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Topic: Serious Discussion / My Body & I

why would you try for the left edge? don’t you want to be somewhere around the middle of the yellow bit? i mean…you are even already on the low side of healthy weight? why would you want to be a skeleton?

strange, i tried a lot (adn eventually succeeded) to actually move to the right from the far left edge of “healthy weight”.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Transgenders - Public Bathrooms

Basically, if they look like they belong there, then they belong there.

so how good, exactly, does the illusion need to be? some transgenders you’d never guess, others…you can’t get why that guy’s wearing a dress.

but on the actual OP question: unisex bathrooms are increasing in popularity, and this seems like the way to go. urinals is maybe really a guy thing, but oh well.

public showers and the like though…sport hall dressing rooms… seems like these things have a way of sorting themselves out though. appropriate conduct goes farther than gender typicalness, anyway.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Do you believe in global warming?

Originally posted by jhco50:

No. In the 60-70s it was global cooling and pushed by the same people pushing global warming. The term global warming is no longer an acceptable term as it has so many bad connotations and falsehoods surrounding it. They now call it climate change.

Gobal Climate Destabilization. which is what’s happening. do we really have to drone up the same thing again? there’s no question climates are changing. wet climates are drying, hot climates are cooling, etc. this is simply the facts. now lets detabe the ramifications.

in the Netherlands, we need to figure out a way to strengthen our dunes, because our unpresedented lengths of drought is causing cracks in them.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / AX:You are now the dictator of a small European country

^i’m following you on your first 11 steps. but there’s a huge gap between step 11 and step 12.

you could just ask the dictator of Bhutan for advice, and mostly just copy them. \
but i’d also like to just install participatory, direct democracy, to determine every direction, building our society from the ground up, rather than from the top down.
though i’d also love to launch a digital public library, for free access to information, conform with Article 27 section 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights; and raise a public fund for authors in accordance with section 2 of the same Article.
and obviously the education system needs a huge overhaul, to promote individualism, rather than destroy it.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / My Body & I

it’s either high metabolism or bad digestion. i have the same problem, as do many people i know. in fact, it seems to be a very popular subject on this forum. this is like the 5th thread in a few months i’ve seen about this.

apparently, one bar of 200 gram chocolate is two entire full meals worth of calories. i used to eat two of those per day. but if it’s all about the calory density, nothing beats nuts and seeds, and they’re healthy too…however, if you eat too much of them, it speeds up your bowels…

the most important thing, however, might be to dodge all the weight-loss food items that tend to get thrown at ya. they fill your stomache with blank fodder.

Originally posted by FullMeasureZam:

It is most likely a high metabolism.

Goddamnit guys

Genetic metabolisms don’t vary as much as you think they do. It’s a possible 200-300 calorie differnce.

Gaining weight = doing too little and eating too much
Unable to gain weight = not eating enough


Originally posted by TheQuietGamer:

I have the exact same problem. I’m super skinny but all I do is eat junk food and sit around most of the time. I don’t know if this will help but I’ve been told that the reason I don’t gain any weight is because I don’t eat regular meals. What I mean by this is I eat small “snacks” constantly throughout the day, and because of this when it comes time to eat a meal like breakfast, lunch, or dinner I’m not really hungry so I don’t eat much. Again I’m not sure if this will help you as I don’t know if you are the same way, but my advice is to not eat until meal times so that way you’re hungry enough to fill up on food. I hope it helps, I for one have not tried it.

note: this would imply it’s not about calory density, because snacks have far higher calory-density than meat and vegetables.

this seems a good guide:


Topic: Serious Discussion / The "fat acceptance" movement and why people are so apt to defend an unhealthy lifestyle

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Topic: Kongregate / MODS stop deleting SD posts for no reason.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Bug Report

Originally posted by Flapppy741:

In my tech video, ( the tech heals for 2000 hp at one point, but heals for 1000 hp other times. Is that suppose to happen? Random 1000-2000 healing?

ah, i was wondering if the Repair Beam could make critical hits. so, it can. crit hits do double damage, or in this case healing.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Bug Report

so we captured the CP when the blue team had 999 score, but because killcount also adds to score, their score went over 1000 without victory being declared:

this then brought us to overtime until yellow team scored 1000 points…however, because blue still outscored them, blue won anyway! so that was a pointless overtime:

and then, believe it or not, the very next round the exact same thing happened:


Topic: Serious Discussion / The "fat acceptance" movement and why people are so apt to defend an unhealthy lifestyle

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Topic: Serious Discussion / The world and our perception

1. i think it may be questionable how fortunate people are with high intellect. but i’m quite sure a lot of things requires intelligence…less intelligent people just don’t have the capacity to understand as much about the world. however, it is very much a simplification, since there are many forms of intellect, and i don’t think it can accurately be quantified.

