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Topic: Kongregate / [New Feature] Introducing Kongpanions!

Originally posted by hellvin:

On another note, I believe we will have the Ant Kongpanion for the 2-years-Kongpanion-existence celebration. Given that the American Football Kongpanion is the 91st one, and adding the 13 unreleased Kongpanions from my screenshot above, we reach a total of 104 Kongpanions, which is equal to (2×52) weeks; thus 2 years.

As much as I’m praying that is the case, aren’t there several more that were created in the livestream events?

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Topic: Kongregate / [New Feature] Introducing Kongpanions!

Originally posted by Holy2334:

3/10 not a halloween kongpanion

Yeah, that’s odd. I coulda sworn they were waiting for Super Bowl or something, but atm there isn’t anything significant about football happening? I could have even seen releasing this one last month at the start of the season, but… Makes no sense to me. >.>

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Topic: Kongregate / i hit 2345 badges :)

My drive to collect them vanished at some point over a year ago.

However, your statement made me go check and realize: I just earned #2300 three days ago! Neat.


Topic: Kongregate / Removed--no naming and shaming

This post has been removed by an administrator or moderator
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Topic: Kongregate / Do you purchase Kreds?

I have about a hundred sitting on my account from free rewards, but I’ve never actually spent any. Honestly I haven’t found many games that make it worthwhile. I wouldn’t spend on any MMO or Idle game for sure, and the closest I’ve ever come was for Epic Battle Fantasy 4.

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Topic: Off-topic / Flash will stop working on Google by Christmas

Is this a troll account? The more I look at it, the more I’m unsure… lol

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Topic: Kongregate / [New Feature] Introducing Kongpanions!

Okay, scratch that. I think maybe the space between them was changed? All I can say is the layout is more compact, cause I can now see more Kongpanions at once, so I’ll edit accordingly. But it seems you are correct, the box sizes are the same. So was Pokey’s text always breaking the box? I feel like I would have commented on that… Hm.

Thanks for correcting me though ^^;

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Topic: Kongregate / [New Feature] Introducing Kongpanions!

I see the Kongpanion page has been updated! The new page has more compact boxes for the Kongpanions is more compact in general, so now you can fit 12 on a [standard] screen instead of the original 9-9.5. I suppose that confirms that there really isn’t an end in sight, huh.

On an unrelated note, today’s the day we welcome our 90th Kongpanion! >w>

Also, you should proly decrease the font size of the description by a point, or move the text a couple pixels up. Right now, Kongpanions with 2 lines of tags and 2 lines of description are actually going off the box a bit. Although this currently only applies to Carle and Pokey.

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Topic: Kongregate / Almost 25 million accounts on kong

Originally posted by hamuka:

Apparently, the amount of people registering to Kong has actually dropped in the past year, signified by the little bump near the 2015. 01. 01. line. Is that a sign of things to come, or…?

There are a couple other explanations. Spambots come to mind, which I’m certain make up a significant number of accounts. If there was a massive influx of them in 2013 and 2014, but then the codes generating them were taken care of in that time, that would cause a drop too.

Of course, it’s true that the more believable explanation is that, due to the lack of contests, lack of games, and lack of flash game interest, Kongregate attracts fewer people each year. I’d say there’s some combination at work.

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Topic: Kongregate / Petition to rename Kongregate to "Idlegate"

Axiss, while I’m glad you’ve educated yourself a little since the last time I told you off, you’re still very much wrong about most of what you said:

Originally posted by Axiss32:

Spam games should be considered “non-existant” because useless. But talking to other stuff, staticwolf is right.
It’s not good as 1 year ago, or even 2, where good games appeared a lot more than today. And the players are also affected by this new virus, “Idledeath”, which make players to not live at all without their Idle games. I know, Anti-Idle is an exception, but all the others are just “Click, upgrade DPS and quit”(Crusaders with some extra features, but the basics are the same) are pointless.

It’s now considered a virus to play a game repeatedly? Is this the same virus where I wake up, play an RPG, stop playing and go to work, then come home and play the same RPG again? Are constantly updating MMOs also part of this virus when they run daily events? And why don’t you throw in every stamina game in existence? Your metaphorical exaggeration is incredibly weak. Stop bashing other people’s opinions and games just because you don’t like them.

