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Topic: Kongregate / Petition: Allow name changes

Of course I have absolutely zero insight about my theory being right or wrong, but neither have you about yours.

Still you use your made-up theory to shoot down the people saying a name-change is done fast and tell them their point of view is wrong. With same justification I could call your thesis wrong, as you have no insight on how it works either.

Thank you for proving my point. We don’t know. None of us know. I’ve made it clear that I’m just guessing in each post. However, there is more evidence to suggest it is NOT simple, as per my theory, because it hasn’t happened yet. Those links I put up? (EDIT: The links in my first post, to other threads. Not the numbers.) Those support the lack of simplicity. The numbers were merely a hypothetical to prove it’s plausibility.

Instead of throwing around Kred options and admin bias and all this other nonsense, you should be trying to answer this question first: is implementing a system even possible? Are past name changes even relevant to the system you are asking to be implemented? Or were they all special cases? Until you know the technicalities, none of anyone’s ideas matter.

However, unlike you and others, I’m assuming it cannot be done, while you guys are assuming it can. [I’m assuming name changes for active accounts take tremendous effort, and that they’ve only done it in very special cases.] That’s the only difference. adv0catus outright stated he’d ignore the technicalities of whether it can be done or not. That’s just moronic; he might be demanding the impossible and ignoring reality. Now about your post… My theory upholds the current status quo, yours does not. I’m not shooting down anyone’s posts, I’m trying to refocus the discussion to what actually matters. That was the first thing I said here: it bothers me that no one brought this up. So prove me wrong or yourself right, and I’ll gladly side with you. Until then…

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Topic: Kongregate / Petition: Allow name changes

adv0catus ITT:

“I don’t care about the technicalities, just do what I say and give me what I want.”
“I demand things because I’m a customer and customers always deserve better than those who provide for them.”
“I’m going to keep bumping this demanding the admins reply to me because I’m so much better than them.”
“Maybe if I threaten to leave because they aren’t listening to my godlike demands, I’ll get what I want.”

Seriously. You’re treating the admins like dirt and demanding respect and answers? Good luck with that. I highly doubt Kongregate will suffer much if YOU leave, so by all means. I despise people who think so highly of themselves that a company/employees should bend to their will. All because you want a minor, useless aesthetic feature for your own personal gain.

I posted my logic because it makes sense. You and everyone else can keep going around in circles about “Oh the admins are biased!” and “oh, they did it BEFORE, so why not now?” and “Oh, here’s a system that’ll totally work!!” but it’s all pointless unless you understand what you’re working with. You might as well be asking Kongregate to build you a skyscraper when all they have is sand. Sure, it may LOOK like they can make a skyscraper from your perspective, but they clearly can’t and won’t, and you just keep crying about why you don’t have it yet.

I must have missed some recent event where a ton of Kong users turned into self-entitled brats >.>;; I’ll say it once more for posterity and then take my leave: Until you know that Kongregate has the resources and capabilities to implement such a system, this request is utterly useless. I’ve already given counter-evidence to every argument in this thread proving that it’s too complicated a demand. Until I’m proven wrong, you and others won’t accomplish anything.

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Topic: Kongregate / Petition: Allow name changes

Originally posted by adv0catus:

I did ignore your post and I’ll ignore that one as well. Posting purely as a customer, I don’t know what technical stuff needs to be done and I don’t care. The feature doesn’t exist and that’s bad customer service.

How entitled of you. I believe in their terms of service, the one you signed when you made your account, you forfeited your right to be entitled on this site. But if you’re going to ignore common sense and logic, quit complaining that admins are ignoring you back. That’s bad customer behavior; it shouldn’t surprise you that they aren’t trying harder to please.

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Topic: Kongregate / Petition: Allow name changes

Originally posted by adv0catus:

Lloyd_Majere, it’s good customer service.

…I’m going to assume you just ignored the entirety of my post to just focus on the first two sentences. So to make it clear: Allowing users to change their names is obviously not as simple as just editing a data entry on a whim. Until you can prove that it takes less than a minute for the admins to completely change a name, rather than altering an entire database, this thread will accomplish nothing.

What I think is that what you assume takes a few seconds actually does… PER INSTANCE OF THE NAME. So lets assume that it takes 20 seconds to change a name in ONE data location. You, adv0catus, have 20,000 forum posts. You’re on 1700 fan lists. You’ve earned 1000 badges. And you should also factor in quoted posts, leaderboards, private messages, any server data, and just any other thing associated with you or your profile. But just from those three things alone, that 20 seconds multiplied by 23000 instances becomes 7666 minutes, or almost 128 hours. Now tell me, why would they run an updater for an entire week just so you’ll stop whining? And sure, that’s probably an overestimate, but I think it gets my point across. Even if you said it was 2 seconds instead of 20, that’s still a 12 hour program, and that’s still ignoring a huge amount of instances (probably 50%). Sorry, you are NOT that important.

