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Topic: Contract Wars / New Spec Machinegun

Assuming it’s a good weapon the price is right. But it would have to be more useful or different than the RPD in some way because that is CR and pretty awesome as it is.

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Topic: Contract Wars / Bugs and glitches

CWBeast That happens to me all the time when I’m overloading my internet connection and I am the source of lag. It usually appears indicating that I’m going to get kicked for lag if I don’t turn off all the background downloads. How much is your ping in game I wonder?

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Topic: Contract Wars / kick these people out

Originally posted by Thenumbers:

Better yet, kick everyone that is not directly hooked up to the server. That’ll solve all our lag problems

Even betterer yetter just kick everyone who doesn’t have their brain directly hooked up to the servers via instant quantum mind-link. Any ping over 1 is still technically lag.

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Topic: Contract Wars / Bugs and glitches

Completed gold contract 8000 xp in interchange_dm map yesterday but today I have the same contract.

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Topic: Contract Wars / Please revert invulnerability after spawn time!

Originally posted by main_gi:

I spawn camp and abuse spawn points sometimes. This change is…eh… I’m just walking around and suddenly this guy spawns right in front of me.

The devs should be fixing the problem (bad spawn coding), not the solution (invulnerability)


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Topic: Contract Wars / Weapon Mastering feature

Originally posted by kirillkostrov:

It has dosen of uses even in current state. It gives you information.

For example I’ve been killed by the guy using M40 with mastering level of 10 or higher. That makes me sure he likes sniping a lot and gives me a clue about his style of playing, his tricks etc.

Super good point here that’s being glossed over. Look at what you can do with what you have already… more than just waiting for the game to give you something neat like gun mastery upgrades.

That said, personally I think at 100 gun level mastery your gun changes to shooting pulse laser bolts that explode.

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Topic: Contract Wars / over 150 SP

Looks like he has Profile View Blocking on at the moment. Search for Implex turns up a bunch of < level 10s. Or am I doing something wrong. Either way I wouldn’t be surprised if his profile view blocking stays on for a while.

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Topic: Contract Wars / u wasted my precious time and using bad ways to make me play the game but also i will leave it

I hope this kid is able to look back on this post in 10 years and gain some insight as to why they expect everything in life to be easy. I wish I had access to everything I wrote when I was a kid. It would be so revealing.

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Topic: Contract Wars / 25 mortars or sonar expert skills?! HOW ARMOR WORKS

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Topic: Contract Wars / Funny CW Pictures

Originally posted by Glock243:

What do I do with all these bullets?

Why can’t I hold all these bullets?

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Topic: Contract Wars / crazy glitch after a match o.O

Muy interesante. I’m betting those were placeholder achievements or something. Always fun to see hidden parts of a game pop up when they’re not supposed to.

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Topic: Contract Wars / KelTec RFB carbine

Originally posted by Misthaufen:
Originally posted by orangenetic:


but gets outclassed by vss in tier5

But it’s slightly more useful than VSS for closer encounters based on it’s slightly higher firerate and 20 round mag. So there’s that.

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Topic: Contract Wars / Contract Wars Offical Livestream

Originally posted by radicalace:

For those who don’t know:

It’s live at the time of this posting.

Watch “pro” russians be silly.

How would anyone have known that?

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Topic: Contract Wars / Is Yoshi a Dragon or Dinosaur?

Originally posted by Discuzting:

Yoshi is yoshi
seriously a dinosaur dont look like that

Says the obvious paleontologist.
Anyway Consider this evidence.

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Topic: Contract Wars / Messed up Loadout problems

Originally posted by Lordoftiki:

I’m starting to get suspicious that the game is screwing up my load out randomly.
I always use the Raging Judge and IZH but sometimes (often) on entering a match my load out is mixed up, Often only leaving me with a random pistol and no primary.
Anyone else getting this?

Used to happen to me and then figured out when you click on weapons to see what they are it changes your active load out until it reverts to the saved load out when you exit the match.

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Topic: Contract Wars / Progression indicator missing while taking in TC? Confimed by Nqss, It's a bug known!

Originally posted by iFireJV:

It isn’t an issue. Look at the “circle” og the target, it’ll spin around.

Actually it is a slight issue. The notification gives you extrasensory perception as concerns to if there are enemies on the capture point. Very useful for sniping while keeping an eye on a choke point near by.

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Topic: Contract Wars / Weapon comparing system beta

Oh wow. It’s coming into form. Awesome!

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Topic: Contract Wars / Silencer Damage Loss

Comprehensive, clear. ^^

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Topic: Contract Wars / the professional

Where’s that video?

Also I’m astounded that people can’t grasp a simple concept when they are told it is so, they have to insist that the game must work the way they presume it must work when they never so much as tried it out for themselves.

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Topic: Contract Wars / the secret to glocks

Originally posted by radicalace:

I don’t understand how your dick could possibly be so small. I mean the average is, what, like 5 inches or something?

How do you manage to top out at 3 inches, hard? It’s almost impressive.

Your mom always says I was too big for you.. please, teach me your secret.

Just wanted to point out that radicalace went back and edited his posts so the beginning of this thread looks especially funny.

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Topic: Contract Wars / reporting or banning people that comes to stomp low lvl

I don’t understand your reasoning. If the room clearly says you will be fighting level 70’s then what is the problem. This is obviously precisely what the devs intended.

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Topic: Contract Wars / Question about weapons

Honestly I unbroke my m4a1 spec ops by accident and it was the best thing ever. I use it as my main weapon for all situations besides sniping. I loves it so. The trick is get lowest recoil and max accuracy and the gun becomes op in range.

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Topic: Contract Wars / Fire Stabilization

Maybe firestab works on a non linear scale or it is a factor of a combination of accuracy and recoil.

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Topic: Contract Wars / reporting or banning people that comes to stomp low lvl

Originally posted by minersail:

My point being you can’t predict if there are noobs or pros so it’s all by chance. And nobody is going to leave a server thinking “Oh look some newbies. Lets leave because I wanna be nice!”

False, I often simply press “m” and then switch to the noob team because I enjoy a challenge much more than a steamroll.

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Topic: Contract Wars / reporting or banning people that comes to stomp low lvl

Originally posted by holywin:

well, its pretty simple, thing is that i recently played with some guys that were lvl 62, while all of the players were 10-30 at max.Its very annoying since they only use the cheater gun (p90 as it seems that lacks any kind of recoil and recharge time) and all of them comes to join only evac games.i dont know if i can call names but im sure that they are doing it in purpose, since there was no reason for the game to match them with us.

Are we talking about people using the skill that allows you to break level restrictions (e.g. level 62 joining a 10-30 server) or are we just talking about 10-70 servers?