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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Backyard Monsters]

Originally posted by TheFacelessOne:
Originally posted by hamuka:
Originally posted by uflb99:

What are the basic guidelines for the Shiny amounts? I’m a level 36 with a few outposts/

Everyone gets 500 Shiny. Yes, only 500. Don’t ask me.

Also, you need to sign up to FB and make a BYM account there by 2/18/2013.

I got 4600. I’m still not even close to amused. It’d take over 100.000+ shiny to compensate for my work.

That’s more than just about everyone else though. That’s a pretty good amount, relatively speaking.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Backyard Monsters] Kixeye no longer supporting BYM on Kongregate

Originally posted by Jorn:

This is what you recieve when you refuse their offer:


It looks like we confused your numbers. The number you gave us was the correct id, however we were using it to look up your Kong account instead of BYM ID. We have spotted the confusion and have seen that you would receive 5500 shiny."

So now they are not only screwing us, they also lie to us..
Kong accounts don’t have any ID-numbers, they work only with names.

Everyone that will go play on facebook, keep throwing your stats at them and refuse any first offer..

She’s not lying – the Kongregate accounts have ID numbers as well. They don’t “work only with names.”

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Backyard Monsters]

Originally posted by Jorn:

This is what I recieved after refuse the offer of 1.000 shiny:


It looks like we confused your numbers. The number you gave us was the correct id, however we were using it to look up your Kong account instead of BYM ID. We have spotted the confusion and have seen that you would receive 5500 shiny."

I don’t buy this shit, kong accounts doesn’t work with numbers, I don’t like people to lie to me…
Also 5500 shiny is 148 black diamond walls, I currently have 340 of them, not to mention my 1650 outposts, lvl 40 inferno, maxed monsters and champs, all maxed weapons, maxed yard, 200 billion experience points…

Farewell bym players on kong, I won’t join this lieing scammers on facebook, I’ll never play any kixeye game again

…You’re going to spend all of your 5,500 free shiny on upgrading walls? Seriously? That’s how you look at it – in terms of how many blocks you can upgrade?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Backyard Monsters]

Well said Koprol.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Backyard Monsters]

Originally posted by sevenduster1:

Mr Helpfulman. I simply laugh at the name. It seems you are quite full of your self, now. Your essay’s are quite laughable. They state nothing “helpful”. I choose not to get any “compensation” from Kixeye. They are a joke as a company. You yourself are a joke. You had no high level, no great number of ops. You speak from ignorance. No offense to Clark or Nam, but damn, glad I took TTR down myself.

I’m not really sure what you’re talking about. Anyways, it sounds like you’re not moving over to the facebook version? Whatever game you end up playing next, I hope you have as much fun there as you did here.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Backyard Monsters]

"I just would like to inform you, that here, in the netherlands, two kids have been prosecuted for doing this what you claim "doesn't exist". They forced a kid to transfer items in runsecape. This was seen by the judge as theft of vitual goods and both kids received a penalyzation. This exact same goes for my monsters, amount of twigs and especially shiny."

1. Kixeye isn't in the Netherlands.

2. While I can see why you would think the two are the same (and might agree with you from a principle stand point of argued well), they aren't for many reasons from a legal perspective. I'm pretty sure if we got an expert to provide insight they could explain the difference. Consider me neutral in terms of whether the two should be considered the same; but confident that existing law makes a distinction (good, bad or indifferent) between the two.


"Idk if you have the urge to be correct, but why are you trying to shorten our chances of getting compensation (shiny)? This is the image you are creating of yourself. I am not going to go any deeper upon the being correct, who is correct etc, but why can't you allow us our compensation?"

I always want to be correct. If I'm not correct, then I want to know what is correct. That's how it should be. That's how you learn, that's how you grow - by replacing what you don't know with new information. I don't want to be the kind of person that just tells himself that he's always correct. That's how people get locked in to their religions, political affiliations, general opinions, etc. I am always willing to change my stance. You could just go ahead and consider me a flip-flopper. So I am ALWAYS open to intelligent (prefably polite) arguments.

