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Topic: The Arts / [REQUESTS] Exquisite Llama Gallery, AKA: How do llamas type anyway?

Good to see a familiar face still keeping on around here, JT. Looking good as always!

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Topic: General Gaming / Xbox One DRM and YOU!

I feel like the update they released today has a lot of fluff. Lots of talking about what they imagined XBox to be, emphasizing so much that they’re listening, yet the policy update itself is so quickly covered. It feels like there may be more policy works behind the scenes, or things they aren’t quite set on, but they might have felt the need to push this out when Sony stumbled (yesterday, I believe, they released a PS3 update that bricked some consoles. Not sure if that’s been hotfixed yet).

But that’s just me thinking from a competitive point of view, where Microsoft probably feels the pressure to regain “lost ground” after Sony’s presentation. Microsoft came out confident, but they’re not so arrogant as to just stand by and hope for the best, I would hope. So the Sony mistake must have felt like good timing for them, and they scrambled something nice-sounding together — I’m not sure if there was a previous announcement that policy changes would be announced today, but if there wasn’t any forewarning like that, that’s what I think happened.

I don’t think it’s a sign of “weakness” though. They’re a business. “Weakness” isn’t really a thing that matters. If a portion of the market is shouting that something’s not right with your product, then (I’m making an assumption here) pre-orders not making expected amounts could lend some truth to that. It’s in their best interest to make a change. “Weakness” be damned, they’ve got to make their money back somehow.

My two cents, at least.

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Topic: General Gaming / Xbox One DRM and YOU!

Mossy, in case you aren’t aware for your next update or blog post that you may do:

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Topic: General Gaming / Xbox One DRM and YOU!

Good read. Well done.

I’m on the fence about the consoles as a whole. I’d like to have one in the future, maybe. My PC is sort of becoming a free-to-play/livestream/music/work hub, and consoles are a nice escape away from work. Some of the XBox’s decisions are baffling, and deserve a bit of the scorn they’re getting, but for me personally, they either don’t effect me, or I just don’t care enough. (The 24 hour check, though. Ugh. That’s a kicker. I’m not worried about my connection. I’m worried about Microsoft’s. Diablo 3/SimCity launches come to mind. . .)

I think it’s way too early for me to make a decision though. I originally hopped on the “XBone sucks! PS4 rules!” bandwagon, but quickly jumped off. Now I’m just sitting on the sideline, waiting for more information/policy changes/clarifications. XBox is where I’m normally at, so I’m inclined to want to stay, but I don’t know that I can support some of the decisions, even if they don’t effect me much. PS4 has a few nice games, but none of them gave me enough info, and system specs aren’t enough to sway me. (Watch Dogs being the biggest offender of “not enough info”, for me.)

I’m hopeful things will be set in stone and decided in the coming months. I may not jump on board, but I’m curious with how it’s all going to work out. Some really nice ideas from both sides.

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Topic: The Arts / Deriaz's Armory (Cubone and Apple - 4/12)

Thanks! (Forgot to add a link to the reference photo, so that’s been added.) I admit the edge of the wood and the deep red on the apple is a bit funky, though — always bothers me when I look at it, but I don’t have the skill to fix it at the moment. At least, not in a way that I can see. Something about those bits that’s not clicking in my head.

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Topic: The Arts / Deriaz's Armory (Cubone and Apple - 4/12)

It’s all good — I type stream of thought, so my grammar is probably just as atrocious~ And psh, throw whatever you want at me — I value feedback evenly, skill level of the person giving it be damned.

I totally agree with you on both points, on the coat and the proportions. Looking back on it after this time, it’s really poorly placed and measured. It works well when cropped around the face for a profile picture, but I don’t know that I’m happy with anything else anymore. The orange was me trying to give myself a reason to have an additional light source, but. . . It wasn’t very well realized. Worked well enough, but yeah. Could have been a lot better.

I’d love to do some sort of epic piece, but I’m still in the middle of finals unfortunately. Once that’s over, I have a couple things that I’d like to do. I’d love to try and do a landscape or something object-based, but all the little studies and things that I’ve done during my sketch-a-day thing have been pretty. . . Bad. . . Like, very bad. Perspective and stuff was never really my strong suit, so moving it to a digital realm has been hard for me. And then my lack of understanding of color in general right now (though it’s better than it was 4 months ago) makes landscape painting a chore, since I feel like I’m making no progress and constantly going over what I just did.

I’ll try and see if I can find the time to really sit and try one for, like, a good twenty hours or something. Really dedicate myself to one. But I gotta get through finals first. I should (hopefully) be graduating this semester, which means I’ll have free time for a bit while job hunting. No promises, but I’ll see if I can do anything about diversity!

