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Topic: Wartune / Gem event

if it wasnt for cw in a few days alot of gems would be turned into 6-7s but taking 3/4s into cw probably not greatest idea

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Topic: Wartune / Clothing syntesis rates

pretty sure they are much smaller then that. my 3-4 is poor and i have failed 20+ times in a row I am pretty sure my luck isnt that bad if poor is 20%

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Topic: Wartune / Floor 15 of Necropolis

ya 15 is rough 2 hits per troop of mine then I dont last much longer best I have gotten is down to a bar with all thunder procs

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Topic: Wartune / world boss FU to knights

The knights on our server seem to do much better then the mages well before this patch atleast. Top 10 was usually all knight/archer and 1-2 mages. Didnt look at rankings today was lagged out during wb.

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Topic: Wartune / [Activity] Soul Engraving Bonus

Not impressed :( Way to expensive for that kind of reward

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Topic: Wartune / [Event] Tricky Box

Originally posted by R2_Community:
Originally posted by betinho1234:

Above 10k daru, there is " 1 gold " on the first box. Wrong ?

nope. April Fools risk/reward

not much of a reward in that box

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Topic: Wartune / No hades for non casher?

Originally posted by Atomslaya:

eumh kimwong, you should get your facts straight

apollo was available for 12k sc the event after it was introduced for cashers only, dunno where you get your 3 month crap from, but it was 2-4 weeks (can’t remember how long events lasted then)

sadly I was like 1k sc shy of that apollo back then havent been lucky enough to get another chance

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Topic: Wartune / The best event this month

amnesia first pack chaos 2nd pack
then got 1 mage pack and guardian first one. Im happy and stopping there i dont need purge or rage

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Topic: Wartune / Should I get apollo or 200 mahra with lucky clovers?

I have a 5 star blue gaia and I was hoping to get an apollo this month but I dont cash so it seems pretty near impossible to ever get an apollo for free players :(. The slyph evolution will be nice but remember you need to be a minimum of 1 star purple to evolve

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Topic: Wartune / The 80 mpd confirmed for april

He just copied and pasted this list off somewhere else he doesn’t know at all. wartune gossip had it up Sunday. In fact he copied them word for word then put his name at the bottom like was his post.

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Topic: Wartune / New Server

new servers just make the older ones less populated as people quit to go play on new one thinking they can be the best cause they have the knowledge

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Topic: Wartune / 3/15 cross server arean rewards?

you mean probably no one gets them tomorrow cause when they screwed up weekly rewards it took your rank for new day on monday as your weekly slyph one. Our xserver points already reset so everyone will be under

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Topic: Wartune / Arena mount

wasnt arena mount always 10k and crypt mount was 6k

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Topic: Wartune / How many chests did it take for you to get hades?

Originally posted by clenatol:
Originally posted by pogrebnik:
Originally posted by soulessfreak:

Just curious, anyone got Hades and is satisfied with it? Even though Hades is supposed to be “legendary” and stuff, I don’t think it should be so overpriced. In my opinion it should be priced at a maximum of US$50.

You’re not paying for power, you’re paying for early access right now. Same with apollo, first it cost a truckload, now it costs 1/3 of hades, which will eventually cost a fraction of “the next big thing”.

Not including any free player can get it if not this month with a SC event but within the next few months.

they rarely release apollo with an sc/whip event last one was short notice and cost a ton to even get :(

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Topic: Wartune / card upgrade event

I was just thinking the same time these events are kind of disappointing this month. They had to add in a staying online event so we could even do 10 hunts a day but as high as those upgrade prices are and as many cards getting a 3-5 isnt going to happen for any of us.

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Topic: Wartune / Weekly sylph arena rewards didnt get awarded

ditto on s11

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Topic: Wartune / Sylph Stat Build

Originally posted by Narutohokage:

so like if a mage has a pan which is patt, it wouldnt be a weaker pan if it had the exact same stats as an archer with a pan for instance right?

if a mage had a pan id eat them alive in pvp because it would just tickle. Being an archer knight mage etc makes no difference in what slyph you use they still going to do decent damage and I believe it uses the slyphs attack stat rather then yours

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Topic: Wartune / Tanks Trials whats the use

With no cd for abandoning it pretty much has turned into on my server leave and come back until you get an unorganized group or the other group decides to bail first for an easier match. But matches ending it really sounds like your joining them far to late like right after a bg or something thats your biggest problem. Or start one and yell in world the room number, ask your guild etc shouldnt be hard to get a few to que with for a fresh game

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Topic: Wartune / Wartune Grievances (Whining)

I agree with the inventory/reset balen prices not being reduced although we get expanded warehouse next update which will help. The real solution to the circuit quests would be to just remove the crypt token items from the possible quest list and everything would be ok. While I havent had an insignia one, at most things are what 1k thats a bg you get 2-3k a week just from bgs. Fishing 3 minutes would be a great cd or raise the maximum wait we can build up to say an hour before stopping.

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Topic: Wartune / Hall of Fame Rewards & Mount Refinement

Originally posted by JackoS24:

NP, and only reason why i’m trying to get traffic up (is so i can actually make some money from the blog for my upcoming prize giveaways :P

No news yet on the HoF (but if it follows old patterns i’d say June / July

ya keep it up your content is original and not on any of the other sites I visit

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Topic: Wartune / OT : bit to much sticky posts ?

what about the s13 promotions one its still stickied and nothing happened since october in that thread, and the guild recruiting thread (does anyone even use that since we all on diff servers?)

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Topic: Wartune / Whip event soon?

id rather have during next month anyway hopefully will be a dark slyph reward since the other servers got one in place of the wings this month

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Topic: Wartune / [Guide] Recent DNS - Login issues

This is a horrible idea to mess with, when they do get it fixed most of you will have to undo all those changes. I have constantly been getting dropped the past 2 days because their stuff is in such bad shape.

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Topic: Wartune / For those of you nonbelievers

real question is was the 500k and 7 gem on same wheel or did she start a new set of spins right after

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Topic: BloodRealm / Easy way to fix matchmaking and stop scaring away most newbies

I agree im only immortal at lvl 5 with my main hero, and I see people with lvl 40 cards in arena a 40 battlemage is pretty much auto win for them moment it can attack me when my highest lvl card is only 8 in my deck.