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Topic: Kongregate / Which game best describes your day?

Originally posted by FlyingCat:

Or Epic Boss Fighter(in title only) since by being unproductive at your job, you’re kind of fighting your boss in a way.

10/10 for the best pun. Didn’t even think of that.

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Topic: Kongregate / So how many have gotten all shinys now ?

Half the thread removed? Dying of curiosity.

I have them all still. Naturally the number of users who do has decreased from last year, so there are less than 2,100 for sure. I’ve got them all too, but I’m eager for the year to be over so I can start badgering the admins to see how small our group is now. :D

Also, correction: I had no life. It takes 20 seconds in the morning to load up the BotD that I already have, as I’ve collected over 90% of Easy and Medium badges over the past years. Then I go about the life I have since found. Just saying o wo

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Topic: Kongregate / Which game best describes your day?

Where’s the one about finally manning up to make important appointments and goofing off at my job?

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Topic: Kongregate / Petition to give Gabidou a 24 hour ban when he derails a thread

Making this thread is absolutely the best solution. I can’t see how this might be wrong at all. This will certainly contain the drama and there’s no way it’ll prolong it or drag it here as well.

In fact, I like this thread so much, I think I’ll make a petition for anyone who can’t keep complaints, biases, and overreactions in a single thread, and/or people who can’t stick to private reporting, to be given 24 hour bans as well. Equally helpful, I think.

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Topic: Kongregate / Petition: Stop giving user requested permanent bans.

Originally posted by Holy2334:
Originally posted by FlyingCat:

Isn’t that only deleting your name since Kong uses an account number system, and those screw up whenever an account is deleted?


They may still leave the remnants though. Not that it matters if they remove all content, but the number may still reference the now-empty dataset.

On another forums where I self-requested a ban, they eventually just changed my login stuff. My account and all it’s data is still there, frustratingly enough. It doesn’t even say I was banned, but I will still never have access again. I can’t imagine why they didn’t remove anything, but I assume that data management played some part of it.

EDIT: I also know that some systems have an “empty” profile that is used to reference banned accounts. That is, after removing the info, trying to access that user’s page will redirect to a profile titled “user” or “null,” usually like account #3 or something (possibly this??) , with nothing on it as a sort of default method.

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Topic: Kongregate / Popular games you don't like


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Topic: Kongregate / Petition: Stop giving user requested permanent bans.

Also, they no longer help people recover lost/stolen accounts because they say the site is too big for them to manage each request.

If that’s true (not saying it isn’t, I just don’t know firsthand), then honestly the “community administration” is hardly acting as such. With such grey-area rules and debatable moderation, as well as how hands-off the site is already… I mean, what else is there for a community team to do?

I’d be more interested in answering what they should be doing, that is, the “more important things” you mentioned. But IMO recovering accounts IS one of the higher priorities, so I’m not sure where to go from there, lol.

Though I’ll agree that user-requested bans are a useless feature in a free account site. Especially one without email verification. Though unfortunately, I think it’s ingrained in the Terms of Service, so it can’t be completely removed per se.

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Topic: Kongregate / RIP Greg

Regardless of whether or not Greg is dead, he will still be part of Kong.

If anything were to happen, I’m sure they already have a backup plan of uploading Greg’s consciousness into Kongbot. It might have already happened. Greg will forever be a part of Kong.

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Topic: Kongregate / Did Kong Learn Its Lesson?

It was down at noon EST. Y’all sleepers are all lazy o wo

I went shopping. Weekly errands and such.

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Topic: Kongregate / Hackers On Kong

What you are describing is not a hacking attempt. Whether you want to believe it or not, the likelihood of hackers doing something like this is far below the likelihood of your computer being infected. It’s also much more likely that you just missed the viruses, or didn’t scan at all because you just believe your computer is clean.

Check the facts:

1) This is an isolated issue only happening to you. If this were a hacking attempt, they’d have to upload something onto the site itself, so it’d affect all users. If that were true, the Technical Support and Kongregate forums would be flooding with threads. Or, if a flash exploit was being used, there would be numerous news reports about it. Neither is the case, so only you and your computer(s) are affected.