Just so this isn’t all text, here’s a couple things that I’ve uploaded to other places, since I’m relatively happy with them still:

(Reference for the above: )

Random music:

I know there’s barely anyone on these forums much anymore, but regardless, if you see this, I hope you enjoy, as always~

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Topic: The Arts / What is a good way to learn how to draw?

First and foremost, you just have to keep drawing. Even if you don’t want to draw realism, draw from life. Do at least a drawing a day. Do that for a year. Do that for a few years. Keep doing that. Think about stopping. Then keep drawing again. I’m still on the first step. I don’t know of anyone who has finished the process. Well, I mean, unless “they died” counts. If you want to draw cartoons, you still need an understanding of basic anatomy and proportion and stuff — outside of a “how to draw book” — to make a solid character or a believable environment, fantastical or grounded in reality.

Secondly, and I’ve been skimming through this book, check out The Animator’s Survival Kit. Even if you’re not animating, it’s written by a man who worked on Who Framed Roger Rabbit?. It’s really a solid book for teaching how people look when they’re in motion, when they’re at rest, when they’re winding up to do something, the works. It’s just a great book. Look at Disney drawn animations and cartoons as well for good cartoons. I really think this book helped me loosen up a bit, even if I’m not doing cartoons all the time. If you’re looking for books, I’m going to say avoid looking for anymore “How to Draw X” books, like “How to Draw Dragons” or whatever. I say this as someone who started with a dragon book, and drew them all. And then uploaded them to DeviantART. And then realized years later that’s why I felt so stiff when drawing and that I wasn’t improving. Because I felt like I needed a guide. If you’ve been using them a lot, it’s even more important to return to the first paragraph, which is, in summary: Draw. A lot.

References are fine to use. Hell, I use them all the time. But don’t copy them directly via tracing them or color-picking from them or whatever. You have to do that all on your own. It’s going to look wonky and bad at first. Everyone has a million bad drawings that they have to get out of the way before they can do one good one. And then they do a million more bad ones. Tracing is great for understanding, say, how Joe Maduriera did his linework for Darksiders (if I can throw out a personal favorite), but it doesn’t give you any boost in your skill. If you eyeball it, try to imitate by reference but make it your own thing, you’ll learn so much more, not only in how to work at that specific moment, but you’ll have a memory for the future for how to do that again.

For drawing animals, the same thing applies. While a small mistake isn’t going to be as noticeable on a dog as it is on a human, you still want to draw them from life. If it’s a cartoon animal you’re drawing, you’re going to really want to try and understand how the skull and head is formed, I would think. From there, you can take the body and exaggerate how you need to. If it’s anthropomorphic like Mickey, well, then you’re back to human anatomy and stuff like that. So just keep on drawing from life. Once you have that collection of life drawing in your head, drawing imaginative images becomes easier over time.

TL;DR: Draw. Draw? Draw! Draw. Keep drawing. I didn’t tell you to stop. Draw some more. Little more. Little more. Mmkay, good. Now, draw. Draw. Draw some more. References are cool. But draw. Draw. Draw. Animator’s Kit is a good book. Has some techniques for animation and cartooning. But you have to draw from life first and foremost.

These are my own opinions. Take them with a grain of salt.

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Topic: The Arts / Deriaz's Armory (Cubone and Apple - 4/12)

Yup. It’s the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. I should be getting out of here in about a month. And I can’t wait. Long story short, I’m starting to feel a bit strangled being here. I’m having much more fun doing a sketch a day than I am doing “abstract paintings of a cardboard maquette” or “paint this pile of candy on a table”. The figure painting/drawing will always be a blast, but ugh. I am not a traditional painter. And all these frustrations means I think I’ve learned what I can. . . And I want to move on to the next stage. I want to tackle my own stuff, not homework. It’s a drag going into the studio some days just because of the subject matter we work on sometimes. (No one wants to paint a bunch of junk on the ground. I don’t, at least. Not anymore.)

Haven’t updated this in forever because there’s not much to show. I took a request for someone, and I can’t show it for various reasons that were asked of me. So, respecting that, most of my time is then taken up by homework. But here, have a rabbit. It’s probably my favorite thing of the past month-ish — the anatomy and stuff is crummy, but I’m enjoying Photoshop more. Still just figuring out how the program works, getting comfortable with a tablet, etc.

I went a bit nuts on the default brushes, but that’s good to know for next time. The idea on this day was to emulate a favorite artist, see if you can learn anything about how they work. So I chose wahay (dA link) / stigmata (FA link). His stuff is so fluid and nice and every stroke feels meaningful and oh my god he is everything NSCAD seems to hate so maybe that’s why I’m loving him right now.