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Topic: Kongregate / Petition: Allow name changes

Year old bump was probably not necessary.

I don’t see the point and nowhere in this thread does anyone give anything near a valid reason as to why they would want to change their name, so why spend developer hours to create the functionality?

This is still true. The three reasons you gave, adv0catus, are all personal problems, IMO. 1) You made the mistake, sorry. 2) They were faster than you, sorry. 3) They have the authority, you don’t. Sorry. There’s no practical or beneficial reason to allow name changes other than appeasing the small minority of people shouting about it.

And, what bothers me most about this thread, is that no one is bringing up the fact that it might be difficult to change someone’s name. Yes, it’s happened a few times, but that number comes out to less than 1 a month. Far less. That makes me think it’s more than just altering a single data entry. All of you just assume it’s something simple, but it may require altering quite a bit of data – as has been brought up, there’s a lot saved to each person’s account name. None of you can confirm the amount of work required – what gives you the right to assume it’s simple? And ideas like Ruudiliuca’s are just absurd (no offense meant). You want them to update their entire database to a new system, just to allow some people to choose other names? Please.

And lastly, adv0catus, you mentioned a few times last year about admins changing old names to deluserid. That’s not shocking at all, considering those accounts were probably empty. They just did what the automatic system does to dead, unused accounts. Keyword there: unused. Jim mentioned it here, and I remember seeing it more recently as well. My guess is that the less an account has on it, the easier it is to change the name. So if there is a completely empty account, it’s easy to change it to deluserid. [In fact, it explains why they almost never run the site-wide process, and when they do the affected accounts must be empty. So that backs up my theory that the more you have on your account, the harder it is to change a name.] However, the reason that doesn’t help your point at all is that those users you mentioned did NOT get a name change – you specified it was so they could make new accounts with those names on it. Completely different and irrelevant to this thread.

(More evidence: This thread mentions that Kong will allow capitalization changes. However, if you go to any profile and change the name’s capitalization, you’ll notice that it still links to the proper place. This means Kong’s database doesn’t process capitals separately, meaning there would be no data transfers necessary. If they are willing to process all those requests, but not actual name changes, doesn’t that indicate the processes are quite different; that one process is far more complicated than altering a single data entry?)

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Topic: Kongregate / [New Feature] Introducing Kongpanions!

Originally posted by Squideer:

Yea, Seeing that reply would have helped if Page 89 of this thread wasn’t currently missing for me. (It’s only showing Page 88, Page 89 is hidden entirely. I only found this page to reply after manually changing the URL code. The only reason I realized the page was missing was due to my response missing on page 88, But the thread still showing my response as the most recent one.)

Saw that too. Dunno what was up. I read yours and 65446333’s posts after manually changing it too.

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Topic: Kongregate / SUGGESTION: a whale forum

ITT: Lack of context on company videos

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Topic: Kongregate / strong arm tactic to get us to kong plus

Actually, one better argument. For free, on this site, you get:

  • Access to all of the games
  • Access to and use of the comment and rating systems
  • Access to and use of the chat room
  • Access to and use of the forums
  • Access to and use of the badge systems
  • Access to and use of all profile functions, including PMs and friend lists
  • Free entry into any Kongregate run competitions
  • Any Kongregate events, some of which have prizes worth money value
  • With a free PowerUp Rewards membership as well, you get free points towards that
  • A fully available support team to answer or address any issues you encounter on their site.

FOR FREE. ALL OF IT. And what does Kongregate ask in return? NOTHING BECAUSE IT’S FREE.

Oh, sorry, not nothing. They ask that you deal with a couple of ads that aren’t even in your way most of the time. The sole revenue of which covers not only the server costs of everything I just listed, but also pays the developers a little for their service of providing games. If you really can’t stand the advertisements, you can pay a couple dollars a month in a lump sum to get rid of them entirely. The ONE thing Kongregate asks of you to continue using their service is to NOT use adblock, and how do you respond?

“I support the use of adblock on every single site.”
“Like, if k+ was a lot cheaper and had more features, I’d totally buy it just because why not, I have the money.” (you have the money?!)
“I wont pay money just to support someone. That is what charities are for, and kongregate is not a charity.” (neither is developing/providing the games you play)
“if I am to spend money, offer me something.” (offer you MORE than everything above?!)
“If you are making money from people who just want to support you … I’ll just keep using ad block and not feel bad about it.”
“It’s just that if I am spending money, I have a certain expectation to get more than a free user gets.”

