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Topic: Kongregate / Raid Brigade free Kreds

They aren’t referring to trialpay, they are referring to this:

@Extremekiller2, if you followed those instructions exactly, you should have the Kreds. Here’s what I did:

  1. Downloaded Raid Brigade. (go to on your mobile device and select Raid Brigade to make it faster)
  2. Open the game and download its automatic updates. Just wait until you get to the starting tutorial.
  3. In the upper right corner, there should be a Kongregate K. Click that.
  4. After the Kongregate page loads, you’ll be able to sign in to your Kongregate account by pressing “Sign In” at the top. Do that.
  5. Once you’re signed in, on the same Kongregate page, there will be a box that says “Get 30 FREE Kreds on” Click the red CLAIM NOW button
  6. Click the upper right X button to trigger the email sending. It will send to the email linked to your Kongregate account, and a receipt will be sent to your Kongregate Inbox. My receipt arrived instantly, and the coupon arrived 6 minutes after clicking the button. Make sure you check your email’s spam folders, as it might be filtered out of your inbox.
  7. Finally, redeem your coupon at the link I provided at the top of this post. You’ll be redirected to your Kongregate profile page with the message “Congratulations on receiving your 30 Free Kreds!” at the top. The Kreds will be redeemed instantly.

If you did all that, and still never got your Kreds, you should contact support again, but provide them with screenshots of all of the following: 1) Raid Brigade on your mobile device saying that you will be sent a code, 2) The Kongregate Receipt Message, 3) The email that contained the Code, and 4) The promotion page with the message “Sorry, you have already redeemed that code. Contact if you need help.” at the top.

If you send them all four screenshots, there should be no doubt that you have completed the free offer. The support team will then check your transaction history to make sure the 30 Kreds were not already redeemed, and if they were not, you should be reimbursed. Hope that helps!

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Topic: Kongregate / Should we make some "chibi" type kongpanions?

That’s like an amiibo-type system, and it’s not necessarily a bad idea.

The only issue I could think of would be that, as far as I know, there’s not really any obligation or contract between the devs and Kong. At any time, game devs could simply leave kong or worse, remove their games completely. Not that many would, but I mean… Mu Complex…

If a game-themed Kongpanion was created, would there have to be some licensing agreement between Kong and the devs? Would the devs still have rights to their character’s image being used? And what would happen if a dispute between the two caused a split? I don’t think Kong can adjust the Kongpanion system easily, else they would have allowed shinifying non-shinies in the past (I believe they said it wasn’t possible with the current system). So any game-themed Kongpanions would be have to be permanent Kong assets, I think.

All that aside, I think it’s a cool idea. Sorta like how Xbox games had achievements in general, but then Awards for extra bling. Not only could they be worked into the standard system or tied to single games, I imagine there could be quests of sorts. “Get 10 badges from any Papa’s game” or “Get two badges from each Epic Battle Fantasy on Kong” or something. If nothing else, it’d be a dedicated reason to get Kongpanions, as FC mentioned.

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Topic: Kongregate / Kongregate supports child pornography????

I want you to tell me what you expect Kongregate to do, and this is likely what the community and the incompetent admins also want to hear.

I understand. And the admins will hear it from me. I too have spoken up for over a year about the incompetence in running this place. Believe me, I fully intend to get my point to them.

But LouWeed called me an argument addict because every time I voice my ideas and opinions, someone decides to play puppet-admin and shoot them down. Then I get dragged through the tangential flame war until I look like a raving madman. I’m tired of that. And this is an opportunity for me to make the best case I possibly can, with an issue the admins can’t simply ignore. I won’t risk that chance just because someone decides they know better than me and the admins alike.

At the risk of derailing yet again… There was also a time I decided to take on a personal project, 100% my own, and I was going to dedicate a lot of time to it. I didn’t want help or validation or anything like that. All I wanted to do was correct an issue that I personally felt would help Kongregate and the community. And the response I got when I spoke up about it?

I know that the system is just as flawed as you say it is, but you should not care so much about it. It’s a waste of time. You better use the time you have by investing it in yourself, instead of in some gaming website you will never be able to fully control.

