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Topic: Kongregate / [New Feature] Introducing Kongpanions!

Originally posted by FlyingCat:

Do you do Gamestop Powerup rewards? If so, then you may be thinking of that Bunny which is likely seeing who bought Kong.

Yes, I believe that’s who I was thinking of. However…

He seems rather… round for what I remember. I feel like there was a skinnier bunny as well… But when I read “Powerup rewards” it clicked in my memory, so I guess that must be it.

And yeah, it would make sense that there was a Kongpanion of that. Perhaps stylized a bit differently due to separate artists? Also makes me wonder if there was an intention to have Kongpanions awarded for different things: KongAnt awarded for x months on Kong, Bunny awarded for linking your account with a Gamestop account, etc. Hm. Thanks though.

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Topic: Kongregate / [New Feature] Introducing Kongpanions!

Originally posted by FlyingCat:

Well, they might still be released. Just because they’re releasing ones that weren’t made originally doesn’t mean they’ll drop them.

Yeah. For example, in the first row with unknowns, the second unknown looks like a bat and the last looks like a Grim Reaper – those could both be for the upcoming Halloween. And the row beneath it, the second unknown looks like a football (also next to the soccer ball), so they could wait until next year for the next Super Bowl.

Also, question: The very first unknown one, that seems way too familiar each time I look at it, but I can’t place the image. It LOOKS like a bunny from a flash game – cartoony art, very round head, long ears, and wears a cape. I can’t think of a name or the game it’s from. It might not even be a game, but the logo of a site or something. Does that ring any bells for anyone?

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Topic: Kongregate / Filtering out tags?

As mentioned, the filter kinda sucks, and Recommended isn’t really based on anything beneficial.

If you’re looking to stay in a genre, you can always search the entire games list. Or what I like to do: go to a game you like/liked, scroll down to the “Recommended Games” box, and play a chain of games from there. Generally they tend to be similar in popularity and play style, unrelated to your by-user Recommendations.

If you’re looking to branch out into new genres, check out the Badges page. Even if you aren’t a badge collector, that page still separates the genres out, and those games tend to be the more popular and higher rated. Since you said you DON’T want idle, multiplayer, and TCGs, this might be your best bet for genre hopping. Alternatively, the search page’s genre option contains a list of all available genres, so that’s an option.

There used to be a random game button on Kongregate, which I also liked, but that was so long ago… ; ~;

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Topic: Kongregate / Do you actively collect game badges?

I used to, but after exhausting all the genres I like, I’m just left with unearned badges for games I dislike. stares at Tower Defense tag

But I spent a lot of time as a new user during Beta, and then a long time in 2010-2011 collecting as many as I could, including almost all the easy and medium ones. So yay, BotDs for life~

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Topic: Kongregate / Attention All Mods

Someone did some digging.

Kinda not worth the bump.

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Topic: Kongregate / idk whats going on.

It looks like it’s been a long time since you visited Kong. Which games in particular are you referring to?

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Topic: Kongregate / Clout Reuploaded

Originally posted by Holy2334:

Just flag the game and move on. It’s a transfer thing that transfer’s your kong account over to the clout thing, but yea. He just reuploaded the game today (it’s been removed for a while now) I think he’s trying to outsmart Kong by reuploading the game at a time where nobody notices, but it still gets noticed anyways.

I mean I did flag and leave, that wasn’t the issue. Although I did want to bring to people’s attention that the game was uploaded with a redirect.

It was the Hot New Games part that I was posting here for. The fact that Clout was put there shows the category is being run automatically, which is pretty bad for promotion, IMO. Either way, Kong should’ve had something to stop a banned-reupload from getting posted there straight off.

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Topic: Kongregate / Clout Reuploaded

So I saw in the recently bumped thread that this game was removed multiple times? I assume this remains the case, but it’s even worse now. The game itself redirects the page now, which I also believe is not allowed:

Also, gotta love the two updates from delosford himself, lol:

a few seconds ago

Hey everybody: the game is has been up and running just fine, and visiting the game page on Kongregate as you used to will redirect you to a character transfer app. Not sure why none of the other players mentioned this to you, as the game has been up and running fine the whole time, despite kong’s stupid little hissy fit about their worthless community. If they take it down, try

Jun 3, 2015 8:19pm

The game is still up and running completely fine and has been since failgregate removed it to hide their own scamtastic business model. has instructions on how to transfer your account to the new server if the transfer app doesn’t load. The game was merely being shown here and I’ve been hosting it on my own server since it was created.