All of these show how selfish you are. By using adblock, you technically “spend” less than a free user, and you still think you should be given more. You won’t give up a little convenience to support those who give you all this stuff. And again, I already said there’s no problem with doing so. I don’t care, I won’t judge. What I judge is this holier-than-thou mentality you seem to have about your money, and what benefits you deserve from it.

Okay, now I’m done for real.

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Topic: Kongregate / strong arm tactic to get us to kong plus

It’s the mentality that is disgusting. The mentality that you are taking free services for granted and are “too good” for giving back to those who make them available for you. The fact that you think your money is only valuable to YOU, thus if YOU aren’t getting anything from it, to hell with anyone else it might help.

You’ve been on this site for over four years. You’re level 65. You have enough badges to prove you’ve played the large majority of badged games. You’ve clearly put a lot of time into this site, many hours worth. And yet, you’re telling me those dozens of developers who each spent months to give you this deserve no compensation from you for the entertainment they’ve provided. So yes, the fact that you won’t even consider “donating” to those who provided this service to you is indeed disgusting. The fact you think they should be paid on charity alone is disgusting. The fact that you think you NEED advantages over a free user just to support those who give you something, and you would rather advocate for screwing them over (via adblocker or otherwise) while keeping your money, is just plain selfish and disgusting.

What you’re saying is that, despite spending a ton of time on this site, it isn’t worth any value for you. It’s only worth the value of “free.” So if you have EVER complained about this site or hosted games, you’re a hypocrite. You said money = advantages, right? You didn’t invest any money, so the bar isn’t even low – the bar doesn’t exist for you. You don’t get the right to complain about a service you don’t support. I’m not going to look you up to find out whether I’m right though. Simply put, your attitude is disgusting to me, and yes that’s my opinion. You think you should be handed this site’s services for free. You think you should be allowed to reduce this site’s profit for your own comfort, while still making them give you the same free services. And you won’t even consider how what you’re doing/your way of thinking is wrong.

If this post doesn’t convince you, then I have nothing more to say.

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Topic: Kongregate / strong arm tactic to get us to kong plus

Originally posted by bobby71983:

I wont pay money just to support someone. That is what charities are for, and kongregate is not a charity.

Wow. I feel bad for any free service you ever use. Disgusting.

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Topic: Kongregate / strong arm tactic to get us to kong plus

Originally posted by Avyctes:

How much is it worth these days if I see and ad and don’t click it? A small fraction of a cent probably. I very much doubt that kong would earn $30 from any random user in a year, especially if they ignore all the ads. That to me is the main problem with K+, the lack of value. I subscribe to a few sites in similar ways as K+ but there I feel like I’m getting something for my money and am supporting actual people, instead of a faceless corporation like gamestop that is only interested in making a profit.

There are three advertisements per game page on Kongregate, I believe. One banner above, one banner and one square below.

You are someone who has rated hundreds of games and you tend to get the badge of the day every day. Every day you would be giving Kong ad revenue for both, if you didn’t use Adblocker or K+. For example, on August 13th, you visited 5 games. That’s 15 ads worth on a single day, not counting the two ads on the achievement page, the one on the homepage, etc. Also not counting reloads/refreshes onto Kongregate. Comparatively, K+ costs you between 8 and 9 cents a day. Given that you MIGHT click on an ad and generate a lot more for Kong, I think that’s about value’s worth.

Now, I’d say you’re a pretty standard Kongregate user. So multiply your average Kong behavior by the… 59,581 people supposedly playing online right now. If they just encountered 4 ads per day, that’s nearly a quarter million per day. The likely case is that it’s potentially a lot more though. Kongregate has also confirmed that Kong+ still lets developers get paid the same amount. Which by the way, is between 25% and 50% of all ad revenue from their page. So back to what I said: Kong+ cost is designed to cover the advertising fees that Kongregate loses.

Now, realize that when you deprive Kongregate and game devs of both their 9cent daily fee AND the ad revenue, you are not the only one. Between 2013 and 2014, adblock users grew 70% to a total of 144 million people worldwide. If that rate stayed the same, it’d be over 250 million today. That’s not some small number. And while not every one of them plays Kongregate, you’re part of a very large group of Kong users that use Adblocker. When combined, it is a significant loss of ad revenue that would go to both supporting Kong and the developers who provide you daily free entertainment.