Anyways, rabbit. I call it “Superman”, because music.


Enjoy. Sorry I’ve been so quiet.

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Topic: The Arts / Question about color

I don’t know the best way to describe RGB, but how I have it in my head:

RGB is a combination of Red ( R ), Green (G), and Blue (B) light that adds together. It’s pretty much what makes up electronic device displays, and is the foundation of trichromancy (which is another topic entirely, but it’s one way of how the eyes perceive color). The minimum for a value is 0, a red/green/blue with no brightness, which is just black. The maximum is 255?, which is the strongest brightness of that specific color.

So Kongregate’s red is a just-over-half-strength brightness red (153/255), since there is no green (0/255) or blue (0/255) added to it. If you have any graphic program on your machine like Paint or Photoshop, you can play around with it in the Color Picker — just start plugging in values under R, G, or B, and see what happens. Or click and drag around a color, watch how the value changes.

Wikipedia’s article on the RGB color model might be more helpful than I could be. And apologies if I have any of this typed out wrong. Stating it off the top of my head, haven’t really looked at Wikipedia’s article too much.

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Topic: The Arts / Question about color

Doing a quick print-screen → Paste into Photoshop with no color correction enabled, I’m getting R: 153, G: 0, B: 0. (H: 0, S: 100%, B: 60%. Or #990000 if either of those help.)

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Topic: The Arts / Deriaz's Armory (Cubone and Apple - 4/12)

Do de do walkin’ around in my bana— WHOOPS I TRIPPED AND DROPPED SOME ART.


Still doing the whole “one drawing a day” thing. Just stopped showing terri-bad sketches everywhere. Working on a pair of requests for a guy on the side while drowning under a stream of painting class assignments and reports for lecture courses.

@Birdy: Bah. Engineering’s not so bad. Hell, look at it this way: You’ve got a much better outlook on getting a job. Also, engineers get to do some pretty cool things. If I was any good at the subjects required in engineering, I probably would have done that. I was considering accounting before I went on a whim and switched to NSCAD. I still have a bit of a tug of war over whether or not I made the right decision.

The portfolio doesn’t have many “new” things in it. Mostly a collection of sketches and finished works that I’ve submitted here that you all have seen. So it would just be in a nicer layout. I can link it at a point in the future once I send it out to a few places.

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Topic: The Arts / Deriaz's Armory (Cubone and Apple - 4/12)

I’ve only played part of the first one and the third one. Sold the third one rather quickly, but always been tempted to go pick it up again if I can play through 1 and 2 first. I don’t hate the cars bit, it just felt. . . Un-needed. Definitely not as fun as the first game. Once I have more free time, definitely gotta give a push to finish the first game.

Yup! I’ve been doodling him for a while, but I’ve never really been able to “finish” him. He didn’t have clothes for a while, then I could figure out how his face worked. . . But I think I got him working now. I’m fairly happy with how he’s sitting, as a little pilot-esque guy. Figured he would be good to have on a portfolio as a complete character, as many people have said he’s a fun little character, he just needed to be finished.

The company isn’t a big name one. Just a local animation studio here in Halifax, a few streets down from my school, actually. 5 minute walk, if that. Not sure of it off the top of my head, now that I think about it — my roommate was telling me he could check around at the office, see if they’d be hiring. The name slips my mind at the moment. Will have to ask. That’s embarrassing. I have an email, though. Just assembling some stuff, redrawing some things, trying to flesh it out a bit more before I send out the resume and portfolio.

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Topic: The Arts / Deriaz's Armory (Cubone and Apple - 4/12)

I could not tell you the amount of troubles I had with that boat. I had references and stuff, but something just was not clicking there. I sort of gave up on it and added a little bit of a water effect behind it — it looks out of place, but at least it looks like it somewhat belongs in that water.

The knight is wonky all over, actually! The back of his head doesn’t have enough depth, the front is all oddly shaped, etcetc. It was pretty much as you said, trying to figure out a bit more of what I’m doing in Photoshop. I think I like this rougher approach, but I need to scale it back and learn the basics a bit more before I can be like, “Ehhh, I’ma work on rendering and detail!” Can’t do that if I don’t have a base to go from.

Thank you!

May as well update while I’m here, though I know these forums are sort of dying. With an 18 credit courseload (15 is usually the max at NSCAD), I’m a bit swamped. So I’m just taking it day by day, getting comfortable with the digital format. Trying out smoother lines, differences in color brightness that work, trying to get a bit better at color matching, etc. Have assembled a portfolio on another site, and am preparing to start uploading stuff to a thread on ConceptArt at the end of the month as well. So that’s what’s going on with me.