Anyway, the reason I’m posting about it is because it showed up in Hot New Games… I believe it’s fairly problematic if a banned game is appearing in the MAIN advertising spot on the homepage. Just in case anyone needed more proof of a lack of maintaining that section.

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Topic: Kongregate / [New Feature] Introducing Kongpanions!

Originally posted by TurkeyPie:
Originally posted by zdigiz:

How many people have all kongpanions and then how many have all shiny?
Also 3rd week having all botd woot

When we hit 52 total Kongpanions, I think there were about a thousand players that had all shiny ones. One of them is me.

3 pages back.

Originally posted by Lloyd_Majere:

As an afterthought, I know IAmTheCandyman told us before the number of Kongpanions throughout the site. I also analyzed a graph with the same data. In January, the numbers were: 450,000 had at least one Kongpanion, 10,100 had all 52 of them, and 2,100 had all 52 shinies. Is there any way we can get the current data or chart for the current 76 Kongpanions?

It’s certainly decreased by now, and I’d love to see the data. I’m among the number with all Shinies.

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Topic: Kongregate / Cussing, Insulting, and Pornography Allowed

Originally posted by FlyingCat:

Also you may want to check out Off Topic. It may be removed by the time you see, this, but right before I typed this message, one person’s already used twelve troll account to make one topic each there.

Edit: forty two alts at this edit, so fifty is definitely reasonable.

I think we may have sparked that, lol. You think someone saw this thread and decided to prove our posts accurate? But, I suppose the silver lining… with all those accounts having been created today, it’s pretty easy to judge just how fast the accounts can be made. And the clear issue with how slow it is to get rid of them.

Whether or not that does anything for the purposes in this thread, I suppose we’ll have to wait and see.

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Topic: Kongregate / [New Feature] Introducing Kongpanions!

Originally posted by wouterboy:

I know that the system is just as flawed as you say it is, but you should not care so much about it. It’s a waste of time. You better use the time you have by investing it in yourself, instead of in some gaming website you will never be able to fully control. It will only lead to more disappointment and frustration, whereas it’s impossible to go wrong by investing in yourself.

Uhm… I kinda feel like you’re assuming something about me… Not sure what you mean by “investing it in myself,” but either way… I honestly have nothing better to do with my time. And this is a system I’ve invested quite a bit into, logging on daily for over 1.5 years, having panics over missing two days and committing not to missing a third… Plus, this is something I completely enjoy doing. I’ve always liked systems, and this one has potential. I’m enjoying playing with the ideas, so why not be productive while happy?

If everyone held that opinion, nothing would ever change. And maybe nothing will change from all my effort, but then I can at least be proud of my work and say that someone tried. At the end of the day, I’m doing it to myself, for myself, for the benefit of others, at the cost of a bit of forum space and my own resources. If it ends badly, then that’s mine to bear. But honestly, the only frustrating thing is being told it’s a waste of time before it’s even complete or has had a chance to be noticed. So thank you for that bit of annoyance, but I wholly believe that you don’t know or speak for me. Next time, please use less offensive “advice,” or at least advice that doesn’t just say “you should just quit.”

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Topic: Kongregate / [New Feature] Introducing Kongpanions!

Originally posted by Bluji:

(psst – Lloyd, I think you haven’t opened up the sharing for that document properly.)


This is what happens on 3 hours sleep and a rushed post. My apologies, it’s there now. Thanks.

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Topic: Kongregate / [New Feature] Introducing Kongpanions!

So… I was holding off until it was complete, but I was going to make a five-walloftext-post long suggestion thread about this system, I just haven’t gotten all the information yet and I haven’t given it enough thought. But if you’ve noticed by now, I’m quite long-winded, so I suspect I’ll have a lot of details to go over. (Also you had some of the same ideas that I did, just so you know. Not that I’m stealing.)

