different stacks of items at the same time and they’re all gone now.

Again, maybe they just fixed it and it’s not just what i did.

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / The "delay" times are a bit off...

the building times etc getting higher with each upgrade until they reach like 1 day etc. was set (not sure if that was the first game) by “ogame”. Basically the game starts pretty fast-paced and as you go on you can do less and less each day because of the timing. Which is good since you’re hooked but you don’t waste your entire day :P