TO AVOID BANDWIDTH ISSUES FOR SOME USERS, the less interesting days, in my opinion, will be linked to. This applies retroactively to the previous post. That way, you get to see what I feel were successful days, and then you can choose to click to see additional stuff that maybe I didn’t have much time to work on, or just didn’t enjoy the result.

Music for your added enjoyment:

Theme: Rust

Theme: Shepard
Regrettably did not have much time to work these days.

Theme: Perspective

Theme: Unusual Movement

Theme: Artist imitation
Artist chosen: Jouste of deviantART

Theme: Dots

Theme: Free Draw Friday
This one I’m very happy with. Have it as my lead image in my portfolio I’m assembling to send out here shortly to a company, as well as finally pinning down exactly how I want the dang character to look.


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Topic: The Arts / Deriaz's Armory (Cubone and Apple - 4/12)

“Woah hey Deriaz is alive— Wait, uh, Der. Some of your previous works in this thread aren’t working. There’s no art in them!”

Okay, let me do a quick summary for people who didn’t see on dA or FA. I wiped a LOT of stuff. 2013 is dedicated to improving myself. I’ve uploaded nothing from my previous semester, and will not be bringing any old stuff back. Some things I’ve kept in scraps on dA are there for personal reasons. Things left in my gallery on those sites are nice benchmarks for 2012.

I received one of the harshest critiques of my life at the end of 2012. I’m not upset by it — in fact, I’m glad I received it. It made me sit down and realize, “Holy crap, dude. Your stuff? Like. . . Are you even trying to improve? Because it’s not showing all the time. Step it up.” Ignoring the fact that some of my classmates received flying colors despite never doing a single drawing in a drawing class, I took what they said to heart. That my stuff was hit or miss, that it had no “drive”. That it wasn’t enough.

While NSCAD is more gallery-driven, I would love for my stuff to be used in advertisements, entertainment, or whatever in the future. And I’m never going to get there without a ton of hard work. NSCAD taught me what it takes to be a good artist, and gave me the basics. Now that I’m in my final stretch, it’s time for me to take those lessons and get my ass in gear for my OWN sake. I’m not going to have a classroom environment to be in for much longer, and as one prof put it, “No one else for the rest of your life will care what you do or how you’re improving, unless you show it.”

2013 is all about improvement. I’m doing a drawing a day (mostly stemmed from Reddit’s /r/SketchDaily to force myself to branch out and explore new topics), all focused in the digital realm, all with color. I feel if I can do this for all of 2013, even if what I show now is weak and bad, improvement HAS to come in some way.

So with that said. Here’s the first week, mostly exploration of brush interaction with opacity, spacing, etc.:

Theme: Rocks, cliffs.


Theme: Totem (This link breaks the formatting.)

Theme: Gestures (Sharing only the 10 minute one)
Link: (Breasts with nipple, better safe than sorry. Click at your own leisure.)

Theme: Free Draw Friday

Theme: Norse Mythology

Critiques are welcome, harsh or otherwise. Hopefully 2013 has been treating you all well so far. I don’t know that I’ll update here every week, but you can expect a majority of my uploads will be practice and attempts at improvement such as these.

Next week I’m going to try and take a small segment of whatever I draw and take it to a higher level of detail as practice in rendering.

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Topic: The Arts / Deriaz's Armory (Cubone and Apple - 4/12)

Originally posted by Khnum666:

Watercolour is the devil. That is all.

But that’s just because I’ve tried it like once. I can’t wait to see what someone like you comes up with, being completely insane awesome most of the time.

Awww, I dunno about “devil”. It’s a little awkward to work with, I’m finding, but I do enjoy the results. Mind you, my results are pretty poor in comparison to the rest of the internet, but I’m able to quickly do color in a way I enjoy with watercolor. So that’s cool.

Don’t know if I’ll upload any of them — maybe one or two, but definitely not the whole series of works that involve watercolor. Some of them turned out fairly weak, and just aren’t interesting to me anymore. No point showing them.

Originally posted by Lime_:

why would deriaz leave us?

Only reasons I could see to leave are 1) the Arts section is closed, or 2) a moderator/administrator/a large portion of the community asks me to leave. Otherwise, I don’t mind posting here. Is cool place. I like. I wish I was more active, but school gets to be hectic, as well as the rest of Kongregate is. . . I dunno, I don’t play many flash games. So I don’t click my bookmark too much. Heh.