I’ve seen in the Most Played Games, one time there were more FPS, TD or other good multiplayer games. From what I’ve seen, Crusaders of the Lost Idols is somewhat the most played game on Kongregate(which I don’t understand HOW), and then 50% of Top 17 Played games are also Idle games.

This is so simple, I don’t see HOW you don’t get it. Idle games are meant to be played in repetition. Meaning every player who plays will visit it many times over. Every player who opens the game 100 times adds 100 plays to the count. By definition, Idle games get more plays than any other game on the site. Why would I want to play a “classic” 100 times? Especially one which I’ve already played once and will never change, more than a game I constantly have to revisit and get offline bonuses from? You really should stop using Most Played Games in your argument – being opened a lot has nothing to do with how good a game is.

but those new Idle games, from what I know, are just stupid remakes of older Idle games, like Cookie Clicker or Clicker Heroes, the 2 Idle games which started this Idlemania, but I enjoyed them because new genre(unlike the new ones, they’re all the same and don’t even give motivation to stay active for rewards).

I’ll give you Cookie Clickers, given that it was released in 2013, but Clicker Heroes was NOT one of the starter games. Adventure Capitalist was out for a couple months before Clicker Heroes, but both were mid 2014 releases. The only reason CH gets clones is because it’s considered to be “done right.” But regardless, you cannot boil an entire genre down to two games that you don’t/no longer like.

I’m tired of these same tired arguments that people just spit out over and over in these threads. So I address this to everyone who has that mindset. Instead of complaining about something, think critically about it for five seconds:

Why do developers keep making Idle games over other games? The same reason Kongregate is over-saturated with sequels instead of original games: people PLAY THEM. Why do you think Cube Escape now has SIX 30 minute episodes that all got badged? These could have easily been one longer game, but you can get 6x the plays if you split it! People give Idle games hundreds of thousands of plays, which turns a profit for both Kongregate and the developer. They are the “easy-to-make safe choice” for any developer wanting a profit. This is why Crusaders is so much better than other ones – at least Crusaders brought interesting mechanics and appealing aspects to their game, instead of just slapping a skin on some numbers.

Idle games are dumb, all you do is click and wait! First of all: your opinion is not a universal truth. There are probably a ton of console games you like/dislike that other people don’t/do, that applies to everyone. Why is the Idle game genre any different? I HATE Tower Defense games. They bore me to just sit and watch enemies travel from point A to point B while my upgradable towers slowly chip away at them. And if I screw up, the entire progress is lost. I despise the very core of TD games, much like you with Idle games. But Gemcraft is apparently considered a godlike masterpiece on here. Do you see me going around hating on it, calling people stupid because they like a game I don’t?

Tower Defense is different! There’s at least a way to win! Tower Defense is not different. It appeared, got popular, the programming became simple and streamlined, and soon every other badged game was a Tower Defense game. That’s the sole reason the Strategy category has the second largest pool of badges. As far as a “way to win,” there’s also a way to lose. And with a clearly defined goal, you have to devote time and effort to it, which a lot of people don’t have. Which leads me to…

Why do people play Idle games so much? They aren’t even playing! This has been talked about so much, every time I see this thread I just want to scream. People LIKE Idle games, by NATURE. It’s a simple sense of progression with minimal effort. Idle games are basically the psychological aspects of app games without the substance and goals. You’re given a pretend goal – get stronger/better/wealthier, but there really is no limit at the end. There are usually achievements to give the same effect. But more importantly, it’s something you can achieve offline. This is important because at the end of an adult’s normal daily life, after college or work or whatever, you can sit back and enjoy the rewards for five minutes, before signing off and not worrying. In a world where games are promising 80 hours of gameplay, adults don’t have the time to actually commit to a game. My gf gets up at 6am, works from 8-5, and goes to bed at 10pm. That gives her five hours to spare every day, most of which is taken up by other errands or chores. This is typical for an adult. If you can’t see why app games and idle games that DON’T require commitment appeal to us, that’s on you. But again, stop policing our opinion just because you disagree.

