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Topic: Kongregate APIs / in-game rewards for viewing ads

Looks like that API is still in closed beta, as suggested by this dev blog post.

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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / Report a Bug v 2.0

Couple of minor content issues in the event:

  • The names of Cabbs and Tricabbs may be switched – Cabbs is a stack of 3 cabbages while Tricabbs is a single cabbage.
  • One of the chemical flasks is “Trifuoro”. Did you mean Trifluoro? (And keep it the heck away from Chloride. ClF₃ is aggressive enough to be a boss.)
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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / Crusaders as References

Originally posted by knifeandlantern1:

Nate Dragon is, I’m fairly certain, supposed to be an homage to Nathan Drake from the Uncharted series. The appearance and clothing are quite similar—even having the blue scarf—and the name is obviously very much the same.

Yet, I am unable to link any other crusaders with other characters, and it seems weird that there would only be one reference. Am I just missing them? Anyone else think they know any?

If I recall correctly, Nate and Natalie Dragon are actually supposed to be Nathan’s children. The parents make an appearance during the “Nate’s Birthday” January event in Bush Whacker 2.

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Topic: Bush Whacker 2 / Sensible requests for improvements /changes to game

And now to rain on some people’s parades >:-)

Originally posted by pacattack25:

PLEASE tell me that the lepricon stop to whacks not being totally stop to whach will be put in place for all the other stop to whacks – PLEASE!

As a longtime player, I can tell you that this one has been declined repeatedly in the past. Common leprechauns are presently the only quest “bush” that will be targeted by mass-whacking actions. The intent is to make you slow down and watch for what pops up, rather than just blindly spamming.

Originally posted by Iamagamergod:

You know what would be a great improvement to fishing? Being able to fish without having to click EVERY SINGLE TIME when the buoy fishing thing bobbed and again when you had to click on another fishing hole. Adding a feature where you could potentially afk for a while (50 or so bait is good otherwise you would have people just buy enough bait to afk throughout the entire night) would seriously help boost this game in this area. Feel free to improve on this idea however you wish, but this imho is an excellent suggestion that would end the tediousness and boredom fishing has brought onto the game thus far.

Why do you think there’s a random delay and randomly positioned fishing holes? They sure make life hard for anyone trying to AFK-fish with an autoclicker ;-)

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Topic: Bush Whacker 2 / Feedback and Bug Reports

Typo in my own quest line! I can at least spell ‘transmogrifications’ on an empty stomach, unlike that impostor of an NPC. ;-)

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Topic: Bush Whacker 2 / How does the dropsystem work?

Originally posted by Kevlar33:

I haven’t had a puzzle piece pop (whether the power was refunded or not) on a power whack since they took them out of the power-whack loot (3 years ago?).

I had it happen more recently than that, the power just bounced back and I got one puzzle piece.

Originally posted by Kevlar33:

As a side note, gem power whacks are nerfed (you need a special trinket to get sapphires on a power whack, otherwise you’re capped at Topaz)

I should probably edit that into my post …

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Topic: Bush Whacker 2 / How does the dropsystem work?

I’ve gathered quite a lot of information about the drop system thus far.

Originally posted by BennyGreen:

I’m not sure about how it really works but here is my guess :
Your drop rate is based a N-die roll. The higher your level, the bigger is the number N.
“fruit”, “gem”, “mana”, “power”… all these things are associated with an absolute number. This value is a base to estimate their odd to drop.

That much is a good general approximation of the system. There are some differences, though. My observations:

