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Topic: Party Of Heroes / Some Questions

From my experience, the dagger or any damage booster (have an arcane axe/melee weapon +25% damage boost) only works with melee classes. It is mislabeled for whatever reason (perhaps too lazy to develop a filter that makes it melee only and just coded it to be usable by all heroes). As for Necromancer, the resurrected heroes do use skills from my own experience – but they have to stay alive long enough to use a skill, which when they only have 10-12% of their health, usually isn’t very long.

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Topic: Epic War CCG / Friend Requests

Add me

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Mark of Darkness] Put all tricks here!

As an archer, most common enemies will temporarily not move for a a second or so, after you fire at them right as they are attacking. This buys you some time. Most enemies generally guard after taking a hit or more. During that time, gain some distance if they’re real close to you, and rinse and repeat till they are dead. Also, humanoid type units sometimes jump when you jump (haven’t paid attention as to why some follow and some don’t), if you’re out of room and need to buy a little time, jump while you draw your bow and fire when you land or even fire while in air if it’s drawn to the max.

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Topic: Wartune / [Announcement] Astral System Exploit

Something they don’t mention in the tutorial is that when maintenance happens, on the Astro page, whatever astro node/point you’ve unlocked to gets reset back to the beginning/grey one. And they will not provide any compensation.

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Topic: Castlot / Bug Reports

Hi, I’m on S1. IGN: Hurin

I’ve tried on several occasions to use my common Training scrolls (specifically, II, V, and IX) yet there is absolutely no reaction from the game. It doesn’t unlock any new sections nor take away the card (thankfully). Please look into this. I was able to use scrolls previously (way back when I first started before the many numerous updates).

Thank you.

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Topic: Cloudstone / "Add me" topic

Add me if you would like. Lvl 15 monk at time of post.

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Topic: Castlot / Suggestions for Castlot

@abdul_569, as long as your melee troops reached the front line first, then even if your archers and mages get there, they do not get hit right away. I believe it goes by first come, first serve (or first come, first die) order – I can’t say for sure as I don’t remember my calvary ever falling while I was attacking. Someone with more experience should be able to confirm or disprove this.

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Topic: Kongregate / Enchanted Cave

No no, this game is more like Lufia 2: Rise of the Sinistrals or whatever. The treasure cave they had in that game had a similar set up without the shops at every 9 levels.