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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Challenge Submission Thread

The Natural

This challenge requires you to use what you find in the arena, and nothing more! You can’t craft, fuse, or even enhance your weapons, armor and accessories!, or get any from Mystery Boxes! And there are no Invisible Allies or Rings to help you, either! The good news is that your drop rate is a LOT higher than normal, and you have no raid limits. Your final goal is Rank 250.

Objective: Reach Arena Rank 250.


1. Item Crafting is not allowed.
2. Item Fusing is not allowed.
3. Enhancers/Bonus Rocks are not allowed.
4. Rings are not allowed.
5. You have unlimited entries to all raids.
6. There is no death penalty.
7. The bestiary is unlocked for free at the beginning of this challenge.
8. Drop rate is increased to 1000%..
9. Invisible Allies may not be used.
10. Use of Mystery Boxes is not allowed.


  • Medal Name: Natural Fighter
  • Skin Color: #50C878
  • Eye Color: #00AAE4
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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / MEGATHREAD: Battle Arena

Day late, but who else seems to notice that full soldier armor makes you look a bit… leprechaunish?

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Topic: General Gaming / Pingy the Ping Idle RPG - Hints 'n Tips

Currently I’m starting the game from scratch and logging all the quests that come up.

The Three Freebies
Beginner: Free to complete at the beginning
Free Quest 1: Free to complete at the beginning
Free Quest 2: Free to complete at the beginning

Visit Quests
Houseguest: Open the house tab
Banking: Unlock and open the bank tab
Fishing: Unlock and open the fishing hole minigame
Seal Plaza: Unlock and open the whack-a-seal minigame
Casino: Unlock and open the casino tab
Market Day: Unlock and open the market tab
Farm: Unlock and open the whale farm tab
Snail Hills: Unlock and open the snail hills minigame
Skool Run: Unlock and open the skool minigame
Burger Bar: Unlock and open the burger bar tab
Pool: Unlock and open the pool tab
Sorting Line: Unlock and open the sorting factory minigame
Shooting Gallery: Unlock and open the shooting gallery minigame

Purchase Quests
New Trend: Purchase the Whirly Hat and equip it

Fishing Quests
Fishing 1: Catch a sea snail
Fishing 2: Catch a lost goldfish
Fishing 3: Catch a shrimp
Fishing 4: Catch an icefish
Fishing 5: catch a cold eel
Fishing 6: Catch a cuttlefish
Fishing 7: Catch a codfish
Fishing 8: Catch a dragonfish
Fishing 9: Catch a noctopus
Fishing 10: Catch a whale

Visit Quests
Return Trip: Visit the gamepage twice


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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Anti-Idle: The OFFICIAL thread

Originally posted by accordingleaf:


I’m not sure if this was already suggested or not, but can you add some sort of metronome for the MMR? It’s hard to keep tempo when all you can hear are the sound effects. That would be great!

Anyway, keep up the great work!

The sounds effects have something to do with the name of the secret achievement for the game. Think about what rhythm they go to and it’ll make sense.

Also, I have a couple of suggestions.

One, I think the revenge ring percentage is too low. It should be 10% to find the mission monster, not 5%. I understand it needs to be low, but I think 5% is just a bit on the skimpy side.

Two, there should be some new daily quests involving Green Coins, Adventures, and the FCG. They repeat a bit too often for my tastes.