2) Rebooting the computer solved the issue temporarily. If this were a hacking attempt, there would be a specific external trigger. Thus, it should be happening to you constantly, every time you do a certain action. But by your words, it happened in two different circumstances, and “it has never been an issue afterwards.” The more likely scenario is that the adware/malware on your computer is triggering itself at random.

3) Opening multiple tabs and browser redirection are typical for viruses. A hacking attempt will generally try to get information off you. Namely username and password, but sometimes general information too. Anything more serious than that will be much harsher, like uploading trojans or rootkits, which would not be a sporadic problem and you’d definitely know you’d been hacked. (Generally they lock you out of your own computer.) However, spamming advertisements is usually just a simple virus program embedded in your browser files, possibly the registry. It’s a simple case of removing the source.

4) The amount of hacking that occurs on Kong is incredibly small. I’m not talking about game hacking, I’m talking about hacking onto the domain itself, which is what you describe. That literally never happens. Comparatively, the amount of times people get infected with adware? Off the charts. Occam’s Razor: You have a virus.

You likely have either a browser hijacker, which alters your browser settings, or an adware that simple spawns infinite ads when triggered. If you want to get rid of it, I suggest you do all of the following:

1) Check your task manager for suspicious processes. While not so common anymore, many adware viruses run as a background process. Under the Task Manager tab “processes,” you can check for anything with a strange name that you didn’t start. Be careful though – many of them are Windows processes and are harmless or even critical to running it. Google any strange ones to be sure.

2) Check your browser add-ons and settings on ANY installed browsers. Including IE and Safari, and any third party browsers. Remove anything you don’t recognize, update anything out-of-date, and make sure all the settings look normal. Some browser hijackers install toolbars, reset your homepage, and add a setting for their own advertisements. Make sure all of them are removed.

3) Check Add and Remove Programs for anything you didn’t install. Viruses often come packaged on downloads, and all gamers who download things are prime targets. You should check for anything you never installed, and remove it if it seems strange. You can also google any program on that list to find out exactly what it is; anything that is linked to advertising is a likely culprit. You should only keep installed programs you use frequently. However, just like processes, many programs are windows essentials, so make sure you know what you are removing if you do so.

4) Run your anti-virus. At the risk of company-bashing, Norton and McAfee are garbage, so don’t use those. My personal set-up is CCleaner, Spybot: Search and Destroy, MalwareBytes Anti-Malware, and either Avast Anti-Virus or AVG Anti-Virus, in that order. CCleaner is a memory cleaner, and it can also clear up registry issues, so it can identify any anomalies but it can’t remove a virus. Spybot and MBAM are targeted programs for specific viruses, and the last two are my running anti-virus. One of those three should be able to identify and quarentine/remove your virus.

5) Google anything that you find that seems fishy. Generally, browser hijackers are commonly reported, so you’ll likely find information about them by searching their redirect sites. However, adware tends to be randomized, so that’s not a guarantee. Your virus scans will also give results back that you can search, usually by virus name or file location. The exception is CCleaner, because again that’s not an anti-virus, but a computer cleaner and registry repairer. Learning about the specific virus will help you make sure you’ve gotten rid of it; however don’t use any “free virus scanners” you see around the web.

Hope that helps. Also, please don’t ignore me and simply say “You’re so rude, I know my computers are clean!” I promise you, with 100% certainty, no one is hacking Kong or you.

EDIT: Please note that running CCleaner (and possibly other programs) will wipe your browser cookies – thus erasing any data saved locally from Kong. It’s important to find out how to back-up files for any game you play frequently, if it necessary to do so.

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Topic: Kongregate / Out of the following games, which would you favorite, play, or delete?

Favorite – The Enchanted Cave 2
Play – Kingdom Rush
Delete – Bloons TD 5

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Topic: Kongregate / [New Feature] Introducing Kongpanions!