The post is gunna be divided up like:
1. Why the system needs to change
2. Better ways of obtaining Kongpanions (a list of plausible systems of release and re-release)
3. A completely revamped Tag System
4. Possible game mechanics that could work with a proper system
5. Extra features (your aesthetics ideas would go here, I hadn’t thought much here yet)

At the risk of spoiling one of these posts… I’ve been working on the Tag system quite a bit recently. I definitely think they need to be reworked. There’s so many things wrong, like as you mentioned, the fact that Bones and Kitmera are not tagged “Legendary,” or that Hogglesworth lacks a Color tag (even though he only has two?). And why does Puff Catty have “Cat,” but Kitmera have “Kongcat?” And then there are all the completely useless tags that were thrown in as a joke, but are totally counter-intuitive, like “Bockbockbock” on Marco Pollo, “Moshi Moshi” on K-Tai, “Unicorn” on Colonel Cobb, and even “Woof” on Samantha. There’s at least a dozen more of these I could list. Like… what even WAS the practical point of these, if they were only going to be used once?!

There is nothing useful about these, yet somehow the person adding them hasn’t figured that out and/or views them as a complete joke. There are about 125 individual tags now, ranging from Animal being used ~50 times, to the 20+ tags only used ONCE. So in an effort to make them more game-designed, I’ve already compiled a list of sample tags that COULD be used in a variety of ways. You can see the Work In Progress here:

The rarity types are up for debate, and I had to stretch a little for some of the Objects ones. I dropped colors like Pink and Gold due to being over-specific, and opted for a 10 color system, which is surprisingly well-divided. And I haven’t fully committed to an Element system yet, so that’s why it’s blank… still thinking that over.

THESE tags would be useful to game designers. They are consistent, logical, and would require no continual updates to their games. Coupled with a few ideas I have for games, these would work marvelously… but I’ll wait to go into that more later.

[As a footnote, I’m saying all this as a precursor to a larger post. I hate to sound like a jerk but please don’t suggest on top of my work (“Oh, use this system!” or “Oh, this tag makes more sense!”) until it’s complete. Partially because I want to be thorough and it’s a personal project, and partially because I want to give credit where it’s due at the end. There will be a whole thread for further suggestions later, if this is well received. >.>]

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Topic: Kongregate / Cussing, Insulting, and Pornography Allowed

Originally posted by Psychatog:

I wonder if people include “forum moderator” in their resumes.

My gf, who moderated with me, got a full-time job straight out of college that covers both our living expenses in full. She got it on just her moderator experience and a single recommendation from an ex-employee there. She never worked a paying job prior, and while our college was prestigious, she majored in Linguistics and Japanese. Her job is helping customers with company-owned computer programs.

Similarly, I reference the fact that I wrote a Moderator manual for our team and for an upgrade in forum software. I also redesigned a Code of Conduct and compiled an insane amount of data for the company. It takes a backseat to my real job experience, but it’s still valuable.

It can go quite a long way. It seems like a thankless job, and Kongregate Mods might not be the best examples (given how little power they are given, of which I’m not entirely sure), but it’s volunteer work that can speak quite a bit about a person.

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Topic: Kongregate / Cussing, Insulting, and Pornography Allowed

Originally posted by Malfiore:
I can just make 50 accounts wait a day then start spamming.

I hope everyone understands that no troll will ever realistically create a new account 49 times after his original got suspended just to mess with the chat. When discussing measures to keep the site in order, the most important thing is to stay rational.

Not that I’m disagreeing with the idea, I actually think it would help. But we’ve seemed to encounter different types of trolls.

On a different forum I moderated, a group of trolls banded together to do exactly what you say is irrational. During an attack that lasted about five hours, a couple of them were generating accounts back-to-back, while the others were using them to spam pornography. This was on a Saturday, so our Admins were not working and couldn’t help at all. Our IP ban system failed because they acted as a group and all switched proxies every few accounts, so all we could do is push back with single bans. The time it took to ban each account allowed for at least four more to be created. In the beginning the names were unique, but eventually they defaulted to Mr****1, Mr****2, Mr***3, etc. (stars for censorship, cause it’s a unique name). They finally quit after well over a hundred. It was a nightmare.

Of course, this was also a forum that had very good account creation checks and email activation. If it was as lenient as Kongregate’s registration system, we would have been screwed. So while this scenario is clearly not going to happen on Kongregate, I don’t think I’d put it past a troll to spend half an hour to create 50 back-up accounts, then wait. If they are willing to attack chat rooms for hours and hours already, it’s a perfectly reasonable way to work around the system.

Again, not that I’m saying the idea is bad. Just adding to that perspective a bit of realistic experience.

