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Topic: ShellShock Live 2 / What is the best/most damage weapon?


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Topic: ShellShock Live 2 / New WEAPONS

Reading this hurt my very soul.

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Topic: Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM / Help with S2 Area Deck

I’m having a bit of trouble in the second area of the game that only allows the use of S2 Cards.
What I’ve used has worked out okay up until 6.2.
I’m facing opponents that at least double my LP, and constantly use Cards/Spells that do heaps of damage when attacking, not including the actual attack itself.
Then there’s the Spells that destroy all my monsters and make theirs immune..

This is what I’m currently using:

These are the SC2 Cards I have:

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Topic: ShellShock Live 2 / [Unofficial] Ideas for weapons?

Homing Missile : Fires a missile that is guaranteed to hit an enemy tank and do 45 damage.
Slingshot : Shot that does more damage with more power. Fires just like a regular “shot”.
Monsoon : A rain-like weapon that does double the damage of a regular “rain” and lasts twice as long.
Medic : Fires a med-pack that heals or does damage based on if the shot hit an ally or a foe. Heals for 50 hp or damage.
Eruption : Fires one red shot that splits upon impact, like a splitter, and hits to create two volcanoes that are twice as large as a normal volcano, and do double the usual fire damage.
Bass Cannon : Fires a shot equal in size as that of a DJ Bomb, that upon impact hits the area of its own size, and expands 3 times. Each expansion amounts to the regular shot size doubled. And for each expansion, the damage output is cut in half. Let’s say the first impact does 70 Damage. 2nd Expansion does 35 damage. Last, 18.
Mudslide : Fire a shot similar in size as a regular “shot”, that upon impact will multiply into 10 shots and slide down hillsides or slopes. If shot at a flat surface, this weapon will be rendered useless, as the multiplied shots would not go anywhere. Each shot should do the regular amount of damage as the “shot” weapon.

I like the Nyancat idea, but the rainbow following Nyancat is supposed to do damage? If that’s so, then how exactly would it ever hit anything, considering it’s a rainbow which is typically curved and simply follows the path of Nyancat til impact. i think the rainbow should drop sparkles that descend to the map along the way.