But Kong is being RUINED by these idle games! I must destroy them by whining incessantly! I could link at least ten threads identical to this one in a matter of minutes. I could link 50 if you gave me some time. Constantly complaining and saying the same thing isn’t changing anything – No. One. Cares. Not Kong, not the devs, and not idle game players. Just stop. If you want to be “above” the idle games, go play on Steam, where all the originality has gone. You aren’t going to find it here, because developers aren’t looking to risk time and effort for a free game. Developers with original ideas go to Steam and Patreon, NOT Kongregate. So if you think the place is being ruined, leave. Kongregate is not the same place as it was 7 years ago, 5 years ago, or 3 years ago. You constantly preaching about the “good ol days” isn’t going to bring them back.

There has to be SOMETHING I can do! I’m not alone thinking Idle games suck! Yeah, fair point. But your unified opinion means nothing to Kong and Devs. Both of them offer you something completely free. They don’t care if you leave or don’t play their games. I’ve seen idle games created in a week that got enough plays to consider them a profit. Your group is the minority. And if you leave, you weren’t factoring into their profit anyway. Sad to say, but there really isn’t anything you can do. You aren’t going to change the cutthroat nature of the internet, so Devs aren’t going to make good original games for free anymore. Similarly, you’re not going to stop people from liking what they like. You’re complaining about a trend so much larger than just “Kongregate Idle Games,” and if you don’t see that, you are too close-minded to be given the right to complain.

You’re stupid Lloyd, I’m going to leave a single line saying “you’re wrong” and be done with it I’m sure I can predict all the responses already, and the names of the users they’ll come from. To be honest, this was more venting than anything else, but I know I’m not wrong. I’ve said my piece, if you actually read it congrats, if not I don’t care. I don’t really want to respond, but I certainly hope I’ve given someone something to think about, and maybe cut back on a few of these threads.

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Topic: Kongregate / Platform Racing badges are retired

Originally posted by 74357:

Stupid devs, how dare they shut down their game which costs money to run before I get my badges.

Well that was unnecessary. >.> I’m not asking anything major of devs, nor insulting them. I don’t mind that they shut it down, and I’m not demanding they leave it open at a loss. I’m simply saying that at some point, the decision was made to close it, right? I highly doubt these decisions are made and immediately executed. Also, at some point Kongregate has to be notified / takes notice of an unsupported game. In the time between, it’d be nice to give players a last chance to reap the benefits. Plus, I’m sure it’d gain a last bit of revenue from the influx of badge hunters if Kong sent out the message to them.

It was just a thought. It could be an opt-in message system: anytime notice is given about a badged game going down, Kongregate could send an automated Kong PM to anyone who has asked to be notified. Simple enough, and it’d proly please a ton of badge hunters, as well as mitigate people upset about missing their chance.

EDIT: It should be noted that I’m simply mirroring what F2P MMOs do whenever they close servers. Usually there is a month or so of final events that break the game for the player’s benefit. There are also sales of premium stuff in order to make a last-minute profit. This would be something similar to that.

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Topic: Kongregate / Platform Racing badges are retired

Out of curiosity, is it possible to have like, advanced notice when a game goes down? I’m not sure if I got those badges or not, so I think it’d be nice to gat a notice that says “Hey Badge Hunters, in a week this game will be taken down, so if you want those badges, get them now!”

Of course, this would involve both Kong and the devs giving notice, which may be impossible or flat-out ignored in some cases. Just a thought. I’ll put it in the Suggestions thread if it hasn’t been suggested before.

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Topic: Kongregate / Petition to rename Kongregate to "Idlegate"

Oh, look, this thread again. I’m always surprised by how many 2008/2009 accounts appear to make this time and time again.

Long story short, no. Popularity and plays > your minority opinion.

As for the Exclude Category option, having one would be cool, but it’s easily compensated. Idle games rarely permeate other categories, except for “Upgrades” and “Mouse-Only.” So you can either just search games outside of the Idle tag and avoid the few that pop up, or if you’re playing a non-Idle game, check the “You might also like” section on those games. That’ll keep you in the same non-Idle genre.

[Also, I may be missing something, but if you go by the tag lists, there’s less than 1500 Idle games on this site. 1,500/100,000? 80% isn’t even an exaggeration at the point, it’s just wrong. Granted that the vast majority of ALL games are crappy, as Bluji mentioned, but that goes for Idles too. Just pointing that out.]