As for the shiny, I have no say or power in the matter. If I told them not to give you anything, they wouldn't listen to me. If I told them to give you 500,000 shiny they wouldn't listen to me. I'm not hurting your chances of getting shiny. I can't allow or not-allow you to get shiny. They made the determination about how much they're willing to give well before I said anything on the matter. Their mind is set, and while seemingly unfair - I can somewhat understand the risk from their point of view in throwing shiny around. When they gave in to a small number of empire builders demands for a change in outpost take-over costs, it backfired. It stalled new players from joining, and largely eliminated a whole style of playing (jumpers) - which happened to be the group I'd imagine more likely to buy shiny. I mean, what's someone with 3,500 outposts need shiny for? They don't want to do anything rash with shiny of all things. You can rebuild your yard over time, so they're not going to feel pressured to expedite that process. I think that I can more-or-less figure out what they're thinking. Agree with it, or disagree with it - I just understand their reasoning.


"You are creating such an image of you vs us, again atleast for me. Does it have to do with this G+ transfer? You want consitency?"

I'm not against Kongregate players. I am a player here. If you recall, anyone mentioning Kongregate on the Kixeye forums used to get a very curt reply 'this forum is for facebook BYM - go away.' They were against us. I am however against shiny compensation for outposts. I am against someone calculating 12,450,000 shiny and saying "only." "That's ONLY the outposts, and ONLY with mega kits." There's nothing ONLY about asking for twelve and a half million shiny.

I brought up the Google+ shut-down as a point of reference for past policy. I haven't based my stance on anything relating to that site. So in that sense no. Nothing really has to do with the Google+ transfer.

In general, in life - I like consistency. I don't want to go to Mcdonalds one day and get a tiny burger with mushrooms, tomatoes, mayonaisse, ketchup, and soy sauce if every other time I go I order the same thing but the burger is larger, fresher, and always has pickles, onions, lettuce, cheese, ketchup, and mustard. I suppose an argument could be made for a different compensation package than Google+ players had. I haven't put detailed thought into it, but I do feel that there's room for alot of good alternate plans (too late to matter now, but at least to discuss what could have been done differently).


"I think many players can see it from your perspective Mr."

I've barely bothered to give my perspective. I haven't emphasized what I think should be done, just what I think shouldn't / wouldn't be done. I'll take the lazy way and agree with whoever said they'd like for their yard to be transferred or have kixeye make some generic starter yards for players based on their level. In that scenario I guess a maxed out player would get the highest grade of starter base which would have maxed out everything (townhall only lv9, ADTs, teslas, etc lv6) and just have to set where they all go. That sounds good and fair to me.

Otherwise, I've mostly just countered the idea of getting large sums of free shiny. Realistically - that would cause a stir with their existing facebook users, and who should they cater to: a million people or a few hundred? The risk of alienating their core audience is a major deterrent in them trying to satisfy the red-headed stepchild (that would be us). Without seeing their financial statements I can't quantify the business decision in dollar value, but I'm sure that from their perspective they're doing what makes the most business sense. To that effect, I'm mostly just trying to understand what they're doing and why - not to agree or disagree with their conclusions.


"Who said I got anything? Unless you hear it from me, it did not happen, and in this case, whoever said I did, lied. I have heard nothing from them nor do I expect to, they are worthless scum, and by giving any of us a just amount, they think others will expect the same. Then the FB nilliys will cry about it, guys, I/you have every right to be pissed, but look at the perpetrator. Should we expect any less from them? No, sorry to say it, but no. I wish all of you the best of luck, but I have given up the fight as they will not respond to anything that I have to say, I have got nothing but the cold shoulder and silence."

I don't think anyone here said that you got anything (other than 500 or 800 shiny or whatever). I know that one of their top guy's responded to your post by asking for the ticket number so that he can look into it. I doubt that he'll go crazy over-board with shiny, but it's a good sign when a higher-level manager is in your corner. You still need to respond to that post, but then it'll be interesting to see how it plays out. Facebook players crying about people here being given free shiny for moving over when their perspective has always been one of superiority is exactly the public relations nightmare that they want to avoid. You are right though about them being the 'perpetrator' and 'expecting any less from them.' They're getting a pretty bad reputation amongst their players as it is, you're just feeling it now since they're shutting the game down here. The reactions were similar over there with players losing their 3,000+ outposts in an involuntary 1-way move to maproom 3 which they hate. That, followed by the false promise of moving players who were forced to move back to where they were burned many bridges and player trust. Kixeye has quickly lost almost all respect from their own existing player base.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Backyard Monsters]

"I think mrhelpfulman is blind if he can’t see our pain and instead, HE HELPS KIXEYE in this argument. Actually, he is arguing FOR kixeye…"

When you act like a spoiled brat throwing a temper tantrum - yes, I root against you. I do see your pain. I LOST MY BASE ONCE BEFORE. Aside from rebuilding it completely here (mostly avoiding using shiny so that I could have the pleasure of doing it the long way), I also built a yard on Google+ before that got shut down and a yard on Facebook. That means I've started 4 games from scratch, with 3 getting to maxed or near maxed. My pain from losing my base was different in that I didn't have any advance notice and had no idea if I'd recover it.

