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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Monsters' Den Chronicles] The evade/miss rate is fucked up!

Ok, I played this game some months ago, as well as Monster’s den and monster’s den : Book of the dread. Very good games, loved them.

But here comes Chronicles and something is really bugging me. In most game with a ‘’hit percentage’‘, when you are over 85%, it’s always a hit. With very few exceptions.

Now, here’s the deal.

I’m on Act V, normal difficulty, got a Warrior, a mage, a ranger and a cleric, all level 16.

I’m facing a Level 15 spectre.

When I aim for him, I get a hit percentage between 76 to 88, depending on the caracters and buffs.

But still, I missed him like 9 times out of 14 attacks. That’s a 35% hit percentage. And to miss him 4 times back to back, with a 88, 76, 82 and 88 percentage, i didn’t do the math, but i think i got more chance to win the lottery than for this to happens on every god damn monster…

So i would like to know if the dev added some hidden evade stats to monsters to make them harder (the game got lot harder if i recall) or if the hit percentage is simply fucked up…

But still a very good game serie Garin!