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Topic: General Gaming / [GemCraft Labyrinth] Number for each field

When mousing over the orb in the bottom left, each field shows a number. Running each field again will always add to the number. What does it mean?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [WarMetal Tyrant] Cards are gone

For that matter some cards missing I can’t obtain again because they came from mission / challenge rewards. Including really good cards I need T_T

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [WarMetal Tyrant] Cards are gone

I loaded Tyrant today, to find that all my cards… are not what I left them as. Many of the ones I used are missing, and many that I never had now are there. Including 2 legendary cards. I had 6 decks already made up that I never made. Infact I didn’t even have all 6 deck slots unlocked. My 47 War Bonds that I had remaining were missing. I had used war bonds to purchase specific cards, which the cards are now missing. Although it gave me some cards I did need/want, the majority of the ones I used are all gone. Any help? T_T

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Topic: General Gaming / Pyro walkthrough??

How does time work? Is it from the point a level is loaded? From the first shot? or only the total time that there is a ball in play? I cant figure it out =(

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Topic: Kongregate / Argue Beta Testers

im in if you still need

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Topic: Kongregate / Your First Impossible Badge

700 headshots in last stand (before the badge was made to hard instead by cheaters, and I got it legit xD)

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Topic: Kongregate / Dinowaurs Alpha Testers Wanted

Would be happy to help.
Call on me if you need.

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Topic: General Gaming / Mardek

Mardek is hands down the best flash game I have played to date.
Not only does it have amazingly fun gameplay, a gripping storyline, and looks just like oldschool 8 bit games, but it has hour and hours of gameplay to it, which no other flash game can come close to offering that I have seen.

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Topic: General Gaming / Monster's Den

I assure you that ranger, mage, warrior, cleric is the best combo to do it with

On the ranger important skills are pin, wall of arrows, and the one that hits 2 in a row.
Mage is the ice attack, and electric storm, and the one that stuns them by encasing them.
Warrior gets cleave and power attack, and bloodlust.
Cleric gets heal, heal all, holy light(!!! Important!!!) revive, and fervor.

Position them like:
Cleric, Warrior, None
None, Ranger, Mage

Now the #1 most important thing is to get all characters quickness to 66+
Dont underestimate what sacrafices you should make to get items with +quickness.
Give your ranger the most, then mage, then cleric, then warrior.

Fighting 1-3 mobs = easy
Fighting 4-6 = Use the ranger aoe, then the mage aoe, if you are fighting if there or 5-6 mobs still alive use holy light on the cleric, and then if there are 3 mobs on the front row, cleave them, if not, then just use your warrior to take one out, less damage done to you that way.

Thats the stratagy I used.
I also did the entire impossible badge in 1 sitting from level 1 to 50 though >.> so im partially braindead now.

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Topic: General Gaming / A bug in "thing-thang-2!!!

I had the 999 ammo bug happen to me, but I dont know what caused it.
However, from the 2 screenshots above, and my own experience, I think that its fair to say that it only happens on that 1 level.

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Topic: General Gaming / Your favorite little known game

I dont know about everyone, but I know that I have atleast 1 game on kongregate that never scored a high rating, never was on the ‘Latest hot games’ list, yet I still think its amazingly fun.

I want to know what games others find fun, that they think got a rating lower then it desereved. (I dont mean linking a well known game because 4.2/5 is not enough)

For example, mine would be cubical:
I think its an amazing game, but I think people rated it low because it is kind of hard, and they dont master it right away.

So since I lack new great games to play, I want to know, what you consider a hidden gem.

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Topic: General Gaming / Other Game Sites?

Can anyone think of another good flash game site? Not all great games get on kongregate because the developers must upload them, so I am just curious if anyone has any other cool ones to visit?

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Topic: General Gaming / dice-wars disappears

I fail to see why so many people loved it that much.
It was a great game, its concept was amazing, but the implementation needed to be smoothed out so much.

My biggest irk is you could always win every game with abit of thought. I wish it could have been harder.
Also your position from 1>8 makes all the difference in the game. The #8 computer spot has lost 3/4 of its bases by the time it gets to his turn.

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Topic: Kongregate / Where did you get the site from?
The very first game being potion panic I believe.

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Topic: General Gaming / No More Walkthroughs on Site

I have agree, and half disagree.

By that I mean, I think everyone should attempt a game before they use a guide to beat it.
However taking the Immaculate Desk badge for example (12,000 points on the 100 challenge in DTD1.5) I could not get that badge no matter what unless I eventually used a guide.

So I would not agree with no guides at all, I just encourage people to try it for themselves before using a guide.

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Topic: Game Programming / Learning Flash, Where to start

I know there is a sticky at the top of this forum with links to tutorials on learning flash, and I have looked at all of those sites. My problem is, all of those sites just have a ton of tutorials to do specific things. I cant seem to find a place that has a full set of tutorials set out to take a complete Flash Noob and work progressivly.

I am sorry for posting this as I realize that the sticky is ment to try and eliminate posts like this, but after looking at all of the sites in it I just couldent really find anything like I described above.

Thanks! =)

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Topic: General Gaming / Covert Front Walkthrough!

:) Always glad to help, and I love point and click puzzle games!

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Topic: General Gaming / Covert Front Walkthrough!

Since their offical walkthrough is not made yet… I wrote one fast =)

Start off going right, pick up the hose laying on the grass, and click above the box to look inside, and grab the sissors.

Go back to the front door, and go to the left. Click on the somewhat open area in the leafs. Click the sissors, and click on the wires.

You can now open the front door.

Enter the first door on the left, Click on the orange matches in the fireplace, and then open the middle drawer. Take the icepick that is somewhat hard to click on.

Click on the door that goes to the right, and click on the clock. Set the time to 2:35 and grab the key.

Go back, and click on the padlocked door underneath the staircase. Use the icepick on the lock. Open the door, and grab the crowbar.

Head outside, and to the left. Click on the wall in the back left corner, and use the crowbar on the grate. Go down and turn the valve.

Enter the house, and the kitchen (First door on the left) Then enter the cellar with the door located left of the fireplace. And then click on the next door.

Turn on the lights. Now use the hose pipe on the machine by the door, and turn on the machine by clicking the leaver. Wait for it to drain, and grab the key in the backleft corner.

Go upstairs and enter the first door on the left. Click on the lamp behind the bed, and then take the book.

Exit that room, and then use the library key on the door on your right.

Put the book into the open spot on the bookshelf. Then click on the 2 books that have an eagle symbol on their cover. (Top row 7th book red/short, 3rd row 2nd book greyish)

Enter the passageway that opens.
Click on the drawer/chest/cabinet thing, and then use the clock key on it. Take the signet ring.
Grab the moving blue ‘atom’ like object, and then grab the papers in the bottom left corner.

Go downstairs again, and click to go forward to the picture. Click to the left of the picture where there is a dot with a box around it. Click on your signet ring, and use it on that.

Go down, and then down again.

Use your matches to light the lamp. Grab the object in the center of your screen by the first rock.

Go right 2 times. Use the fuse on the machine, and click the button to turn it on.

Go right and use the crowbar on the grate.

Click to go left, and then click on your matches.

At this point you see “To be continued”

Hope this helps!

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Topic: Kongregate / uploading games

From what I have heard, Kongregate is trustable. I have given them my email address, and I have never received any spam. I would trust my payment details with them, I just have no games to upload so I havent before.
Overall though, I have never heard of 1 complaint against them.

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Topic: General Gaming / The Last Stand (head shots)

I have found the chainsaw strat works great. First try I only got 683, but second try got me a 702. Just, but it works!