All I wanted to do was help, and I when I revealed the half finished project, I was told it was a waste of time, that I shouldn’t care, and that no one else cared. Despite knowing the system was flawed and needed help, not only was no one even trying to fix it, I was told I shouldn’t try either. I can’t really describe how that felt, but I abandoned the project immediately. And I refuse to let that happen here.

So yes. I apologize, but I can’t talk to anyone but those with the power to make the change. This isn’t the first CP attack, as StOtS and others have mentioned. Yet I haven’t seen any change come from past ones. So I’d like to take a shot at it, in my own way. I intend to let this thread be for discussion until Monday when I go to the admins directly, when I know they’ll be around.

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Topic: Kongregate / Kongregate supports child pornography????

Originally posted by LouWeed:

why are you guys feeding the argument addict

thread started good, but got boring 3/5

Originally posted by StOtS:

suggestion: remove everyone’s ability to post in the forums

Perfect examples of why nothing ever gets done around here. When people like you two belittle any effort to change things for the better, 1) people stop attempting and 2) the admins stop caring. And isn’t that what I said I didn’t understand? Congratulations, you’re a very large part of the problem. And the main reason I can’t be public about my actual proposals.

If you have nothing more constructive to add, stay out of my way. I can guarantee I won’t be arguing with you because, and I know this’ll be a huge shock to you, I actually DON’T need your validation to make a good point.

EDIT: “Argument addict?” Really? I mentioned two REAL argument addicts who both have over 10k posts due to them turning EVERY thread into an argument, and you throw that at ME? Please.

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Topic: Kongregate / Kongregate supports child pornography????

Originally posted by DarkRainyKnight:

…what exactly do you want them to do here?

So of course, that was going to be asked eventually. But I’d rather not have my thoughts picked apart by people who dislike me already. By people who reply with “ok lol” when I’ve asked a question they can’t answer. That would lead to a circular conversation and a one-sided fight that just irritates everyone involved. So while I have an answer constructed, I’m not saying it here.

Ideally I was hoping an admin would have replied by now, but seeing as that is unlikely… I’ll take this straight to them when the thread is finished. For now, the only thing I am attempting to gain is a unified mindset that this issue is not a minor one. If you’ll agree that my points aren’t wrong, or at the very least, that the admins aren’t putting any effort to creating a TRUE solution, then I can approach them with possible fixes. I already plan to do so, but it’d be a much stronger case if others agree that there’s an issue to be fixed.

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Topic: Kongregate / Kongregate supports child pornography????

I agree with everything you said. I know that under these systems, there is no solution. And obviously the admins can’t leave it up – doing so makes the site a liability and they risk a lot more than some outraged parents. I’ve said all that already.

However… Why is everyone “okay” with that? Why was this thread made in jest of that fact? What is with the complacency toward one of the worst internet forum offenses you could possibly make???

Especially, especially since that same punishment is used on far lesser offenders? Like, if I was on permaban status, for whatever minor reason; maybe I insulted an admin too much, or got too deep in a fight, who cares… If I was permabanned for something small and I saw someone laughing their butt off while spamming child porn and getting away with it without consequence, I’d be furious! My tiny offense put me on the same level as them. They break IRL laws and get to laugh about it! While the Kong admins do… NOTHING! Nothing more than they do towards me: They remove my posts and the CP pictures. They ban both our accounts when they see them and move on. Hell, from the CP spammer’s perspective, I’m taking being permabanned the wrong way! I can keep trying to play nice and hope I don’t lose another account… Or I can just go all out and piss everyone off, free of charge. Which sounds more appealing to someone who is already at the bottom?

This is where I wanted this conversation to go. Why is this messed up, garbage system getting defended at all?? Why was this one of Mafefe’s threads – this is about as serious as issues get! This system has but one result: More users like Amane. And even if everyone thinks themselves above Amane’s level, and even if no one ever gets permabanned ever again… Amane still exists. This isn’t going to stop. And the admins won’t do anything about it. The frikkin ADMINS are using the “report/mute/ignore” method!!!! Are you serious?! They’re just hiding from the trolls and hoping they’ll stop! They are running from a problem that, using words straight from tricky, “rivals ‘the entire site is broken’ in terms of seriousness.” The only people with the power to fix this are running instead of actually figuring out a fix. It’s absolutely unbelievable.

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Topic: Kongregate / Kongregate supports child pornography????