So long as people behave themselves, and complain rationally - I'm on your side. I think it's terrible for them to wipe out the game here, and I think it's terrible that they wiped out the game for people there (people who only liked MR2). Whether you continue to play there or move on with your life, just realize that this game gave you hundreds of hours of entertainment and fun for free. Even on a free game website - that's impressive. I've bought $60 video games that haven't lasted 10 hours, so it's remarkable the free value that you've gotten. That's a major point of me calling many of you 'entitled.'


"If somebody were to hit my car and damage it, I would expect them to pay for the damages they caused in full."

A car is a real material item with actual worth. You have a legal right to be repaid for damages caused by someone else. This is a game, operated by someone else. The two aren't the same at all. If you're a kid - I can understand you not understanding what you real world is like. If you're an adult, you know nothing about law (not that I do myself, nor would expect the average person to).


"We should be compensated fairly for our time, effort, and our shiny purchases which are now being invalidated, it’s as simple as that."

If you're referring to a job - then yes! You should be compensated for your time and effort. This is a computer game. Shiny purchases are a bit more tricky as they could argue that you spent the shiny you bought for your enjoyment here, which you got. The eventual shutting down of the game doesn't negate the time you already spent playing. On the other hand, it would be in good-faith if they gave known shiny buyers extra incentive to move over to their other platform (where ideally they would continue to be paying customers). Comps are a common tool in all industries to keep customers happy and in one where they cater to both free-loaders and paying customers it would make sense to try and keep your business. To that effect, I agree that battlecock deserves 500,000 shiny even after he asked for only 400,000 shiny.


"You gladly took the 75,000 shiny Kixeye gave you."

Who said that? Immediately after I got the email saying they couldn't recover my base and that I was being given shiny I emailed them back asking if they at least had an older save file. I got screwed over with that bug, I was very upset too that I knew the shiny given could be used to bring all my buildings up to about lv 5 instantly or I could build them all up to about level 8 myself and finish the last 2 levels instantly with shiny. That's not a good deal at all. Ultimately, I didn't even need it for that as I just resigned myself to starting over. And I had fun rebuilding my base as I enjoy this game. That's what I'm glad about. A game exists which I have fun playing. I still have 38,000 of that shiny sitting around because the compensation wasn't what I cared about.


"To turn against those of us who are being screwed over with 500 shiny offers makes you look like a hypocrite. We deserve a reasonable amount of shiny just as much as you did."

When I lost my Google+ account, that's what they gave everyone there. It sucked for them, and it sucks for us - but at least it's consistent. Also, I'll point out that other players who got the same bug were given the same amount as me too, so that was consistent. In Kixeye's eyes, the burden to few players being put in an unfavorable position on a game that's still up is greater than the burden of an entire site being shut down and asking those players to move elsewhere. I don't necessarily agree with it, but that seems to be their position.

Side point - I openly brought up my earlier compensation for a similar base-destroying bug. I didn't try to hide what I previously recieved. Does that kind of honest full-disclosure preclude hypocricy?

I don't feel that 500 shiny is fair value. I do think that they should give way more shiny. I don't agree with the tone of these posts, and I really don't respect anyone expecting to get shiny compensation for outposts. That's where I draw the line. Outposts have zero value, especially when you use terms like mega kit or ultra kit which don't mean anything over there. For comparrison, if you were compensated for empire points (as a means of true conversion fairness) then you'd get about 10 fully circled outposts over there. That's for those of you big empire builders here. The top few players might deserve 25 fully circled outposts. If they made a 'Kongregate server' which everyone here started on, and you were given these free outposts to start with, that's WAY more valuable then what you have here (in terms of EP).


"I used to think that you were helpful, but now I just think you’re full of hot air."