You mentioned recently you don’t get the appeal of idle games. People keep complaining about oversaturation in general. You may have also noticed that only sequels are getting spotlighted on Kong. Have you begun to realize why yet? Developers don’t want to spend months making a game that is going to make them pennies. Why not make an idle game that’ll get thousands of plays and guarantee some income? Why not make sequels to your most successful game, instead of putting in effort for an original idea that may fail? It’s partly because of how wrung for cash developers are, and part of THAT problem is too many users using adblock.

If you realize all this, and you still choose to use adblock, fine. No one here is really judging you. But don’t try to pretend you’re not causing a problem just because you only account for “fractions of a cent.” You use adblock for your own personal comfort, be it minor inconvenience or to prevent tracking, whatever. But don’t try to say it doesn’t matter when it does. Don’t try to say K+ doesn’t support people when it does. At least get your facts right and admit to the personal side of it instead of pretending otherwise.

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Topic: Kongregate / strong arm tactic to get us to kong plus

Originally posted by bobby71983:

A good ad is something you can totally forget is even there, but you can still see on the sides of the screen. It’s not flashing or making any kind of noise, it’s just an image. A bad ad makes someone want to download adblock.

Uh, that definition of a “good ad” literally defeats the purpose and function of ads. Advertising only works if it is noticed. If you “totally forget they are there,” you aren’t noticing them at all. How would you see a product or click a link of an ad that is in some obscure corner you’d never look at? What advertiser would pay for such a service? I’ll agree about issue of noise, but advertisements MUST be noticeable, the more the better. Your opinion is only coming from the “righteous consumer” perspective, and neither the advertiser nor the publisher/freeware developer perspective.

If the main selling point of a feature is to disable ads, then your service is quite behind the times. I can already do that for free.

You’re going about that logic backwards. As Tetsuo_Shima pointed out, they aren’t “selling you the disable function,” you are compensating their monetary loss with your payment. You’re covering what the advertisers would pay [but aren’t paying] for your personal comfort. And while it’s a personal choice to “freeload” and get your personal comfort at Kongregate’s loss, as stated you should realize you are depriving a service provider all compensation, both from advertisers and yourself. You can’t blame them for asking for pennies while you use their product for hours free of charge.

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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / BUG AFTER UPDATE

I have a sneaking suspicion this was a preventative measure and more of an “intended bug”.

Notice the Gold Bonus in the original post? That’s quite high. Now check the Click Damage. A base click damage of 57 with a Bush Whacker at level 1 (because this “bug” doesn’t reset levels, per se) means that there have been a couple soft resets, but no more than 8 – the 8th reset achievement would give a total of 100 Base Click Damage. Few resets should mean both few idols AND few Jeweled Chests (no epics on Panda/Natalie), so the gold bonus should be relatively low. Further proof: How do you get a gold bonus that high without even completing the 150 objective?

I’m guessing hacks, which seems to make sense considering the two patch notes: “reworked trinkets, achievements, and idols” and “Prevented some bugs with DPS and Gold values becoming impossible numbers.” Depending on how you prevented the latter values, it’s possible that hacked games had currently exceeded the now-in-place cap. Especially if you boosted multipliers. It wasn’t hard to put Gold dangerously close to the cap, and each Crusader had a soft level cap in place, since you couldn’t exceed the gold cap. If you lowered these values, hacked games would throw this error, I think.

[I can also prove that johnkarlo88 did not purchase any Crusader on that screen other than Jim. Look at the abilities: BW, Emo, Sasha, Hermit, and Kaine all have theirs, but Jim does not. This glitch only affects purchased Crusaders. (Original question addendum: How do you get that high gold bonus without Kaine??) The most likely case is that Jim was the only one used at a hacked level, and now that’s been erased.]

The fact that only a couple people are posting about this supports my claim. Hackers would rather remain silent and wait for it to be resolved in their favor than risk what they gained. Instead of a resolution however, I would rather a confirmation on this fact; that this bug occurs for past cheaters. I’m posting this because if I’m right, not only will johnkarlo88 NOT send in a help ticket confirming his account and showing this issue, neither he nor a dev will confirm that this was brought on by cheating. So others like Shadedcrow24 won’t get their answer, cheaters or not. And those who did cheat will continue hoping that someone else will take the fall, and hope a general fix will be able to let them continue their behavior, rather than be told they got caught. Of course, I could be wrong, in which case, this can be ignored.