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Topic: Kongregate / Need a new tag for violent games

I’m actually inclined to agree with OP – For certain reasons, someone I know has to avoid violent and bloody games. They eventually left the site at level 39 a few years back because of how the zombie trend was permeating every single game. I can see the reason to not want to play these games, and I agree that many games are unnecessarily violent (I’ll look for examples if you want, I know hamuka asked).

However, taking note from the tag discussion thread: If you start to tag a game based on it’s “age appropriateness” (all ages, PG-13, R) or by what problematic content is in it, you default to a system that requires these tags for EVERY GAME. And that would just be cluttered and crazy, and ultimately unnecessary for the majority of users.

Additionally, tags are supposed to be neutral categories, like “strategy” and “zombie.” They denote types of games, and not necessarily the content within them. However, “violent” games and “blood” games are inherently negative terms, and I don’t think devs want to label their games with phrases that drive people away. In the case of “violent,” that also brings up quite the social debate that has no place here or anywhere else, IMHO.

I don’t think it’s necessary. This issue comes up fairly rarely and doesn’t affect many people. I’ve argued that we need better standards for hosted games in general, but violence is the smallest issue there. If this is a serious concern for you, there are plenty of game sites that do filter the more graphic games (serious game sites, no need to be rude guys >.>) that you could go to instead.

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Topic: Kongregate / KONGHACK: make alts to get more chances of winning the ness amiibo

Originally posted by Bluji:

You know, the admins know if you have alts. They would stop you short in your tracks if you tried to cheat in a sweepstakes by using a mass of alts.

Originally posted by TurkeyPie:

Recent studies show that entering with multiple accounts decreases your chances of winning by 100 per cent.

Out of curiosity, how would they know? Like sure, some situations are just obvious, like if a dozen accounts with the same IP address all complete the challenges in a matter of minutes from each other… But I’m living with my girlfriend, and we both only ever access Kongregate from one IP Address. I imagine this is the same for others in similar situations (siblings are always brought up). I’d like to think we’re not killing our chances if both accounts enter, but from a pure data point of view, we technically look like alts. Even number of badges and activity time proves nothing, because even true alts can share both. So how would they know we aren’t cheating, and conversely that others are?

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Topic: Kongregate / [Script] Increase the level cap

I think this is pretty cool, but…

Originally posted by DigisForumPosts:

Well using the most recent extended leaderborad
Only 3214 gave reached level 65
857 accounts have reached level 70
42 have reached level 80
14 have reached level 90
and only 2 at level 100

This is the only reason why I don’t think it’s necessarily a good idea. Usually Kong has an average active userbase of 60,000 people at any time, right? If every level 65 was online for that number, that’d only make up 6% of the total online userbase, which is a “potential maximum;” that percentage would drop even lower if you account for any amount of offline users afterward.

I’m also not fond of a level cap that is unreachable through normal means. I like to see a goal and reach it, that’s what drove me to reach 65. I see people saying that an increase would push people past 65 similarly, but… between level 70 and level 80 there is nearly a 25,000 point gap (from 46210 to 71835). That’s half of my current points just to bridge the first 10-level gap, and it took me years to get here. And then from 80, even doubling it wouldn’t get me to 100! It’s just impractical at that point. Unless you abuse ratings and referrals, you aren’t even able to reach the highest levels… and haven’t we agreed those actually do more harm than good here? That they detract from levels being an accurate reflection of anything? I’m sure I can find threads to back me up.

But more importantly, you’ve proven to Kongregate that raising the level cap is completely unnecessary beyond pleasing the silent majority. Again, raising it would only affect a possible 6% (and a realistic percent far lower) of the Kongregate userbase. Why fix what isn’t broken for over 94% of users? Not only that, they certainly wouldn’t want to increase the cap to a point that it’s impossible to achieve. I could see them perhaps raising it 5 levels at a time, but up to 100 is just overkill, and I don’t see that happening any time soon.

Not that I’m saying the script is bad, I think it’s cool and pleasing to some. I just don’t think it’s worth the value this thread is giving it. It has nothing to do with money or anything else other than basic logic. I’d rather much different work be done on the system before even considering potential changes to levels.

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Topic: Kongregate / Petition to make 'Don't be on Kongregate during school' part of the rules

Originally posted by hamuka:

Literally who’s stupid enough to play games in class? I mean, I can understand recess breaks, I check Kong pretty often during that time, but really? Are classes that boring elsewhere?