I made a guide for using all the champions against all outposts including WMTs on Maproom 2. I made a guide for all things Maproom 3. I made a guide to help weaker players get Korath. I advised weaker players on how to beat the Brukkarg War. I was on the preview server for maproom 3 and provided feedback on both gameplay and bugs and fed that early information over here about it. What else do you want?

Seperately, what do you mean by full of hot air? To be clear - I don't want Kixeye to shut the game down here and I do want them to be fair to the players here.


"You spent your shiny on something that didn’t matter because your main base was not on Kongregate. You had your Facebook account first, and didn’t really care about the careless base on Kong."

My first, and main base was on Kongregate. It's also here that I bought a bunch of shiny. I spent the shiny on decorations (both long before the slimeattikus bug wiped it all out, and with the shiny compensation) because that's what I wanted to. I did speed up my Champions and buildings and stuff like that over a year ago when I paid for shiny. I actually opened my Facebook account right after I got my compensation here - so I was building and rebuilding the two only a couple weeks apart. I only stopped caring about my base here about 2 months ago when I jumped and gave up my 1,000 outposts to hunt down Jamine and maproom 3 was new and different over there. It got too stale here just using the same basic strategy. After testing around, I can tell you that things are way more monotonous on MR3 if you're simply trying to optimize efficiency, but since I'm making a guide on using different sets of monsters I've had the fun of toying with other groupings.


"How can you honestly take the thousands of shiny that KIXEYE gave you as compensation, and then assume that we will be as stupid with our shiny as you were?"

When I first started playing over a year ago, I spent shiny stupidly because I didn't realize that unlike the other resources - shiny was harder to come by. That's why I used it to instantly upgrade all of the lowest and weakest buildings. I mean 20 of this 'shiny' resource, or 25,000 of these 'twigs?' But when I used the shiny I got after the bug, I spent it exactly how I wanted to - and that wasn't on rebuilding which you can do normally anyway, but on decorations which can only be bought with shiny.

On the contrary, I think that I'm giving you all alot of credit here. I think that if you were all given alot of shiny then you would / could use it to the greatest advantage. Afterall, you're experienced players.


"Why would we want to increase our attack range or tower damage hundreds of time over instead of leveling our base up to the point that we have it now? None of those alliance power ups are nearly enough to be what you call invincible."

Well, for one thing you wouldn't want to hurry and level up as quickly as possible. At the lowest possible levels you'd want to just take over weak resource outposts that higher levels will NEVER be able to take away from you. The only way you'd lose them is if new players popped up in that exact spot, so you can greatly increase your permanent auto-bank by leveling up as slowly as possible. Once you're too strong to take those over, then yes hurry up and upgrade your main yard.

For another thing, using shiny on something that can be done with time as opposed to in-game advantages that have long cool-down times is not the best strategy for an agressive player.

Third, upgrading your main yard only effects you...more specifically, your main yard. The alliance power-ups can help up to 50 people. One power-up can greatly help you keep your outposts away from your enemies by increasing the towers' HP. Another can cheapen the cost of attacking outposts outside your flinger range (especially great if you want to conquer far-apart regions of a map). The last gives you greater range which can also lower your battle initiation cost. That third one also increases the attack duration by 2 minutes, but that shouldn't matter much at all.

Trust me, if I was able to open a new account there (alt accounts are not allowed) I'd definately play it slow with upgrading for the reason above. If I was given a ton of shiny, I'd use it for team purposes (assuming I'm in a well organized and co-ordinated alliance).


"None of those alliance power ups are nearly enough to be what you call invincible. Perhaps you’re an incompetent attacker, but please don’t assume we are. Do you know what happens when you assume? It makes an ass out of you."

1. I never said you were an incompetent attacker - I'm not rude like that. 2. Those power-ups don't effect attacking (except the extra 2 minutes for the one power-up helps for attacking main yards). Ironically, YOU assumed that they do. Do YOU know what happens when you assume? 3. The full saying is that it makes an ass out of you and ME. (ASS-U-ME)


"Not to mention the fact that you’ve turned into a raging hypocrite."

