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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Mud & Blood 2] Official Bug Reports Thread

^That actually JUST happened to me. It doesn’t LOOK like the bunker is in the middle anymore, but it ACTs like it still is. hovering the cursor over where its supposed to be makes it go transparent, but its down in the lower left corner.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / Changes may have people changing to a different game

Zooks fire very rarely now, too. I know that there is back draft, and they could previously fire under while Camnets. Is that changed now?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Remnants of Skystone] Beta Testers Needed for Remnants of Skystone

I’m in!

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Topic: General Gaming / Orbital Decay -- now with essential advice in 1st post

After going through this thread, I took into account ll of the advice, the pros, and the cons, and mixed it into a nice little victory.

The Dark and Natter know what they are talking about listen to them. For all of you silly people out there (john), use A and D to pan the view left and right. That way you can see!!

When you do eventually get to this post, I hope you read everything before it.

Upgrade you main gun the most, then work on you repair drones. Fire rate, then damage, damage, FR, D, FR, D then do that till u max out. get repair drones. Thee numbers in the parentheses are the current level of the upgrades. in down order: (5) (3) (3). the Ultragun should be (5) (5) (0) soon after you get the drones to the stated level. Get lasers no later than Chapter 4. I have 4 fully upgraded lasers and 1 fully upgraded rocket. Forget the little plane exists unless u have spare cash, in which case, up the damage and fire rate.

Now, I’ve only beaten the game on easy, but take this and remember to AIM ahead! After an hour or so, ull get the hang of it.

Always go for the Capital ships, then groups of small ships, then small ships individually. Think of it as cleaning up the worst part, then the progressively cleaner parts.

Hope this helps and solidifies some key points/ideas!