Originally posted by Zedzero2:

Hey, Deriaz I was wondering if you had any tips for digital painting. I plan to try it out over my christmas break so I was just curious if you have any tips that I should try or watch out for. Thanks :) Also wondering when your next batch of work is coming, I’m excited :D

I dunno if I’m the one to come to for digital painting tips, though I’m flattered! I’m pretty clueless on the medium as a whole, to be brutally honest. The only things that I know are things that I just took from normal drawing/coloring – work really loosely at first, don’t tunnel vision on one section of the drawing until you’re getting to fine details, flip the image upside-down/invert the image once in awhile to make sure it’s balanced (something I need to get in the habit of doing more often).

Other than that, set up plenty of layers if your program supports it. I sort of forgot to do that with the painting of Jeremy above, and all of that is on. . . I dunno, very few layers. Not enough! The result would probably be much better if I used opacity and more layers from the get-go. Beyond that, um. . . I don’t really know! I’m winging it, mostly. Just looking at images of people in the freelancing/entertainment industry, trying to amass a collection of styles and techniques that they use that I want to work towards. For me, looking at images and making a collection of stuff that I think looks awesome helps me more than tutorials or things like that.

I know that’s not terribly helpful, but I don’t really know what else I can say! I wish I could say a bunch, but again, still a student in all of the digital stuff. I’m sorry! :(

As for when I’m going to hope to upload again, I’m in finals crunch right now. A final exam tomorrow morning, a final critique of drawings on Tuesday, and a massive collection of oil paintings to be critiqued on Wednesday. Umm. . . Being optimistic? I want to say next weekend. Being honest with myself? I’d guess around Christmas. Let’s aim for somewhere in there, and see what happens.

Sorry for being terribly slow to respond to you guys! School and other issues have been keeping me fairly busy recently. Hopefully I will get fun stuff to upload soon. Sorry again!

EDIT (12/20): There may or may not be an update by Christmas. I’m currently deciding on a course of action in relation to this thread and my art in general. It’s not a bad thing, so don’t take this the wrong way — I’m still going to draw and try to improve! But an update, given what I have in mind, may not be appropriate. Stay tuned. You’ll hear from me around New Years as I figure this out.

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Topic: The Arts / Deriaz's Armory (Cubone and Apple - 4/12)


Yup, still here. I check this so infrequently that a lot of stuff slips under my nose because my browser doesn’t show new posts correctly, and I have to physically discover someone posted by looking at the “last posed” column. Which means new threads sneak by really easily because I guess I’m really bad at noticing when things have only one post in them. But then again, I dunno who all wants critique, or how harsh of critique (since this semester has jaded me a bit), or so on and so forth. That said, doesn’t feel right to just let the forums die a little bit more, so I do my little part of helping make it interesting to visit at least once every. . . Okay, uh, let’s say month. Even if it’s just my one thread, and I don’t have much to say or show in terms of shtuff. Heh.

Glad to hear you’re seeing improvement in my stuff. Hopefully that stays a trend! And thank you regarding the anatomy — I’ve been told this semester that I’m “OCD” when it comes to anatomy and stuff, but. . . I dunno if that’s really a bad thing? I mean, I like anatomy. Maybe I’m weird. Or maybe that’s one of the default “art student” answers that I’ve recently discovered. Dunno! But I like improvement and I like anatomy soimadothatandisgonnabegoodhopefullywoo! And thanks on the owl comment! He’s one of the keepers from my schoolwork that I won’t be burning in the wood stove in a few weeks. He’s nice to look at. Gonna put him on my wall, be all like, “Is burd. Keepin’ you.” :D

Thanks again, and you keep up the good work as well! :D

And just so this isn’t simply a reply, here’s an update for why no new pictures when I said I’d try:

I’ve decided I’m going to hold off on taking photos/uploading stuff until the semester is complete (two weeks, then Winter Break). My stuff is a bit too large for a scanner, and lighting is a hassle for me, so it’s time that I need to spend on work rather than repeated photo taking. Same with running around, uploading it to various sites. Since I have essays to write, paintings to paint, illustrations to force into a fine art class and make everyone upset over because “oh noes commercial-looking art”, and tests to study for, my time is thin.

That said, my final series of drawings for my drawing course are. . . Well, I’m hoping they look pretty radical by the end. I like the thought process behind them, and the execution of the first one is going well. I hope I can keep hitting the mark on them. Watercolor is pretty awesome and I’m really enjoying it.

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Topic: The Arts / Deriaz's Armory (Cubone and Apple - 4/12)

Originally posted by Lime_:

creepy shadows and highlights are perfet though

Hah! He does look a bit creepy, yeah. I guess it’s that weird middle-ground of wanting a realistic approach to anatomy, but being undecided on the head in regards to realism or something cartoony like the character is usually depicted in. If I had to point out one thing that kills the piece, it’s that.

