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Topic: Stencyl / Stencyl is a failure.

I don’t understand why people are attacking Stencyl. It’s like, Oh no, people want to make games but have no coding experience. You all climbed the same mountain as these people. You started somewhere. This is like the kiddie pack, that will open the door for you, and then you can start climbing that same mountain you all climbed. But it’s kind of hard for these people to actually learn to code, or even WANT to code anymore. Especially when after all of their hard work climbing up the mountain, the people on top are stomping on their fingers and pissing in their hair.

tl;dr “Waaaaaahhhh waaah people are trying to learn about something I like waaah someone has an interest in something that i do waaah waaahhh i was making flash before it was cool whhhaaaaahh” — You (AKA. Hipster Douche-sack # 13245)