2. that seems semantic. every normal human emotion is essentially healthy, because it would be unhealthy not be able to have such. healthy means it’s working appropriately, so you can’t call the emotion itself healthy. that’s like asking “is a person healthy?”.

3. how would i know if i’m not?

4. no.

5. that’s personal, and Janton may around here, so… *peeks around paranoidly*

6. hmm, when i was depressed i took comfort in it, so i guess so.

what about this question: do you believe your emotions affect what decision you make? and does that make you feel more in or out of control?

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Bug Report

enemy spawned in our base, giving us an easy gang-kill.

also, in reversed gravity of the lower hemisphere, so to speak, of Training, i thrusted down onto the backside of the spawn-point shaft-way floor, with interesting result:

i was trying out the Asian server so i had 230+ ping, if that matters.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Battlesuit Stat Upgrades

note: seems like “lateral” is used to mean “horizontal”, rather than just sideways.

some general info on stats: its worth noting that each class has base stat values that help define their particular strengths

what about Recharge?

oh, does AttackSpeed increase reload speed, or only firing, both burst speed and frequency?

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Excessive cursing

Originally posted by RebeccasKnight:

Any dumb person can cuss, including some people who posted here. Now you may say “Who cares?” or “I can do what I want” well the simple fact is that you have agreed to the terms and conditions have you not? Also I understand you may be upset with what I am saying thinking “f@$% You!” well guess what you can go on cussing but any idiot can cuss, hey my mentally retarted brother (I’m not joking) can cuss he has done it before, it doesn’t make you any smarter or better off. Though it takes a little bit of brain power to express what your thinking with big kid words. If you are such “Adults” act like it. I know you probably hate to hear this(or you think I’m right) but either way I would rather not be just any idiot who can cuss, I think it is not only a matter of what you agreed to but also your character (Maybe you have none) so cuss all you want I don’t care I will just block your face, and know I just ignored another Idiot. Good for you you’ve informed others that you are an uneducated fool, and an uncultured swine. (Yay!) To all you who agree or do not cuss, I salute you.
Sorry for taking a long time maybe rambling ( I do that)

yet you use the word “idiot” which i believe, when used like that, is also profane.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / The government can now take your DNA without a warrant!

The CIA and NIS are not Norwegian

neither am i. where’d you get Norway?

Even if your country changes the laws after an incident, they are still bound by them at the time the incident took place, and you as a citizen, can drum up plenty of support to raise awareness of and oppose new laws.

hmm, the whole fingerprint collection seems to prove otherwise. and they can change the law and use it to try to match data from a past incident with their darabase.

if a tree falls and no-one’s there to hear it, does it make a sound? if someone does something criminal, but nobody knows it, is it a crime?

but as far as i know, but correct me if i’m wrong: if you know someone commited a crime, but authorities don’t, it’s not a crime to not turn them in; however, if they know about the crime, and in their investigation you withhold that information, that is a crime.
if that’s true, then i guess it could be argued there’s no crime if it isn’t known.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Personal Help: Can't Sleep at night and head feels heavy during the day

hmm…can’t sign in with the ‘see a doctor’ trend, because for me this sounds completely normal, i don’t think i’ve ever felt different. but the key is the unknown reference you started with “Ever since my mental breakdown”. clearly the cause is found there, so the solution may depend on that.


Topic: Serious Discussion / The "fat acceptance" movement and why people are so apt to defend an unhealthy lifestyle

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Topic: Serious Discussion / The government can now take your DNA without a warrant!

hmm…and that assumes they won’t bend the rules on what they share and what they don’t share. i mean we know CIA is authorized to do things that are illegal. that’s exactly what the NCS exists for. and they can also simply change the rules at any time.

plus, they can also simply make an excuse for why they look into police data. what i worry about is our ability to control the government in this information war. we’re definitely on the losing end. if they don’t fear us, they exploit us, that’s inevitable. we CANNOT afford to lose that fight.

democracies and dictatorships have turned into one-another throughout history again, and again, and again. we CANNOT be so stupid to assume the current situation is a permanent one. all other cultures before us seem to have made the same mistake.