1. I seem to be the only one not raging about anything. Admittedly, I have the least to lose (aside from my decorations that I love and a bank of shiny that I wouldn't ever use here or there). For a fair comparrison, my reaction when I lost my base the first time was pretty hysterical. I felt like I was going through withdraws not having my base. But I never cursed Kixeye, and I kept on playing even though most people thought I would quit under the circumstances (1 more reason I really miss 3ndless - he helped me with my upgrades twice). Even as a paying customer (somewhere in the range of $175 I think) I never lost sight of how great a value I got relative to every other form of entertainment I've spent money on. That's about 15 trips to the movies right there, which would be about 30 hours of entertainment. I - like many of you - played well over 1000+ hours here. I can't complain about the money I've spent. 2. Hypocrite? In what sense? I rebuilt my yard already (starting over here and on facebook - not to mention my brief stint on Google+). I just started fresh from nothing there 7 months ago. You're 7 months behind, but otherwise I made the same transition.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Backyard Monsters]

Originally posted by woohoo92:

I am just dumbfounded as to how you think 500 shiny is appropriate compensation to a level 51 player.In fact, I’m going to break down the amount of shiny I should get.

My sources will be the BYM Wiki, the fact that you claimed that you “value your players and want to help continue their experience” (Which, according to me, means that we will basically continue where we left off here) and the fact that in game, one hour of upgrades is worth 20 shiny divided by the amount of workers you have (Simutaneous upgrades get things done twice, three times, or up to five times faster) I have two workers and a maxed yard.

Lucky for you, I will not calculate monster training/ unlocking costs. Nor will I factor in any new buildings on Facebook or the actual resource costs. I feel that time is the important factor here.

Ready? Let’s start with the main yard.
TH: 1,124 hours to fully upgrade. (11,240 shiny)
Notice how this is already over 20 times your compensation.
All maxed RGs: 164 hours each X 24 in total. (39,360 shiny)
All storage silos: 36 hours, give or take, X6 (2,160 shiny)

6 sniper towers, level 10, fully fortified. 19 days and 23 hours! (28,740 shiny)
6 cannon towers, level 10, fully fortified. Only about 19 days flat. (27,360 shiny)
3 tesla towers, level 6, fully fortified. Finishes long after Dr. Frankenstein’s evil science with 28 days and 10 hours. (20,460 shiny)
3 laser towers, level 6, fully fortified. (19,380 shiny)
3 rail guns. (20,880 shiny)
2 ADTs. Not including fortification time, since I didn’t find it. (10,180)
Champ cage and chamber. (480)

Other stuff.
Monster locker. (330)
2 academies. (1,380)
4 housings (2,880)
5 hatcheries (650 shiny)
Flinger. (390)
Catapult. (220)
Map room. (240)
Baiter. (6,350)
Lab. (390)
Yard planner (120)
Juicer. (300)

That does it for the main yard. I’ll add half the total for Inferno, and for the outposts, I have 498. They are either mega kits,ultra kits, or custom designs based from either one. Therefore, I will add an in-between shiny cost for each outpost.
(Final value pending)

Even if they were to try and compensate you appropriately for your main yard, outposts don’t mean shit!

As for getting compensated for your main yard I was hit with the Slimeattikus bug back in May. It wiped out my base and I had to start over. They gave me 75,000 shiny to do so. It wasn’t nearly enough, but I was fine with doing most of the work the old fashioned way. In the end I used some above ground to rebuild my base, quite a bit more on decorations, and quite a bit on inferno with 38,000 shiny to spare. Though my intention from the get-go was to use almost all to max out my inferno in a hurry as that takes so much longer with only 1 worker. You don’t NEED nor DESERVE a massive amount of shiny to play the game, and if they gave it to you I’m guessing that you’d do the same thing I did and save it to spend on other things (like those alliance power-ups).

Having a couple hundred thousand shiny in the bank to blow on those alliance power-ups which help the whole team could make you (or those new Kongregate player alliances) unstoppable. Imagine if 1 person such as yourself joined an already powerful alliance with 40-49 strong players. You can’t do much as a new player, but by spending your shiny on alliance power-ups to help your team, you can make them almost invincible for quite some time. Or if you did join up with 40+ other Kongregate players, all given massive shiny, then together you could fund your alliance for round-the-clock power-ups for months on end.

If you enjoy the game, just start over and have fun. If you don’t, then quit. It doesn’t take too long to get your base up to speed and you actually have an advantage as a new player over there. After listening to enough complaining and self-entitlement; I’m definately starting to take Kixxeye’s side (about the shiny, not shutting the game down over here).