  • Every concurrent drop quest adds its own drop to the pool for N.
    • Every concurrent drop crest reduces the effective chance for anything else to drop.
    • Opening enough concurrent quests will result in almost entirely quest drops.
  • Whack quests are energy-normalized.
    • The amount of damage (measured in targets’ energy cost) you need to deal to cause the next object to spawn is multiplied by your base max energy.
    • Concurrent whack quests all count all damage you deal toward spawning their next objects; there is no mutual interference as there is with drop quests.
  • Multiplying will fail and refund your power if you whack a quest object or if you roll a puzzle piece or a unique drop (customization item, trophy, etc).
  • Void is a distinct drop and has its own contribution to N. A void drop produces no items.
    • Voids rate is affected by the Less Nothings modifier.
    • The message “Nothing” is produced when no item drops; this can happen if
      • you hit a quest object that has no drop
      • all drops for the object are voids
    • If multiple drops are rolled and only some are voids, the Nothing message will not be displayed; this is most noticeable when multiplying; for example, hit a creature with 20 power, roll 1 mana 1 void, get 10 mana (and 10 invisible voids)
  • Some drops have their odds energy-normalized (multiplied by energy cost of target, divided by your base max energy)
    • Power vials
    • Mana vials
    • Puzzle pieces
    • Quest drops
  • Some drops have their quality energy-adjusted (multiplied by energy cost of target)
    • Gold (straight multiplier)
    • Gems (fewer low-quality gems, more higher)
    • Fruit (higher minimum energy value)
  • Unique drops are rare enough that I haven’t been able to determine much about them.
    • Customization items
    • Trophies
  • Event drops are independent rolls added to each whack; they are not part of N.
    • Obviously, they only occur during an event.
    • Multiple concurrent event drops are independent, and will all be rolled on each whack; for example, leprechaun gold and beer may both drop from one whack.
    • The odds appear to be energy-normalized, that is, multiplied by target energy cost and divided by your base max energy.
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Topic: Bush Whacker 2 / level editor

There’s a doodad-placement editor already integrated into the game. The first chance you’ll likely get to see it is when you first buy a house, and it enables you to place furniture and such. It’s also used during some of the seasonal events; these usually result in design contests among the players and sometimes creations like these:

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Topic: Bush Whacker 2 / We have Leveled Up! - DJA is now Codename Entertainment!

Curses! In retrospect, I should have opted for the DJArts logo jersey.

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Topic: Bush Whacker 2 / Void-recovery ability interactions

Assuming I equip the Ancients’ Power Device (5% manavoid), Sparkling Marble (10% energyvoid) and Heart Locket (10% randovoid), does rolling a void result in 75% nothings, 10% broccoli, 10% hearts and 5% mana packets (as if treated additively), or do they cannibalize each other’s opportunities?

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Topic: Bush Whacker 2 / FAQ: Pet Adoption and Genetic Augmentation Society (PAGAS)

Originally posted by Kittychix:

Tell me about Pet Augmentation
“You can spend the DNA you’ve collected to change the bonus your pet has. There are varying types and levels of bonuses to choose from, assuming you have access to them. The Best ones take high quality DNA to apply. If you have a pet that has a random bonus, you can spend Common DNA to randomly swap to a different one of its random bonuses. You can also pay a DNA to switch a pet you’ve augmented back to its base bonus, if it’s something unique.* When your pet switches bonuses, it keeps its level and xp, so your bonuses starts out already powered up! All in all, Pet Augmentation helps you put the bonus you want on the pet you like! It’s great!”

So you can only exchange the bonus? I was hoping to be able to stack distinct bonus types, for example both +mana and +fruit. (I assume that piling high on one bonus type would just be too unbalanced.)

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Topic: Bush Whacker 2 / New Kaine Mystery: The Mystery of the Eeeeeeevil Hat!

I hit an “Area is not available !” error preventing me from completing this side quest. Reloading didn’t help. :(

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Topic: Bush Whacker 2 / Feedback and Bug Reports

Originally posted by cube1234567890:
Originally posted by Ghalleon:

Your unicorn looks constipated.

Funny you should say that, since it’s not actually a Unicorn — it’s a Poot.

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Topic: Bush Whacker 2 / New Kaine Mystery: The Mystery of the Mansion Murder


Originally posted by PlanetOfDreams:

So, if it’s that old, why does it have a flatscreen TV?

Because Bushwhackia is a piping hot serving of anachronism stew with a side order of culture chop suey all cooked up on a schizo tech stove? (Completely justified by the rule of funny, of course.)

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Topic: Bush Whacker 2 / Capped odds adjustment at 100%

Originally posted by Andaho:

I spent about 1 million gold making amazing mana runes… Now my mana is capped at 100%.

1 million gold takes a ridiculously long time to earn! – but it was worth it to have super high mana odds!… But now it’s definitely not worth it!

Not cool!

The other tweaks are cool though.

I think I’ve been affected by every single nerfing that’s been perpetrated since the game arrived on Kongregate — I wear my ‘Power Player’ title for a reason. However, I’ve also not found it especially necessary to blow past 100% with a vengeance on one stat and ignore the others.

