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Topic: Serious Discussion / What do you regret?

I believe this thread belongs more in the off-topic section, but to stay on-topic, I haven’t really regretted anything in my life. I’m a slight too apathetic for my own good :/

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Topic: Off-topic / HELP MY EGGS

>I was wondering how long it would take.

I also wonder how long it would take before this thread becomes flame bait.

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Topic: Off-topic / Resflame's autograph book!

I don’t believe you’ve even heard of me :(

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Topic: Off-topic / Who Would Win In A Fight?

I’d suggest against doing that. I believe it wouldn’t work, since the success of this kind of thread depends on the spontaneous need to post. Placing a limit on that is just a bad idea.

However, I am all for keeping the thread spam free. The most effective way is just to tell people to stop or request for mods delete spam before it spirals out of control, not placing a limit on how much we can post.

After all, this is a fight thread with only two choices. It would be dull if pretty much everyone was posting the same stuff over and over again.

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Topic: Off-topic / Who Would Win In A Fight?

Knight prepares for battle.

Samurai uses fast charge.

Knight is caught by surprise!

Samurai strikes sword against Knight’s horse.

Knight’s horse collapses.

Knight gets off horse, but is too slow!

Samurai hits Knight!

Knight’s armour repels katana 100%!

Attack failed.

Knight retaliates.

Knight attempts to hit Samurai with lance.

Samurai blocks the attack!

The fight is so intense a rockslide starts!

Rockslide kills both Knight and Samurai!

Volcano eruption vs Tsunami

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Topic: Off-topic / Who Would Win In A Fight?

Eggy with a rock. Well, he didn’t actually use the rock in the fight at all; The laser beams and heat rays coming out from he palm/eye is far more than needed to beat the mech.

The great white in Jaws VS the crocodile from the-movie-whose-name-I’ve-forgotten

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Topic: Off-topic / Who Would Win In A Fight?

Damn. But in any case McDonald still wins because he’s a freaking clown.

Same matchup.

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Topic: Off-topic / Is it just me, or does this website look a lot like Kongregate?


Erm, I hope that is sarcasm. I actually went to Nonoba through a link once, without realising that is was the upset of Kongregate. I didn’t even notice the similarities you guys speak of. Maybe I’m just daft, but even with some of the more obvious ‘inspirations’ from Kong, the rest were poorly proven points strenghtened through word of mouth (or post, whatever). I’m glad I didn’t sign up. I probably would’ve been considered a spy XD

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Topic: Off-topic / Who Would Win In A Fight?

McDonald’s. Burger King doesn’t have a delivery service.

And now for the most anticipated battle of the century… Drum roll… McDonald’s vs KFC!

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Topic: Off-topic / Avatar Awards! (And the winner is... {look inside})

I’m sad, nobody voted me for most avatars (Maybe I lose to Jindo though, I’m not too sure)

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Topic: Off-topic / Lotus

I’m curious to find out what it is as well :)

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Topic: Off-topic / Why do forum threads die? (This thread itself is an experiment)

Heh, people are just too bored, so they revive old forum games.

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Topic: Off-topic / Ten Rejected Topic Ideas

34) SevereFlame 4 Modone

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Topic: General Gaming / the first video game you ever played

>That’s not that old. The very first video game (which I’m pretty sure was pong) was only invented 30 or 40 years ago.

Thirty to forty years is old. Seriously old, if you factor in the age when he played it. If he played when he was 20, that would mean he’s at least fifty years old now 0.0

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Topic: Off-topic / Creative Story...

This thread remind me of the past writing threads :D

I’ll probably post a story sometime later today; need some time to get my thoughts together.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / KIDS


Einar, I’m saying that the a few years of negative connotations is more effective than a parent just saying ‘this is bad’ because that would just tempt the kids to try it out, instead of effectively telling them ‘this is bad’ through years of conditioning.

Yes, I know sex is not ‘bad’ in a sense, but letting kids grow up to think it is so, then tell them it is not so when their minds are developed enough to understand, will prevent them from overdoing it, because the psychological impact of thier childhood years of being taught ‘sex is bad’ will affect them, even if the kids themselves don’t notice it.

However, this effect will be complimented with instinct for sex, so that their past method of thinking will restrict that craving, while the craving erodes away the old way of thinking, balancing both out.

And yes, I agree free love is non-existant as well.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Who will win the election!?!?

Obama is the most likely to win, even if there is the possibility that he is all talk. Democracy is just flawed this way, because it is a people’s vote, and charisma is the most important thing to get that vote, above even policy.

