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Topic: Serious Discussion / Would you rather be safe than sorry?

“It is better that ten guilty escape than one innocent suffer.”
-William Blackstone, ‘Commentaries on the Laws of England’, iv.27), an important exposition of English Law written between 1765-1769

This says it all. When our society devolves into putting “questionable” people into jail to “be safe” we have started down the slippery spiral to tyranny and despotism.

Never give up the rights of the individual for the comfort of the government.

It is one thing to hold one responsible for one’s actions (yelling FIRE in a theatre etc) but quite another to assume one yelled fire and punish them for doing it without proof.

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Topic: General Gaming / GEN CON QUESTIONS

I am starting this thread for a couple of reasons. We try to get to GEN CON in INDY each year. Each year, we discover events that were last minute add-ons, or we miss games that others have found very enjoyable. At the same time, we have found games/events that we’ve been to to be great sometimes, and not so great others.

So, if you know of an event that you really enjoyed or didn’t enjoy(assuming you’ve gone and done that event, several repeat year to year) please tell us what you liked and why (or opposite).

Also, if you know of coupons, special deals that others could benefit from, that would be great also.

As for me, I liked Aerodrome, a large scale WW1 aerial combat turn based board game. The combination of visuals and strategy was very fun.
I did not like True Dungeon. I felt like they were trying to weasel money out of us at every turn. It was more about spending than role playing.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / are we supposed to beleive the new testament of bible or can we go with the one we think is more comprehensive?

Ahura-Mazda Anyone? Let’s just go back to this guy, from the middle-east, who preceded the judean belief in one god. Ahura-Mazda

Dewyblue…your belief is unfounded. We cannot convince you any more than you can convince any of us. That fact, no matter how many suras you quote, is irrefutable. No matter how many “!”s you use OR CAPS, your message falls on deaf ears for two reasons.

1 You’ve come to a forum where people discuss topics logically, perhaps with passion, but they strive to use logic in the arguments.
2 You have continually insulted other posters. This inflammatory attitude simply decreases any credibility your argument may otherwise hold.

I fully expect that you will now, quote me and CAPS !! back at me.

Before you do, remember, your religion is simply one in a long chain of similar belief sets linked straight back to persia. Although the link I provided gives some brevity and humor, it is based on fact and on the very ancient and still living religion of Zoroastrianism.

If you want to talk quietly and logically, I will listen and perhaps debate, if we have disagreement. However, if you insist on ranting, I can play along in that vein as well. I hope your god shows you the way to peaceful conversation.

By the way, before you throw “your bible” type of stuff at me, I am not a Christian and believe all holy books to be simply books written by men. Therefore, you will need to convince me through a means other than any of the scriptures.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / North Korea threats to Launch Missile

see this article

Here is the story regarding the original post.

This story has been all over the news. It’s still a good idea to post info though.

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Topic: Off-topic / Poem... My poems.

I understood MArsh, thank you for the clarification though.
I agree they seem unpolished, but I am sure some great poems were done quickly in fits of inspiration (these do not fall into that category).

Just because they are not first rate is not reason for some of the comments. Such as

Originally posted by 666_666:

They suck.

Now that’s just rude if left at that. IF you really believe they suck, at least explain why so pivot can become a better writer.

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Topic: Off-topic / Poem... My poems.

to OP good to see you writing. Keep it up. They need a bit of polishing but the first has promise. Your Kongregate poem is a bit too sing songy for my taste but still fun to read. Your reading poem should be strengthened a bit by either taking out the city references or explaining why they are there a bit. Right now it seems they are only there to rhyme with dork.

Originally posted by MarshWarrior:

I think they need a whole lot of work…

Try opening a thesaurus and using interesting words…

Your literally telling the reader what the poem means, which a good poem its does not make.

With all due respect, when telling someone to use different words, you may want to use the correct ones yourself. (your instead of you’re, “which a food poem its does not make” ???)