Originally posted by Holy2334:
Originally posted by 1williamsg:
Originally posted by FlyingCat:
Originally posted by Ruudiluca:

It’s adorable!

I’d argue that it’s horribly cruel. Due to the placements of the colours, it’s insolvable.

depends on what its ment to look like when its solved.
i was thinking a colour version of !#?!
because honestly that could be anything

If you look very closely at the lower front corner, and upper back corner on the left you’ll notice that two faces of the mini cubes are the same color, meaning that it’s impossible to solve the cube.

In the same vein, I think the corner facing us doubles or triples up on whites. In fact, all the touching sides double up o.o;;;

Not only that, but the front face and the side face both seem to have yellow center spaces. Since there are more than three colors (Red, Blue, Green, White, Yellow) we can assume that doubling up was not intentional, and thus two sides couldn’t have the same color. Center spaces are technically static, so having two the same makes it unsolvable as well. Unless it was supposed to be orange. >.>;

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Topic: Kongregate / Impossible badge

The ones I have that I thought were easy were Hexiom, Pandemic 2, Meat Boy, and Run 2

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Topic: Kongregate / [Question] Transfer of game data

I think so, yes, but I’m not quite sure the specifics.

You have to go into the flash folder and transfer the cookies for it to work. I know that all the cookies are saved in

C:\Users\[YOURUSER]\AppData\Roaming\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects

Where [YOURUSER] is the name of the Windows user account that created the cookie. Also, AppData is a hidden folder, so you have to go to “View” and make sure “hidden items” are shown for the folder to appear.

However, once you get to the #SharedObjects folder, the next folders you will see are usually gibberish characters. For example, my two folders are “MNX5MY8C” and “Z27UC97M”. In the first, there are cookies of every site I’ve been to since I last cleared my cache. Rogue Soul 2 is probably in the “” folder, but there are several other possibilities too. Additionally, there’s no way of knowing which file is specifically Rogue Soul 2’s data, so you won’t be able to just pick the single file.

If you are transferring between two computers you own, I would copy all the kongregate / flash game related cookie folders onto a flash drive, and then transfer them into the new computer’s cookie folder. When you do so, use the “Replace” function, although you’d be losing any other Kongregate data that was on both. However, if you don’t own both computers, or for whatever reason can’t get into these files, you’d be better off restarting Rogue Soul 2. It’s not too difficult to get to 35%, and it’ll be faster the second time around.

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Topic: Kongregate / I need advice on a game.

The Fire/Water Temple games were fun to play two-player. Although some of the puzzles were meant to be challenging for one-person, and are downright easy for two. In order of release, here are the links:

1. The Forest Temple
2. The Light Temple
3. The Ice Temple
4. The Crystal Temple

Also, I just noticed there’s actually a 2-player tag. Although I’m not sure how much help it’ll be, tags are always hit and miss. >w>

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Topic: Kongregate / Which Kongregate game makes you laugh the hardest?

Tricking my friends into playing Soccer Physics with me is always worth a laugh.

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Topic: Kongregate / A question about Kongregate's rules

IMO, that comparison is faulty. Although I’m not affiliated with Kong, so by all means they can respond over me.

All of the problems you listed in your third paragraph are issues on the player. That is, if a player isn’t wise enough to realize those issues, and if they choose to repeatedly play those games and put money into them, that’s solely at the player’s discretion. Neither Kongregate nor the game devs have a say in that (although they both encourage it).

However, as a player, when you go to Kongregate you expect a certain level of security and trust from the games you play. And when a game forces you to authenticate yourself with a real email, that goes beyond Kongregate’s jurisdiction and control. A naive teenager just gave out their email to an unknown entity to do god knows what with it, all on Kongregate’s site, and nothing can be done about it. So Kongregate forbids the system, and instead uses their private API to ensure a secure log-in with zero personal information exchanged.