If a person can make bad things sound good, it doesn’t matter wheter anything is good or not, because said person would just convince everyone it is so. I’m not saying Obama is empty air, I am actually supporting him, it’s just that he probably wouldn’t win if not for his relatively young age and natural charm.

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Topic: Off-topic / 3 Things You Would Do Before You Died

>My thoughts are too violent for this website.

Violence is good ;)

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Topic: Off-topic / Fail Pictures

^I concur, that’s the best one in this thread so far. I find this amusing also:

How about we all start posting fail pictures on all the useless threads people start, the most recent example being the queen and king one?

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Topic: Serious Discussion / If you were a terrorist how would you attack?

^Erm, dude, I was kind of kidding. It is near impossible to take down the internet mostly because of the ridiculous organization that is needed to execute a mass simultaeneous hack worldwide, and prevent the goverment from restoring the internet.

Maybe if they wanted to get a message through, it might be easier to hack a few goverment websites, since currently their not very protected, and replace it with what they want to say. That would be quite effective since the media would jump on it, and cause people to raise doubts about the reliability of the goverment.

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Topic: Off-topic / How to Survive Troll Attacks

^It would work because it’s so radical, once someone starts it a lot of people will probably join in XD

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Topic: Off-topic / Fail Pictures

^Heat stroke? It looks like it’s pretty sunny and in that outfit…

EDIT: Oh, and I found this one, though it is more cute than fail XD.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / KIDS

>Anyway, you contradict yourself. If the sex ed lessons will be half-assed and do nothing but provoke curiosity at eight, why will there be any difference at fourteen?

I am not contradicting myself. I have stated that due to the negative association pinned during their younger years, teaching during puberty would be more effective in preventing ‘accidental stuff’ from happening, as early teachings do carry on, but will be conflicted by maturity of the body and mind, reaching a relatively stable equilibrum:

>Due to the negative association from their younger years being mixed with the increased sexual arousal from maturing, a balance is more or less reached, stopping them (or at least a decent percentage) from being too sexual or socially awkward.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / KIDS

>I really think that good sex ed is better than just saying “OK, sex and dating and being with the other gender and nudity and anything that makes you feel attracted is bad, avoid it and say it is icky.”


For the earlier parts of your post, I counter by arguing that puberty will, wheter anyone likes it or not, will at least spark some interest in the opposite sex, which is why it is better to attach negative connotations first, then teach sex education later when it is more appropriate, which was my argument in the first place:

>Uh, I think earlier sex education, while not without its pros, has downsides as well, which you guys seemed to have missed.

I will explain how my logic works:

Baby is born, kid grows up till around eight. The kid is naturally curious and starts asking things about sex. At this point, there are three options:

The parents spend time to teach the child. This is the idea situation. However, it is also the most unlikely, for such a thing will require effort and patience on the parents’ part. Not everyone cares, even if they should.

The next option is early sex ed, but due to the current standard of crappy sex ed, this will leave kids with half-answered questions, provoking their curiousity, which is not a good thing. Even if you tell them to do it, that’s pratically encouraging them!

The last option is simply creating a negative association with sex, until the general age of puberty, which is around 14-15 I believe. Due to the negative association from their younger years being mixed with the increased sexual arousal from maturing, a balance is more or less reached, stopping them (or at least a decent percentage) from being too sexual or socially awkward.

As Aristotle said: “All things in moderation.”

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Topic: Serious Discussion / KIDS

>Sylvias, you didn’t read. Research shows that both breaking and making any type of habit takes 21 days.

Sorry, I read it the wrong way :( Anyways, that is an interesting study. Do you mind quoting or linking if possible?

>Also, primal instincts may be a reason to have sex, but that hardly helps you case about awkwardness. If it was innate nature, all that does is prove that people would be more awkward when they were forced to think of the body as disgusting rather than attractive.

Do we really want a whole bunch of China(s) and India(s) to start popping up? If birth control is not practiced, there’ll be bad consequences, like poverty and unemployment.

Wait, why am I talking about birth control? Slaps face

The point is, by attaching a negative connotation to sex at a young age, we can prevent unwanted things like AIDS and HIV spreading, and accidental births, until they are old enough to understand, as I earlier stated:

>This is due to the latter method pinning a negative social connotation until one is old enough to understand, so that as a whole, less people would be interested, while the former may accidentally promote unwanted curiosity that may spiral out of control without proper guidance.

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