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Topic: Off-topic / What not to say on a date?

To a woman-let’s call her Jane

Wow Jane, the magnificence of your eyes is only surpassed by the size of your ass. In fact, If your zip code of a rump were just a wee bit larger, I believe the moon’s orbit would shift due to the gravitational pull. And that hair of yours, darling. It appears that you’ve been swimming next to an oil spill. That’s ok, I like it slippery. You don’t mind wearing this bag later do you? Oh, by the way, where are we going for dinner?

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Your opinions of Abortion

Originally posted by Dacheetah:

Arguing whether or not something is the “law” or not is really only suited for courts. What gives law authority beyond written words is enforcement…

I think abortion should not be illegal, but not necessarily legal. Not encouraged. There is an inherent utility in a growing or at least stable population size; start giving out abortions, and you have a situation like the Soviet Union’s negative growth rate (and now, Russia’s, but that’s not a state issue, that’s a substance abuse thing)… then again, start exiling people for them, and you have a situation like the Soviet Union’s orphanages. I think the current sort of limbo that abortion rests in in this country, legal, but controversial, is exactly where it should be.

The law IS the LAW. It is what actions are based on. Does a woman, needing an abortion, have it done in a clinic, as sterile as possible, or does she have it done with a coat hangar in a back alley? Of course enforcement is part of it. I never assumed or suggested that it didn’t. And to suggest that limbo is best…we will have to agree to disagree on that.

Originally posted by Jabor:

Ideally, one would either

I consider the life of a person to have an intrinsic worth. A fetus, incapable of thought, and having absolutely no memories or experiences, is not a person.

Jabor, that is the opinion of a majority of liberals. I respect your value system. Many conservatives have the opposite view. This is why I stated Pro-Choice often goes with Anti-Death Penalty. That’s what you seem to believe.

I say that if you believe human life has intrinsic value, how do you define it? 24 hours out of the womb? 48? OR do you measure by gestation? 9 months from conception? 7? What about a premature birth? Do they have no value until they are 9 total months old?

Developmentally, what is the difference? Just because one is out of a womb and the other still in it makes no difference. REM in fetuses show that they dream. They suck their thumbs. They are alive. Make no mistake about it, abortion is the TERMANATION OF A HUMAN LIFE.

I have just come to terms with that and feel a woman’s right to choose is greater than the rights of an unborn.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / On the Repetition of Thread Topics

Sith I appreciate your enthusiasm. as I do not have the history you have to remember all of the old threads.

The index/directory is an ok idea, especially if one is researching that very thing.

For myself, and I imagine a few others, I don’t mind if a thread is somewhat similar to another. I will generally not search the directory to see if a topic has been discussed before. I see it as time consuming and of little benefit to people who wish to discuss something at present. I know this sounds selfish, but it is really about time and interaction.

I enjoy interacting with people on the forum, and by discussing an older topic again, ideas may come up that weren’t there originally.

Whatever way people want to do it, I’m ok with it. If your suggestion seems to help most out, I am all for it. I just guess I am the rare person who doesn’t mind having 12 non-smoking threads.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Your opinions of Abortion

Abortion was found constitutionally legal in the US decades ago. It IS legal for countless, already evaluated reasons. If someone wants to change the law by getting an amendment passed, or somehow reversing a Supreme Court decision, have fun. But to argue is pointless.

Is it bad that an unborn child will never be born? Of course.
Is it bad that we have a death penalty punishing offenders of heinous crimes? Of course.

Yet the people are often on opposite sides of the argument. (Pro-life often goes with Pro-death penalty and Pro-choice often goes with Anti-Death Penalty)

Ideally, one would either
A) Find human life sacred and therefore beyond capital punishment regardless of the crime (even if we consider being born as a ‘crime’)
B) Find all human life somewhat expendable depending on the circumstances.

