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Topic: Serious Discussion / Iraq Round Three

Originally posted by fma1:

“We will be vigilant and we will be relentless.”

Barack Obama, in response to the James Foley video.

I think that nicely sums it up. NATO moved in and started doing airstrikes a few weeks ago, but I think that they’re going to step up their efforts. By the end of this ISIL will cease to exist.

Originally posted by teh_hobo:

I honestly say FUCK IT. We have no reason to be there anymore. The man behind 9/11 is dead. Let the countries of the middle east kill settle it or kill each other. We spent too much time and resources on people who don’t want our help.

I agree with that, but recent events change the situation a bit. When you capture an American journalist, brutally execute him, then put a video of it online, almost as if to say, “Come at us, western infidels,”… well that’s how you piss off the United States. And now a pissed off United States is going to erase ISIL from existence.

Pretty sure they didn’t JUST capture the journalist, then film themselves executing the guy. Some higher ranked US officials were warned that the journalist was a hostage that would die if attacks against them (Airstrikes) continued. Airstrikes continued, and the man was executed, so you can’t say that it was ENTIRELY unprovoked (Although still entirely unacceptable). And I know that negotiating with these kinds of groups is seen as unacceptable by nations like the US/Russia/etc, but if negotiations are not made, then you hostage executions are inevitable. Hard truth, that.

Also, it’s worthwhile to note that a journalist was killed by an unexploded Israeli shell some days ago, along with multiple Gazan bomb squad members, but was Israel punished by the Western world in any way? Of course not.

Either way, the Iraqi people are pretty much screwed, since the government that controls it is controlled or at least heavily influenced by the US, and probably doesn’t give much of a damn about its own people. Or you have the ISIS, which is a radical group that’s currently trying to force its own culture/beliefs/power/etc. over the common person, screwing the people over the people anyway.

This is going to sound cruel, self-serving, and entirely irresponsible, but I’d say that, from a moral/economic point of view for the common person in the Western world, is to refuse to have anything else to do with Iraq/Middle East/Wherever. Yes, the West caused this problem. But I honestly cannot trust the West with ‘fixing’ this problem in a way that would benefit the common person in either country/region. The US continues and succeeds? The ISIS falls, the US can keep its hegemony, many innocent people are murdered, taxpayers still take the brunt of the cost, and the price of oil is still damn high. The US gives up? Then IF the ISIS falls anyway, then the same as the above. If the ISIS succeeds? Then many innocents are murdered, taxpayers can stop throwing away their taxes at airstrikes, the US doesn’t keep its hegemony, and the price of oil stays high anyway.

There’s similarities to both: Lots of innocents are murdered, the Iraqi people are screwed, the oil prices stay high. The only difference for Iraq is who is in control of it. The question is: do you, the common person, want your taxes and resources to be wasted at it anyway?

And before anyone tries to point out that ‘Non-muslims are being cracked down by the ISIS and we (The US) need to intervene’, please do note that in Egypt, the West DID support the removal or Morsi, and subsequent protests over the removal of the democratically elected leader resulted in one of the (If not THE) largest mass slaughter of protestors within 12 hours ever, and the US did nothing to stop it or punish the government for it.

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Topic: Technical Support / Chrome freezes every few seconds AND Kongregate Error Page on fresh Firefox install

Chrome problem: Universally problematic on all sites

Some time a month(?) ago, Chrome started freezing every few times that I started scrolling the screen or try to open something, or any time flash tried doing something, whether it’s a video freezing every few seconds with the audio continuing, or a Flash game freezes every 7 seconds or so for 5-10 seconds. For the last 1-3 seconds or so, the screens fades somewhat and the program is (Not Responding). I have checked at least 20 different sites on Google for an answer, and either it was not the same problem, or if it was the same problem, it was universally unsolved. Also, middle mouse click does not work most of the time, which started recently as well, meaning it’s probably due to the same problem. Chrome is up to date.

Firefox problem: Only problematic on Kongregate

So then I tried using Firefox. I installed it as normal and then tried going on Kongregate immediately after it opened. Cue Kongregate Error page with Kongbot offering his arm. There is no freezing of any kind.

