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Topic: General Gaming / Rebuild 2 heli ending.

You can do that without the helicopter, as well. Once you achieve one victory condition, you can click on a police station or fortified mall and select “Leave The City.” Does the same thing – pick five survivors and start over somewhere else. Schooling them up to level 10 in all skills before you go makes it pretty easy to win, even in impossible mode.

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Topic: GemCraft Labyrinth / Traps verse Towers

You beat that by putting a second trap ahead of your main one. Put the new gem in there and let it activate. It will blow out a clear zone, giving you time to merge the new gem with your old one so that it will activate before the monsters get there.

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Topic: GemCraft Labyrinth / Mana Pool Trick.

Originally posted by Lurlock:

Actually, every gem-building strategy I’ve ever seen comparisons of shows that combining gems results in a better gem than upgrading. Upgrading is easier, but you don’t get a better gem that way.

As a boss of mine used to say, “What difference does a difference make, if it doesn’t make any difference?” A couple % difference in a gem strength is irrelevant when you can just upgrade it and double its strength. In the long run, all this gem-combining strategy is largely a waste of time.

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Topic: GemCraft Labyrinth / FAQs: Please read before posting.

Originally posted by randomturtle:

How much does premium cost in.


It’s 50 Kreds. You can do free stuff to earn them, or fork over cash at whatever the exchange rate is. Take your pick. There is no direct conversion.

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Topic: GemCraft Labyrinth / Anyone need help?

Originally posted by phoyphoy:

Field H2
Level 53

I do fine up until the wave with the 55K health creep. After that point, I cannot seem to keep creeps away from the orb. I usually have 1 G6, 2 G5s, and 4 G4s. But for the life of me, I cannot kill that creep… or any successive waves of creeps.

This is generally a sign that you’re not building your gems fast enough – the monsters are getting tougher faster than your gems are. Do more summoning early on (G1s for the 1st ten waves, G2s for the next 10, etc. – summon as many as you can handle), and expand your mana pool aggressively to get the higher mana multiplier (say, expand it five times before upgrading your gem to the next grade).

Getting your main gem up to grade 8 or 9 should solve your problems. Also, use all armored as was suggested by superxchloe. Much more predictable and easier to deal with.

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Topic: GemCraft Labyrinth / Anyone need help?

The gem in the tower is unnecessary. Y/L/O in a trap with 6 amps (2 grades below) should be able to simultaneously kill everything and generate all the mana you need. The downside is lag, of course. If you’ve got multiple entrances that don’t converge for a while, you may end up with several thousand monsters on-screen waiting to shuffle over the trap.

While I start with a gem in a tower, by the time it’s grade 13 or 14, it’s in a trap with amps – and I leave it there until it’s up to grade 30 or 31, at which point I move it to a tower and start holding down the “n” key. The important point is summoning with 6, 10, 12 or more gem bombs per wave to keep the monsters coming thick – and right at the edge of what you can kill.

I start the battle by bombing the first six waves with 12 G1 gems each, then move to 18 G1s per wave, and then increase the grades as my mana pool increases. I can generally get my main gem up to grade 30 by wave 50 or 55, bombing the last few waves with 18 G13s each.

Obviously, that’s too aggressive for you at your wizard level, but push the summoning as hard as you can as it pays off big in increased mana and higher grade gems. You actually want monsters with more hit points and higher armor, as it takes more shots to kill them, then – and the YLO gem in a trap generates massive amounts of mana per hit. You also get all the chain hits in a trap, as they can hit the same target repeatedly. The net effect is exponentially more mana.

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Topic: GemCraft Labyrinth / How do you save this game

It autosaves after every battle. If it doesn’t, then it’s something with your own machine.

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Topic: GemCraft Labyrinth / The Gemcraft Labyrinth Help Thread

Originally posted by Oreno5267:

i need help on k9, L12, L10, and M11

Usually that means you need to replay earlier levels at higher difficulty settings to gain more exp, levels, and skill points. Those fields will be much easier at a higher wizard level.

