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Topic: General Gaming / If Caravaneer 2?

There were a few things I wanted while playing through my many of many Caravaneer playthroughs. Even though I haven’t finished the game yet, I’ve put a lot of time into playing. I would love to see if a second Caravaneer could fix speed or trading woes.

For battles:
1) Being able to zoom out and show the whole map
2) Autolocate enemy

I really hate having to scan the whole map trying to find enemies.

For trading:
1) Put all items on one screen
2) Make items sortable
3) Have cities produce certain items by force feeding them supplies (not sure if this is possible in the first game)

It would be nice to save some fuel and not have to travel all the way across the map for cheap textiles. =)

For overworld:
1) Being able to mouse over your caravan and see a window of food/water/etc

Just for ease of availability. I like pretending that weird frame at the bottom doesn’t exist.