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Topic: Heroes of The Banner / Terrible lag the last 48hrs

R2 dont got money to pay for their servers or forgot to renew the server rent fee…

sarcasm off

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Topic: Era of Empire / [05.15-05.19]Recharge Rewards

same refresh bug for me, when i claim my rewards on that box (its shaking, so it want to tell me something is there to pick up)… after some seconds, 1min it tells me to refresh

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Topic: Heroes of Glory / Updates???

wow what happened… guess that’s a “THANKS” worth.. finally a (graphical) update .. and a huge one!

and the first BUG: where the heck is Murdis Forest 1? the arrows are not clickable… and the missions are all not completable for lvl80+ players… we already got lvl5 trees and lvl6 mines… :S

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Topic: Heroes of Glory / Updates???

Instead of opening every week a new server with the same gameplay, which really starts to be really boring and annoying…

How about you bring out some new updates instead?
And some bugfixes would be much appreciated, same with reducing all the lags with planting and fighting World Bosses.

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Topic: Era of Empire / [04.30-05.06] Kong Rating Event

Originally posted by R3POD2:

+1 Crisis! I am in love with this game, it’s the first elongated civ game I’ve tried. After getting past the initial english problems and the inflexibility of buildings, I would say the core of this game is similar to others but has a different take on them.

As for other bugs: Guilds still don’t work, nor do battles.
To Devs: I have 25 martyrs sitting on a wetlands and the prompt after clicking occupy territory (I waited the 20 mins for them to march there) I receive a notification that says “cannot create a new room, please try again later”. Frustrating only because I want that clay!! :D

Forge of Empires … unfortunally not playable on kong…

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / The Perfect Compound Defense

7 snipers +45 range
2 light machine guns
1 assault gun

but im not telling ya where i placed them, but you may figure it out yourself ;)

just on a sidenote: 96 kill streak in a zombie attack

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Topic: Heroes of Glory / bug report

great game is broken again with S14 starting up.

World Boss and Strato Rush are not working for non-US based time citizen, nor running with US proxies.

At least give us all a compensation for your fault!

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Topic: Heroes of Glory / Time zones

Cool for Germany

1st boss at 11am
2nd boss at 9pm

so even i miss the 1st boss due to work shift, i can still attend the 2nd.

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Topic: Heroes of Glory / What a rip off


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Topic: Heroes of Glory / bug/typos in game

pretty much a bug and idk why we should spent $300 for it..:

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Topic: Forge of Gods / Suggestions

6) and the Santa Event Units are still unbalanced. either buff all normal units equally or nerf the Santa event units, so they only get their full potential just in the winter month, but not the rest of the year… as they do in other games.

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Topic: Forge of Gods / Suggestions

As soon you finished the last chapter and have to wait for the next update, this game turns into a ripoff…

Heroic/Champ etc needs energy for entry and then for every step/fight 1 energy and it drains a lot and too fast…

Tbh: entry for energy is ok for me, but not for every step and fight IN the instance i already paid energy to enter!

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Topic: Forge of Gods / Restart Server?

Constantly “Connection is unstable. Trying to reconnect… Restart” over a couple of hours now.

But my own connection is fine.
50mbit/s down / 10mbit/s up 12ms
So can’t be me…

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Topic: Forge of Gods / Feedback

Originally posted by Panoramik:

Thank you for the report!
1-1)We’ll add ability to switch difficulties in future updates.
1-2)You can improve your army by playing older missions again and then beat the newest levels with less difficulties.
2)We’ll think what we can do about energy issue. For now you can get more energy by playing PvP and inviting friends.
Are there any other things that are annoying and frustrating?

i second enga85 feedback.
1-1 future updates will be when? Because if its not happen in the time of beta, i can assure you most ppl will just play for 10min and then quit your game.
1-2 no you can’t only if you fail the mission, but then you wont get any drops or exp and it even depletes energy. the next one on the same stage is heroic, which also wants 10 energy on stage 1 and depletes 1 energy on every “stop and go”. 20 energy on stage2 and on champion
2) playing pvp vs what? at streak6 which is kinda easy vs lvl2 and 3 npcs, you get owned on streak7 by all the ppl with incredible highlevel squads. if you want to take revenge you get instakilled and all points you gathered up in the last 6 fights will get drained again to ZERO.
Inviting friends is also an issue, because it’s in K+ beta and like 6 playing this game…

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Topic: Forge of Gods / Account Reset

i would love to see a reset account button.. just to test out some of the other classes without creating a new account…

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Topic: Forge of Gods / Add Friends (ID ingame)

lbnjnm pls add :D

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Topic: Legacy of a Thousand Suns / Fleet Codes Here


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Topic: Inferno Legend / Gameplay / Feedback etc.

Jeez. pls get a better Server Node for S4 … totally unplayable with huge lag spikes and disconnects at the event times .. specially said Human Invasion and Planar Wars…!

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Inferno Legend] the basic things about this game you really need to know before you start to play

and now someone explain to me how the “diamond gift” replacement works… doesnt work at all on S4… just want to get me more recharges.. even i got already 1700 of them…(can be used as substitute for Diamonds when buying items in time-limited event shops)

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Topic: Swords & Potions 2 / [Public Town] Eytinland (233k pop) wants YOU!

invitation sent

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Topic: Swords & Potions 2 / [Public Town] Eytinland (233k pop) wants YOU!


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Topic: Reckless Ruckus / Master Bug/Suggestion Thread

fullserver battle is kinda bugged

it`s the server arena lvl35-54 and still there are lvl58 and lvl60 in there…

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Ninja Time Pirates] Feedback

and the main issue imo: this games needs an optimization in download speed… its ridiclous slow.

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obviously someone didnt noticed it yet..

the server isnt “kong only” its shared with facebook and armorgames players.

so if you want to have some alts … create an account there ;)

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Topic: Castle Clash / Useful sources


Defense Builder

Castle Clash FAQ

Shrapnel’s Beginner Guide by xShrapnel on the iOS IGG forum

another good General Guide for beginners by chrysostom15 on the iOS IGG forum

Heroes Skill complete by c39836703 on the IGG forum

Talents and which are the best by c39836703 on the IGG forum

Free2Play Guide by c39836703 on the IGG forum

Smurf Guide by Naestra1990 on the IGG forum
(yes, you will need them, important to know: Kong = Facebook = Armor Games Server)

Have fun and clash away!