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Topic: Call of Gods / 5 Easy-to-do Ideas

All of these are good suggestions.

PLease consider adding some higher levels of the technology skills. Most of them are stuck at level 20. Decreasing hero losses even by a few percentage points would be helpful, as would being able to recruit more and having them refresh more quickly or increased storage of resources, esp. considering how much resources upgrades are taking at high levels— one upgrade and your resources are down to about 30-35% even if they were maxed out.

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Topic: Call of Gods / [Bug] Need help? Find a bug? This is the place.

Originally posted by dudemus:

i too have an issue with identical items and the newer enh one showing less stats, or they did. beloved hands one was higher than the other but now both are showing the lower amount so can’t screen shot it.

one was over 1k units and one was 930, now both are the 930. the other stats were affected as well.

So they fixed this by lowering the older items rather than raising up the new items?

Definitely not cool.

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Topic: Call of Gods / [Bug] Need help? Find a bug? This is the place.

Originally posted by Sayaroux:
Originally posted by qyayqi:

Sayaroux.s4 on server 4, merged 2, has a problem with a pet seen below:

it has no equipment on it, but as you see it still shows +2600 att, +2200 agi, -2600def, -2200 vit.

please fix this as soon as possible. thanks in advance.

This is still a problem. I cannot sell the pet, even though the pet has no equipped equipment. It looks like the problem might e the Dawnbreaker bonuses, but that didn’t prevent selling other pets.

Please fix this.


Still not fixed. Please fix this soon.

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Topic: Call of Gods / New Clash of Gods

Originally posted by cmoecrash:

Clash is so bugged and screwed up. please fix it. dont ask for a screen shot cause every time its a different glitch. just over haul the whole thing. its a dum set up anyways! if you get on team with best player you get more points and dont have to kill anyone. where as someone on the other side could kill everyone but the strongest player and doesnt get rewarded at all. please fix. and then you can provide me with a screenshot of not a p.o.s. clash! and thanks i’ll wait to hear your generic response of wanting a screenshot or how fast youll fix it and it wont be fixed.

There is no question Clash is bugged. Someone estimated in chat that people get glitched/kicked about 50% of the time, so it’s a serious bug (or bugs).

However, even though Clash still has some problems, this is better than any of the previous versions.

The points rewarded don’t seem to match what the game says it should be.

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Topic: Call of Gods / team dungeon

if you run in a team, you can get back in as long as someone else in the team is still going.

Getting kicked out ina solo means you can’t get back in though.

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Topic: Call of Gods / Maintenance Notice (December 25th)

Originally posted by callofgods:

Hi, the boss strength is not changed, it just have some attack monster. Thanks for your understanding.

Everyone knows you changed things — whether intentionally or iunintentionally, we don’t know. Why not admit it and compensate the players who were affected badly?
Or do you prefer that those paying players just all leave the game????

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Topic: Call of Gods / ** A long rant

Well thought out and well-reasoned post. Can’t disagree with any of it.

Yet obviously extremely sorry to see still another person leaving the game, and especially another Templar.

To be honest, there are so few people left playing, losing anyone in any alliance is a big deal at the moment. There are just so very few of us left.

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Topic: Call of Gods / [Suggestion] Have a suggestion? This is the place.

It takes an entire alliance to save up the nightmare crystals to do alliance boss. The things it drops – keys, cards, etc, are all bound, so there is no benefit to runnign alts in here.

Since everyone contributes it, everyone should be able to receive the benefits. Please either the level limits or increase it from it’s current +/- 20 levels.

The small amount of rewards is not going to unbalance the game, so please make this change.

Alliance leader, Templars

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Topic: Call of Gods / Maintenance Notice (December 22nd)

Originally posted by qyayqi:
Originally posted by qyayqi:

coppered all the pieces i picked up the first 2 days. congratulations on making a grind event with nothing worth investing the grind time toward. i get better time value running fangskin for silver and pet food, which is a pretty sad state of affairs.

laugh it feels like you actually read this, then put together this maintenance to address this in the most minimal way possible. 3 × 10k silver cards in an hour is horrible compared to 10k every run at fangskin. i’ll go out on a limb as well & suggest that the pet xp from the ice bucket gear will be much worse than what we get from ice tyrant gear at fang.

AND so far 4 xmas cards and 0 bells in the first hour. so your WOW 500% increase in jingle bells probably means i can maybe get 5 of them in 2 days instead of 1. oh, and it’ll take about 80 drops to get 1 piece of gear, and about 150 for 2, so if you were to extend this event by… oh… 60 days we might get a pair we can use!

Sadly, someone who doesn’t lay the game could read the message board and make better fixes than the developers seem able to make.

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Topic: Call of Gods / Maintenance Notice (December 18th)

I think their goal is to make sure DV is the only guy still playing on server 2. Though I would suspect when the servers get down to 1-2 people, even they will eventually quit.

Wake up, COG, before absolutely no one is left laying this game. I doubt there are 40 long time players left here and at the rate that they are leaving, soon no one will be left at all.

Templars leader

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Topic: Call of Gods / Maintenance Notice (December 4th)

Sadly, all it takes is 1 or 2 people spending big money to get them to do these again and again.

The rest of us might as well just come back in a week or two when they have something that isn’t for just 1-2 players.

We can also plan on watching the world bosses get to ridiculous sizes as players kill them super-quickly. That hurts every single player on the server except for the one killing it. A lot of people need that silver, but it will take a long time to get back to normal from the 2 billion plus it’s going to end up at again.

If you really need to run this event again, please take out the world boss section of this.

