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Topic: Kongregate / pokemon tower defence Q_Q

if u want it on kongergate u can always go to thegame site and ask them if they or you can put it up

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Topic: General Gaming / Ultimate Tactics

Originally posted by Osric:
Originally posted by lightsun:

I noticed a couple of differences, and things this game doesn’t have that Final Fantasy Tactics does.

The storyline isn’t as good as the Final Fantasy Tactics’ one (On a side note, I only played, and won, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance), and there aren’t different races.

If all you’ve played of the Tactics series is Advance and you think that has a good storyline then you have not seen anything. Try playing either the original Tactics for the PSX or The Lion Wars for the DS, as it is a remake of the original. It has what I consider as one of my top 2 storylines of any videogames that I have ever played, I found FFTA to have an extremely whiny storyline where you are trying to accomplish something that only YOU want without regard to the feelings of your friends or family. Whereas FFT has a storyline that consists of pure awesomeness although it is a bit slow.

lion wars is not on the ds its on the psp ffta2 is for the ds and so is anther ff game thats not in its siers but it salmsot the same its ff12 revent wing or somthing like that but ya this game is like fft