we HAVE to ensure the government won’t become our enemy, and we CANNOT do that when they hold all the strings on what people know or believe about what’s going on.

forget about guns, you can’t beat the military. just make sure you can beat the domestic intelligence. they, have in recent times got so much more advanced means of social surveillance than they ever had, while our means to organise ourselves are made more and more transparent and unveilable, but theirs has not.

i really do fear for our future. i honestly really do.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Excessive cursing

meh…i admire people who can act natural and consistent with each person they meet without just being a jerk, but most people, to some degree, do tailor their act to the situation/environment.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Was Anne Frank's diary a fake? And how does this affect those who believe in the holocaust?

hmm…wikipedia only has “new-atheism” which seems like a very stupid term for, as they describe it, anti-religious.

whatever. and i see your point about, uhm, subscientific research, or something. but i’d rather suffer that than dogma.

I suppose your belief that there’s only two sides to any debate and they must be polar opposites is the reason you’re having such trouble grasping this argument.

i resent that. strongly resent that. seeing as how society tells us, in fact conditions us, NOT to question stuff, i’d say your argument can at least as easily be accused of excluding the middle ground.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Excessive cursing

in my experience, men and women can be equally pancy about profanity, or equally profane. just differs from person to person.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Was Anne Frank's diary a fake? And how does this affect those who believe in the holocaust?

That brings up an interesting tangent of thought: The creationists have a number of arguments for why evolution is bullshit. most of their arguments are themselves bullshit. Some not so much. Would it be fine to question evolution using or amplifying the arguments and criticisms ready-provided by the creationists? Publicly, and with the same fanfare that the 9.11 truthies want?

doesn’t that happen already?

I think a great deal of scientists and neo-atheists would be screaming ‘NO!’ about now

“neo-atheists”? seriously? that seems like the dumbest term i ever heard. please define “neo-atheism” — i like a good laugh.

also i frankly wouldn’t see the problem of an official scientific investigation of the possible false-hood of evolution. again, i like a good laugh. and anyway, either they fall flat on their face, or they don’t, and the latter would be the more interesting result for sure.

Speaking is a political act. And ‘Question Everything’ despite its anarchic free speech rah rah origins, can EASILY be used to serve a different agenda.

less easily than “don’t question stuff”.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / The government can now take your DNA without a warrant!

Originally posted by vikaTae:
Originally posted by jhco50:

What do they need your DNA for?

Identification, obviously. You can match it up to hair or blood found at the crime scene, in a way that far exceeds the capabilities of fingerprints.

You cannot be tracked down by your DNA, if that’s what you’re worried about. A sniffer dog cannot be given a sample of your DNA and instructed to “Go Find”. It can only be matched to the last sample you left anywhere that is analysed, to determine that yes, you were at this location recently, and likely within the timeframe of the event of interest.

If you are worried about not being able to commit crimes any longer, as it’ll be much easier to identify that it was you who murdered that kid with the quad-bike… Well, that’s kinda the whole idea of it. Really not anyone’s problem other than yours if you cannot break the laws with impunity any more.

assumes the sacred impunity of government and its agencies and their employees, though. i mean, there is already a war going on in cyber-space, between the government with their covert spying on us, even with malware if they care to, and the public and people who fight on their behalf (such as Wikileaks).
if such a thing were to become necessary outside of cyberspace, and that’s what governments fear now, they need your prints, your DNA, etc.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / How Far Should We Be Pushing Our Ideals?

Now I personally don’t agree that Capitalism by it’s nature is amoral, ultimately it is an exchange of goods between two parties

that’s free market, not capitalism. also, i think you’re confusing amoral with immoral.

Originally posted by karmakoolkid:
Originally posted by Supreme_Albino:
Originally posted by Draconavin:

Can’t we all just get along.

Well that doesn’t seem too realistic. War has been around since mankind started forming groups. A hippies dream of “world peace” just can’t exist.

UGH…the ugly truth of the matter.
I wonder if we are doomed to continue this “life-adventure” ad nauseum?

i think it can. it just won’t.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / The "fat acceptance" movement and why people are so apt to defend an unhealthy lifestyle

i actually think jhco has a point. you can’t talk badly about someone and then expect them not to weigh in. as the resident small-gov conservative he gets a lot of flak, and regardless of criticism’s degree of accuracy, you gotta recognise the outnumbered situation.