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Backyard Monsters]

Less than 500,000? No – it’s less than 1,000,000.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Backyard Monsters]

Inferno’s a little bit different since MR3 came out, but no new towers or levels or anything.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Backyard Monsters]

I just don’t want to trade 38,000+ shiny here plus ten thousand worth in decorations for 500 shiny there.

On a side note, both here and on the Kixeye forums you say that Inferno and Champion Monsters are exclusive to facebook and that’s wrong.

Facebook has Townhall 10, Yard Planner 2, Krallen, Korath, Spurtz Cannons, and Maproom 3.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Backyard Monsters] For FoA, eXo, TDK, TF and TTR : KONG REJECTS!

The irony with this 500 shiny crap is that when they closed down the Google+ version, I got 1,000 shiny and had only opened it like a month earlier. I barely played it and got more. Maybe they just like me better though.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Backyard Monsters] Me Likez Maproom 3 Actually... May Come Back to BYM! Death to Fail Nubs ;P

Maproom 3 has its ups and downs. The thing is that if you’re really accustomed to the way that maproom 2 works and switch it makes many people angry. If you were to try them both (like as a sample) simoutaneously, then I think people would probably favor maproom 3 more. If you haven’t tried it yet, good luck.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Backyard Monsters] For FoA, eXo, TDK, TF and TTR : KONG REJECTS!

Originally posted by iambored155:

This is grotesque. Clearly, KIXEYE cares about its bottom line more than customer loyalty or satisfaction. I personally have 5 billion EB points spread between 700 OPs and a maxed main. It would take several hundred THOUSAND shiny, perhaps millions, to recreate that. And I can’t even imagine how many shiny it would take to create an empire like seven’s, spiff’s, spyder’s, or any of the other leaders of the major kong alliances. I hope this point gets into the heads of those working over at KIXEYE, who think this is in any way fair. Five hundred shiny? It’s a farce; a complete joke. It’s worse than getting none at all, as this is a mockery.

Now that that rant is out of my system …

I would be willing to move over to FB with you guys. Some suggestions for the name of the alliance, in addition to the one proposed by MrMean (I stand corrected):

The Forgotten Ones
The Outsiders
The Flames of Vengeance
The Unforgiving
The Grudge

Yes, clearly, I’m in a very sunshiny mood right now.

EDIT: Got it Mrmean =p, sorry about the mixup.

If you were to break down the amount of shiny needed to max a main yard from scrath, I’m sure it would be close to 200,000 shiny. However, getting 5B empire points takes about 3 hours to do over there. 700 outposts on Kongregate and outposts on maproom 3 can’t really be compared, but you’ll be fine building your way up.

Actually, new players have a small advantage there as you can take over the lower-level outposts that stronger players can’t. The only way it would ever be lost is if you jumped or had another new player spawn in the same area. Otherwise, you’ll have that much more autobank that can never be lost.

Also, when everyone there (facebook) was transferred from maproom 2 to maproom 3 they lost all of their outposts. Many of them had 3,500 (the max amount), and were PISSED to have to start over. The only advantage or compensation they got for the move was whatever ungodly amount of resources they had stored up. In many ways, you’re on equal grounds with everyone else in having the time you spent building up a maproom 2 empire NOT translate to an immediate maproom 3 empire.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Backyard Monsters] Now Recruiting | The Tartarus Revival (TTR)

Just a heads up – Backyard Monsters is ending on Kongregate in less than a month.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Backyard Monsters] Best Monster! 2nd BYM vote!

This thread went from March 2012 to New Years Eve, to 6 hours ago.

Teratorn are the best, but Wormzers are the most fun (if the lag doesn’t kill you).

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Backyard Monsters] Monsters not coming back to house

On facebook, monsters return to your yard after attacks.

On Kongregate, monsters are gone once you use them.

The people above are messing with you and giving you very bad advice.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Backyard Monsters] Now Recruiting | The Tartarus Revival (TTR)

Originally posted by FlamesOfAvarice:

FoA’s pet cat, Mammon, requests peaceful status with The Tartarus Revival.

It’s so pretty. Absolutely mesmorizing. If only there was a real fire cat, I’d definately want one.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Backyard Monsters] Now Recruiting | The Tartarus Revival (TTR)

I remember a spurt of like…4 days without a post on the last thread. Then Crankdat (I think) posted something about spamming the thread, to which I replied – good, it’s been quiet in here.