Originally posted by Starsets:

Why are you so salty about OT getting special treatment when you don’t even visit there. Doesn’t even effect you.

I’m glad you admit that it gets special treatment, but

Originally posted by Lloyd_Majere:
I’m not going to continue arguing about my opinion about OT. I can’t convince the privileged of their privilege, no matter how clear it is. So let’s get back to the matter at hand:

I mentioned OT as a side comment about where blame lies, and I had intended it to tie in to my greater point about rule enforcement in general. I’ve said enough about that for now.
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Topic: Kongregate / Kongregate supports child pornography????

To even compare posting CP to the rest of the threads you listed is like saying first degree murder is the same as vandalism.

I did not do that. I listed those threads to say “OT follows a different set of rules” in response to StOtS’s comments about that. That particular part had nothing to do with the CP posting.

What I DID say was “being banned for a little over-the-top trolling and being banned for spamming child pornography are treated identically by the admins.” By your own comparison, you are agreeing with me. Why is CP (comparatively murder) being handled the same way as some slight trolling (comparatively vandalism)? You did mean that as a hyperbole, right? So we’re on the same page that there’s a big difference – don’t you agree the punishment should fit the crime?

For the forums, the mods and admins are really important to have since they are the only ones that can make the posts and clutter go away.

This says a lot more than you think it does about how you view the duties of the moderators and admins. You basically called them janitors who clean up clutter, and not rule enforcers who keep the peace. I would have said “For the forums, the mods and admins are really important to uphold the rules,” which you failed to mention. Whether or not you meant that, your phrasing subliminally implies it.
EDIT: To put your words to an example: Room Mods are worthless to you, because any user can use the mute button to “make the posts and clutter go away.” See how you ignored the rest of the utility a Room Mod provides?

OT still has line though, don’t be fooled by that.

That’s my point – There is no “still has a line”. Literally there’s not. OT’s line is the same as every other location’s line: the behavior guidelines tricky links to in the OT Guidelines sticky. PERIOD. There should be no difference in OT just for OT’s sake. OT shouldn’t get special permission to ignore the rules. That’s not how rules work. But again, I’m not going to continue arguing about my opinion about OT. I can’t convince the privileged of their privilege, no matter how clear it is. So let’s get back to the matter at hand:

Someone please tell me why child porn spam gets treated the same as common trolling in terms of punishment. Someone defend that for me. If I need to give examples I will. If it’s indefensible, then we can go from there.

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Topic: Kongregate / Kongregate supports child pornography????

Originally posted by StOtS:

The only point you’ve made is that you don’t understand OT.

Answer my questions in the last two paragraphs, or you haven’t made one at all.

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Topic: Kongregate / Kongregate supports child pornography????

StOtS, apparently you don’t know me that well if you think I’d flag your post. I have never used the flag function in one of my debates. I don’t kiss up to the mods either. You also think that just because I don’t visit OT means I don’t know who Amane is, or what kinds of threads go on there… Sorry to burst that bubble, but I’m fairly well-versed about OT, and I’m not affected by your “stop being a white knight PoS” rant.

First, I want to make something CRYSTAL clear. In TWO places, Kongregate says “OT posts must adhere to the same behavior guidelines as everywhere else.” Yes, THOSE behavior guidelines are the SAME “rules” you claim OT has. So, lemme just glance at OT for just a brief second. I’m pretty sure the first page will suffice..

Oh, wow, the first thread to catch my eye, “Tom Cruise Is An Ugly Bitch [Harassment Thread]” is a discussion thread made by… YOU! Imagine that. That breaks how many rules, right off the bat? But I’m sure it won’t be moderated at all. It’s been up for an hour as is. Although I’m fairly certain you made that for me respond to, so let me see what else I can find.

“worst game of the year every year” thread has another typical Mikkmar and Gabidou fight. Most people in OT consider that “derailing spam” but I hardly (if ever) see it moderated. If it were policed, poor Gabi would have lost his account by now. (Please don’t come here, I apologize for using you as an example.)

“Fuck the world and all her inhabitants!” Ah, yes. Classy thread. Didn’t know you could say Fuck and Cunt repeatedly in a PG-13 cursing environment. Didn’t you say “excessive language is removed” ??? But that’s been up for five hours now! Clearly it’s a-ok.