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Topic: GemCraft Labyrinth / Shift Key No Longer Works

I know there were issues with Firefox on Mac that gave fits to the shift key (defaulted to an “A” for me, so I was accidentally building amplifiers everywhere). I could work around it by pressing it twice, or pressing the hotkey after shift. This bug disappeared when I upgraded to the latest version of Firefox (4.01), so it seems to be a browser issue rather than a GCL problem.

Others have reported problems with Internet Explorer, so perhaps upgrading your browser or trying a different browser is the best advice I can give.

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Topic: GemCraft Labyrinth / 100 waves in G10

It’s 100 waves in a single battle, so you have to have Premium to do it. You can tell how many waves you’ve beaten from the Stats window.

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Topic: GemCraft Labyrinth / Is there any kind of formula/strategy for Gembombing?

I’ve found that Y/L/O does well at both killing and mana gain in a trap. I start with a gem that is 6 G1 Y + 5 G1 L + 5 G1 O and upgrade it from there. I put it in a trap with 6 amps two grades below by grade 12, and I keep it there until I’ve managed to get it up to grade 30 or 31 – at which point the game is getting terribly laggy due to all the chain hits and the gem is plenty strong enough to kill everything to the end in a tower.

Edit: I also summon like crazy in the early waves. I bomb the first 6 waves with 12 G1s each, then the next 4 with 18 G1s each, then 18 G2s per wave for a while, and so on – with the goal being to keep the monsters right at the limit of what I can kill.

If you’re at a lower wizard level, you may be able to handle only 3 or 4 gembombs per wave. It may take a bit of testing to find the limit of what’s too much. The key is getting the Y/L/O gem in a trap, though. You don’t get much mana from a tower.

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Topic: GemCraft Labyrinth / My Guide to Endurance (hardest settings)

Originally posted by Sirry:

@Snaz the problem late game is that the enemies reach 9,999,999,999,999 hp… at most you will kill maybe 50k bad guys? no matter what red will hardly make a dent to the enemies. lime and yellow @ lvl 30 get to about 80 mill dmg and a 4000x multiplier… you think an extra 150k will be worth reducing the multiplier or chain hit? I think not ;-)

Actually, it can be worth it if you’ve got lots of kills. Red bonus goes into the base damage, which then gets multiplied by Yellow. A slightly smaller multiplier with a significantly higher base can yield substantially more net damage.

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Topic: GemCraft Labyrinth / GCL general discussion

Originally posted by Slain087:

So is making a crapload of level 1 gems, then fusing them together to make higher level gems more effective, mana-wise? Is there a marked difference between one made this way and one created at that level?

It’s useful for making an initial gem that you want to be a specific blend of colors. I’m currently partial to a starting gem that is 6 G1 Y + 5 G1 L + 5 G1 O, all combined into a Grade 5 gem that’s almost exactly 1/3 of each.

I’m of high enough level (1980 now) that I don’t need a separate mana farm anymore – my killer is also my mana farmer in a trap until I get to grade 30 or 31, then I put it in a tower to kill everything to the end of the endurance run. The trap gets too laggy to deal with at that point, and the gem is powerful enough to be back in a tower and needs no further upgrading.

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Topic: GemCraft Labyrinth / Tips and Tricks

Originally posted by GeneralYouri:

A different approach would be to simply put it in a tower allowing it to kill everything to before the trap, then put it back in the trap.

I generally summon to the point where the gem can barely handle it in a trap. At that level, the same gem in a tower barely touches them, so using a tower to hold them off isn’t an option. That’s why I got to putting a second trap in front of the first to clear out the space.

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Topic: GemCraft Labyrinth / Tips and Tricks

I thought it might be useful to have a compendium of little things you have learned in the course of playing that makes things easier for you. These aren’t necessarily field-specific or wizard-level specific, just general stuff you do, techniques for various things that seem to work pretty well and others might be interested in.

I’ll start with this one:

When your killer gem is in a trap and needs upgrading, it is dangerous to upgrade it directly, as some monsters may be able to crawl across the trap during the down time as the gem reloads.

