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Topic: General Gaming / Pingy the Ping Idle RPG - Hints 'n Tips

i just refreshed my game page, and yea your right, im getting 43….daaaaaam

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Topic: General Gaming / Pingy the Ping Idle RPG - Hints 'n Tips

its just a bug, i wouldn’t worry about it too much.

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Topic: General Gaming / Pingy the Ping Idle RPG - Hints 'n Tips

try buying somthing for your house..if not, you might want to contact the maker of the game.

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Topic: General Gaming / Pingy the Ping Idle RPG - Hints 'n Tips

ive been playing pingy for a day or so now, almost lvl 60 and i think ive got some good advice and tips on earning big combos for some things.

1. House – Every thing in the house gives you +1 xp per fast bar, and also increases how much money you get on level up. Get as much of this as soon as you can get it. it will really help you level and get money early on.

2.Hat Shop – Always buy hats as soon as you can. The first six you get will each reduce the fastbar time. Once you get the first six hats, your fastbar will fill up every 3.11 seconds. After the first six, each hat will only give you +1 money per fastbar.

3. Movies – Don’t bother buying this until your level 25, unless you wanna watch utube videos of pingys. Plus its kinda glitchy from what I can tell. Once at level 25 and you buy the mouse ear’s hat THEN buy this and you can get a key, which is used in the skool.

4. Bank – Buy this either first or after the fishing area+market. The trick is to deposit all of your money right after you click the collect interest. I have about 600,000 in there and making about 11,000 every 3-5 min. Now that’s some good money.

5. Fishing – There’s really not much to say about fishing, except that once your farming whales, buy goldfish bait. But be careful, if you log out or quit all the bait you bought will be gone, just like fish and burgers. Also do not sell your goldfish or snails unless you have to quit the game. You can save these and use them later to make more money.

6. Market – This one is a bit tricky. The higher level you are, the more your fish can sell for. You can find a complete list, based on what level you are here this is a really good tool and i use it all the time. Just imput your level and how many hats, and go over to the fishing tab and you can see how much each fish can sell up too, along with a median price.

7. Casino – Personally I wouldn’t bother with this one until you have allot of money. There’s no skill here everything just takes a ridiculous amount of time and of course money. However the easiest one to win money on is the “21” game. you can cash out on hands of 17-21 i believe and make a profit.

8. Whale Farm – Best thing to do here is buy all the pools, get the goldfish bait, fish out alot of goldfish, put them in the pools and wait till there done. Later in the game when you dont care about money so much you can use burgers to speed up the process, but only do that once you get the quest “Farmville 4” where you have to farm 1,000 whales.

9. Whack-A-Seal – This game can get really annoying really quickly. The best trick here is to constantly click your mouse (hope you can click fast) Then all you have to do is roll your mouse over the seal. The fist seal will give you 2xp, the second 4, 6,8 ect. If you can get good combos here you can get some good xp. also after you get 5 seals, you start getting 2$ for every seal. from what I’ve seen, that number doesn’t go up no matter how high your combo.

10. Catch a Snail – This is the best place to get massive amounts of snails to make lots and lots of burgers. However to complete the last snail combo quest, you need to get 50 in a row. Now this can be very hard, however there are a few tricks, and remember if at fist you don’t succeed, try try try try try again. The bucket has a weird “hit box” you can still catch a snail even if its JUST outside the brim of the bucket. Try it out for your self so you get a feel of where that box is. also the snail can be just under the bottom lip of the bucket and still get in. Use those tips to your advantage and practice with it. It might take you 500 tries to get a 50 combo, but at least you’ll be a winner!

11. Skool – For you to get good combo’s at skool you kinda need to be smart. However there’s two ways of being smart. One you can be a math genius like me, and do all these problems in your head in about 4 seconds. Or you can be smart like ANYONE can by getting a piece of paper, and making a table for your multiplications. Also take advantage of a few math short-cuts I’ve learned. You have a math problem of 14×9. Sounds hard, but its really not. take away the 4 in 14 for a moment and look at it now...10×9, well that’s easy! 90, ok now bring JUST that 4 back..4× you might need to look over at your times table you made earlier for this, but you’ll find is 36…now add them together 90+36 = 126…you just solved that problem easy. May take some practice to get it.

12. Burger Ping – Really not much to say except that it makes burgers at the cost of 5 snails. Sell the burgers for more then 30/35 if your trying to make money.

13. Target Range – Use the same tactic from the whack a seal here.

14. ??? haven’t gotten here yet

15. ??? haven’t gotten here yet

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Topic: General Gaming / Pingy the Ping Idle RPG - suggestions?

the only thing i can think of is to add more really expensive things for high lvl’s. mabie a pingy arena where you can fight it out with other pingys. also an equipment shop you have to buy a map for to get better equipment or attacks in said arena. mabie with a pokemon red/blue style interface or somthing would be cool. i know that i would be shouting out the commands, “pingy, i choose you! pingy use bubble beam!” lol.