“I sexually Identify as an Attack Helicopter " is clearly just a copy/pasta spam thread. I’d say more but that’s literally all it is.

I also noticed that briefly, the title of a sticky thread was changed to “stots is a fat bitch masterthread”. Glad to know that behavior is totally normal and expected too.

Alright, I think I’ve made my point. Now back to you. I said people wouldn’t agree with me and I’m not saying you should. But I am saying that “OT has rules and they are enforced” is NOT an accurate claim. Because OT’s “rules” are NOT the rules it claims to follow. OT has been given the freedom to ignore Kongregate’s established rules. Every one of those behavior guidelines is allowed to be broken in OT, because all its users and mods think it’s acceptable. You make up your own rules, which result in 0 bans, a few removed posts, and pure anarchy that drives everyone who isn’t a regular away. “Most people don’t understand OT or its users?” Don’t make me laugh, you all aren’t special snowflakes!! This is Kongregate. Kongregate has rules. You are all random internet users who agreed to abide by those rules. Get over yourselves, or find someplace else to be special. (Or not, because you can freely get away with it here.)

But no, I don’t blame you. And I agree that stricter enforcement would cause you all to riot, because you’re all so short-sighted and freedom-loving you don’t see how that’s a solution to the problems you cause. I blame those who spoiled you, who gave you that freedom, and who don’t have the balls to take it away when things went [and go] too far.

Here’s the question you should really answer: Everyone who has an account has agreed to abide by Kongregate’s rules. Period. If one day, those rules started being enforced, is it really appropriate to riot? You already agreed to them! And then you just got to enjoy your period of time when they weren’t enforced. The fact that you think it’s acceptable to rebel against Kongregate admins doing their job, the same job you accepted them doing, says a hell of a lot about OTers (especially Amane) in general.

Lastly, I’m going to be stubborn about this issue, but this isn’t the time for Lloyd’s opinions of OT. My posts were more about how Kongregate handles rule breaking in general. About how being banned for a little over-the-top trolling and being banned for spamming child pornography (literally illegal in every state!!!) are treated identically by the admins. If you think that’s fair, you’re on Amane’s side. That’s part of why he’s doing it. However, if you think something should be done about that… congrats! You agree with me that Kongregate’s admins are in the wrong here. That’s all I’m trying to get across.

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Topic: Kongregate / Kongregate supports child pornography????

Originally posted by Azgodeth:

you arnt out there stopping terrorism, so that must mean you support it

False equivalence: Terrorism isn’t happening to your knowledge, under your jurisdiction and authority, where you are the only one with the ability to stop it. If that were the case, and you let it happen anyway, then yes you’d be supporting it as an accessory to a crime.

And while Kongregate isn’t “letting it happen” per se, they aren’t taking it any more or less seriously than any other infraction. At least not through their actions. By law, they are required to say

In truth, child pornography rivals “the entire site is broken” in terms of seriousness for us. We’re finding and removing any posts like that as quickly as we can, and the posting account is always permanently banned. If people find inappropriate posts of that nature, please flag them and we’ll be there asap.

Because should this site be found guilty of child porn trafficking, the entire site gets shut down immediately, no questions asked. So of course they’re going to be strict on it, but the reality is there won’t be any changes made to prevent this from happening again, and no real punishment given to the offenders. So can you really say they are taking it seriously?

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Topic: Kongregate / Kongregate supports child pornography????

Normally I’m all on board with the “Kongregate’s ban system / rule enforcement is garbage” stuff, and don’t get me wrong: I totally think it’s completely broken.

But these complaints, while insanely serious and needs to be locked down ASAP, are the same as the threads that say “[user] is spamming, make them stop!” Literally, if you turn this thread to a constructive one, you’ll just go along the same path:

  1. Banning the user(s) spamming the porn won’t stop them.
  2. Adding in account verification won’t stop them.
  3. IP banning them won’t stop them.
  4. The moderators don’t have authority or ability to stop them, so additional mods can’t stop them.
  5. The only true solutions would involve an entire recoding of the forum software, which Kongregate won’t do.
  6. Thus, there is no solution.
  7. Thus, flag, report, mute/ignore, and move on.

Why does that argument not work here? I mean, that’s basically what EVERY rule violation boils down to, no? That’s how every talk about Kongregate’s moderation goes, no? I don’t see what pushing the blame here on Kongregate’s admins would truly accomplish.

