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Topic: Serious Discussion / Religion Poll


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Topic: Serious Discussion / Do You Believe In Barack Obama?

Originally posted by Sylar90147:

While I am a Republican, I think I’m fairly open minded and i want to know what people out there think on this topic. Lets base this question on 2 years from now, do you think he will be well liked by the country. Personally, i feel like while he is being more noble than our past few presidents by ushering in an era of honesty with all of us, that eventually his approval rating will sink and the only history he’ll really make is that he was the first black president. Let me know what you think

- Kevin

Well, I think that he will become liked but only because of Bible prophecy. I personally am not fond of him because he is making homosexuality seem like it’s ok, and all the change he’s bringing is for the worse. But it’s in BIble prophecy that in the last days the world will be united and that’s when the Tribulation will happen. That’s when the real bad will happen.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Am i really a fake christian?

Well this person on youtube thinks so. His name is THERROR ( ) And here’s the story.
He was on my friends page arguing with him (my friend started it but that i not the point) he said something incorrect so i pointed it out and called him an idiot. And then he said “you’re a fake christian” then his other account pmed me saying “HAHA he owned you!!!” Even though it was obviously him.
Then i argue and argue with him then he keeps saying im a fake christian because i don’t fight with my friends and i called him an idiot. He said “Well true christians don’t make fun of other christians”
And apparently he calls himself “Thee owner” which is retarded. He also said athiests go to hell and i am going to hell because i called him an idiot and i won’t fight with my friends.
So the topic of discussion is: What makes a fake christian? Am i a fake christian? Do you think he is right/wrong?

If you have asked Jesus to come into your heart and believe that He died on the cross for our sins and rose from the dead three days later and now lives in heaven and have accepted Him as Saviour (if you believe you will go to heaven because you asked Him into your heart and believe Him to be the only way to Heaven), You ARE a Christian. No matter what you do or say after you get saved (have asked Jesus into your heart and asked Him to take you to Heaven), You are STILL saved. God died once. He saved you once. You don’t have to ask Him to come into your heart again and again. Once you get saved the first time, that’s it. That’s how you can know for sure you are going to Heaven. You can’t lose your salvation.

Christians talk about other Christians and sin all the time. Doesn’t mean they aren’t saved. They are still Christians. They are just a sinner saved by grace. It is my God’s grace and not by our works that we are saved. So, no matter what we do after we get saved, we’re still saved.

You are not a fake Christian. There is no such thing as a fake Christian. You either are a Christian, or say you are but aren’t. If you are a Christian, you will go to Heaven. If you aren’t (haven’t asked Jesus into your heart), you won’t go to Heaven. You can be a Christian that doesn’t act like one, but you are still saved.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Evolution vs. Creation

I just had a thought on this. There are many genetically inherited diseases that have been proven in their existence. If there was a God then why would he punish people who haven’t been born yet seemingly at random.

God doesn’t punish unborn babies. It is because there parents or perhaps their grandparents sinned by having alcohol, smoking, taking drugs, or defiled their body is some way. It could even be by having intercourse with someone of the same sex or having intercourse with someone when you aren’t married to them. This carries on to the baby and brings the disease or deformity.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Is God Real... Is Heaven And Hell Real? If Not, Then What Happens When We Die?

Sometimes I dont understand how God could make the world go bad like it has. Sometimes, only very few times do I have doubts that God is real. It is usually when I am angry with something, or upset at someone. I also sometimes think about death, it makes me curious. Where do you really go when you die? Is there really Heaven and Hell? If not… what then? Do you just sit in the ground with nothing but bugs to accompany you till the end of time? Sometimes I scare myself thinking about it. If there really is no God… no Heaven and Hell… where do you go when you die?