Thanks to any help.

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Topic: General Gaming / Guys, I broke Coinbox Hero

Turns out, the coinbox isn’t just weak to the Tactical Nuke.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / When Does A Human Life Begin?

EDIT: Oops, accidental double post. Sorry.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / When Does A Human Life Begin?

Originally posted by RollerCROWster:
Originally posted by Kasic:

I thought I’d throw something out there.

The rate of death for birth is higher than that for abortion. WAYYYYYY higher.

Which side is really “pro-life?”

pro-lifers arent even pro life they are all "OMG PROTECT TEH BABEEZ!!!!" but then they are all "OMG CUT SOCIAL WELFARE SO POOR KIDS WIL STARVE TO DEATH!!!!"
Umm, sir? Have you read the article? "Kristin Marlowe, 20, was seven months pregnant and being treated for a placental tear at Springfield Mercy Hospital in Springfield, Mo., when she died of a stroke on Aug. 8. Doctors are unsure what caused the stroke." "The 20th century saw a dramatic decrease in pregnancy-related deaths, largely because of improvements in sterile techniques — reaching the lowest point in 1987 at 7.2 deaths per 100,000 live births. The most recent figures available show the rate hovers around 15 deaths per 100,000 births — placing the U.S. near the bottom among developed nations." That isn't a very big number. What do you say humanity should do, anyway? Not have any births for the risk of harming the potential mother? Sure, that would save the mothers, but that would leave us with a birth rate of 0. Which means goodbye humanity. I'd say the reason for so many deaths is because of horrible foods (Processed, GMO, etc.) and other shit that humanity decided to dump into the world that isn't very good for a biological system to function correctly. Also, Roller, where are you getting this? Where are the pro-life people who want to cut social welfare, again? Last time I checked, the ones who wanted to cut welfare are the elite, because they hate seeing a few of their pennies being given to the people who break their backs for the elite's profits, and by the people (ie, the 'dumb masses') tricked by the elite. The only Pro-Life people who want to cut social welfare are the same people being tricked into doing so. Any elite condemning abortion is most likely (Maybe with some exceptions?) a PR statement, since they don't give two shits about anyone but themselves and their friends.
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Topic: General Gaming / Help on Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction - Not Running Properly

OK, so I decided that I would get Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction on my Windows 8 laptop. Problem is, I needed to get GLIDE for the fps to be consistent. It would be choppy, slow down, and speed up without it. Problem is with that installed and now being used to run the game, the character sheet, skill tree, and Esc menu close the moment I put them on, so they’re there for what seems to be a frame.

I know this game is old, but does anyone know what might be happening and how to fix this issue?

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Topic: Serious Discussion / What's the last book you've read?

Just finished reading 1984. Me being my somewhat conspiracy theorist self, I enjoyed the book and noticed similarities between events in the past few decades and the contents of the book. Although, it’s not like I’m one of those people who are panicking that the internet and its butchering of languages is some form of conspiracy or another that will bring on Newspeak and the destruction of language and, somewhat laughably, independent thought. Unfortunately, I felt that the ending was somewhat rushed, what with the sudden timeskips and unpredictable and rapid change of scenes. I also wanted the Manifesto to be longer than it was. It was one of the best parts of the book.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Internet Piracy

Originally posted by FullMeasureZam:

Most people who pirate a game/movie usually have no interest in buying it in the first place. Or in other cases they had a legal copy of the game/movie but it was destroyed/lost.

The other people just wouldn’t buy it anyway due to lack of funds.

You forgot to include the part where some people will actually buy the game/movie if they like it, or buy the following sequels and/or prequels.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Green Technology

Originally posted by NeilSenna:
Originally posted by Camoraz:

I’m just going to leave this here.

I was immensely disappointed when I scrolled down. Was hoping for some amusing sentence about sauerkraut or excessive beer consumption, or just a man holding a sausage.

Instead all I got was a misleading bullshit lie. How disappointing.

Would you like to clarify what the lie is? All you did was be highly sarcastic. Are the numbers wrong?

Originally posted by issendorf:

Yes, more subsidies to solar panel companies that can’t cut it in the marketplace. That sounds like a fabulous idea!