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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / Stuck on level 325, need help

Originally posted by ThisGameSuxss:

More and More people are using cheat engine to get jeweled chests directly. Levels = more idols and with speed hacks it essentially means you can add them almost directly and efficiently. If the developers aren’t interested in patching this up then people have no reason not to cheat outside of their moral compass.

Speed hack doesn’t quite help, since it sends a message to the server on a timed interval. If you speed it up too fast the game won’t run. Levels = more idols, but there’s a soft cap on gold (and therefore levels) so you can’t just amass them infinitely. Plus it’s annoying to level by clicking a bajillion times with the lag buildup.

Anyway, the Jeweled Chest drop rate is still incredibly low, so even blasting through the levels, you’re not getting very many. My point was that you cannot just hack yourself a million chests, THAT would be “directly.” You can quicken the pace you get them, but not to the point of suddenly having tons. And even if you could get them, drop rates would still be very low for the stuff inside.

ALL THAT ASIDE, you’re right about your last bit – this needs to be patched. [You would have been more credible had you made that post on a non-fake account… but still.] How, I’m not sure, but I agree that the devs need to do something about it.

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Topic: Kongregate / Harassment in forums

/sigh… did you really just call me out on the semantics of “listen” ? Are you a four-year old child? Have you not learned how to communicate at all? That the word “listen” is synonymous with “understand” ? Or maybe you thought that was funny? I hope not.

I’m done. You sicken me. I was really hoping you wouldn’t respond, cause I have a… 1500+ word post I was ready to give, with 0 offensive things in it… I really wanted to help you. Because I’ve been in your situation before. I argued everywhere I went – I was known as the wall-of-text poster and an argumentative asshole. Hell, I wasn’t finished typing at 1500 words! But you didn’t even let me finish the damn thing before you responded.

How do you play games? When the rules tell you what to do, do you demand proof? When they tell you that you died, and got game over, do you call them liars? I’m dumbfounded by how close-minded you are. Literally.

Here’s my last piece of advice for you, and I really, really hope no one else continues this thread. PEOPLE. DO. NOT. NEED. AN. ARGUMENT. TO. HATE. YOU. Your personality, the way you are, the way you’ve responded in this thread – those are our arguments and examples. The fact that you’re being a dick to everyone here, rejecting every post, arguing for the sake of arguing… It’s disgusting. You don’t want help or advice; you want the world to change for your benefit without putting in any effort. You want these “harassers” banned while you continue doing what you’re doing. Sorry, that’s not how the world works. Grow up, change yourself, and maybe people will be more receptive to you.

On that note, I will reply to one more thing, my history as a Moderator compels me: Moderators do not exist to protect you. They uphold the rules, but moreover they ensure a proper environment. It’s a subjective matter, as much as you don’t want to believe that. So the rules are NOT your shield. That depression thread on dashnet? It ended with a “no more derailing.” Where did that derailment start? YOUR POST. If you hadn’t posted, things would have been fine. And sure, everyone else derailed too, BECAUSE OF YOU. A moderator will look at that situation, say “he planted the seed, everything grew from that. He should be punished, not them.” It’s like shouting fire in a theater – you don’t punish those who panic, you punish the one who caused it. And you cannot argue with me on this: I’ve BEEN a Moderator for two gaming companies. I’m not wrong.

Now. Go ahead. Keep telling us we’re wrong about you. You’ve literally turned every poster here against you. So fine. We’re ALL WRONG. ALL OF US. Good luck convincing every single person that. Here’s a factual question for you: Who’s more likely right: 100 people who hate someone in complete agreement, or that single person defending himself? But you probably don’t care. I wish you could see this from outside your box, but you’ve locked yourself so far away, nothing could hope to reach you.

Okay. I’m done. Reply all you want. I’m going to enjoy this thread of desperation, but I absolutely will not reply again, so don’t bother demanding examples. I’m only depressing myself trying to help you, and well… we all know how receptive you are to that.

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Topic: Kongregate / Harassment in forums

This entire thread boiled down:

Everyone: Gardevoir/Gabidou, you need to change your behavior! All of the reactions you get stem from your own actions! Just change the cause and the effect stops!

At this point it’s simply a case of him making the situation around him, being too stubborn to see that, and being too stubborn to listen. I don’t even have to read through the thread to realize this (although I did for kicks). The rest of the thread will continue the same way. You could write a peer-reviewed thesis, give him examples of other people who went through the same situation… You could show him a goddamned alternate reality where he actually listened and the harassment stopped and he’d still call it lies and think you’re wrong.