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Topic: Kongregate / [New Feature] Introducing Kongpanions!

Originally posted by stardancer32:

Kongpanions have been more than “collectibles” to me at this stage of my membership…..every time I go for the games on BoTD to earn my “shiny Kongpanion” I am “forced” (i.e. encouraged) to learn new gaming skills along the way and this I have valued since joining here. It’s not just on Kongpanions, but also doing the quests…….yes, I have approached my membership as a “badge hound”

I’m not denying that at all. I’m actually saying Kongpanions should do even MORE.

You’re right that the Badge of the Day system encourages the playing of a large variety of games. But THAT system actually gets you something worth value: Power Up Rewards Points. Although it’s not much, you can actually exchange those points for REAL items. That’s quite a reward for playing a free game in your spare time.

And while that’s the only reward worth actual value, the other functions of this site are at least worth bragging rights. Quests give you profile medals and extra Kong points. BotDs give you extra points as well, which gives you a level marker that’s easily visible to every other person in your chat room. The important part of these is that they have a GOAL in mind: Get the bonus quest medal, or get to the level cap.

But Kongpanions? They are like the point system without a real goal. As someone from Jan 2015, you missed out on 51 Kongpanions and 52 Shinies by default. So sadly, you can’t get bragging rights, because there’s no way your collection will be complete. I would argue that the Badge of the Day, with the extra Kong points and the PUR points, already gives you your incentive to play every day. Kongpanions are a bonus, but they don’t DO anything. They just sit on your profile page, which no one would ever check. The original idea was that Kongpanions would be used in games, but that hasn’t happened. So they are just useless tokens right now, and honestly more trouble then they are worth.

I’m pitching for a better system, not the removal of one. The BotD is one of Kongregate’s best marketing tools, and Kongpanions are completely connected to that. But they need more attributes, and MORE utility. They need to be able to be used in games, if that is still their purpose. The system needs to allow new players to participate 100%, instead of just saying “too bad you missed out, but there’s always more coming!” That’s what I want to see. Especially if we are having a third year of them.

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Topic: Kongregate / Cussing, Insulting, and Pornography Allowed

OH! Yes, maybe you are right about the hours. Those numbers were honestly pulled from my own experience. Nice wake up call that I’m online way too much >.>;; But okay, maybe less. Instead of making up new numbers, just mirror the numbers of the current Mods. Whatever those might be. For the system to work, it just needs to be enough to be able to handle instances like this. However, that might be the fatal flaw: If there’s not enough manpower in terms of availability, then this system certainly won’t function well.

I too think Kong would be very… adverse to changes, but it at least helps if suggestions are in the air. That said, there may be a larger issue in our ways of thinking (which applies to everyone here, on one side or the other). I assumed that there existed a system that would work, and that Kongregate had the resources to create it. We merely needed to tweak out the details and viola: Kongregate could use it. But on the other hand, assuming that they lacked resources… Honestly, the next best thing would be what you and FlyingCat and others recommend: making the experience yourself. Like, even the most powerful moderators and admins and system wouldn’t work if they couldn’t use it 75% of the time. I think these are two separate angles – which is what you meant by “mod philosophies,” perhaps.

So… maybe the whole argument is wrong. I’m left to wonder why Kongregate has a moderation system at all, actually. I definitely see where you and FC and others come from now, and it does kinda make the Moderators look like a farce. Wouldn’t it be better to just treat chat rooms like interactive Youtube’s comment sections? They are practically there already, no?

I think my strong stance came from the existence of the Moderators in the first place. That there was a system, and it was just flawed. I think a lot of these threads come from that idea. But if the system is there just for existence’s sake… then you guys are right. And I’d probably take back the majority of what I said in this thread. :\

However, I’m sticking to my guns that there’s probably a better way to lay out these views. Something that addresses the stance I brought up, rather than just butting opinions and equating systems. But still, I admit that my viewpoint was skewed. My apologies.

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Topic: Kongregate / Cussing, Insulting, and Pornography Allowed

On the number of Mods, I don’t think it’s unreasonable. At the moment, each room has about 60-80 people in it on average; if there isn’t one good person in each set of 60, that’s a little disheartening. But to make it simpler then, at least half the rooms? I think Kongregate, as a company, would agree that 1 Mod per 120 active people on their site is a fair ratio.

