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Topic: Tyrant / Goodbye guys, its been a fun run

Originally posted by retsamerol:
Originally posted by JRJetu:

Did you ever spent money?
If not, devs dont care.

This is untrue: Players are content.

When a player leaves, the overall content of a game diminishes.

Depending on the social connections an individual player had, their departure of the game may dramatically alter the content a game may deliver to other players.

This is one reason why the departure of a centrally situated player may result in a cascade of less well connected players also leaving the game.

The amount of money spent is not determinative of the strength or quantity of the social relationships (i.e. game content) an individual player represents.

Therefore, a better a question is: How much game content did you represent? If little, the devs don’t care. :)

Further elaborating on this, you should be aware that if you play for free, you are probably part the product. The people who pay need punchbags or they will stop paying.

It’s sad you have actual RL reasons to quit.

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Topic: Tyrant / Will Tyrant die?

Data above (as pointed out) counts players active within 24 hours. There are obviously more players since some might not play every day.

Tyrant will likely stick around as long as it’s still profitable to run it. I played a game in the mid 2000s having a 3k subscriber base ($10 a month) back then, that game is still running since the 150 fools who left their subscription on auto-renew still make it profitable. About 40 players are active in that game.

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Topic: Tyrant / Will Tyrant die?

Tyrant died at about June, 2011. That some of you fail to realize it is your problem. ;]

reference: Tyrant activity revisited

Edit: While I’m not giving much of a thought of tyrant now, have some more current data on this from when dear fruit BaNaNa was still online:

Nov 01, 2012:
<@BaNaNa> 402 factions and 7130 players were active last 24 hours.

Dec 01, 2012:
<@BaNaNa> 532 factions and 6880 players were active last 24 hours.

Jan 01, 2013:
<@BaNaNa> 465 factions and 6066 players were active last 24 hours.

Feb 01, 2013:
<@BaNaNa> 561 factions and 5872 players were active last 24 hours.

Mar 01, 2013:
<@BaNaNa> 588 factions and 6593 players were active last 24 hours.

Apr 01, 2013:
<@BaNaNa> 555 factions and 6110 players were active last 24 hours.

May 01, 2013:
<@BaNaNa> 513 factions and 6602 players were active last 24 hours.

Jun 01, 2013:
<@BaNaNa> 546 factions and 6674 players were active last 24 hours.

Unlike the graphs linked above, I believe these cover almost everyone playing. I don’t run data mining on tyrant anymore though I kinda wonder if those 6.5k players are still stubborn enough to play.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Hey Gamefuse - where the crap is my cow rune?!??

I’m disappointed by the lack of cow rune. I was looking forward to return to this game only for that.

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Topic: Tyrant / SubZero is disbanding

Cheers whoever I know in there ;]

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Topic: Tyrant / Sighaknight's guide for 100 FREE WARBONDS!

Devs always favored cheaters.

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Topic: Tyrant / Better World is Broken: who to blame? (MUST READ UPDATE P7)

Let’s blame Pescado.

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Topic: Tyrant / What is happening?

Sorry ElMo even I gave up on tracking things, but I doubt player count fell much. People stick to this game for some reason… They might bot and whatnot though.

And last when all top10 was really top was about may 2011, and even then a few were over the others.

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Topic: Tyrant / Nostalgia thread. Remember when...

Originally posted by Hoschisack:

there you got really old rankings:

That is from the era when tyrant was actually fun ^^

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Topic: Tyrant / Nostalgia thread. Remember when...

remember when

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Topic: Tyrant / HH POSTED his universal grind deck: all 24 Quests and Mission 276

give moneys to hunterhogan so he can pull a netrat :D

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Topic: Tyrant / Is there a limit to how many conquest tokens you can have?

Originally posted by FredrIQ:

Probably maxes out at 65535 or 4294967295. Yes, those numbers makes sense, they’re not just randomly picked.

