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Topic: General Gaming / If Caravaneer 2?

Some Ideas for Caravaneer 2
1-More gun/weapon variety(bigger guns)
2-More vehicle/animal variety(vehicles with weapon mounts)
3-More goods/products variety
4-More cities
5-Even bigger map (maybe 10x bigger than old)
6-More missions
7-Longer storylines
8-More secrets-(like rare weapons or vehicles or places)
9-Find abandoned goods or vehicles in the desert
10-More color variation(not just tan deserts and cities)
11-Something besides stars and circles for cities and groups traveling the desert
12-More music variety
13-An online multiplayer server where players can battle each others caravan

I like the idea of owning a certain outpost. You could find an oasis and start your own city there. You could also buy or conquer an existing village/city.

One other idea I have is that there should be an random toxic gas cloud that passes by on the travel map and you would need oxygen tanks to get through without taking damage. This would add to the challenge of making the survival more difficult.