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Topic: Call of Gods / Maintenance Notice (November 20th)

Originally posted by emppal:

You know what’s funny? This stupid Ice and Snow pack event worked for CoG. While I was online, which isn’t very often, the top players on s10 loaded $3,000 gold.

So you may criticize the event, but if it brings in money then CoG will continue to do it…

So because of two or three people, no one else matters. Of course, when those three people are the only ones left, they may decide not to keep playing and COG may regret it.

I wouldn’t mind the chests if they were an extra drop, but it’s obvious to all the players that they interfere with normal drops. How about giving chests in an email when a player finishes the final boss? That would solve one of the biggest gripes that we have about chest events.

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Topic: Call of Gods / [Suggestion] Have a suggestion? This is the place.

Since someone else mentioned medals, many of us already have 6 high level medals, yets chests and the wheel often give medals with high levels of enhancement.
Please finally get around to letting us transfer medal enhancement levels.

Also, way back when we had event with dawn gear, someone from COG said we would see it again. Well, so far we haven’t. Please make dawn gear available somehow.

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Topic: Call of Gods / [Suggestion] Have a suggestion? This is the place.

This is a repeat, but please add commas to very large numbers. People repeatedly misread the size of the world boss, simply because it is 9 or 10 digits long. If there were commas, people would easily tell the difference between 100 million and 1 billion.

There is really no downside to doing this, other than a very small amount of work on your part. Please get this done and don’t tell us “we’re thinking about it” again.

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Topic: Prime World: Defenders / The Chests must be rigged

I have to agree that I think the chests are rigged. Since I got my dragon towers to level 2, I have seen 18 dragon towers in chests without getting one. I get other uniques commonly, but not the dragon tower.

I have been stuck on level 17 for 2 weeks now.

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Topic: Prime World: Defenders / rarities & probabilities?

Either I’m the unluckiest person ever or the odds aren’t what they seem

I have been trying to get my last dragon tower card, and the last 15 times it’s been visible as one of the five cards, I have yet to get one.

Frustrating beyond belief! I calculated the odds as literally about 1 in 1.07 million.

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Topic: Call of Gods / Maintenance Notice (October 10th)

Totally agree. This was NOT an improvement, but a big change for the worst.

Originally posted by wthepoo:

Why would you change the scrollable inventory to one organized in pages?

The old one worked nicely, nobody (I know) complained about it, it was easy to deal with, you could get a good overview and move swiftly through the inventory… i.e. IT WAS OKAY.

The new system takes clicks, it takes more time to move through the inventory, items of the same category end up on different pages, stacking will be more complicated, especially if you do not need a sort, for most players with an incomplete final page it suggests more space than they have… i.e. IT IS BAD (my opinion).

There are so many things that need to be fixed (read suggestion and bug threads) – this was not one of them.

Sorry, but this is just silly in my opinion. Please bring the old inventory scroll bar back.


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Topic: Call of Gods / How long have you played CoG?

In chat today we were discussing that a number of us just passed 3 years in the game. My first CoG badge was won on Sept 30, 2011. So when did you start playing?

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Topic: Call of Gods / [Suggestion] Have a suggestion? This is the place.

Alliance boss is an event designed to make the entire alliance work together donating crystals so that we can run the event. There was a time when there huge number of players on the servers and we could have run different size bosses, but those days are part of the distant, distant past. We’re one of the three large alliances left in our server, and I’m pretty sure that the other two have pretty comparable numbers to us, give or take 1-2 people.

These days we need every single player in the alliance to donate to run the boss, however because of the level limits, some of the people donating can no longer participate. My suggestion is to allow an alliance to run the boss for the highest members of the alliance and let everyone else participate. The items are bound, so I don’t see a huge negative to this.

If you cannot do this, then I’d suggest changing it from 20 levels to 30 or maybe even 40 levels difference.

Alliance leader of Templars

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Topic: Call of Gods / [Suggestion] Have a suggestion? This is the place.

Originally posted by qyayqi:

nobody should ever pay gold for silver. ever. ever, ever.

Agree absolutely.

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Topic: Call of Gods / Maintenance Notice (September 25th)

Originally posted by callofgods:

Hi, we will discuss it seriously. Thanks for your playing.

Please don’t discuss it — FIX IT!

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Topic: Call of Gods / [Event] Double Exp Happy Hour

“till the September 17.” Not sure if this means the event stopped on the 16th or continues on the 17th. Clarification please?

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Topic: Call of Gods / [Event] Race Against Time

Sadly I can confirm that 130 gear includes vampire. I got a set of legs from my chest.

Totally worthless junk.

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Topic: Call of Gods / [Event] Race Against Time

I really hope 130 equipment means good 130 equipment and not a chance at good equipment. To grind hard for 2 weeks to get a vampire piece would be extremely depressing.

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Topic: Call of Gods / [Event] Simple Task, Nice Rewards

Originally posted by setec:
Originally posted by rqdelrosario:
Originally posted by setec:

Lol callofgods, you failed and now cowardly cleaning up. Was’t expecting such low approach even from you.


So you mean it was actually my fault lol? Man you are really hard with logical thinking.

In fact i though cog made it on purpose. So why the f-k should i keep silent about that stuff?

Now its obvious cog made that shards unbound because they are too stupid to make things right.

Just remember last few days:

1. Thy fukd up writing proper description on dungeon shards

2. They f-d up sending sorry email – we all got 6 f-g green pet formation pages (cog was u drunk that time?)

3. They f-d up forgetting set shards bound.

4. They f-d up again making it bound silently as lowly rats.

SO SHUT THE F-K UP qdelrosario


If you were to ask most players, yes, it was your fault. COG never does stuff to help the players — unless they can make gold out of it.

Never mention this kind of stuff on the forum — COG will screw the players every time.