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Topic: Technical Support / phishing ?????

Twice today I have gotten a request to renew my membership, first one said it will expire in 29 days and the second said it will expire in 7 days? What is going on?

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Topic: Bush Whacker 2 / Feedback and Bug Reports

We should be rewarded for missing out of friends requests for 5 days…why don’t you listen to us?

“We feel your pain. Since this issue is affecting multiple games (some of them not even ours), we’re confident that it’s nothing on our end that we could fix. We have two main theories at this time:

1) Facebook messed something up, but it’s only affecting certain user accounts and is not browser specific. This is a odd case for them, since usually their bugs are browser specific.

2) There’s some sort of third party thing at fault. Do you folks run any anti-virus software, pop-up blockers, or anything like that? If we can find a pattern in those, we may be able to identify the culprit.

- Justin"