I know this sounds cold, but really, what’s the difference. You are either preserving a life or taking one.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Your opinions of Abortion

Abortion IS legal in the US, just to clarify the original post.

It should remain so. It is a woman’s right to govern her body as she chooses.

Even in the case where it is considered “life” the woman still has the right to terminate the pregnancy without regard as to how she got pregnant (i mean circumstances, we all know how).

I do not believe the father has a say until after the decision to have the child is made.

To those who would argue about stem cell research being unethical, the embryos that are harvested for stem cells are from those that are generally discarded once they are no longer needed for pending implantation.

It’s alot like saying “you can’t advance science by looking through my trash,” after all, there are no funerals, birthrecords etc for these embryos, so get over the hype.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Why is sex considered innapropriate?

Originally posted by Jerichoami:

it’s not considered innapropriate if you do it in the sacrament of marriage (ie man and a woman). It’s when someone has sex outside of marriage that’s innapropriate. Sex outside of marriage is considered inappropriate for those who embrace the bible as their moral guide. I do not. Sex outside of marriage is perfectly fine to me.

The criteria must be viewed from several angles. Is it in public? Is it in front of others? Is it with a partner of the same sex? What if it’s with a hermaphrodite? Is private sex with a member of the same sex more or less appropriate than public sex with one’s spouse? How old are the participants?

Each person will have their own views on the level of appropriateness to that person. Societies deem what is appropriete for that culture.

As an example, in ancient Rome, sex was no big deal. Their leaders were famous for orgies, incest, homosexual relations, many things that our societies tend to be appalled by. The embrace with the Catholic Church in Rome helped cause a shift in behavior that spread throughout Europe.

But the appropriateness changes with different eras. Elizabethan England was much less prudish than Victorian England, which came later.

We can’t simply assume that the acceptance is becoming greater as we move forward in time. Cultures acceptance ebbs and flows.

My personal belief is that it is entirely appropriate for people of the age of consent. This means keep any kids out of it! Adults should be free to do whatever they want as long as it doesn’t affect others who may have a differing viewpoint, and especially as long as it doesn’t affect children.

A great rule of thumb would be, if you are 18+ stay with 18+ partners! If you are a teenager, be with teens YOUR OWN AGE! If you are younger-stay away from it until you are older.

As for responsibility, my wife and I provided our kids condoms when they were 14yrs old. Not that we encouraged them to have sex, but we wanted them to be protected if they did. We felt that was entirely appropriate.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Depression: All in the Head?

Vanguard, great post above, kudos. When I mentioned a school counsellor, I did so to get her going in the right direction because counselors should have information on where she can get the help she needs. Thank you for the clarification.

Orzo, people also believed in phrenology and astrology but it doesn’t mean that they were valid. People who continue to insist that this is not a real and treatable(and not always with meds) issue but simply a more intense or longer sadness miss the boat entirely, and give poor advice to someone in real need.

The point is ORzo, it is not as easy as just stopping to feel sorry for yourself. As for excuses-I hope you never have to deal with this in your personal life. It is not a simple choice for some. It is a chemical imbalance in the brain which causes certain behaviors to manifest more intensely.

This is similar to any number of drugs one can take to “get high.” Instead of “getting high,” a depressed person’s brain may create chemicals that cause sadness, or apathy. This is why meds are prescribed, to try to rebalance the brain chemistry.

So please don’t insult the medical community and all the advances in science by dismissing them with silly notions of people blaming everything else etc. I’m not saying this is never done by some people, but there are millions of folks who can benefit from therapy and possibly meds.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Science and Religion: Which side are you on?

Why would an atheist be forced to believe in some religios stuff? And we have plenty of proof that some fundementalist christians do not embrace much scientific discovery.

As for you stating that my pairings are not the point of the topic….they are exactly the point of the topic. Different people believe different combinations of the two elements in the array. It is important for people to realize that possible combinations exist outside of what they may have considered.

as for your 20,000ft comment, that assumes way too much on knowledge of the passenger to be serious.