If anything? I’d put the blame on letting the forum users in Off-Topic run so rampant. That’s an unpopular opinion, and I don’t expect people to agree. But OT is the forum with the most traffic and the least rule enforcing. This is just a case of a community given an inch and someone taking a mile. The lax rule enforcement turns into greater rule breaking, the lack of ban enforcement turns into a consequence-free environment. The freedom OTers take for granted has allowed this, and nothing else is to blame.

That being said…. Because these offenses take place in the same location, situation, and context… yeah. I’d say someone spamming child pornography is on par with the spambots, or with another user constantly cursing, etc. It’ll all be handled the same way, and nothing anyone says will change that. So shockingly, I agree with this thread’s title: If Kongregate doesn’t enforce their “PG-13 Rating,” and therefore endorses all the violence, language, sexual conduct, and everything else… then yeah. I’d say they endorse this action too.

TL;DR: Kongregate doesn’t “support child pornography,” but they are apathetic about it to the same level of common trolling found in OT. And there’s very little difference between the two.

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Topic: Kongregate / So how many have gotten all shinys now ?

Originally posted by BlancoDiablo:
Originally posted by Lloyd_Majere:

2100 * .7 = 1470, or a drop of 630.

Pretty close.

Don’t say that, I’d lose my bet! Well, there’s four more weeks for people to lose, hrgg! >w>

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Topic: Kongregate / Playing favorites

Have I said something that offends you? Have we even spoken before? Did I ask for your opinion of me, someone you can’t possibly know? Or are you two bored and trying to incite me? Meh.

Let me give a better, final answer. If you’re asking me “are there corrupt mods” naturally I’m not naive enough to say no. But one, that wasn’t the question I answered and two, you weren’t the one to ask it. My response was constructed from my experiences and beliefs (yes, beliefs, arguing semantics instead of intent is childish and annoying) and directed toward KaisarDragon. It would have absolutely been different if I were directing it at you two. But, as the conversation was between myself and OP, I stick to my original phrasing and implications, for reasons my own. And I don’t believe either of us asked for you two’s input on my words.

I wasn’t aware there was condescension that surpassed mine on these forums, but I could barely get through your post. Sorry, but I’d rather not entertain this any longer. I’m tired of having to defend myself in every thread as is. Dragging it out would be a waste of my time, especially here. Perhaps another place and time, and with a bit less haughty arrogance.

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Topic: Kongregate / Found outside the office: Walter?

Originally posted by BrainpanSonata:

And how long has rollerCROWster been stalking you guys?

Apparently this one of his spies got caught. Was the weak link, I guess.

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Topic: Kongregate / Playing favorites

Originally posted by 8477:
Originally posted by Lloyd_Majere:

Mods and admins don’t play favorites.

Do you genuinely believe that or do you want to be a mod?

I don’t say anything I don’t stand by. And I have absolutely no desire to be a mod. Been there, done that, never again.

Your case being special, I’ll amend my statement. Mods and admins don’t play favorites, but some play least favorites to those deserving. And those deserving always speak up about it. >.>;

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Topic: Kongregate / [New Feature] Introducing Kongpanions!

Originally posted by wepole:

so there is only one game that currently makes use of kongpanions?

Every once in a while I love to run the stats on this:

  • Currently 14 games in the Kongpanions Tag list.
  • Of those 14, 2 are just libraries and 2 are image editors.
  • Of the remaining 10, 1 is broken (and stolen) and 3 are idle games.
  • Of the remaining 6, Save the Kongpanions, Llamas in Distress, and #VoteStabby only use random Kongpanion image data, and the Kongpanions themselves have no impact on the game (meaning, they could be replaced with any other image and still function the same).
  • The last three, Sandbox Hero, Curl Up and Fly, and The Last Dinosaurs all use Kongpanions as randomized/looped stat boosts; however the boosts are small and generic, and hardly impact the games overall.

There are also 10 other games that have been tagged with ‘Kongpanions,’ but I’d have to hunt them down. I know Anti-Idle: The Game is one, but even in that, they are used as generic stats and are invisible in the game.

Long story short: No, there’s no game that makes REAL use of Kongpanions. There’s a few that use them as randomizers, but none of them have Kongpanions that are truly part of the game.