Pretty boring for me. I joined Kong in 2009, during my tenth grade year, on a computer during my AP Psychology class. A friend was showing me Sonny at the time, said I should make an account and play games with him. Ended up spending most of the AP Computer Science and AP Calculus classes on here too. Aced every class, and scored fairly well on the AP tests.

Then due to unforeseen circumstances, I was unable to attend my college of choice, and instead attended a lesser college with a transfer program so I could switch the following year. So the 2010-2011 year, I had to take stupidly easy classes that I could teach myself faster than the professors taught others, but due to attendance policies I was stuck in a classroom anyway. I think I gained over 1000 badges that year pretty much just playing during class. Still was able to transfer with a 3.8 GPA.

To each their own. I’d only call someone stupid for this if they ended up failing and crying about it.

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Topic: Kongregate / This user is supposed to get a ban!

Eh, I was really only doing my job in that case… like the images that were posted/used were clearly over the line, so we were forced to impose a ruling that no one really liked. But that was for a forum much bigger than Kongregate, so the rules were quite a bit stricter. I wouldn’t go around policing avatars here, lol.

@Digi, that would be more judged if the conversation turned vulgar. Like, a fetish thread wouldn’t really be seen as appropriate anyway? But if there was just an anime thread and someone was like “oh, I like their feet in that image” and the conversation turned, we would have intervened and told them to keep it clean. But that would be a unique case, lol. And banned is a bit strong anyway; we had a infraction system (vBulletin, if you’ve ever used it) where every 5 points would be a temp ban and 20 would be perma. Posting explicit images directly would be a 5-point penalty (and instant-perma for direct porn), but just a semi-inappropriate image would get warned or 1-2 points, depending on repeat offenses.

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Topic: Kongregate / This user is supposed to get a ban!

I’m sure that it doesn’t matter, but just adding in the experience…

This line was brought up repeatedly due to loli and yaoi threads for the Korean MMO I moderated for. Naturally there is a clear line when it comes to nudity, but in the “barely clothed” grey area, how do you decide what’s appropriate and what isn’t? And how do you define a sexually explicit image where sex isn’t explicitly present?

The decision I came to and convinced our CO to implement was about the implication and intent of the image. So those Kongai cards above, the user in question, and many, many Kongregate games… none of those are intended to be explicit. They are meant to have sex appeal, sure, but that’s in virtually every game, so it’s not “inappropriate” per se. However, things that crossed the new rule-line were images with explicit sexual intentions, usually conveyed with certain objects (coated bananas, dripping ice cream, whips) or certain scenarios (an extreme amount of sweat and blushing, two characters under sheets, certain facial expressions). There was still a grey area, but it was much more narrow and made the line easier to draw.

The bigger issue then came up of cropped images that break these rules, which happens quite frequently in avatars… Seriously, it was rather annoying the amount of avatars I traced to incredibly explicit NSFW Pixiv art or doujins. The same rules applied though: if it could be sourced back and was a clearly explicit source, it wasn’t allowed. But I suppose that’s less important here.

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Topic: Kongregate / [New Feature] Introducing Kongpanions!

Eh, forced pun not as good as intelligent ones. Not even a joke in the description. And because of the shape and the lack of the Kongpanion eyes, I can’t even imagine this as a Kongpanion – it’s just a chair with a lame joke plastered on it. Not a fan >.>;;;

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Topic: Kongregate / Welcome the newest community admin, QueenTakesRook!

Originally posted by occooa:

Lol why does the OP refer to her as ‘them’ but all the replies assume she’s female (which she is)
also asexual
very interesting stuff
google search
not very hide

Pretty sure you answered your own question. Pretty sure it’s rather rude, too. Just sayin.

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Topic: Kongregate / Who else...

Originally posted by redacer:
Who else has been here over 5 years?


Is there any thing you want to share about your time on Kong?


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Topic: Legend Knight / Legend Knight rating event

I believe when I loaded up the game yesterday, it was around a 3.8. I know it was over 3.6. In one day, it has dropped to 3.42, and just by looking at the comments and forum posts about it, it will continue to drop. Might even go below 3.

