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Topic: The Grinns Tale / Can i extract(recycle) item?

Ooh! I have one of those… cute little fella named Spotsy. :) The Fuzzlehorn doesn’t appear to ‘recycle’ atlas capes. I guess the Fuzzlehorn food consists of crafting supplies primarily. (Screws, springs, brooms, etc.) He’s not very efficient either… I think I fed 40 ornate boxes to the Fuzzlehorn, and got one stack of metal… but what else would I do with boxes? :) (Which is another thing… everything fed to the Fuzzlehorn seems to be converted to metal stacks… the last thing I need right now.)

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Topic: The Grinns Tale / Suggestions and bugs

Is Armor Shop Level 4 a bug? I haven’t found it yet… went looking at the Wiki, and there isn’t an Armor Shop Level 4 listed there either.