I mean you no disrespect, asam3, but it is exactly on topic.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Public Schools: Right or Privelege?

Private schools (I will include any school where you need “pull” to get in here)= privilege. Look at George Bush and John McCain, both got into great undergrad schools without good grades.

Public schools=right.

Any who believe that a child born into a family without much money deserves less than a child born into wealth on the educational front is not thinking with a generous heart. Public schools are also dangerously mis aligned as well, at least in Illinois here. Wealthier towns have public schools which provide laptops etc, while some communities struggle to have enough basic supplies. This is due to an unequal distribution in tax dollars from community to community.

Not only is it ok, but private schools are encouraged. But NEVER should the public school system be dismantled, or short changed. The future of our world depends on their proper, unbiased education.

As for assuming that private schools are full of those that “earned” it? Give me a break. Many who go to private schools are from families who have passed wealth down from generation to generation. To assume this somehow entitles special privilege is preposterous. It does not. We must never take away from the have nots because we assume they are not worthy. We must never simply give to the haves because we assume that they are.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Depression: All in the Head?


I’m sorry to hear about your diagnosis. Amidst all the posts here, please remember that depression itself is very real and very serious. If money is an issue, you and your family should seek the nearest county medical clinic or support center to see what programs can be offered. It may not be much, but you may be suprised once you look into it.

As for those who state that depression is just feeling bad or being bored, or not having freedom…hmmm.
They have not had depression, or are speaking of only their specific symptoms.

It’s important to get help/counseling. This may be with your family therapist, a school counseler (they may direct you to someone), or your church elder.

Depression is very real and very dangerous, worse than just sadness, it sometimes appears as a total absence of feeling or concern with your surroundings.

If there is no one you can talk to, pray and meditate. Write in a journal. Write poetry, paint, do something to channel the negative energy away.

IF you feel nothing at all, however, start to write, paint etc. Something will click, eventually. At least you will be stimulating different parts of your mind which can stave off further depression.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / girls and sports

Almost Laxaria, but you miss one key element.

A top male athlete will usually beat out a top female athlete in matters of speed and strength. This is why women and men usually compete in seperate leagues. Even on the occasions where women have been allowed to play in men’s leagues, it only shows the extreme exceptions, not the norm.

Regarding tennis, The Williams sisters have great serves and great strengh for women, but would be overpowered by most professional men on the court.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Science and Religion: Which side are you on?

Originally posted by LatexDucky:

Science is a quest for both consistency (no contradictions) and completeness (we know everything) which can NEVER happen so science is just as ‘invalid’ as religion or another way to say it, religion is just as valid as science.


Use science for the things you can control and use religion for comfort against the things you can’t.

The first part of your statement “Science is a quest for both consistency (no contradictions) and completeness (we know everything)” is spot on.

The second part, claiming it is just as invalid as religion (or that religion is just as valid as science) because we can never know everything is preposterous. That is like saying we should have stopped studying biology because at one time we didn’t know anything about it, or that we should never have looked into the stars because we can never know everything out there.

The realization that one cannot know everything is not reason to invalidate a field of study.

Religion is valid, but not because of any invalidity by science. It is valid on its own terms

Originally posted by 1shawn1:

Technichally I am on religion’s side. I wish there was not so much conflict between science and religion, but Humans have an extreme desire to understand everything, and simply cannot tolerate someone doing something or believing in something they cannot see the logic behind. In these situations a human being attempts to stop that person or group of people from being different either by making them change sides or using the law or the media as a weapon to force the people to act in a way that the person considers “sane” or “normal”. One example is Gamers vs. Anti-Gamers. The Anti-Gamers do not see the appeal of Video Games and therefore use the media to viciously attack the people who do. In a way, Humans were pre-programmed to create conflict.

