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Topic: Technical Support / 20 Hyphen Limit per post

meh, I don’t post on forums much anyways, doesn’t affect me.

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Topic: Kongregate / Colorful Text Ratings Script [UPDATED Aug 15, 2010]

Originally posted by BlackBone:
Originally posted by musicdemon:

Yeah, I was kind of curious as to what the best color scheme would be. Any other ideas on color schemes?

Moderator Orange
Developer Blue
Administrator Red.

err… what exactly is that supposed to mean?

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Topic: Kongregate / Recent badges havent been great.

Ya pwned ’em rubix.

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Topic: Platform Racing 2 / [Check Page One] 'Team Sign-ups/Postings' Thread

Team Name: Tri-Fighters

●At least rank 15
●2x exp hat
●All ghost/transparent parts
●Be a good level maker. NOT DRAWER, Maker.
●Have at least 2 places played over 25 times and have a rank of over 3

●Higher rank means faster promotion
●Folding will get you faster promotion

●Be good
●Make levels
●Do not disrespect other members

Just incase you’re wondering, having a higher rank than me does not make you leader… >.<
Use the team join request form. Otherwise, you will not even be considered.

Statistics (pr2 names here
●Leader: JadEl