On the flag, your statement is unhelpful. All I can say is, add it back? Like… unless there is a good reason it was removed AND that reason stays intact when coupled with the system I propose, the fact that it was removed is irrelevant to my idea.

And no, not total control of the rooms. I guess I should have made it more clear that if you were already in a locked room, or offline, you would still be in that room. It would only affect normal users if they changed rooms. I don’t know how many people frequently switch chat rooms, but I imagine not many (at least, not many compared to the 60 per room). But even then, simply whispering a Mod to be let in is all it would take. Again, I firmly believe that is a very small price to pay to lock out highly toxic trolls. Which is worse, being unable to change rooms for an hour, or being unable to have a pleasant chat experience for days on end? (Because regardless of you muting the troll, SOMEONE will feed them, or uninformed people will at least respond initially.)

As far as potential problems… I would think that someone promoted to Moderator status would be respectful and responsible enough to not abuse that authority. Admittedly it happens, but in that case, remove that Moderator from their position! They aren’t common trolls, they have something of value that can be lost. Additionally, the room-locking function is ONLY used for alt-spam, and nothing else!! If a Moderator uses it for personal or other reasons, then they lose their Moderator position as well. Either way, it’s not total control, and abuse should be punished just as harshly, whether it be from a troll or a Mod.

EDIT: I’m only defending my logic, and not the whole idea. Maybe it all is still crap, but I at least want to hear more than just “we had it once” or “I can’t even…” I agree that the number of Mods would be a lot, just not that it’s unreasonable. I disagree about the total control thing. But whether or not this idea sucks, it’s at least something to work on. I came up with this just a short while ago, so I’d like to at least discuss it first. I apologize if it looks like I’m fighting – I promise to be open-minded to criticism, lol.

EDIT2: Rough math. At least 37 Mods for the average 4500 active users, and that’s only the active ones. Assuming that 4500 is a high point, we can proly estimate the daily user rate at double that (120 static members per chat room) so 37 Mods for 9000 users? I still think that’s fair. How many Mods do we currently have? We should be close to that number, no?

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Topic: Kongregate / Cussing, Insulting, and Pornography Allowed

I think I’ll be taking that advice of mute and ignore, if you don’t mind. Since clearly you didn’t take mine.

In an effort to be contributory to the thread, here’s an idea to tease out. Feel free to critique, but don’t just bash it for fear of change. Admittedly, this would require quite a bit of work on the chat system, but I think it has potential:

Give moderators control over the room, in regards to room-kicking, kick-flags, and room-locking. Additionally, give every room one Moderator who is active at least 6 hours a day, 5 days a week, preferably more. Here’s how I imagine it would work.

Let’s say a basic persistent troll is in a room with a Moderator. The Mod has gone through the warning process, maybe thrown a ban or maybe just jumped straight to kicking them. Either way, let’s assume this is a troll that would not stop otherwise. The kick function would basically be a timed/indefinite mute from the chat room, as well as setting them back on the chat room selection page. The troll can then 1. Choose a different room, 2. Make an alt and continue trolling, or 3. Continue using Kongregate chatless.

In case 1, this could be a problem, so add a flag (like the M and D for Mods and Devs) to the account to say “This person was bad enough to be kicked from a room. If he starts trouble in another room, kick him again.” This should alert all users and the hopefully active Moderator that the user is problematic, and not to put up with him. Basically, it says “this user has gone through the warning process once already, don’t be lenient.” Should the user be kicked again, the chat-mutes would pile up, and eventually there would be no rooms left. The number of affected people would decrease dramatically, and the work spread across numerous Mods.

In case 2, the bad one, add a feature of room-locking. Since there’s no way to stop alts from being created and abused, cut off their means of accessing the chat room. Basically, no new users would be able to enter the chat (including the troll alts), and no users would be able to switch into the chat room from other rooms. This would only be for a certain amount of time, but it would be unstated, specified only by the Moderator. In this situation, the troll who makes several alts is capitalizing on trolling the same people: If you remove that incentive, you again decrease the amount of damage substantially.

Now, room-kicking wouldn’t affect the normal users, and room-locking would only slightly. This function would not inhibit users who have their primary chat room set as the locked one, so if you were offline and it got locked, you’d still be able to get in. Additionally, you could access the room via invites from the Moderator, so any regulars (whom the Moderator should know by name!) would be able to manually add them in. However, if the price is an hour long ban on new users entering the chat, I think that’s fitting to permanently stop a troll from spamming porn for hours on end.