As offensive as I might have been, this is just pathetic. I will not be called a liar by someone too blind to understand truth. No one here, no one EVER, should try to help someone who rejects the possibility that they might have to change. That they might be the cause of their own situations. I think we should all just ignore this thread, and let him continue like he is. At best, he’ll just tell you you’re wrong. At worst, he’ll call you a troll or a liar. Either way, I don’t think a meteor could pierce the mentality he’s formed.

Inb4 the inevitable response telling me how wrong I am. Inb4 he says “you wrote the inb4 so I HAD to respond.” Here’s a test: If he manages to NOT reply to my message, I’ll accept that he might be worth a bit of help after all.

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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / Stuck on level 325, need help

To end this, since it’s not very difficult to understand:

He’s not faking screenshots. He’s cheating by altering the amount of Gold he has. Gold is not saved server-side, since it constantly changes for every person and is also affected while offline. So it isn’t difficult to alter that number and increase it. Then you use that gold up and alter it again. In his case, he’s just boosting Hermit and letting the game run.

Before anyone asks, Chests, Idols, and Rubies ARE saved server-side, I believe, so it is not possible to increase any of those directly.

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Topic: Kongregate / Kongregate Walkthrough Page!

Originally posted by adv0catus:

As TurkeyPie mentioned (and linked to), Kongregate already hosts walthroughs. They might as well do it properly and get more eye balls for more ads.

Oh, my bad, I thought that was a forum post, I didn’t actually click it. Now I have.

However, I don’t think that’s what OP is referring to when they said “walkthrough.” That link is more like a game guide, with a ton of information about the game itself, rather than just the solution video. While the video is there in the Walkthrough section, the guide contains so much more detailed information. And Pandemic itself is a really bad example in general, for the reason they say specifically: “Due to the game playing out differently for every player, explicit instructions cannot be provided.”

I imagine that what OP is asking for is just a giant labyrinth of pages that you’d CTRL+F through until you landed on the right page for your game, and for almost every Puzzle and Strategy game all you’d find is a single video that shows you the solutions. That is what I was referring to, so my apologies for not being thorough. >w>

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Topic: Kongregate / Kongregate Walkthrough Page!

Eh… The only reason people use walkthroughs is for badges. And on almost every badged game, either A) The Best Comments contain the optimal strategies, B) The game has a link within the game to a video walkthrough, C) You can easily google a walkthrough; the first result will be Youtube or JayisGames.

I know you mentioned those, and I’m not saying that the idea is bad. I just feel having this page would be an unnecessary step. I’ve never once had trouble finding tips or a walkthrough for any game – it only takes a few seconds of looking. How would that be any different than the few seconds it would take to navigate your page?

Also (and this is just me personally), I feel it would be kinda redundant to have an entire site dedicated to games, and to officially connect it to a page that completely defeats the purpose of said games. Although Kongregate can do nothing to STOP players from making and using walkthroughs, to endorse and promote them would be tantamount to just handing out badges on a timer, IMO.

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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / Stuck on level 325, need help

Not photoshop. But yes trolling.

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Topic: Kongregate / Harassment in forums

You missed everything I wrote, I think. I’ll try one last time.

If you’re talking about that BTD5 thread I quitted it because the guy was clearly just messing around rather than trying to arguing.

I said you did NOT quit that thread when you SHOULD have. Yes, you finally did, but three days too late. He was “messing around” by insulting you, and openly admitting to ignoring your arguments. Why on earth did you stay?! You accomplished nothing but looking immature. You lost more in credibility than you gained by being right. You should have left on August 15th. Your last post was August 18th. And not a single post of yours in between had ANYTHING of value in it.

This is exactly true, but again I avoid the very-obvious one like Spooky’s ones.

You take bait, even obvious bait full of insults and lacking arguments, like a little kid takes Halloween candy. If anyone so far as says the word “Gardevoir” I can guarantee you jump on it. You avoid nothing, and you don’t know when to quit and leave. Your only example of avoiding bait is Spooky, and even then it took you months before you gave it up. There’s still a dozen archived Spooky threads of you exploding, so don’t ignore my point.

I asked for advices and stuff, not for people claiming I “Harass” people or how I take the bait, really.

That’s just a way of rephrasing exactly what I said: You generalized them all as people against you. You’ve proly put me in that group too. But you say you asked for advice, then don’t respond to mine. I don’t think you realize how you come off to others. I guess you didn’t see my edit: I’d be willing to bet you have NEVER apologized online. I’d be willing to bet you have been in a hundred arguments where people said you needed to be respectful of your audience and learn tact. I’d also be willing to bet you just told them “No, I can do what I want.” and dismissed them completely.