I solved this by adding a second trap in front of the main one. When you’ve built a new gem that is ready to be combined with the old one, put the new one in the trap ahead of it. When it comes to life, it will blow out all the monsters a square ahead of the main one. You can then pull it out of the trap and combine it with the old gem in the main trap to make your upgraded gem, without the chance of anything getting by during the down time.

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Topic: GemCraft Labyrinth / no more than 2 gems, more than 5k spent?

The amulet says you have to win a battle with no more than two gems at any time – so if you built a gem by making and combining several lower levels, it doesn’t count. You can kill the wild gem, then make a dual which you upgrade as necessary. At no point may you have more than two gems anywhere – on the field or in your inventory.

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Topic: GemCraft Labyrinth / K9 & L11

Most straightforward solution would be to replay earlier levels at higher difficulty settings so you gain more exp, levels, and skill points.

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Topic: GemCraft Labyrinth / what level do you reach??

I’m currently level 1577. I’ve completed 8 endurance runs at max settings thus far. I intend to do all 169 fields that way eventually. I’m aware that it’s going to take a while.

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Topic: GemCraft Labyrinth / Point of Bloodbound gem?

Your data are apparently for a gem in a tower, Youri. When a gem is in a trap, you get all the chain hits until you run out of targets, from what I’ve read. If there’s only one target, it will hit that one repeatedly. Chain in a tower requires distinct targets, which is why you don’t get all your chain hits. Yet another reason why you put your killer gem in a trap after grade 12 or so. That grade 29 gem couldn’t cope with the monsters when I tested putting it in a tower, but wiped everything out instantly in a trap.

So when a monster walked onto my trap, it got all 1500 chain hits (if needed) all to itself. Since even at the minimum it only took 1000 hits, it was dead on one shot.

I have used armor tearing in mana traps previously. It does help at relatively low wizard levels on to make the high-armor monsters easier to kill later. Once my killer got strong enough, though, it didn’t make much difference.

With regard to the thread topic, I concede that at high grades, you’re better off with a larger yellow component than red. I’ve reduced the red component of my killer gems to about 1 part in 8, and am amping with pure yellow. It is indeed more effective in the long run, but for getting started I like having Red in there. I summon gazillions of monsters in the early waves, and build up lots of kills in a hurry. Thus the Red component gets me a much stronger gem early in the battle, to compensate for Yellow’s slow scaling. Beyond grade 15, the Yellow component becomes dominant and starts doing most of the damage.

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Topic: GemCraft Labyrinth / Point of Bloodbound gem?

Actually, I think what I posted is indeed wrong. I haven’t done much direct testing, but it doesn’t seem to square with what I’ve seen. I think it’s actually (base – armor) X Yellow – otherwise I’d one-hit kill everything with my higher grade gems.

I’ve also noticed that Red seems to do considerably more damage than would be expected based on raw numbers. If the Red bonus goes into the base value, it would make a huge difference against monsters whose armor is close to the base damage number.

I’d be interested to see the output of your tests, Youri. I may have to run some myself.

Edit to add:

Well, I think my first formula is right. I’m just finishing up an endurance run, so I have some data.

Wave 1337 monsters: Armor = 124,970,252; HP = 9,999,999,999,999

Here’s my killer gem:

It’s in a trap with 5 grade 26 Pure Yellow amps. If armor was subtracted before multiplying, I wouldn’t be able to touch the monsters, yet they evaporate the instant they step on the trap. As it is, using the minimum values:

2017399 × 4784 = 9,651,236,816 damage per hit

9,651,236,816 – 123,970,252 = 9,526,266,564 net damage per hit

9,999,999,999,999 / 9,526,266,564 = 1004 hits needed to kill. My chain hit component hits a minimum of 1562 targets per shot, so I guess it makes sense that they disappear the moment they set foot on my trap. One shot at the minimums will kill them.

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Topic: GemCraft Labyrinth / Point of Bloodbound gem?