For the time without active Moderators around, the ignore and mute functions would finally have a use. Given my experience in the rooms, once a Moderator does come back, someone in the room would inform them of the situation and problematic users, and appropriate action would be taken if necessary.

I think that covers the basics. Would this work, do you guys think? Ignore the plausibility of Kong adding it for the moment, just the theories – did I miss any situation or leave out something obvious?

[Additionally to this idea, though debate it separately – add Mod Calls back to individual rooms, which send a ping to the designated Mods. Thus if it’s really bad, Mods can come on for a couple minutes, handle it, and go back to their day-to-day business. Would complement the idea nicely, I believe.]

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Topic: Kongregate / Cussing, Insulting, and Pornography Allowed

FC, I’m aware of how much you advocate for the mute button, but that isn’t what’s on the table here. The mute button is, in every way, running away from the problem. It’s like the constant removal of spambots on the forums: They are still there, they still exist, they will continue to attack… removing posts and banning them is NOT a solution. A solution would be to implement a better account registration system, or to counter the malicious code creating the accounts. Just like the mute button, handling bots this way just makes it LOOK cleaner, without fixing anything.

Users muting trolls is not a tool of power, it’s one of convenience. It literally solves nothing. It doesn’t feed the trolls, so arguably things don’t get worse. But it doesn’t stop them from causing problems to people joining the chat, nor does it help cut down on the general amount of trolling. In fact, much like the spambots, you could say it exacerbates the problem further, because the troll will just go make alts to repeat the process indefinitely. If there’s no punishment and they clearly have the time, why not keep attacking people?

To say that users muting people is equivalent to the power of authority is absolutely misinformed. Rapid muting of problematic people is not going to solve anyone’s problems. It’s just going to appease people while the problem gets worse. It’ll also create a very closed-off dynamic of this site, which will destroy any integrity the chats have left, unless you are part of a particular niche (which FC, no offense meant, you VERY MUCH are). New users will never join chats, and the rooms serve as nothing more than site-hosted Skype group chats. Which is sad, considering what the chat rooms used to be.

And by the way? YOU are the one who is saying “Kongregate sucks, get used to it.” You’re the one insisting that users shouldn’t advocate for a change, but simply deal with it as best they can. Users like myself and the TC here are saying there SHOULD be change; we are highlighting a problem that very much exists and harms the communities… yet we are constantly told to be silent by people like you. Whenever someone tries to make a public statement, to try and get user support and Admin recognition, you can be damn sure FlyingCat comes in to tell them to shut up. It’s happened in many threads here, and it’ll continue to happen – so no change will be made. Sorry, FC: not everyone agrees with your logic and your methods of handling things. The majority of those I’ve spoken to believe that Moderators willingly take up the task of improving the community for the users, not the other way around. We wouldn’t see this point brought up so frequently if everyone thought you were right.

To your last bit, if it was directed at me, I would say to not speak of things you don’t know, and also to not put words in people’s mouths. And if that “totally unrelated” thing was as offensive as I think it was, I’ll have no more words with you. I’ll let you take that tidbit exactly as I meant it.

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Topic: Kongregate / Cussing, Insulting, and Pornography Allowed

@Holy2334, That isn’t quite my point. Though thank you for the context of the users involved. I should have mentioned: I know not to trust users created the day of a complaint.

I’m not saying Kongregate’s a perfect place or perfect system, I know very well it isn’t. Despite that, that still isn’t something for a Moderator to say, period. If the Moderators are going to get away with that attitude, then there’s really nothing that is going to solve this problem. What are users supposed to do to help make this place better? All we can do is report people. It can take nearly a day for reports to get handled, and even then it might not actually help. Users are the powerless ones – at least the Moderators can DO something.

But if the Moderators are going to attack the admins/devs too, then why should users even bother? If Moderators are going to say “Your complaining is worthless, there’s nothing WE can do,” then the battle’s already lost. Imagine IF a change were to happen; who would it be coming from? Certainly not users – we just aren’t important enough to be taken seriously. But Moderators go through the respect-selection process, so their say has some weight. IF a change were to occur, it would need Moderator support. But attitudes like usb_hub’s just say “screw it, the place is a hellhole, get used to it.”