Well, God is real. Doubts are common but that doesn’t mean God isn’t real. He works in people’s lives and does miracles only He can do.
This question can go on forever and ever. If you believe that the Bible is true, you have to realize that Heaven and Hell ARE real. If you don’t believe in the Bible, it’s hard to believe it is truth that there is a Heaven and Hell. However, I believe the Bible is true and there is much evidence to prove it. We have to believe by faith that there is a God. There is NO way all of this could have come to be by chance or by some bang or anything like that. All those things had to be created. One of the characteristics of God is that He wasn’t made but made everything we see and don’t see. We can’t phathom that because we’re human and can’t understand something not being made, but God is the only who started the fact of something and everything being made. So, yes, God is true, His Bible is inspired, and we will go to Hell if we don’t ask Him to save us, come into our heart, and bring us to Heaven.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / What Religion are You?

Where do you live and what religion are you? And do you go to church? If so, how many churches of the same religion as you are in your city? This is just a random poll for a survey I’m doing just for myself. Thank-you. =)

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Topic: Serious Discussion / God, the Bible, and religion - a Kong search for truth

Are you kidding me? Crucifixion was a way of killing people used by romans, and they killed lots of people besides jesus. The only reason you believe that jesus’s crusifixion was important is because some of the people he preached to decided he was some kind of holy saint, took the bible, rewrote it using their imagination, and then spread the word. And now for some facts:

Crucifixion is an ancient method of execution, where the condemned is tied or nailed to a large wooden cross and left to hang until dead.

This form of execution was widely practiced in Ancient Rome and in neighbouring Mediterranean cultures

Crucifixion was used for slaves, rebels, pirates and especially-despised enemies and criminals.

true…crucifixion was a common practice back then and that was probably why they killed Him that way. But there were many other things that went with it, like them putting the sign above His head, all the torture He went through, and Him raising from the dead three days later. Plus more. There was so much prophecy for it and all the other aspects of His life and every single one of them came true. With all the writers of the Old Testament (God told them what to write and they wrote it down) writing about the same thing and ALL of it coming true makes me think that these were definitely prophecies of God. Most of the people that wrote the Bible lived hundreds and hundreds of years apart and didn’t have a copy of each others books. They couldn’t just look at the other persons writings from God and make up some kind of book that would coincide with their writings and say it was from God. They HAD to have been inspired.
I said all this to say that His crucifixion was prophecied for years and years before He actually came. And then He was born of a virgin. Another prophecy come true. His death was significant because He grew up sinless (since He is God, He is perfect and sinless) and only someone who was perfect could pay for and get rid of all our sins. That’s why He had to die. It had to be a blood sacrifice to pay for our sins. So, He went through all that because He loved us. He could have easily just killed us all and the world. But He didn’t.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Big Question about God

Well, we aren’t from heaven already. Only some religions believe that. God created us even knowing that we would sin and the world would have to be destroyed because of it because He, even before He made us, loved us and wanted to be able to fellowship with us. He didn’t want to make us robots so He gave us freewill and the ability to think on our own so we could have thoughts and emotions and have real existence. He didn’t want us to be forced to do everything He commands. And btw, His commandments are for our own safety.
God could have just gone the rest of eternity by Himself but He wanted to enjoy the human company. God is still God no matter what. If there would have been no people to call Him God, He still would be God. God is someone that can do anything and has made everything. Even if He hadn’t have made us, He still could and is still God. It’s just in His own mercy, grace, and love that He made us. We are soooo privileged to have been created by Him.

Obviously, humanly speaking, we can’t be everywhere and know everything. But those are the very things that God consists of. He CAN be everywhere and He DOES know everything. That’s why He’s God.

I know He exists because He works in my life. He supplies money when I pray and He knows I need it, He answers all my prayers in various was. I see people’s lives changed when they accept Him as Saviour to go to Heaven. He works in people’s lives all the time. There are miracles that happen that only God could have done. People are healed when every doctor said they had no hope and there was no way they could be healed. It is only something God could do. He IS real and He IS working in people’s lives.

God is NOT invented by man. God showed Himself and talked to men in the early years of this earth’s existence all the way up til about 2000 years ago. He still talks to people through prayers and His Word, the Bible. That is how men learned about and of God.