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Topic: Kongregate / Playing favorites

Mods and admins don’t play favorites. Room mods might let some trolling or spam slide, depending on the natural state of the room, but that isn’t playing favorites, just keeping the peace. The rules are pretty flexible (not necessarily a good thing, but w/e), but I mean… if a room is pretty active and has a long history, no one wants an iron-fisted mod coming in silencing them all.

I have no clue how to read your post though. Your first paragraph: Are you saying people who spam youtube channels should NOT be silenced? Cause spam is against the rules, and if it’s flooding the chat it should be dealt with. Or are you saying that one person is getting away with it? You can always report a single person, or ask the room mod why they’re not being stopped. Chances are, what you consider spam is not disruptive enough to be punishable, if that’s the case. (If there is no room mod, then of course nothing is being done, so I’m assuming there is in your case.)

Your second paragraph… What? What does that have to do with moderation targets or playing favorites? That seems like it belongs in a different thread.

Your last comment: I’m not sure the specific process of getting a room mod, but if enough reports come in from a specific room every day, eventually the admins will look into it. If it’s really bad, they will generally pick someone from the room’s regulars who is in good standing to be the room mod. That’s all I got though.

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Topic: Kongregate / Is Tag Searching just completely broken?

So, every once in a while we get the thread about wanting a Tag Filter Search. That’s clearly a big problem and desired system, but I think I just noticed a bigger problem.

If you go to any game and click “Add Tags” you’ll see a list of upvoted tags for that game. Next to each tag, you will see a link for “### games,” presumably the number of games in that tag. (Alternatively, go to Browse All Games and type a tag in the tag search box. You’ll see the same number there.)

However, if you click that link, you may realize that Tag Search doesn’t even show you the proper number of games. For example, I used Anti-Idle: The Game for my list:

Kongpanions (24 games) || Tag search lists 14
Fishing (89 games) || Tag search lists 123 || Browse search lists 21*
CCG (106 games) || Tag search lists 54
Pet (276 games) || Tag search lists 54
Stick (574 games) || Tag search lists 303
Minigames (765) || Tag search lists 134

*Tag search included the Fish tag, for some reason. Browse search on Fish (384 games) seems to show the same 123, but I guess all Fishing games would be tagged with Fish too. Either way though, the numbers are still way off. However, why there are two different search functions programmed in is beyond me.

At first I thought maybe it was filtering the list, maybe of low-rated games or low-rated tags. But here’s the real kicker: Antiidle, a 4.2 rated game, doesn’t show up in ANY of those searches, Tagged Games or Browse Tag. And even if it was being filtered out, shouldn’t that be in MY control?

(Just for reference, I think a game only shows up in the search lists of the top 6 positive tags it has. Antiidle wasn’t in the minigames tag, which is #7 on the list, but the six above it all displayed the game. Meanwhile the lowest rated games only get a single vote on a tag and they’re displayed there. I can’t confirm this though.)

This is especially frustrating when sifting through the low-numbered tags, such as Kongpanions. I’m missing half the list of Kongpanion-API-using games, with absolutely no way of knowing which the other 10 are (well, one is Antiidle).

So, unless I’m missing something, the ENTIRE tag search system needs to be scrapped and redone. I should be able to view ALL games with a positive rating for a tag, and the filter it down myself based on rating or other tags, etc., and then sort them based on rating, publish date, #of plays, etc. I’ll add this to the suggestion thread unless someone shows me something I missed.

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Topic: Kongregate / Seriously

Firefox and Safari are free browsers you can download and install in 10 minutes. They both support Unity.

The badge is an easy badge that I just re-earned (completed the first two levels) in 8 minutes. I could see someone unfamiliar with the controls take 30 minutes at most, and that’s being lenient.

You can then uninstall Firefox/Safari in another 10 minutes at most.

That’s 50 minutes maximum. It’d take me 15-20. You have plenty of time and ability to get the badge.

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Topic: Kongregate / Do you think I'll get unbanned?

Originally posted by 8477:
you’re using an account created less than a week ago, yet you put your age as 74.

Account age =/= Maturity, also how is not putting a real age down a sign of immaturity?