Now imagine if every Moderator thought in the same way as that. What would the trolls think of the situation? If they weren’t empowered before, they’d certainly know it then. What would you think if your complaint was invalidated by a Moderator with a statement like that? I’m sure TC here will proly just stop chatting after seeing usb_hub’s sentiment – that seems to be the only solution. What impression does that statement give of Moderators overall? I once tried to be a Moderator here, and got pretty far until I realized I didn’t have the time. But that statement alone would have made me think “Oh, if THAT’S what it means to be a Moderator, then forget it. I’m not staying at a place destined to decay.”

Maybe he’s right, and maybe it is pointless. I don’t know what communication, if any, goes on between the devs/admins and others. But I still think that was a terrible thing for them to say. Coming from Moderator experience in hellholes myself: You LEAVE once you get to that point, instead of tearing down others. Instead of killing TC’s hope for a better Kongregate. Instead of broadcasting a message telling the trolls they’ve won and have free reign. IMO, The proper thing for Moderators to do is to try and improve the place, not tell everyone it sucks and complaints are useless.

(That’s really all I have left to say, and honestly, I don’t like starting a fight with someone who isn’t even here. So… If this is just my opinion versus everyone else’s, I’ll stay quiet from here on out.)

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Topic: Kongregate / Cussing, Insulting, and Pornography Allowed

Originally posted by JimiTheFormal:
Originally posted by usb_hub:

You try moderate a website where the administration/devs have put no thought into keeping out the trouble makers.

Honestly I hate to be the bad guy here and rock the boat. But this user usb_hub is a mod in the room I frequent and he often lets certain users get away with rulebreaking if they are younger females or good friends of his. He also bans innocent users a lot just because he feels like it.

If we want the rules and regulations to be followed we need better PEOPLE enforcing them. ;(

I didn’t actually believe you, but wow, they actually are a moderator. So, directing the rest of my post at Moderator usb_hub:

What kind of thing is that for you to say? I can’t tell if you are insulting the admins and devs or insulting the act of being a moderator more. You volunteered for your position, no? You should be acting as such. You can’t ask for the responsibility and then scorn those who gave it to you, nor should you cynically hold your authority above others. It’s the truth that the communities here have some REALLY bad eggs, and TC isn’t the first to complain about it. I too have complained, quite loudly in fact. And I’ve been in your Moderating shoes. It still doesn’t give you the right to say “well why don’t YOU do it better” to people with legitimate concerns.

While I can’t verify JimiTheFormal’s allegations against you, the statement you made has me leaning to believing it – considering it looks like you have no qualms about insulting Kong admins/devs OR the TC of this thread. If that attitude bleeds into your moderating…. However, your profile shouts don’t look too biased, so I’m not sure. I can safely say, however, that if I were running a site and I saw one of my rule-enforcers say what you just said, I’d definitely take action on it. As it stands, I can’t even flag your post, because it’d just go back to the Moderator tier.

Sorry to butt in with a biased tangent though. It just really irks me to see that. If I didn’t make myself clear to the thread: I agree with OP, but I also know the challenges in an effective moderation system, and that Kongregate simply lacks the ability. As others have stated, banning trolls who are already proving they have nothing better to do than to troll and spam is impossible, so… for now, I suppose we just have to make due.

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Topic: Kongregate / [New Feature] Introducing Kongpanions!

Disclaimer: I was going to make this post months later, and was still forming the rant. It sounds a bit premature now, but I still think the point stands. And since the opportunity presented itself:

Originally posted by Jimp:

I’m going to be drawing some new Kongpanions very soon and would love to do some more user requests, if you have any new suggestions please post them on my profile :D

That’s… not exactly pleasant news. Given the ones that we’ve seen, we’re already nearing the 100 or 104 mark… that’ll be two full years worth of these. So far there’s no running methods of obtaining missed ones, and only one timed event that allowed you to get ONE you missed, but not a shiny or shiny upgrade. And absolutely no purpose in any games, aside from minor visual add-ons that could be replaced with literally anything else. Also worth noting that of the Kongpanion-tagged games, two are broken, three of them are idle games, two of them are image makers, and one is just a library. That leaves 5 “playable games” on the list.