On the other hand, if over 100 points worth of runes were in one weapon, applying the cap without returning the runes to inventory is rather cruel.

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Topic: Bush Whacker 2 / General Events Question

The drop rate of power, mana, quest items, puzzle pieces and event items is scaled to the ratio between the target whacked and your base max energy. As a result, a full bar of energy should produce about the same rewards anywhere, assuming you don’t throw any power or mana whacks. However, the expected value of a power whack or mana whack is proportional to the level of the target whacked, so dumping power and mana on the highest level targets available will get you more bang for your bottle.

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Topic: Swords & Potions 2 / Bug Reports and Issues

Worker pathing is driving me nuts in the current patch. Half the time, a crafter will gather up the materials for something then stand there like a fool unable to path back to the workstation.

(No offense intended; as a developer myself I understand how aggravating software can be…)

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Topic: Bush Whacker 2 / The phantom oven

Originally posted by Aquilz:

._. cooked fruit? me no gusta.

Two words: grilled pineapples. Granted, the BBQ should work just as well for that…

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Topic: Bush Whacker 2 / funny stuff you may have met(SPOILERS)

The Elder Wand and (during the Halloween event) Margarine Beer are shout-outs to the Harry Potter ’verse.

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Topic: Bush Whacker 2 / Friend Whack Cap

@amklas, @XtehXpwnagerX: You say that as if XP is a good thing overall in game-mechanic terms. While it does provide the occasional energy refill and unlocks a handful of features like new crops and fishing bait types, it also devalues most trinkets to the point where they’d be more useful as knick-knacks for your house than equipped.

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Topic: Bush Whacker 2 / Feedback and Bug Reports

Itty-bitty little display bug when your energy gets into the four digits range:

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Topic: Bush Whacker 2 / Bush Whacker 2 Spooky Halloween Contest!

A fairly conventional attraction-style haunted house, with a few twists.

Northwest we have the Hall of Agony, though it looks like the prisoners (and the entire prison!) are little more than ghosts and tattered, spiderwebbed remains. Southwest we have the Hall of Magic, where it looks like something’s brewing and it’s probably trouble. To the east we have an army of the risen dead; as the sign says, Boo! In the center, I’m the wizard tending the Drunken Pumpkin Bar; looks like two of them have had a bit too much to drink, and one of them was interested in something other than margarine beer ;) Finally, wandering around the place are assorted small animals — they even wander out the doors and around the event grounds regularly.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Redshift] Synapse: You will Take Notice

Originally posted by BrokenAccount:

The systematic genocide of everyone who knew how to play the game followed by a completely hollow endgame and total official unresponsiveness killed the game. When you wipe out more than half the active, high-level players in the game in some imagined witch hunt, your game loses the critical mass of players needed to provide an actual food chain, and your ecology has thus collapsed.

Another way to re-frame it is in terms of Bartle’s classic paper on MMORPG player dynamics. Driving off the players that probe the unintended consequences of game mechanics — the Explorers — is the most efficient way to destabilize your player base! Furthermore, the game design seems heavily tilted to what Bartle calls a type 1 equilibrium, with the endgame consisting of endless jostling for leaderboard position and PvP pew-pew. This is an unstable equilibrium that exhibits wildly fluctuating levels of player activity; its stable state is total collapse.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Redshift] Fleet leaders?

Originally posted by qazzaq123:
Originally posted by BrokenAccount:

Yes, but at the same time, let’s be realistic: You guys have Special Status. It’s blatant favoritism. Whossname up there is nobody and the devs aren’t going to do anything for him.

I would have to say that there is no favoritism because if there was then wouldn’t our members have access to the FB testing with having their Kong account data transfered to their FB account, Well no we have to start from fresh like all other Kongers.

Besides which, I think that running a true multi-portal platform, it really wouldn’t hurt to have an “openID from anywhere” or similar option, because the Kongregation will gripe about having to sign up for Facebook and vice versa. Maybe that leaves payments up in the air, but there are plenty of portal-agnostic payment providers out there.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Redshift] Official: Feature Requests and Suggestions

Originally posted by BenchBreaker:
Originally posted by dhatzster:

Realistically, we need the item quantity for component tab on the hover label to make the high figures readable.
We need it now, its ridiculously easy.

the only problem is with electric shielding the white picture make it hard to read the light green numbers

Also, 100k or more of a mineral runs into the next icon to the left and gets in the way.