His whole argument is based on how he “used to be a stupid kid but has since matured.” Putting down an age like that usually indicates that it’s a throwaway account, and the user is apathetic towards it. I was just pointing out that that behavior doesn’t indicate maturity. All it tells me is that user doesn’t care about the account and is just making up some sob story.

Case and point, your age is also set to 74 on all your accounts. How many have you thrown away? Would you consider your behavior “mature?” The admins don’t; how likely is it that your bans will stop? The difference is you don’t care, so the punishment is meaningless. OP cares, so all the more reason not to unban him.

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Topic: Kongregate / Do you think I'll get unbanned?

Originally posted by PythonD:

Long story short, I was a stupid kid and was posting stupid links I have matured and typed up a nice plea so hopefully I get unbanned

I wouldn’t unban you. There’s no such thing as “I have matured,” especially not on the internet.

First of all, you’re using an account created less than a week ago, yet you put your age as 74. Already not a compelling argument for the maturity thing. Also, “I was a stupid kid” implies that you were banned a long time ago. If that was the case, why make a new account just this week? I have a feeling you were banned pretty recently.

The fact that you made this thread is also fairly immature. What will you accomplish by making this? Are you hoping people will flock to your side in support for an account we know nothing about? For a ban that we don’t even know the offense? In fact, how can we take your word on anything, Mr. Week-Old Account? Appeals are meant to be private, any mature user would realize that.

However, your specific situation aside, a permaban is not a punishment for something you can apologize for. That’s what warnings and silences and temp bans are for. You “posted stupid links,” but if that was enough to get you permabanned they must have been fairly damaging. Spamming pornography or gore come to mind. And if that’s the case, in my opinion there’s no amount of apologizing you can do to absolve you of that damage. You made a choice, you should be forced to deal with the consequences.

I say suck it up. If you want your account back, it shows that there’s still some worth in banning childish trolls. Deal with the loss; it should be a lesson learned.

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Topic: Kongregate / [New Feature] Introducing Kongpanions!

Originally posted by FlyingCat:

Anyways, I still don’t like the idea of kAungbot, but this may be a solution for people who missed previous Kongpanions. Rather than rereleasing old Kongpanions, releasing recoloured Kongpanions may be another option for letting people get missed Kongpanions.

I agree. I don’t think it’s a good idea to palette swap in general. If this becomes a trend I don’t think many people would be happy about it.

That said I don’t think they intend to do that, and I think this is just the 100th gimmick. I’m glad that they put thought into it, like someone actually realized “hey, we reached 100 Kongpanions! let’s do something special.” So the next thing to hope for is someone saying “Hey, Kongpanions are a broken system, let’s do something about it!”

Bleh, optimism is so not my thing >w>

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Topic: Kongregate / So how many have gotten all shinys now ?

Originally posted by bobby71983:

I’d wager to guess that at least 70% of those that had it last year, still have them.

2100 * .7 = 1470, or a drop of 630.

I think that’s a fair guess. But if I personally was gambling on it, I’d say lower. Keep in mind that the number can ONLY go down, and missing a single day (well, three days, but you get the point) of the 52 weeks is all it takes to lose… plus the novelty will have worn off after the first year. For reference, the ratio of AllShinies to KongpanionOwners was like 2100:450000.

I’d think that from the first year cutoff to the second year cutoff would have a 40%-50% decrease, but that would be the only major drop. After that, all the non-hardcore collectors would be weeded out, and so you’d have at most a 10% drop every year. So with that in mind, I’d wager:

First year cutoff: 2100
Second year cutoff: 1050-1260 (assuming median, 1155)
Third year cutoff: 1039-1155 (assuming median, 1097)

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Topic: Kongregate / [New Feature] Introducing Kongpanions!

…I was half right? I mean I’m not complaining because it IS unique, but… At the same time it’s a palette swap of an existing Kongpanion, which is the opposite of unique?

Like, I feel like this should have been the REWARD for those who collected all 100, and the shiny version could go to those who collected all 100 shinys? That feels like a much better application of a copy version.

Also, it kinda feels wrong to say shiny for this one. “I got the shiny version of the shiny version of the original kongpanion” kinda thing. Though that may just be me being pedantic. It’s just that this feels like an “upgrade” to Kongbot, rather than a Kongpanion on its own.

In any case, not complaining too much. I don’t want to invalidate the effort of the admins. I’ll get it just like I got all the others :D