Thanks! :D

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Topic: The Arts / Deriaz's Armory (Cubone and Apple - 4/12)

Originally posted by papplejacks:

nice job deriaz. nice to see you still posting. the gas mask with skull and the india ink owl are awesome. you are getting really good. and nice blitz again :D i would like you to try to draw some other league of legends characters if you get to it. but do what you gotta do. you are getting better :D

Blitz is sort of my go-to guy when I dunno what to draw or I’m trying something a bit different. As much as I like some other character designs from League (Jax springs to mind, Skarner, etc.), I’m doing my best to try and avoid just doing fan-art-y stuff right now. Maybe in the future or as quick sketches, but I can’t see myself doing one soon.

And thank you! Much appreciated, and I’ll keep doing my best.

Originally posted by Lime_:

your great in character design. ever thought as taking that as a profession.

As a profession? Mmm. I dunno. Like, it’d be nice. But I don’t know that I can live on just that alone. At least, definitely not at my current level of skill. Have a long way to go before I can just do only characters. I need to branch into landscapes/scenery. (I’m actually looking at Toph Gorham‘s work as something I’d like to explore next. The amount of detail that guy reaches is phenomenal.)

(EDIT: By a long way to go, I mean literal light-years. Looking at stuff from other illustrators, my stuff looks pitiful next to theirs. I have to step it up by leaps and bounds before I can even consider drawing scraps for people, I think.)

-Sorry I couldn’t upload anything this weekend, as well. So busy with classwork and stuff I haven’t had the time. At some point I will upload, I promise, and I won’t just type stuff. I just don’t know exactly when that’ll be, since my schedule can be a bit hectic. Maybe I should stop saying, “Next weekend” or stuff like that, at least while I’m a college student. Hah.-

Wait, no! I DO have something I can show, something digital! I completely forgot!

Okay, so, backstory first: I wanted to practice anatomy, posing, and texture/lighting in Photoshop. And I figured, well, a guy by the name of diarmaidhutchence has a character named Jeremy. He’s a big anthro-snake thingy. Since NSCAD doesn’t really do big, muscular models, male or female, I had to do this on my own. (They say it’s because muscular people are “too stiff”, but, like. . . There’s still the importance of volume and mass, isn’t there? Come on.) So using an anthropomorphic character? I get to play with design, I get to play with the traits I want to practice, I get to try Photoshop, and that guy gets free art of his dude. Win win all around.

I decided to not do the full character, instead doing the human-ish figure top half. Copy-paste of what I said on dA:

What I learned: Working large is great for how I like to doodle. References are great. Strong silhouettes/figures leave backgrounds a little less necessary and free. That I enjoy working digitally when things pull together easily.

What I should keep in mind for the future: The markings Jeremy has don’t appear well when in a dark area, and almost look black. Could not find a fix for that. Python heads are hard to draw, and I found myself caught between going pure realistic or interpreted. Need to make stronger distinction. Opacity is your friend, but you should make a note to use it from the start, otherwise you’ll waste two hours of your time when one half of the drawing looks different than the other.

What I think I should do next: Learn opacity and layer settings/texture a bit more, perhaps through drawing a background. Continue with this sort of depiction, though, because it’s relaxing and fun. Maybe broader strokes. Ambient light needs to be considered from the get-go.

I think this turned out. . . Okay? I dunno. It’s been a week and a half, so thinking on it, there are a lot more problems than I think I first saw. But it is something I enjoy saying I made, and I’m hoping is a sign of good things to come.

REFERENCE IMAGE: (Used for initial sketch and reference for lighting.)

Hopefully that makes up for the slow updates.

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Topic: General Gaming / Halo 4

Originally posted by SicMirx:
Oh, and the Boltshot. Mossy pointed it out and I didn’t realize it until I toyed with it, but when I can single-handedly and easily take on a loaded Warthog with nothing but a loadout sidearm, you know something is amiss.

You’re talking about that charge shot, right?

Yeah, I’m not sure how I feel about that. Like, I understand it needs a charge shot because it can’t scope. It needs some sort of charge kick, otherwise I know it wouldn’t be used much in anyone’s loadout.

I’d be happy with something, like, leaving people in Close Call state. That’s pretty much one additional bullet or melee kills them. Probably should be weakened to some degree against vehicles, like 50% or 66% efficiency, because I’ve been on both ends of the vehicle situation — it’s not fun for the people in the Warthog, and to be fair, it wasn’t fun for me when I was the one shooting it. I understand it’s a shotgun shot, but. . . Wow. Something’s not right, but I know they’ve got to be careful with balancing it.