Look man… I am not going to respond through pages of quoted posts. I have neither time nor patience for that. So this is what you need to hear: Your harassers? They will just be replaced by more. Your calls for help? All moderators and admins are going to ignore them. Your arguments? You may think you win them, but you kill your image in the process. Your idea for a solution? This entire thread? Pointless. If you don’t quit acting the way you do, you need to accept that the position you’re in now is where you’ll always be. Here, dashnet, and everywhere else.

Your posting behavior is the common denominator. As it pertains to this thread, yeah, the people harassing you should stop. But there wouldn’t be any harassment if you acted differently. You may disagree. Sorry, but it’s the truth, and I’m not going to waste time trying to show a willfully-blind person the light. I have a hundred example posts of how your behavior online is pitiful – it took all of a few minutes of searching to find them. I like you as a person, but damn, your act is bad. You wanna improve it? Take it to my PMs. Otherwise, enjoy the never-ending debate threads you’ve trapped yourself in, and never look to moderators, code of conducts, or friends to back you up.

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Topic: Kongregate / Harassment in forums

Originally posted by Gabidou99:

2. stop responding to every piece of obvious bait intentionally posted to rile you up

Except most of those I reply aren’t “Obvious”. sometime it’s just a serious post then the person pretend “it was a bait all along”. If you wanna talk about Obvious bait, take example on 99% of SpookySkeleton’s Nintendo thread which I almost never reply to them.

4. learn to walk away from an argument

I only do it when it’s obvious the person I talk to only try to seek for attention rather than actual arguments.

I have to disagree here. “If you wanna talk about Obvious bait,” I seem to recall a recent thread where you were dragged along for DAYS clinging to the bait posts. While I commend you for not responding aggressively, you certainly didn’t realize when you should have quit. You continued responding to pure bait for three days, before finally giving them the last word. This person was CLEARLY not invested in the argument, so you’re wrong about your answer to #4. The question in retrospect: over those three days, did you ACTUALLY accomplish anything? The answer is no, and that was clear from the start of the bait posts. You should have walked away LONG before that point. [I’m intentionally leaving the thread out, BOTH of you don’t bring it here ._.]

I’m still on your side here; I’m not trying to say you’re in the wrong. Rather, here’s a lesson from personal experience: over the last two weeks you made it VERY clear that you have this idea: “If I leave an argument where everyone is telling me I’m wrong, I lose. Therefore, I’ll never leave an argument.” This idea is a problematic one, and it bleeds over onto every conversation you have. “If someone insults me, and I don’t respond, they’re proven right. Therefore I must respond.” and “If someone is factually wrong or has a badly supported opinion, I should tell them how they’re wrong.” This kind of mentality makes you condescending, which then makes you easy to paint a target on. And every thread can become a bait thread against you. I’m certain you’ve encountered this literally everywhere you’ve gone.

This kind of mentality also fuels two other problematic things: “I can do/say what I want so long as I know I’m right” and “The authorities and others will automatically side with me because I am right.” These are what pushed you to make this thread. You consider yourself harassed, and are willing to engage in an argument with anyone who tells you otherwise. You also think the mods are at fault for not doing anything about it, that’s how certain you are. So I doubt anyone will actually be able to convince you of anything besides what you already believe. You’ve attempted to dismiss every person in this thread so far; that act alone shows you won’t be convinced. You’ll try and tell me it’s because most of them are trolls or otherwise, but… We can’t all be wrong, you know.

You’re free to take or ignore this advice, or argue back, it doesn’t matter to me. I have nothing to gain from engaging with you. But I would strongly recommend you start thinking on a community level, and consider your own actions within online communities before you interact within them. Realize that an engaging conversation doesn’t always have to be one where one side is telling the other what is right and what is wrong. Realize that every community interacts in specific ways, and how you’ve been acting fits NONE of them. The way you’re going, I can only see you making enemies in every community, and being generally unhappy everywhere you go.

EDIT: If you’re going to respond to this, answer a question for me. When was the last time you said “I’m sorry, I was wrong” on a post online? Link me if possible.

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Topic: Kongregate / SeaWorld ? No Thanks!

Originally posted by nitetemplar:

the animals that are pretending to be happy while acting because they have no choice

Quite some reading to wake up to.

nitetemplar, regardless of your misinformed opinion, there are several options to get rid of ads on this site [and in general]. You’ve been a member of Kong since 2008 – just get adblock, if commercials bother you so much. I highly, highly doubt Kongregate has anything to do with the animal cruelty you speak of, nor will they be able to do anything about it. Even if you don’t like it, and even if that opinion is shared, there’s nothing generally wrong with the commercial in question, and therefore it’ll be staying.

