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Topic: General / Dat disappointment when you draw a crappy epic

I haven’t pulled an epic since before the last event. I open blocks of 5k gold in packs and I’m up to 50k gold now.

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Topic: General / New Commanders unlocked

First is 35k.

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Topic: General / Daily reward odds

Valid, last time I was in vegas I lost most of my seed money I set aside playing blackjack, then won it all back on one pull of slots as I was leaving. Random is random.

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Topic: General / Time to release the second BOSS

Second boss is out! Gives stealthy Niaq.

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Topic: General / Rise of the Ancients Starts Now!

Yeah Niaq looks different, as does fortifier.

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Topic: General / Double Fusions!? Beyond OP!

Protect all 2 is not really “not much”.

Garrison fortifier with Halcyon avoids 9 damage per turn just by itself…

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Topic: General / I'm annoyed at this abomination, Synapse.

What the hell are you talking about? You can pull epics and legendaries from 100 gold packs, plus all the SP you need. Nothing to use it on?

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Topic: General / [To Devs] Referrals

I think they should give an epic for a referral bonus, only obtainable once per person, and it should be of a power level similar to Kronus — awesome for a new player and not used in the highest levels of player.

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Topic: General / New Player here - need advice

You got really lucky with cards! I’ve been playing for over a month and spent $30 and don’t have a lot of the cards you do. lol


Upgrading early commanders is not worth it IMO. Others may disagree, but I did just fine having only a level 2, t1, commander all the way up until I unlocked Halycon, my t3 commander and started leveling him up (4 is the sweet spot for him).

Max level blitz armor is very powerful early in the game. I would max out 2 and put them in your deck (they aren’t worth it until max). This gives you double benefit, as they are used for 2 very powerful fusions and you will have them ready. Replace the revolver and one of the terminators.

Next, I would focus your SP on your Vigil. It’s also very powerful, and is again used in the fusion recipe for what many consider one of the best cards in the game, Defiance. You’ll never feel like you wasted the SP maxing this.

Maxing your Omega after that isn’t a bad choice as you’ll want to fuse it into a Soulsteel Mount along with a havoc and two more of your blitz armor at some point. I would recommend getting a Stag Beetle with your first havoc though.

As far as your deck goes, something like aegis/2x stryker/2x blitz armor/vigil/omega will get you pretty far until you get better cards. Keep in mind you don’t need to have all 10 cards in your deck, and once you level up your epics you’ll want to dump some of those rares so your epics are guaranteed to get on the board faster. The ion strykers will become useless past a certain point as the healing isn’t enough to survive and they do crap for damage, but you can definitely use them until you reach that point.

For reference, I’m at about 20k battle rating and my deck is Fortifier (x2)/Omega/Pantheon Progeny/Blight Crusher 5/Stag Beetle 5 right now. Only 6 cards but I win on offense easily against most people 5k rating above myself.

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Topic: General / Is Bersek way too over powered?

XO definitely doesn’t easily kill SF, if they are both maxed and played against each other first the XO can’t kill SF before it activates, at which point it can’t do any damage to it period without external rallies. Same situation for the SF though, if XO activates before it gets in one attack it can’t do anything (except cancel the strike all obviously)

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Topic: General / Deck improvement beginner

Just so you know, blitz armor maxed is 3/6 with 2 delay (it loses a delay!) , armor 2, rally raider 3. It’s probably the best rare.

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Topic: General / daily SP income

I’ve turned in 1 t2 artifact set period, never a t3 and only a couple t1. No idea how people reinforce so much.

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Topic: General / Havoc Alpha or SSM

Here’s a semi-related question, I have 2 omegas, 0 havocs. Should I fuse an omega+ or try to wait for a SSM? I already have a Stag Beetle. My deck seems like it has a ton of 4 drops already — 2x fortifier and 1x PP (going for PD).

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Topic: General / New salvage stuff in shop

Price seems super high to me, you can get 3 epic packs for that! Surely there’s a better than 1/3 chance to get a decent epic out of those.

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Topic: General / [Idea] new gold based pack

500 gold for 20 salvage would be retardedly cheap, it should be 1000 gold if they were to do that.

(Not that I wouldn’t love that price, but still).

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Topic: General / Made It!!

I have no idea how you had that much energy… I only wasted energy while sleeping during the entire event and got 50/50, 10/10, and 8/10 on the 3 bosses along with missing the stars on 2 of the other nodes.

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Topic: General / Blight Crusher/Iron Maiden Fusion?

Does enfeeble work if the damage is fully blocked by armor? Because if it doesn’t, a single stronghold fortifier will wipe an infinite number of starformers once it activates.

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Topic: General / Chance of legendary from righteous pack

validname that’s not how math works FYI, if the chance is 10% per pull then the chance of getting one in 3 pulls is 27.1% not 30% (1-.9^3)

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Topic: General / Sim Release

Would it be possible for you to put your source code somewhere? I love the idea of this tool but not comfortable with running a random .exe from somebody I don’t know.

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Topic: General / Cyberius has formed

Is there a reason why NOTHING in this event gives warbonds when you were throwing them at us during Tartarus? Give the free players a bone!

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Topic: General / Stronghold Fortifier

Is it just me or is this card better than most legendary fusions? If it isn’t hit IMMEDIATELY with a high pierce card it will just wipe decks by itself. For the lazy, max stats are 6/17/4 with armor 4, berserk 3, protect all 1. If you are using Halcyon that’s armor 5 and a protect point once it activates, with +3 atk per turn…

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Topic: General / [To Devs] Please make grind shorter in part three.

Since there are 1440 minutes in a day, assuming you lose about 240 of those while sleeping (in reality it’s more than that for most people) that leaves 1200 usable energy per day — the 5000 energy required will take over 4 full days of missing nothing to complete with 100% win rate. Going to be kinda ridiculous, especially with getting 10 wins on the other nodes thrown in.

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Topic: General / Suggestion and Advice to beat High lvl Tyr Cannon?

Validname thank you! Beat it today.

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Topic: General / platinum crate

It is in the store, costs 20 bucks. You get 250 wb, 50 salvage, and a guaranteed epic. Can only buy it once. I bought it and used 240 of the wb on 4 boxes… 2 epic 2 rare but one was fortifier so I’m pretty happy.

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Topic: General / My bad luck to good luck. CUSTOMER SERVICE A++

That’s awesome to hear.