Even with money transactions, your personal information stays with Kong, and the game devs only get a Kreds transaction. And when a developer does things to their own game, well… that’s their right, unfortunately. Nothing anyone can do about that except not play those games.

The API is pretty simple to set up though, so I’d encourage IriySoft to definitely change their system.

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Topic: Kongregate / Are you more likely to rate a game you love or hate?

I tend not to rate games, although I know that’s counterproductive.

However, the ones that I have rated have been… impacting, for the lack of a better word. Some games just left that great an impact on me, or I devoted many hours of time towards. Others have been so terribly bad I wanted to help bring their score down to reflect their true worth. Those are the only two cases in which I’ve rated them.

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Topic: Kongregate / [New Feature] Introducing Kongpanions!

Originally posted by Bluji:

news of any changes down the line

Ha, you wish


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Topic: Kongregate / [New Feature] Introducing Kongpanions!

So Andrew and Oscarbot were also from the old list, and Kokak seems to be new. That leaves… 8 unidentified shadows, the chess piece, the seahorse, and the Kongant from the old list? Just tracking.

Also, welcoming Kokak as #95 on the list! Winding down to the 100 and 104 marks on the two-year milestones. Wonder if we’ll get a new chart with more shadows, more bling for the second year, or news of any changes down the line. :D

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Topic: Kongregate / How to Report Terrible Ads So We Can Actually Fix Them

Originally posted by AphidEater: Here’s a screen shot of my AV blocking this BS. It seems to have happened after I participated in the free Kred program PROVIDED by Kong itself. As you can see, EACH time I load a game on Kong, this problem happens. On Newgrounds or Armor Games, it does not.

I do hope you have a solution, and I am grateful my machine wasn’t hijacked by Kong’s negligence, or I’d make the drive to San Francisco to ask WTF you guys are doing face to face.

You should probably google your issue and learn more about advertising before making such claims. You look somewhat arrogant without that.

Based on your claim [and other post], there’s no fault from Kongregate here. You took part in “the free Kred program” by which you mean the survey advertisement offers. Those are a part of every F2P MMO and cash-system game website, and most of them have had some issues with viruses or malware. Kongregate is no exception, and you should be aware of that before attempting to do those surveys. Most of those offers tend to try to upload some kind of advertisement program so that they can continue to spam you up after you’ve gotten your reward. And in fact, most of the time the Kred payout is unreliable anyway. It’s incredibly common.

Looking at your image, you clearly did a survey with some connection to, a known advertiser. They have had issues before where they try to upload their .dll onto your computer so they can hit you with more direct advertisements. Your antivirus is falsely identifying this as a Trojan, but it is still something you should look into removing. You either got an auto-downloader for the .dll put onto your browser from the survey you took, or you already have the .dll installed and it’s attempting to spam your browser with ads; remove those and the problem will be solved.

However, none of that is Kongregate’s fault. Kongregate uses a couple systems for their kred survey offers (detailed here ), and the blame rests on those systems for allowing virus-riddled links to be used through them. You attempted and completed a third-party survey, so you should have been aware of the risks; ignorance to them is no excuse. Kong isn’t going to provide a solution, because the fault isn’t theirs and they can’t fix your computer for you. Your solution will be to run better virus scanners to remove the issue, not “drive to San Francisco to confront Kong face to face.” And next time be aware of the risks you take when you attempt to get free stuff.

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Topic: Kongregate / [Protest/Petition] Get rid of idle games

Originally posted by Mohammed3570:
Originally posted by LinkaBR:

You, sir, have just fed the troll xD

How am i supposed to resist? T_T

1) By realizing this topic is not serious (although the opinions in it are, more or less).
2) By realizing this topic will not be taken seriously by the decision makers higher up.
3) By realizing this topic is satire due to the number of threads seriously attempting to get rid of idle games.
4) By not attempting to “take the higher ground” by telling them their post is “irrational,” because due to the above reasons, it actually is fine.