Here’s your feedback: This was seen by almost all players as a manipulation tactic. Those who were “unsure” were convinced it was bad by players they spoke to via chats, both Kongregate’s and your own Global Chat. You pretty much shot your rating in the foot by asking us to rate highly. I mean, two out of five rewards require a 5/5 rating, and the other three require either a 4/5 or a 5/5. Why would we rate it 4 or 5 if the game isn’t good enough to get them on it’s own?

Speaking of… There are so many flaws in this game it isn’t even funny. The music cuts out. There are typos everywhere. The gameplay runs on autopilot. Quests are found, accepted, and completed by talking to the same NPC repeatedly. At level 35, I have 36 unique buttons on my screen that bring up different menus, and I have no idea what half of them are. In fact, half of them are premium only! The “story” is incoherent due to bad writing, non-existent world-building, and NPCs that only say one line at a time. “Conversations” are two sentences long, usually on completely different topics. When I talk to an NPC, I have no idea if they are going to reward me or try to kill me. That’s how bad it is.

And yet, you still ask us to rate it 4 or 5?? You offer rewards? This whole thing just looks like you trying to compensate, trying to buy our high ratings for a terrible “game.” I would expect this game to be in beta at best. Nothing is complete! Why on Earth would I rate it highly if the experience is so bad? For in-game rewards??? I don’t want to PLAY your game, much less get rewards in it!

I may be stepping over the line, but this whole things feels manipulative. You run this rating event at the same time Kongregate runs a sweepstakes, so you KNOW you’re getting the views you need. You tried to get us to rate it up by spamming it across our screens every five minutes. Sorry, but we aren’t stupid. Everyone sees right through you. So a word of advice: If you want high ratings, and the rewards from Kongregate for having a highly-rated game, MAKE A GOOD GAME NEXT TIME. Make a game we’ll enjoy playing. Make it fun and easy to understand, with an intriguing story and unique gameplay elements, etc.etc. Don’t just recycle everything and put the bare minimum effort, then try to buy our votes. It’s not happening. Your attempt here has lowered your rating, not heightened it. I hope you learn something from that.

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Topic: Kongregate / [New Feature] Introducing Kongpanions!

I think the pages screw up when they hide posts from the spambots. Just a guess. On this thread I know there were a few spambot posts earlier on page 89 that showed “removed by an administrator or moderator” but now I can’t see them at all. In the same vein, while I could see them there was clearly a page 90, but now that they’re gone I have to manually adjust it. Could be wrong though.

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Topic: Kongregate / Legend Knight challenge

Originally posted by adv0catus:

It should be mentioned that the Legendary Sweepstakes for leveling up to 35 is completely separate from the rating incentive from the Legend Knight devs. While the sweepstakes is backed by Kongregate as a contest with IRL rewards, the rating incentives are totally third-party run, both in gathering the data and giving out in-game rewards. Although I agree that Kongregate shouldn’t have sponsored them in spite of this.

As for what Zshadow said, forgive me if I’m understanding wrong, but it sounds like they said Kongregate condoned the latter action. The way I see their words, it’s wrong to say “if you rate 5 we’ll give you free stuff,” so Shadowland Online was punished… but it’s okay to say “If we get to a certain point, everyone gets rewards” which is what’s happening here. That’s what they meant by “There’s a difference between…”

However, I don’t believe that myself. It’s fine to give out rewards if your game reaches certain rating milestones, but it should be on the game’s own merit. What Legend Knight is doing is like running a Kickstarter: You’re told what you get if you rate highly, and are thus incentivized to take action (“donate” votes, if you will). That’s not you rating a game high because the game is good, that’s you rating the game high because you want free rewards. Which is wrong. IMO, the rewards should be a “thank you for playing and thinking highly of us!” kind of thing. Unannounced surprise gifts, rather than through a system that is advertised every few minutes in the game. >.> The fact that you can get a LOT of premium currency by rating 5/5 makes this all the worse.

Of course, the real problem is the reason why this is even happening. I think the devs know they would get shit ratings without that incentive, so the act of manipulation to get people to lie is what really irks me here. I mean, why else start it at the same time as the sweepstakes: the sweepstakes prizes gain plays, and the rating incentive garners a high rating. Was a nice try, but pretty messed up. IMO, if your game sucks, own up to it and stop making shitty games, don’t get people to lie for your own benefit. Gah.