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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / Your Drop Rate Problem

Originally posted by cih137:

First, silver will always have uses in getting enchantment points and gold so they will never be obsolete.

I half agree. It’s true that the instant-gold drops will always be proportional to your location, and it’s true that buffs can be used and enchantment points stack.

However, once you are resetting consistently, Silver Chests stop needing to be opened during a Reset Run for Idols. Thus, you can start stockpiling all of them while getting Idols as well. The Idols are more valuable, as you mentioned, so why waste the chests to get just one or two more idols, when you can reset and work on the next hour for 14+ instead?

Thus, you get a MASSIVE amount of Silver Chests. Useful only until you get a full set of uncommon gear; by that point, you really won’t need chests to reach the 200 mark – about 5 XP is all you’ll need, depending on Idols. As you repeat that Idol gain, 5 will become less and less.

What I was referring to is the post-200 stage, when you can reach 200 without using Silvers or Buffs, and need 0-1 XP. At THAT point, Silver Chests are obsolete. Right now we don’t have any reason to go past 200, and idol collection beyond there is so slow, you’re better off resetting well beforehand. If you don’t need buffs (and no one does, you probably have a stockpile already) and you don’t need any more enchantments, why open the chests at all? Like, you’re already getting to the 200 finish line without them; that’s the very definition of “obsolete.”

And sure, you can use them on the challenge campaigns, or future campaigns that come out. But if you’re like me, and are at the post-200 stage NOW, you’re going to have 300+ Silver Chests long before those campaigns come out. If/when you do use them, you’ll get such a grand boost or buff stockpile that you’ll never need to do so again. THAT’S why I say they are obsolete. I haven’t opened a silver chest in a week, and I have no intention to for the foreseeable future.

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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / Your Drop Rate Problem

Wasn’t going to come back to this thread, but I can’t help myself…

Originally posted by Sir_Valimont:

Let me clarify, briefly. As expected a lot of people (like Lloyd in his post) simply did not understand my point.

What is difficult for players (and even designers sometimes) to understand is that any proposed solution does not have an effect on drop rates. It’s just an evening out of the distribution. It’s like saying you can roll a 100-sided die ten times and get a prize if you hit the 1 … or instead letting someone roll a 10-sided die once to try to hit the 1. The odds are virtually the same in both cases, but your distribution in the second case results in less people getting annoyed and more people enjoying the game.

I understood perfectly fine. But you contradicted yourself with that quoted example. In the OP, you said “So the problem is not your [loot/rarity] drop rates: the problem is your [loot type] distribution.” By that, you clearly meant “There’s no problem with the amount of chests or amount of loot, just that some loot inside is valuable, and the rest worthless.” You clarified this exactly in your next post.

However, you didn’t say anything about reducing the rate of dropped chests. Which is the ONLY way your formulas above actually work. For your math to be “virtually the same,” you MUST account for the reduced dice rolls, or in this case, reduced chest drops.

So for your numbers, the ONLY way to do that is if our current chest drops (your stated ten 100die rolls) was reduced to a single, better chance drop (your proposed one 10die roll). Basically what you said is to increase the chances 10x, and compensate by reducing the draws to 1/10. And yes, that comes out equivalent, but only if you get ONE high chance draw/chest.

You just conflicted your first post about not altering drop rates with this logic, and agreed with my statement: Unless you reduced the chest drop rate, your proposal would do NOTHING but increase the amount of good gear obtained, since every draw would yield better rewards. Which is what I said from the start: “However, if you ARE asking to increase the amount of gear per chest…” (ie, not changing the chest drop rate, but getting more/better gear.) So I’d say I understood pretty well. And I still disagree, same as before.

And by the way; your formulas would NOT have “more people enjoying the game” – Just look at how annoyed people are that Jeweled Chests don’t transform often enough. That’s literally your logic implemented exactly: A smaller, rarer drop that yields greater rewards. People getting angry about that forced the introduction of Daily Quests, and even then people are still unhappy. That’s the exact opposite of solving a problem, it CREATED some.

I will debate any mathematics you wish, but I stand strong on this: your original recommendation does nothing beneficial for the game, for the reasons I outlined. You said your main point is to remove the “luck” factor, but your suggestions for doing so would wreck the systems in place. I agree that a little less luck would be nice, I’ve said that about chests from the beginning, since August 3rd. But increasing the value of current chests would NOT solve this problem without seriously harming the game. Now, I see that alyniana has posted a few times, so I will stand by her statements that they will solve the problems as they see fit.