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Topic: Rise of Mythos / [Maintenance] Rise of Mythos Maintenance 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM PST Wed. 1/15

:O I have to get up early for work, but still waited up for that extra hour just to check out this, now you are pushing it back again? I could have been asleep!!!! :(

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Skyshard Heroes] [Dev] Suggestions/Bug reports

Originally posted by qazzaq123:
Originally posted by zentox:

qazzaq you got a person doing the same thing… Macbeth 1W,2N

I notice nextweek also did it which he only has 1 tile (0,5S) left so pretty sure he didn’t know. Unsure about Macbeth as he haven’t been on in days but I request all tiles that are glitch to be neutral which should be fair to all.

A trigger could be made, for when people are inactive for a long period of time that space becomes neutral. That way we dont have to worry about people who play for a little, get bored and leave spaces uncapturable. i’d say like 5-7 days of inactivity.

twice now i’ve “attempted” to attack someone in Conquest and Battle, and when i place my units they do not appear. It then allows me to select my unit for placment again. When i try to do this, it says im already attacking. I back out, end up getting a draw, and waste my attack. I know other people are having this issue as well.

I don’t know if there is a way, and I just don’t know about it, but it would be VERY helpful to have like a list of what all places you control. When you start taking over a lot of spaces, it’s hard to upkeep them all when you have to search for all of them. So a consolidated list that you could maybe just click on and be brought to that territory would be AWESOME!

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Skyshard Heroes] [Dev] Suggestions/Bug reports

Originally posted by AleXinoS:

My first suggestion would have to do with this one:

Originally posted by HowlingWolf49:

I have a suggestion. Dealing with the abundance of resources and the time we have to wait for buildings to be finished, having it where we can build multiple buildings as we level up. Could be either of these scales.

Level 10, 2 things; Level 20, 3 things; Level 30, 4 things, and max at level 40 and 5 things.
Level 15, 2 things; Level 30, 3 things; Level 45, 4 things, and max at level 60 and 5 things.

Maybe adding a Citadel level condition to your player level would be a good way too. Have two conditions to expand it versus just the one condition.

I agree with it, as we discussed, but I might have another idea. Since it is possible for the number of attacks, why don’t you add in a building in “Support” section that increases the amount of buildings that you can build/upgrade at once? :D It would be called something such as “Builder’s Tavern” available at lvl 3~4 citadel. :) And every upgrade applied to it increases the amount of builds up to max level of X.

As for my 2nd idea, I think you should add a building in the “Resource” section (there is a spot just for it <3) that would recycle material into another at a certain rate. Let’s say at lvl1, it transforms anything to something else at a 50% ratio, up to 90~95% at lvl Y=max (I already used the variable X in this post, so I’m using Y instead to avoid confusion).

I hope you’ll consider my suggestions! :D

Either of these sound great. At the very least it would be nice to be able to put upgrading in “queue” so when one finishes, another can start automatically. That way we can go afk and not have to worry about our stuff just sitting there doing nothing.