TTR isn’t a lively forum group it would seem, but it’s an alliance that likes and plays the game.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Backyard Monsters] It seems that Kixeye is starting to neglect Failbook too!

Originally posted by lordleelee2:

Except for the WM3 update they kept screwing around with in Octoberish area. When Fb starts to bitch, they’ll know our pain, and they’ll get waht they want, and we will be the neglected middle child they don’t want.

No – Kixeye is pretty much ignoring facebook Backyard Monsters players too. No one is getting what they want over there.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Backyard Monsters] Now Recruiting | The Tartarus Revival (TTR)

I’ve started a new guide for maproom 3. It’s still pretty scant for now, but it’ll fill up quickly. Once it’s done then I can finally work on that attack guide I’ve been sitting on.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Backyard Monsters] Now Recruiting | The Tartarus Revival (TTR)

As I think I mentioned to someone (not sure if it was someone in this alliance, or Wave Rida or whoever) but this war seemed very unorganized from the start in its rules. I know that for a while that it wasn’t friendly, but originally it was supposed to be but things seemed very unclear. So I was thinking about an hour ago of some things to change for next time:

Rule 1: An otherwise neutral field must be used. Only 1 map per war.
Interpretation: No map where players from either alliance have an established stronghold should be used.
Reason: It gives empire builders an advantage in stored resources, auto-bank, and other prep-work. Also, it could jeapordize the friendliness of the war when that player loses some outposts (even though all outposts are SUPPOSED to be returned, it’s tough to keep exact track – and the potential for trouble is more prevalent) and interprets it as being excessive or unneccesary towards the goal of destroying a main yard.

Rule 2: All participating members (who are all on the same map) must be within 30 spaces of the predetermined center of battlefield hex.
Interpretation: Prior to the start of the actual competition, a hex shall be determined to be the “center of war.” Whenever inviting participating members to jump to that map, you must make sure that their co-ordinates areno more than 30 spaces away from that center hex. All participating members should be on the map, and in proper position BEFORE the official start of competition.
Reason: When players are on opposite sides of a map, then it adds an unneccesary ‘nuisance element’ to the competition. It Also makes it so that not all players are accessable to all other players, and that is NOT what the competition is about. The part about having everyone on the battlefield before the competition starts is intended to make clear (1) who’s playing, (2) where they are, and (3) not give the advantage of being inaccessable at the start, but ready to jump in when you’re best suited to fight. Timing when a person jumps in could be used as an unfair tactic, and that’s not the goal of the competition.

Rule 3: The games should be referred to as, and considered “competitions.” “War,” or even “Friendly War,” are not acceptable synonyms. Further, competitions could happen between alliances with some regularity (every other month) and need to have a better scoring system.
Interpretation: There is, and needs to be a clear difference between “wars” and “competitions.” Regular competitions could add fun to the game, and even be used for a playoff-like challenge. The point system used in FOA vs TTR is flawed, and should ALWAYS be reviewed for better balance, fairness, and accuracy in determining winners. If at any time we see something that should be changed in tallying score, it should be taken under review.
Reason: The reason for distinguishing between war and competition is pretty strait forward. Having regular competitions are important to keep everyone interested, and to actually give a purpose to alliances. If we’re not at war AND we don’t compete – there is no reason for alliances to exist. As for the point system being flawed – there are many factors to determine: (1) How strong of a base was destroyed (2) How many monsters were used (3) How many resources were catapulted (4) How many waves were needed (5) Did someone just defeat the same person 4 times and get 4 points (6) Is it fair to destroy a person’s base if it’s still repairing from the last time you destroyed it because that person broke damage protection (7) etc – to be determined.

Rule 4: Both teams must have the same number of participating players.
Interpretation: In the pre-game stage, both alliances must work together in determining (a) how many and (b) who will be participating. First each alliance should communicate with its own members who would want to participate. Then the two alliances should exchange numbers. Whichever number is lower is the final count. The alliance that had a higher count at the start now must take whatever action the deem necessary to determine which members will represent them, and which ones are ‘out.’ That alliance may rotate their members from competition to competition to allow all of their members a chance to participate, or may choose their strongest players, or draw straws, or do whatever they want – the selection process is that alliance’s call.
Reason: Having an imbalanced number of players can and will cause problems with scoring no matter what system is used. Either the side with too many players is at an advantage as they can bully with quantity, or the side with too few players gives too few targets to their opposition while having a smorgasbord of bases to rack up points against.