Originally posted by FlareAndrew:

so is this the way damage is dealt? ((Gem Damage * Yellow Damage)-Armor)*Lime Hits = Total Damage

Basically, yeah. There’s the base damage (a random number somewhere between the quoted minimum and maximum), which is then multiplied by the Multiple Damage multiplier (if Yellow is present). The monster’s armor is then subtracted from that to get the damage done on each hit. Chain hit simply acts like a bunch of independent (but identical) shots.

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Topic: GemCraft Labyrinth / 1 Mana Gem + Kill Gem or 1 All-in-one?

And if you actually want a dual gem with the triple gem bonus, build a gem with 1 G1 of some random color, 15 G1 of A and 16 G1 of B, and combine them into a single gem. Then combine that with 50/50 A/B gems until the third component is sufficiently diluted out. You then have a “triple” gem with one component so small that it doesn’t reduce the bonuses of the other two, yet still gets the 22% triple bonus.

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Topic: GemCraft Labyrinth / 1 Mana Gem + Kill Gem or 1 All-in-one?

I prefer specialization. It’s not that big of a deal to maintain several gems. I find it’s more efficient to have a mana-gathering gem and a separate killing gem. I get more mana and deal more damage.

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Topic: GemCraft Labyrinth / Easy win

Originally posted by Galcyonis:

for endurance/premium users that strat will never work. My normal strat is ylo all the way even in my mana farm. but recently i decided that orange doesnt do much dmg so i thought id try ylr in my tower on a13 ( on hardest settings ). By wave 100 i was struggling to keep up ( monsters well over 100 bil hp + by then ) and i had to build another tower amp set up with ylo to catch back up. so red is a great gem if you dont have premium or possibly if you do have premium and not on hardest settings. but otherwise it holds you back and makes thing much more difficult.

PS. it could of just been a mistake i made which is why i fell behind but i think it was red gem which almost made me lose. i did end up completing 1337 (102 mil exp :D)

By wave 100 your gem should be in a trap, with yellow amps. It does enormously more damage that way. Above grade 13 or so gems are increasingly more powerful in traps, due to the big specials bonus – which is when Red really kicks it into gear, as the gem otherwise starts from 1/2 damage. The Red component constitutes most of the base damage at that point.

That is, assuming you’re using settings with lots of low-value monsters, rather than All Giants. With All Giants, Red doesn’t do you that much good because you don’t amass enough kills.

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Topic: GemCraft Labyrinth / Point of Bloodbound gem?

Ok, I have another comparison, this time with level 24 gems, at the end of an endurance run on G13, the very first and easiest one.

First, the L/Y/R gem (50/25/25):

Its base damage averages to 904204, which is then multiplied by 212.99 for the yellow and 121.70 for the lime, giving a total net damage of 23.4 billion points.

Our otherwise identical Y/L gem (75/25 – I turned the red component into yellow) looks like this:

Its average damage is 810264 × 289.8 for the yellow and 121.7 for the Lime. Net total is 28.6 billion points

The Y/L came out better in this case, mainly due to the fact that I was using All Giants, did little summoning beyond what was needed for the bonuses – thus I had relatively few kills. At this level, 107 percent of kills went to damage, and there were only 13,500 of them in the entire endurance run. This severely handicapped the Y/L/R gem. I calculated that the two gems would be equivalent at Grade 24 at 200,000 kills – a pretty common number to beat in most endurance runs not involving All Giants. I’ve routinely hit 300 or 400,000 kills in earlier endurance runs involving all armored, for example, and the Y/L/R would have kicked butt. So I would have won the bet I proposed earlier – a Y/L/R with tens of thousands of kills is one tough momma you’re going to have trouble beating for total damage in most cases – but not all. Y/L will beat it in a low-kill battle.

So I guess the conclusion is that if you’re playing with high-kill settings (ie not All Giants) you will easily rack up enough kills in endurance to make a Y/L/R gem your superior killing machine. If you are running All Giants, stick with Y/L (I’d go with 75/25)