Do you have any better ideas on energy generation that doesn’t rely on throwing money at oil companies who are the reason a bullshit war is ravaging the Middle East?

Also, since we’re on the topic of a marketplace, how much money do you think it would cost to put an oil plant in your home for your own energy generation?

Originally posted by PatriotSaint:

But… the idea makes me so… happy! I get that warm, fuzzy, socialist feeling, ya know?


Look at how the United States is doing, compared to the ‘oh so evil socialist-esque’ countries in Scandinavia. Now come back and tell me using any kind of socialism is a failed dream and that hardcore capitalism the way to go. Oh, and make sure to compare the debt to GDP ratios.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Green Technology

I’m just going to leave this here.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Non-Human based Mechanical Implants?

You misunderstood. I’m referring to a replacement that does not resemble the old limb (For instance, a wing where an arm was, whatever kind does not matter), and having it move like it’s supposed to. And if that was possible, a mechanical implant being attached to a place where there was no limb to begin with (Like the aforementioned wing) if another shoulder slot was also made along the person’s back.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Non-Human based Mechanical Implants?

I have no idea how I’m going to word this correctly, but here goes.

For regular mechanical implants for people who have had to get their limbs amputated for whatever reason, the implants would be human-based, like an arm or a hand where an arm or hand should be. It would make sense that the human mind would be able to comprehend how this implant is going to work, since it is in many ways similar to the limb that they had lost. But would it be possible to replace a lost limb with something that does not function at all like the aforementioned limb and have the person be able to use it? And would it be possible for a person to control a mechanical implant that does not replace a limb, as if it was a fifth limb?

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Savefile Backup and restarting Windows

I’m thinking of reformatting Windows. Is just copying chat.kongregate (whatever the file’s name is with Kongregate’s savefiles) and pasting into an external harddrive or usb all it takes? Is there a chance that AntiIdle won’t recognize it?

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Are you like this face-to-face?

Originally posted by vikaTae:

@Camoraz: Yes, the diminished focus given to the core sciences by a slowly increasing number of schools, particularly those in the US and the third world, is a problem that will eventually need to be addressed. However, no solution to that issue is going to be particularly easy to implement, nor I suspect, satisfactory to all concerned.

I said that? I pointed out how atheists who are affected by GIFT often call theists stupid, claiming that theists don’t know/reject science (and occasionally math, wierdly enough). Which is entirely false (unless Ive been attending a public secondary school that’s only masquerading as a Catholic secondary school. And I think I would have noticed that). There IS a focus on science and math in Catholic schools.

Unless, of course, youre just referring to all schools in general and I misinterpretted. If so, ignore what I just said.

EDIT: And holy shit what am I doing, I have exams to study for. No more replying for me.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Are you like this face-to-face?

The main reason why poeple are like this is because of
G.I.F.T. .

People just tend to insult people over the internet because they feel that nothing could possibly happen to them (unless you happen to hurt a hacker’s feelings enough. Then you’re screwed.) Religion is no different. Just go on youtube, type something about US politics or religion, and just look at the crap poeple try to say.

Oh and don’t forget the boredem. ESPECIALLY the boredom.

Anyhow, I more or less discuss because I usually feel insulted (See punisher’s b) and astounded on just how stupid people sound when they try to tell me that I’m an idiot and don’t believe in science/math (I am not overstating this) despite the fact that science and math are still part of the Catholic School Board’s Curriculum (And most likely every other religious school that has access to math and science).

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Debate: Is Human Nature Inherently Good Or Evil?

Mostly good and neutral. The reason why basic human nature is mostly good is because we are hardwired with a little cause and effect system, which prevents or impedes people from being evil due to the knowledge that someone stronger than them or a group of people can easily inflict harm if they commit evil, thus people are naturally good to avoid the punishment of evil. Still not being evil in the end. Some people also have a ridiculous amount of guilt over any crime, and thus do good becuase they would feel too bad if they were evil. Is also ‘To the eye of the beholder’, as some people honestly believe they are being good by being a serial killer killer, as they are in fact saving numerous innocent lives at the cost of criminal lives; or robbing Corruption Co.‘s bank to pay for an orphanage, which while it IS still theft, the robber isn’t going to take more than s/he needs to pay for the orphanage, and the megacorp will quickly regain what they lost through buisness, while the orphange will be able to hold it’s own.

Neutral in that they just mind their own buisness and don’t want to deal with doing anything that they have to go out of the way for. It’s cruel to the eyes of some, but they aren’t actually commiting evil, so they can’t really be called ‘evil’, but are definately not ‘good’ either. Also due to fear of fighting evil since that will land them into trouble.

The only ‘evil’ people are people with an overblown sense of pride and thus believe they are better than everyone else, or are downright sociopathic or psychopathic and just don’t care if people’s lives are ruined or destroyed.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Copyright Infringement and Theft

What’s most annoying is that they take their work off-air, then ban everyone else from ever seeing it. If it’s for profit, why don’t they make your own site, with their ads for their revenue, and freaking stream it from there? I’m pretty sure that would make everyone happy.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / HSBC openly laundered billions for drug cartels...

Be a big company and launder billions? There goes 5 weeks of payment. Try to rob a store for some hundred dollars to feed your family? JAIL! Please tell me how the former is a proper sentence.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Celebrate Anti-Idle's 3rd Anniversary with HUGE things!

OK, the medal I got, but not the 5 armour set?

EDIT: Oh, nevermind. Returning Players. Apparently I can’t read. :|

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / The Soda Machine of MAgic idleing

Out comes 10 000 coins.
In goes Invisible X.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Chicken or egg

The egg. The <insert>’s ancestors were much simpler species like bacteria. As the lifeforms became more complex, simple division was not enough. So evolution turned to what is now common reproductive abilities to produce young. At first, you could hardly call the offspring what they are today, but they still came form an egg after their bodies became more complex. They were probably similar to their parents who were born of different means, but were the first of their species to be born form eggs. As time marched on, the animals that were born from eggs would produce more eggs, and soon there is what we have now.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Palestine being recognized as a separate state

Surprised nobody has posted anything about this yet. According to the U.N., there is a good chance that Palestine is going to be (or has it already?) recognized as a separate state. How does the SD think of how this will change the the situation in the Middle East and its surrounding areas, along with the rest of the world in general? (I can’t help but notice that Obama voted that they shouldn’t, and then Harper has followed with a no).

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Guy behind Innocence of Muslims

Well, jhco, if Obama is anti-American, then I suppose that would mean that the majority of the US is anti-American. Or he wouldn’t have been voted in. Sounds silly, but I’m running off of your logic here, and won’t provide any citations to my claim about the patriotism of the American people.

It’s not like Obama stands to gain from this, anyway.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Why did the US lose the Vietnam War?

Originally posted by jhco50:

91B20, I hope you don’t mind me posting this link. A lot of the posters don’t understand war and the hell it causes the soldiers. I have been on threads where combat soldiers were insulted and disrespected. This link explains the after effects of combat to the soldier. In particular, VikaTae needs to read this link.

I think almost every regular understands War-induced PSTD. The reason why they would disrespect them is because some of the stress was their fault, and theirs alone.

Let’s take that guy in your link. He says he has nightmares of screaming children because he murdered their parents. That’s HIS fault. His emotions got the best of him; he was thinking “Fuck it I’m outta here”, but then he saw some American heads on stakes. So what does he do? He does the EXACT DAMN THING to them. That’s where the disrespect comes in. He didn’t have the strength to control his emotions, and killed people over them. Nobody would know if he saw those people, and quietly left. He wouldn’t have been punished for it.

This is what you call “What you are in the dark”. Nobody would ever know what he did or didn’t do. His reputation in the military wouldn’t be marred, nor would he suffer any negative repercussions. Nobody would know that he took the non-violent decision and crept away. THAT is what I, and most people who disrespect soldiers like him, would respect.

Nightmares of ambush in the jungle aren’t his fault, and that is understandable.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Obamacare Causes Companies to Cut Hours

I’m still thinking at it would be easier to cut the ludicrous military spending so that more money can be put into the new system so it doesn’t clash with the old system until the new one is finished….