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Topic: General Gaming / Meat Boy

Hello, I recently got my first impossible achievement from meat boy, and am currently trying the map pack version. I saw that the developers had this to say about the game:

Its highly recommended that meat boy is played with the Xbox 360 controller using FlashJoystick.

Now, I’ve been using the keyboard up until this point (I’m up to the hard badges now) and am wondering if this will really make a difference? Is it really easier to use or will the shift in controls just make it more difficult for me? And advice from someone who has tried both is appreciated.

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Topic: General Gaming / DONT BUY TERRARIA

The people who made terraria need money to feed their children, this probally limits the amount of money they make, thus stopping the supply of food for the children.

You want people to starve?

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Topic: General Gaming / Step Seq. Songs

Originally posted by GoGoogleIt:
Originally posted by Hitaro9:

I’m having the same problem Masonaux has, I seriously doubt that you all type out the codes, so how do you play other people’s songs?

You highlight the code from the left and drag your mouse towards the right side until you reach the end of the code.


I know how to copy, I just can’t figure out how to paste inside the game. You can’t right click → Paste…

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Topic: General Gaming / Step Seq. Songs

I’m having the same problem Masonaux has, I seriously doubt that you all type out the codes, so how do you play other people’s songs?

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Topic: Transformice / Lottery

4- 8- 15- 16

23- 42- 45- 46

1- 2- 51- 52

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Topic: Transformice / Servidor en español / Spanish server

Soy terrible con espanol, pero estoy de acuerdo. Ellos necesitan hacer un servidor de espanol.

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Topic: Transformice / Items...are they too cheap?

Currently, not many items in the game go above 500; I believe there are 3, but please correct me if I am wrong. This does not give us a whole lot of options in displaying how much of a life we don’t have.

Currently, the game is catering to children, offering new items practically every cheese we get. There are enough 30 cheese items around for the new players, and 300-500 for those that are begining to get into the game. There are, however, no options for the more advanced players who have spent many hours of their lives on this game. So from now on, shop items should start to extend into the 5000+ cheese per item range, offering those with a lot of cheese an option to show off how much cheese they have gathered, seeing as titles are too small to read now anyways. This would also give players a goal to shoot for in the game, allowing it to have more purpose.

I am just a reporter, and this is what I told myself. Do you agree?

1. Me
2. Obama
3. God
4. This could be you!

People who don’t support:
1. All the noobs in the world.

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Topic: Transformice / no more banning wolfleader


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Topic: Transformice / Post your totem here!

Mine is just 3 red nailed planks for when I play on hard

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Topic: Transformice / Stupid update

Totem = Terrible update
Hard Mode = nice idea, poorly implemented

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Topic: Transformice / Omg Its Broken!

Originally posted by KG_HomeRun5145:

Wow! These updates sound awesome! Except for maybe the totem, that sounds like it will be abused.

Yes, I’ll have to see how that turns out…


Topic: Transformice / Ima gonna say this for all those noobling so they wont bother the mods anymore... how to become mod?

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Topic: Transformice / Attention!!!!

Originally posted by kevinexmx:

Its cute.
But I gave up after a few paragraphs. :(
They dont make sense when I try to pronounce them.

It’s more fun if you say it out load with a heavy german accent, doesn’t matter if you can pronounce it or not.

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Topic: Transformice / Morality

Originally posted by TheAznSensation:

Draw me an Asian mouse.
On a dragon.
Wearing a sombrero.

Holding up a sign saying “I lost the game”

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Topic: Transformice / Attention!!!!

I don’t smile, but this was clever. Did you come up with this on your own?

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Topic: Transformice / New Shop Items coming?

It’s true, this is like “hat week.”

I believe everyday they are adding 2 new hats. Don’t quote me on this, because I’m not 100% sure.

I can’t wait for the Yoshi egg hat though.

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Topic: Transformice / Morality

how cum i iz no in yur miceorz pictorz? I iz a miceor Me nxt plox?

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Topic: Transformice / To Let You Know

I believe that Verdana is the default Font for those of you that were curious.

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Topic: Transformice / Repetitive Gaming.

Originally posted by Hidan56:

I find this fun, but repetitive. Shamans will,
A. Kill you 75%
B. Save you 25%

Also, they should have a mode where whoever gets the most Cheese in the required time wins. its too typical of a game.

So basically play exactly the same way we do? How is that less repetitive?

[Moderacion] It has been 5 hours, and X player has gotten the most cheese. Time for another 5 hours of doing the exact same thing you were doing before.

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Topic: Transformice / Free Cheese Glitch?!

Originally posted by Dm1321:

Ridiculous. Those steps are too long. Cheese for all shop items is a average of around 2k+ Cheese, plus the tribe and the Ninja title that you’re asking us. To beat bootcamp also takes a long while. You also just LOST cheese. Your free cheese doesn’t even covers all you lost.

Average of your trick – Around 4-5 days to do them all. Ninja is hard.

Normal Playing – (This is a facking fact) Play for 1 day. Get 1k cheese.

What is better in term of time and cheese?

4 days to get over 20k cheese? No lifer much?
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Topic: Transformice / Less

Take a screen shot of someone actually making fun of what you’re wearing in transformice, and I might give this some consideration….

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Topic: Transformice / ~Room~Sweepstakes~?

You confuse me as well.

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Topic: Transformice / The invisible glitch is now bannable.

Originally posted by DeathSt33l:

1. Mods are not lame they keep order and make transformice more fun to play.
2. Wall jumping has been approved by the developers they won’t ban for that as where the invisible glitch hasn’t.
3. Yes hackers could use it to fly hack unnoticed or preform any other hacks without being seen.
4. Nope you just got everything wrong.

It’s not fun to play if you’re banned ;)

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Topic: Transformice / More Updates?

i disagre i thinc that their wil b moar mapz and new

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Topic: Transformice / HitlerCashew continued

Originally posted by Leftyman23:

ohh shiiii-

Was that directed at me? =(

No need for insults.