I’m pretty sure shards are counted signed, gold and WB are…

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Topic: Tyrant / [To Devs]unable to initialize

The gears, they just don’t stop spinning! :D

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Topic: Tyrant / [Let's Nerf it] Ospry

nerf upgraded egor too!

it summons unupgraded egors, but still…

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Topic: Tyrant / Alt Accounts

Originally posted by Aquatar:

tell me why the ToS are not updated (may 2011)

very true

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Topic: Tyrant / Alt Accounts

Alts can be in factions. However, they can’t interact. Some examples of alts in factions interacting:

- Alt is in the same faction as main
- They are in different factions but they declare wars on each other or attack each other’s tiles
- Main has a war on a 3rd faction and alt’s faction attacks the very same faction

These are my ideas though, but it gives you a clue.

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Topic: Tyrant / United Front - Legion 0?

To me it pretty much makes sense that the Legion 1 is overwritten. It was stated that “(overwrites other Legion)”. No idea why it was even a question or why it should be changed.

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Topic: Tyrant / [Recruitment] The Lost Legacy

hey ecb free bump

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Topic: Tyrant / Join our No Kick-Out Faction

you all post but don’t fix link

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Topic: Tyrant / [CHALLENGE] United Front Surging

This topic demonstrates very well how much was lost from the game with optimizer doing all the thinking. ;]

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Topic: Tyrant / [Poll] If You Could Bring One Dead Faction Back Who Would It Be?

IFS (provided we get beef back with it)
Covert Ops

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Topic: Tyrant / [To Devs] Make more incentives for people to heavily warbond

Originally posted by ladolcevita:

I would agree, but then there are people who would QQ about my agreeing and then we’d all just drown in whine.

That will happen anyway

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Topic: Tyrant / How to transition from Tokens to Gold AND improve FW and CQ particpation

haven’t read it all but what i read i liked

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Topic: Tyrant / [to funsite and if not then to the devs] can i have a token ranking please?

as of question 5 (among ppl still active):

 1. uizito           -                      107
 2. Fedtoms          Samurai Seal Squad     220
 3. ninjistumaster   Nooblingz              249
 4. bobharley02      war machines           344
 5. w3ass3l          -                      370
 6. Supercharged44   Better World           372
 7. christelle       The Best of The Noob   383
 8. football6        Grizzly Bairs          387
 9. Xeethra          -                      393
10. mateuszg7        Metalowa Husaria       398
11. stamatis         -                      405
12. bloodygutz99     Lawless Victory        432
13. IraEtFuria       -                      473
14. Snaprig          X-COM                  511
15. dishand          Project Mayhem         528
16. borg001          -                      529
17. KageNoKyo        Chaos                  531
18. plztryagain      Pulsing Death          539
19. ang115           Donald's Deputies      547
20. NukDae69         -                      579

there seems to be a disagreement between banana and fansite of cards owned, provided that posts above are true

EDIT: the numbers posted before by flamingmo are distinct cards, so they can own more copies of any single card there

a list counting that:

 1. uizito           -                      106
 2. ninjistumaster   Nooblingz              182
 3. Fedtoms          Samurai Seal Squad     196
 4. w3ass3l          -                      244
 5. christelle       The Best of The Noob   254
 6. Xeethra          -                      272
 7. Supercharged44   Better World           280
 8. stamatis         -                      287
 9. football6        Grizzly Bairs          305
10. bobharley02      war machines           307
11. mateuszg7        Metalowa Husaria       309
12. IraEtFuria       -                      310
13. Snaprig          X-COM                  320
14. NukDae69         -                      331
15. KageNoKyo        Chaos                  340
16. plztryagain      Pulsing Death          345
17. borg001          -                      347
18. chuskarl         PROCESS                348
19. ang115           Donald's Deputies      355
20. GuyGardner       Pwnersaurus Rex        358
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Topic: Tyrant / highest infamy?