If you are just announcing the push towards the 104 mark, since we only know of 90 atm, then I admit to jumping the gun. But if you’re announcing more beyond that… I really hope a system overhaul is also in store. Because I think even you guys should admit that your feature is NOT fulfilling its original intended use. The original post in this thread implied they would be used in games, and yet that clearly isn’t the case. So we’re left to wonder why more are still coming out, and I think everyone who actually collects them will attest: we view them merely as collector’s items at this point.

Except… given that there’s no way to get missed ones, and there has yet to be a way to shiny-fy any missed shinys, Kongpanions do not operate like collectors items. They are merely tokens that say “you visit Kongregate a lot!” which isn’t worth any more than saying “I’ve been here since before 2013.” And unless you are part of the <2100 users who have them all shiny, there is no glory in your incomplete collection. It’s a system that, by nature, excludes users who joined in the past year [and counting], with absolutely no incentive to get involved in collecting as there is no purpose to their games. Get badges to get Kongpanions, but get Kongpanions to…? So given that, there’s just no real point in releasing more.

Not that I’m being pessimistic or angry, or trying to bash Kongregate at all. I just honestly believe most people view this system the same way I do. Of course we’re going to keep collecting them, but look for yourself: The number of Kongpanions being awarded has been on a downward slope since the beginning, and we’ve hit all-time lows the past two weeks! This system is in DESPERATE need of an update. And I’m sure there are dozens of ways to make it better. I can list some if you want. But please… Don’t just do a third year of this Kongpanion system. It’s seriously not a good idea any more.

As an afterthought, I know IAmTheCandyman told us before the number of Kongpanions throughout the site. I also analyzed a graph with the same data. In January, the numbers were: 450,000 had at least one Kongpanion, 10,100 had all 52 of them, and 2,100 had all 52 shinies. Is there any way we can get the current data or chart for the current 76 Kongpanions?

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Topic: Kongregate / Conditions for joining Kongregate...

I personally handled a spambot problem on a different MMO forum I moderated for once. Although, the issue was that they were exploiting a loophole in vBulletin’s systems, so… not exactly the same.

I do notice some similarities though, which I’m sure are universal among all bots. The username is usually gibberish, although sometimes you can see a pattern. They usually have a search function that targets certain threads containing keywords (for example, a small thread might use the word “shoes” offhand once, and then be constantly bombarded with shoe-based advertisements), which would explain why there’s about one posting per week in the Kongpanion thread. And they usually contain a link, but that’s obvious to not click on.

But building off of this:

Originally posted by Holy2334:

It looks like the spam bots have moved into other forums as well. If this keeps up kongregate is gonna have an epidemic on their hands.

You are correct. The company I moderated for continued to ignore my constant begging for a fix, and the spambots only got worse. Although it’s a bad word choice, it’s like the attacks “evolved” – it went from a single account making a single post, to ten accounts making a single post, to ten accounts making a dozen posts each. It got to the point where they were slowing down the forum server and completely inhibiting user posting before the company finally took it down and fixed the hole. It only took them an hour, once they got off their butts and handled it.

Point is, there ARE easy solutions, as simple as making a different, proper confirmation page; as well as more intricate solutions, like actually finding the bot generators and stopping them. But I have a feeling that Kongregate staff doesn’t much care. Much like the company I was with before, the spambots aren’t actually attacking Kongregate’s main product: they aren’t interfering with the games. And why waste time actually coding and implementing a fix, when it seems like the Moderators “have a handle on the situation” already? I was tasked with banning the accounts as they appeared: I banned hundreds, over the course of three months and up to 30 a day, before the problem was fixed.

So for the thread, I wouldn’t go so far to get into IPs or change/include other systems, like points, levels, or badges. But I agree that this should have already been fixed, and needs to be fixed sooner rather than later. I’m just not getting my hopes up that Kongregate, as a company, cares enough to do so.

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Topic: Kongregate / [New Feature] Introducing Kongpanions!

Originally posted by hellvin:
Originally posted by Lloyd_Majere:

EDIT: Actually, does Samantha not fit next to the Chesspiece? if so, that makes 89 instead of 90… more reason to believe we’ll see more.

IAmTheCandyman did explain in the past that “Samantha was added after the silhouettes existed” [Please refer to his post on this thread, 12 April 2015, 17:00]

Ah, okay. I forgot about that. I do remember the conversation, which also brought up the fact that the tail is different.

Thanks though, and thanks for putting the picture together ^^