I’m also hoping for the super fast grenade throw glitch to be patched out shortly. I’ve started encountering more people using that with the plasmas in War Games. I don’t think it’s intended. Doesn’t feel like it, with how fast the grenades travel. (EDIT: Thinking on it some more, it seems there may be some risk vs reward in it, since it leaves the player a bit wide-open. Maybe my opinion formed too fast. Would have to weigh it a bit more.)

(Holy crap, 50 weeks of additional Spartan Ops!? I thought it was only 5. That makes me so excited, you have no idea. I already love the mode. This makes me so happy.)

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Topic: General Gaming / Halo 4

Originally posted by Alexanderjac:

343 f____d up Halo 4. (Snipsnip)

I’m actually of the opposite opinion. I thought Bungie was starting to lose it with Reach. (No opinion on ODST; thought it was a cash cow, didn’t buy it.) Did not enjoy how everything felt like a bullet sponge in the campaign, alongside the terrible AI. Thought Multiplayer was lackluster with no really interesting maps to play in, and didn’t enjoy how limited the weapon choice felt. The pace felt a lot slower, but that may have been me remember Halo 3 fondly because I thought that game had a pretty good pace to its combat in campaign and multiplayer. Halo 4 feels like the opposite, with maps that I’m immediately finding favorites of, a campaign that feels well-balanced, and so on.

Did 343 do a perfect job? Nah. Locking away emblems and not allowing us to see all the armor pieces seems trivial. The campaign’s objectives felt repetitive and by the end I was wanting to just get it done with (though on the flipside I thought the writing in Chief/Cortana was fairly well done, even if the other characters didn’t carry their weight). Vehicle balance in relation to the power weapons seems a little screwy right now, but not a huge obstacle for a team to get over. And no Elites in Multiplayer make me a sad Warforged! Elites were what drew me into the Halo universe, so it’s sad for me to not get to be one. Arbiter is my favorite character in all of the games.

But despite the complaints and nitpicking, I’ve had a blast with the game so far. 343 seems like they wanted to take care of the series, and I think they did as good a job as they could. Maybe played it a bit safe, maybe needs some more work in various departments, but I think they’ve done a good job at making it feel like Halo again. Again, these are just my opinions, but I’ve definitely found the game more than worth the price of entry so far.

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Topic: The Arts / Deriaz's Armory (Cubone and Apple - 4/12)

Originally posted by Lime_:

already a pro impressionist I see :P. the owl is amazing along with everything else. I like how you capture the motion in each sketch.

Hah! I wish I was a pro impressionist. I like that style, and it seems to be what I’m just naturally drawing towards when I’m doodling, or something in a similar vein, so I can’t say I’m unhappy with it. (Whether it actually is impressionist, I’ll leave up to others to decide.) But I’m so far from being a “pro”. Heh.

Thank you!

I’ll try to post some more stuff this weekend. Other characters, a digital painting, and some other things. Super busy at the moment, but noticed you posted, so I felt obliged to respond.

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Topic: The Arts / [gallery] Oboe Passion's Sketchbook


The cushion is my favorite of the stuff you put in the previous post, I think. One concern, though, is did you spray it with anything to protect the paint a bit? I mean, I say this not knowing if there actually is such a thing, but I immediately became concerned that it might flake a bit from being thrown about, and that’d be a shame. Because that’s really nice and I wish I had one.

You better put pictures of the costume up, as well. Or I will be very slightly upset. I might frown a bit.

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Topic: The Arts / Deriaz's Armory (Cubone and Apple - 4/12)

Originally posted by rawismojo:

I already talked to Deriaz about these works, but did want to mention that his ink owl and bee hendrix are totally badass and awesome. Your inking had come so so so so far with the guitar image. It’s so crisp! I’m really excited about what you do to finish off that piece.


Originally posted by lightsun:

Insane! Can’t wait to see the final piece.

By the way, Queen rules. The whole “A night at the opera” album is amazing.

If all goes according to plan, it should be a series of three. One based around guitar/bass, one based around vocals/lyrics, one based around rhythm/drums. Because I used Korvaan already, I may end up keeping the animal theme going, but taking a bit more thought into what anthropomorphic animal I’d use to represent an instrument.

I’ve sent a PM to one guy around the net wondering if I can get a screenshot of his workspace in whatever program he uses to make his electronic music. I’d like to make it a set of four, with the fourth being based around the concept of electronic music. But that’s dependent on if he wants to share or not — luckily, the series doesn’t need it to be complete. It’s a nice bonus if it appears, though~

And I, shamefully, haven’t dug into Queen much. I discovered this song via Rock Band Blitz, with my only real prior experience with Queen being the repeated play of Bohemian Rhapsody. So much so, that I told myself if people were this fanatic over Queen, and only this one song, they weren’t worth looking up. I, uh. I’ve very quickly realized that is THE WRONG OPINION TO HAVE. i want more


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Topic: The Arts / Deriaz's Armory (Cubone and Apple - 4/12)

Thank you! (Sorry I’m slow here to respond. Completely missed your post!)