Rule 5: The scoring system is that you get 1 ‘try’ (defined later) against each player from opposing side. You can recieve anywhere between 0-9 points per successful victory. Players should simply announce their results; No screenshots are necessary, unless a victory is disputed in which case the attacking player should be able to provide screenshots of the attack logs. After each attack, players should take (but not post unless needed) a screenshot of the map proving 90% damage. If the player with the destroyed base has any issues not cleared up by the attack logs, he should be able to provide / describe whatever details that made the attack unfair. A player cannot attack an opponent whose base has been pre-damaged by someone else.
A Try is defined as 1-3 attacks. No catapulting is allowed, and a housing limit of [2,000] vs LV {30-35}, [2,500] vs {36-40}, [3,000] vs {41-45} [3,500] vs {46+} per attack wave. Points are awarded if you destroy 90% or more of a base. The point sysyem gives 3 points for Gorgo, 2 points for Drull, and 1 point for Fomor. If you use all three alloted waves, then you get a 1x mulltiplier. If you get the job done in two waves – then you get a 2x multiplier, and if you can do it all in one wave then you score a 3x multiplier.
Interpretation: There is an inherent need to determine the value of destroying a base. If catapulting is used, any base is easy enough to destroy (and loot isn’t the goal in a competition like this). If DZF is used everytime, there’s no way to compare the skill or difficulty of each ‘win.’ If players are not limited in how much they can fling, then attacks would be unbalanced and unfair (especially when comparing a low-level player taking down a stronger opponent vs a high level player having the skill to destroy a mid 30’s base).
Reason: The need to allow players to attack each opponent once and ONLY once is an important factor in a level playing field. If each person from the alliances are assigned to just fight 1 person from the opposite side then there’s no diversity, no mixing, no balance. Also, a predetermined possible point limit is established and can be calculated as X^2*9 where X equals number of players on each side. So if for example 6 players are involved on each side, then each of your six guys can attack 6 other people for 36 total ‘trys,’ each try has a potential 9 point value (no one will usually score that high) for a total possible score of 324 for that competition. Reaslistically, each side would probably score closer to the 50-75 point range. If a player is allowed to attack a base that isn’t 100% (because of another {weaker} member getting the job partially done, a WMT attack, monster baiter damage, or an outside player) then there’s an unfairness in that. One way that that could be exploited would be to have 1 person use all 3 attacks with tower-monsters to weaken a yard, but not put it in DP, then have another member finish the job in 1 wave with Gorgo for 9 points. Nine points for two trys is a pretty good result – if it were allowed. Another, probably more minor, way of exploiting outside forces would be to wait till you see that something else factored in (WMT, baiter, unrelated player, etc.) Removing catapulting from the competition balances fairness (1) between players with little resources, and abundant resources (2) in that destroying ADTs takes away skill from attacking (3) gives well-designed bases their due respect in that they are strong when attacked fairly.

I think that I had more, but am drawing a blank right now. Anyways, this is how I think it should be done!

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Backyard Monsters] Now Recruiting | The Tartarus Revival (TTR)

So…just stop what I was doing then?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Backyard Monsters] {NOT Recruiting anymore} The Dragon Knights (TDK)

Originally posted by Wave_Rida:
Originally posted by mrhelpfulman:

Question: You guys list FOA as “friendly” not “ally,” which to me would mean that you don’t fight one another, but don’t really help each other either. Can you clarify why then you’d get involved with the FOA vs TTR war? Is the first page just outdated or am I reading it wrong?

I think you are seeing it from the wrong perspective. We were going to war TTR, because of their behavior towards us, seeing threats made towards us, not just me but also Anduinx. FoA is allied, so the first page is outdated, and I will update it in a second. But we have helped echaother before, and are planning on doing that for a long time. So you can see it coming from both ways, we are warring for ourselves, for our allies/friends, and ofcourse war is fun.

I wasn’t aware there had been any threats towards you (Wave_Rida) nor Andrinux. That’s kind of coming out of nowhere to me, as was your declaration of war.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Backyard Monsters] {NOT Recruiting anymore} The Dragon Knights (TDK)

Question: You guys list FOA as “friendly” not “ally,” which to me would mean that you don’t fight one another, but don’t really help each other either. Can you clarify why then you’d get involved with the FOA vs TTR war? Is the first page just outdated or am I reading it wrong?