We have to say SOME HUMANS do this, not all. In fact, most of us probably have a live and let live attitude. It’s the vocal minority that effect change in many cases. Regarding your “pre-programmed to create conflict” I agree.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Your opinions on smoking

Smoking is horrible for your health. That said, there are cigars and cigarettes that smell pleasant to some people. It’s akin to sitting around a campfire for some.

I would never agree to forcing all privately owned companies to prohibit smoking in their establishments. The public can choose whether to visit an establishment based on its smoking policy.

For those who have never done it, don’t. My father-in-law is in the hospital right now with a collapsed lung as a result of years of smoking. Not pretty.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Science and Religion: Which side are you on?

Originally posted by pacaholic:

East or North? Which side are you on?


Go Left or eat Eggs? The two are only connected if you force them to be.

Originally posted by asam3:

There are no “sides” actually. Why say you’re in favor of science if you have a religion? And if you’re atheist, you still can’t say you favor science since atheism is a way of being free and believing in yourself, setting goals for your own right, and doing other things without any care since you don’t have anyone to prohibit you(which means no god prohibits you). And being self centered means you don’t care about anything except yourself, so why care about science?

I disagree with your analysis of atheism. You assume all atheists are selfish. You also assume one cannot embrace science if they are an atheist. You assume atheists are self-centered. Your assumptions are simply false.

The following combinations are all valid
science AND religion
neither science nor religion
science AND atheism
religion AND atheism (this may throw some off, but trust me it is possible)
atheism AND selflessly philanthropic
selfish/corrupt AND deist.

The point is, the two are not mutually exclusive and do not appear on the same axis. We need to realize that before we can put this false debate to bed.

Fuzzy, well said.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / What Do Jehovah's Witnesses Believe?

Originally posted by PredKing:

Well, as for pronunciation, it changes depending on the language; this is true. I don’t consider that an issue, though. Also, please explain what you consider to be an incorrect interpretation of hell.

It’s also not merely pronunciation but the rewriting of the bible itself by the folks at Watchtower, who have injected the name Jehovah countless times where it wasn’t before. The translations themselves are at odds with other translations from other christian sects, and not just in word but meaning.

As for the Hell thing, I refer to your belief that there is no Hell other than what is here on earth now, with Satan as its ruler. Both translations can’t be right. I don’t simply embrace that which existed before your translation occured in the last 145 years or so, but the fact that they change is startling.

The fact that your translation is incongrous with other christian beliefs is the problem I and many others have with believing what 1 group purports as truth over the others. This is not a “slam” on your religion, you believe what you wish. But understand that I cannot “buy in” to any “vendor” of holy wares who claims they have the only recipe for success.

Also your interpretation of the actual death of christ, claiming that christ was killed on a simple stake, rather than a cross-a common form of punishment in those days, goes against many other sects. To write it off as a simple pagan symbol doesn’t get past the point that there ARE different beliefs. We could parse forever the differences of your faith vs “mainstream” christianity, but there is no need.

What matters to me regarding your religion is-
the differences itemized above and countless others
translations of translations of translations
seperate support writings (Watchtower etc) which seem to carry as much weight as the bible itself to its members,
a soft “ban” on independent thinking

Because there are so many faiths with so many differences (not just within christianity), A logical person must come to the conclusion that they are one of the following-
A-all have a kernel of truth and should be interpreted together
B-Are all full of hooey
C-1 or some have the correct way
D-Many have the correct way, and as long as one’s close he’s ok

I will never allow my free thought to be subjagated to the will of dogmatic religions. If your religion tries to control your thoughts, and “disowns” members who fall from the fold through “shunning” (you know what I mean PredKing) ask yourself, is this what Christ would really do? Aren’t we suppose to help the fallen and weak? Why do we push away those that have thoughts different than ours? Remember what the last part of “turn your cheek” is?

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Science and Religion: Which side are you on?