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Topic: Kongregate / Losing in a virtual casino isn’t a real-world problem

The suit wasn’t about the loss of gambling though. In that regard, the answer was obvious: She paid for attempts at the Casino, she got attempts at the casino – nothing unlawful there.

The more important element was the secondary markets, and whether or not they add monetary worth to the accounts. That is, the woman filing the suit was under the impression that her account was her own “good” that she could use and sell, and thus she invested into her product to sell it at a higher rate. But her investment was counter-productive, and thus she operated at a loss. In simple terms, she paid 100 dollars but did not increase the value of her account by 100 dollars in the market in which she could sell it back. Thus, lawsuit.

I think that’s an interesting claim, and it’s the main reason why there is always a clause about how the company “retains all rights to the player’s account…” etc. A lot of Game of War players (and other MMOs I could mention) play the game for their profit, which is in some technical terms illegal as they are selling things that they don’t own. [The Game of War ToS specifically forbids it.] That fact invalidates the entire secondary market in court, and as such the judge threw it out, but it does bring up the interesting question of secondary markets overall… which sadly, the source article completely misses.

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Topic: Kongregate / [New Feature] Introducing Kongpanions!

Originally posted by Funnykidsc:

Has anyone been able to figure out what, if anything, the obscured binary in the newsletter image says?

I’ve only been able to determine that the binary isn’t OscarBot/oscarbot/Oscarbot, which I’m assuming is the Kongpanion’s name, based on its image and file name, so I’ve been wondering if it has any other significance.

Actually, I’m pretty sure it is oscarbot. With a lowercase o (as seen in the image), “oscarbot” translates to:
01101111 01110011 01100011 01100001 01110010 01100010 01101111 01110100
And from the image, we see:
01101111 0_____11 01100011 01100___ ____0010 01100010 0_______ 01110100
With the three chunks missing representing what’s hidden. It matches up completely.

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Topic: Kongregate / Mu Complex badges have been retired [UPDATED]

Originally posted by Bluji:

Would someone, preferably Lloyd since he’s been the loudest, claiming “you have all the badges = you will never return to the Mu Complex games” explain the argument a little? Would you apply this same thing to any and all badged games? How can you even assume that, considering you have absolutely no way to know it and also no control over my future actions?

Perhaps I worded that badly. I didn’t so much mean that you’d never go back as I did you wouldn’t have the NEED to go back, so many just wouldn’t. I claim this only by the nature of Mu Complex in specific: It’s a unique puzzle game with complex scenarios that force you to search for a solution. Because it’s unique, and because you’ve already solved it once, you won’t be getting a new experience by playing it a second time. Sure, you may have revisited it for nostalgia or memory refreshment many months down the road, and maybe you’d go back to show a friend, but the game was unlikely to get many replay views in general. It certainly doesn’t compare with the replay value of literally any other genre, which is where my assumption stands. I’d quote numbers and personal examples, but I think the fact stands for itself: puzzle games have little to no replayability.

But above that, I claimed the above in reference to “why are you mad.” Because honestly, I don’t think people who had already played the game lost anything in this situation. Those who had yet to play it lose out on a badge and a great game experience, so they should have MORE reason to be outraged… so why is the angry mob split 50/50 ? One side got the reward and experience, why are they equally as upset as the side who missed out completely?

Like… Take a step back for a second, and drop the context of what happened. Consider this like an open beta period, instead of what it actually was. Would you be mad if you played and completed an open beta that suddenly closed to release their finished market version with a pricetag on it? Because that’s literally what happens for many MMOs, and it’s basically what happened here. You lost your beta data, and you’re given the choice to pay for the polished version, and even a possible option to skip the content you already completed! If you wouldn’t be mad there, you shouldn’t be mad here. It was unprofessional and sudden, but that’s just semantics; the devs still followed that business model to the letter.

And again, I do think that this is an issue, but solely between the devs and Kong. The devs did not inform Kong that this was a “beta version” that would close suddenly, so Kong didn’t treat it as such – they gave it badges and promotion it didn’t deserve. But that applies to no one here, as I’ve said.