I really, really love the self-portrait, even looking back on it. I’ll intentionally skirt the question on whether it’s blood or a representation of something else. Haha. I think that’s part of why I still love it — people still guessing what some of it means. As for the owl, I feel it’s done as well. The blue was actually a bit of a mistake — I had only meant it in the eyes and the beak. The class feels I should have used it more, but. . . Maybe that would be even more chaotic, or what it needs. Hard to tell.


Bus sketch, 45 minutes. I wanted to draw a cow or something. And then my mind started wandering, but my hand didn’t. OH GOD WHAT HAVE I DONE.

Bus sketch, about 30 minutes. A turian, because I’m so original. phsyco2 of FurAffinity said he likes that my stuff has a weathered feel to it, which is kind of enlightening. I think. . . I like that about my stuff. I think there’s a lot of potential in that statement. I hope it doesn’t go away.

HEY HERE’S SOME BUS SKETCH FAILURES TO MIX IT UP A BIT. Feel free to take these and run with them or whatever. They’re just for fun, showing me at a low point for some interesting talking points, maybe.

Okay, this piece takes a lot of explaining. I’m going to copy-paste what I said on DeviantART.

Summary: After weeks of confusion and flip-flopping, this is the entry piece (unfinished) into an exploration of music in art, and the energy behind both mediums.

Long story: In my Advanced Studio in Drawing Class, I was very clearly told on our first critique, “You should avoid illustration.” That “Illustration is to fine art as musicians are to music.” (what) Upon presentation of my project for the semester, I was told this yet again, by both students and professor. I was told, “You shouldn’t try to emulate illustrators or other artists.” (what)

Okay. So, here, I’ll do this. ( Owl in previous post. ) Response? “It’s very chaotic. It’d be nicer if it was more illustrative.” (. . .) So I decided, okay, I’ll try more illustration. Second attempt (not uploaded, still under tweaks), what am I told? “You should go to the library and look up artists to emulate, maybe even outright copy if you have to.” (. . .)

Okay. SO. I propose to the class, in critiques, what exactly they feel I should do. I’m given BOTH stances. I go to the prof, who has been quiet. He tells me, “You know, maybe you shouldn’t take everything they say to heart. I’m curious about what you want to do, as I don’t know your creative process.” Another student told me, “You need to find some sort of political or just interesting statement you want to make. And f***ing MAKE IT.”

So we’re avoiding politics and that crap. What do I like? I love music. I love the creation, the energy, the theatrics. I love it all. So I began sketching ideas. They failed at first. Eventually, a doodle of Korvaan here smashing a bass stuck with me. I blew it up to it’s current size, 3 feet wide by 2 feet tall. It’s going to have some dust cloud-esque things going from the left and the right, making it larger, as well as the wings being extended.

What am I trying to do? I’m trying to capture the essence of music alongside the theatrics and energy the performers themselves have, and illustrate it. My most striking bits of music in memory have been the destruction of instruments during performances, so that came out in this first part. I’m not sure if I’ll continue that theme. I also don’t know how I will give this some volume or more interest. I’m inspired by Kara Walker’s silhouettes, and may explore something in a similar vein to that.


3 feet by 2 feet, felt tip pen on Academia paper. Approximately 4 hours so far, from thought process to current stage.

I really love the linework so far, and I’m hoping I can capture the cloud-like effect I want to add onto the sides of him. And then, of course, that the other pieces feel just as strong to me. I’m really enjoying myself now that I feel like I have control and am doing what I want to do.

Random music:


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Topic: The Arts / Deriaz's Armory (Cubone and Apple - 4/12)

My titles are becoming progressively less descriptive for everything I upload. Hmm.

Not really much to say this week. First a project for class. India ink and masking tape. Like the material, may work with it more. Wanted to add color, prof/students said it was “done”. Should have gone with gut instinct and added it. Also, don’t use so much water — it makes it harder to darken later. Duly noted.

Second, tree studies. Photo refs: and . 45 minutes, oil on canvas board.

I’m so bad at oil. I shouldn’t have saved the painting classes ’til the end in hindsight. Oh well. Just need more practice.

Sketch to finish it up. About fourty minutes-ish. Blitzcrank again. World tournament. Robots on the mind. BEEP BOOP TOURNAMENT DELAYED.

Like some parts of it, hate others. Woo~

Random music for you: