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Topic: Collaborations / List of Available Talent

Good day!

My name’s Taylor, I’m 22 years of age. I’m primarily an illustrator and conceptual artist. I’m also proficient at flash animation. I’ve been honing my abilities for a couple years now, and pride myself on studying subjects until I’m well versed in the reproduction of them illustratively. I definitely prefer paid projects, but If a project is reputable enough than profit share isn’t out of the question. I currently attend the Art Institute International MN and graduate summer 2013.

I specialize in fantasy and sci-fi, but I’m confident that I can produce just about anything from any genre, given enough time.

Feel free to check out my website here:

or for additional work, my deviantart

I can most readily be reached via email at taylorpaytonart(at)gmail(dot)com.

I’m ready and willing to put my abilities to use for you! I look forward to your email.

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Topic: Collaborations / Programmer + me = games.

Hey all, I’ve got a prominent love for simplistic games that can get sponsored. I’m confident in my skills as an animator and artist, but what I’m in need of right now is a programmer.

I have a few ideas on brewing right now, but wouldn’t mind being your art & animation guy.

The main outlook here is to get sponsored. Perhaps by any of the flash game websites. I’ve been sponsored before but it’s been sort of a one-night-stand experience with coders. I would like to find someone who’s skilled and easy to work with, loves proposing ideas of their own and likes to listen to mine aswell. Efficiency is also a must.

So if you’re interest in working with me I’d be glad. My msn is
my aim is Khalitzheim

Oh, I’ve been sponsored before btw. three times.

Here are some expamples of my art and animation prowess: (Sponsored!) (sponsored aswell!)