Originally posted by Darkruler2005:

for the record, I have beliefs very similar to your own and was also raised Catholic. I bring this up because I feel it important that you know from where this point of view originates. I do not feel that Science and Religion are at odds and believe in evolution through the creative spark of a divine power.

Yes, those are the basics of my belief.

I was merely interested. What if there were more religious people than scientists? Would we now be thinking creation is the truth? Since at the moment, it only seems like we’re following the majority, logic. Probably because mankind was made to be logical.

I believe there are more religious people than scientists. Most countries in the world do not have this science vs religion debate because most of the world does not see them at odds. Of course I include all religious folk, not just christians.
edit: i speak of individuals, not governments like China, where individuals embrace the I Ching while the government rejects most religious practices.

Originally posted by melonman99:

when i think about this i don’t think science and religon can be together. The church are a bunch bastards for example the dark ages
church= “oh look galens work 400-600 years ago why it’s like our belives he much be right”
Guy = “But how come it says we have two liver”
church= “Burn that heritic”

and religon has cursed so many wars like in the middle east (america sent jews into arabs city and kicked them out because the city was apparently a jewish city they lost thousands of years ago by Romans)

So yer religon just think what have you done for the world that dosn’t involve your own selffish needs.

Oh yer i don’t give a shit about either sides i say think what you what you thinks right and fuck the rest, so shove that you pipe and smoke

Melon, science and religion, although struggling for centuries with each other (talking specifically the catholic/christian faith here) can coexist. The Catholic church has recently come out acknowledging that life may exist on other planets. This is a far cry from the days of Galileo’s troubles with the church.

There need be no “side” of this argument that is the winning side. Coexistence is possible, but only if religions embrace the advances of science, and credit their god for the new understanding (and perhaps creation?)of this incredibly complex world/universe.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Pope: belief in Witchcraft is bad

Witchcraft is not evil
Christianity is not evil
Buddhism is not evil

The point is, regardless of one’s belief set, one cannot judge a religion on the base actions of its members. One can only judge the members for their actions. IF the religion in question seems to endorse behavior dangerous to others, look deeper to its leadership, which consists of people. Again, judge the acts of the people, not the religion.

If a pagan killed/harmed others as part of a ritual, they would be evil.
If a christian killed/harmed others as part of a ritual, they would be evil.

Organizations can do evil things. They can be held to account for atrocities. I get that. But in the end, they are all made up of a decision maker somewhere who endorsed the idea.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / If a Zombie Attack were to happen...

Yep, i would go into the deep woods and live off the land away from humanity’s remains…at least until a zombie squirrel ate me in my sleep.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / What Do Jehovah's Witnesses Believe?

Originally posted by PredKing:

To answer the first part of your response, this was stated earlier in the thread.

“I founded this thread to further educate people about what Jehovah’s Witnesses believe. If people choose to become Jehovah’s Witnesses as a result, that is great news to me. However, you can take this thread as simply educational if you like.”

As for the blood issue, there are many alternatives to taking blood. Jehovah’s Witnesses would have rathered your father-in-law had taken alternatives to blood, and if he died, then he would have still had a chance to live in Paradise, on Earth. That is to put it bluntly, and I mean no disrespect to you, your father-in-law, or your beliefs.

My father-in law is doing better, thank god he arrived to the hospital in time and thank god he received the transfusion when he did. There were no alternatives for him at that moment.

I do not take your comments as anything disrespectful. I do, however, scratch my head at how a church which chooses to deny its members medical access due to the writings in a book is comfortable with countless translational issues within that book including the proper pronunciation and name of its god,(Jehovah/Yahweh etc depending on the translation as the original language which used no vowels), including the misinterpretation of hell, including countless others.

To acknowledge translational problems is a must for any religion purporting to follow the good book. To do otherwise creates the very thing you try to stop. Misinterpretation of meaning where it fits your need, and discarding of passages that conflict with today’s values (slavery, eating shellfish, stoning to death adulterers etc).