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Topic: League of Angels / Raiders Bug - S3

I have a similar “person” but it seems to be a space filler. when I was first in raiders lvl 3 the only “person” was a space filler. The filler is still there, low probability to win.

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Topic: League of Angels / Angel's quiz problem

Largest spider? several different sources say bird.. several say huntsman…. less ambiguous source material please

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Topic: Dawn of Darkness / Calididna won

play another server.

Just saying.

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Topic: Galaxy Online / New Year

Can’t wait to start the New Year with some new Commanders? Then wait no more, the more MP you buy, the better the FREE Commander you get!
Pay someone to edit your script…..

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Topic: Swords & Potions 2 / Cool

Great to see a Capitalism game doing so well.

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Topic: Galaxy Online / Suggestion: Make pirates meaningful again.

Feeding Chips is not exactly cheap. Then again I am probably doing it wrong.

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Topic: Galaxy Online / We need more rpb zones S4

Bring it.. Both of you. s4 will lynch…. well.. maybe when DS9 passes lvl 30..

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Tower Heroes] Kong guild

Guild name free for all. feel free to join and share heros.

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Topic: Dawn of Darkness / A thread to report the in-game issue, bug and so on

Originally posted by thobe82:

I cant earn my reward on galore event. Server and name is not selectable. Pls fix this issue.


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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Tower Heroes] Other Dungeons

wait.. you maybe saved.. the new server is up and the original killed the game bug.. will come back..
But there are other dungeons?

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons / what is good to craft in this world raid?

Think about this. Each different item you craft will often increase the power of other generals and troops. Several of them get more powerful as they have more different items, mounts, troops, essences, etc….

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Tower Heroes] IMPORTANT - to all new beta players

Please report to Kongreagate. Otherwise they get paid.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Starpires] Feedback appreciated

Balance. I have gone Through 60 turns or so and went from building to 4 million food to now not being able to feed my peeps. something is wonky here

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Starpires] Feedback appreciated

I feel you there. I have attacked a pirate for the last 30 turns.. no wins.. they are only losing 1000 or so units now to the 10k or so earlier. yet I cannot win.

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Topic: Wartune / Wartune: No Multiplayer - Tanks are Underpowered (No Longer Resolved)

Did they pay you off?

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Topic: Crystal Saga / [Annoucement] Server Merge Scheduled for Tuesday, September 25th

Reset on!!!

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Topic: Crystal Saga / Beastlord books

Is there a release date yet?

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Topic: Crystal Saga / [Activity] Smooth Criminal

Good, not everything should be wild and crazy free amounts.

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Topic: Call of Gods / DEF and VIT issue answer me call of gods

Originally posted by acoaco:
Originally posted by callofgods:

Thank you for your feedback and Chinese explaination. We will submit this problem to our tech team to test it.

thx your answer :)

You are the savior to this dev team.. they should really pay you to be in the team.

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Topic: Call of Gods / lag issue

CoG broke everything everyday

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Topic: Crystal Saga / Best Pet

So the easy explination.
Gen1 + Gen1 = Gen2
Gen2 + Gen2 = Gen3 …. etc….

The issues I have that are not answered are:
Would the DK be better bred with anoth DK? Another +13DK?
I assume yes for at least a DK. Why? When you breed you get a max of 30% of an aptitude. So, the DK has a higher apt, and since you are breeding to a limited gen of 5 why not max it. Does increase from the +13 count towards the 30% total though? So I should get an amazing Gen 2 with 2 DK, +13. Take the second DK and get the best str apt I can with books?

Thats just my begining theory crafting, and I think I will have to experiment with something like a vulture before moving to DK or BA.

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Topic: Crystal Saga / Best Pet

Wow great job. Did you use DK for each gen mating?
Bet that hits like a brick house.

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Topic: Crystal Saga / Best Pet

Okay just curious. does any body have a gen 3 or 4 pet?

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Topic: Call of Gods / [Suggestion] Have a suggestion? This is the place.

Are we going to get the upgrades for castles, our cities, and respective alliance quests now that there is level 110? While this should have been thoguht of beforehand We all know this is not CoG’s specialty. Can you give us a date, or just “Weconsider options, have fun pay more?”

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Topic: Call of Gods / [Event] Rush to rank

Originally posted by callofgods:
Originally posted by jiwai:
Originally posted by dilawdid:

Very nice event, everybody loves score. Have a few questions though.

1: Why couldnt you tell us about the event 1 day prior to it starting? Alot of us have already done our dungeons and purg and therefore will lose out on around 400 score. We’ve asked you in the past to give us more advanced notice when new events like this are coming to avoid such problems. Is that really that difficult?

2: So defeating the boss in layer 2 and layer 3 give alot more score. But how come beating the boss in dungeon 7 and the boss in dungeon 11 each give the same amount of score? Seems like the higher and harder the boss, the more score you should get.

3. How about some evil items in score shop? or perhaps astral essence.

4: So the person who finishes 2nd gets the best reward? Ankron isnt a great gift for #1, should’ve been a firedust reward.

…Otherwise great event.

Royalty. S4.


Aracanthis, S4.

Hi, doing different level dungeon all get same socre.

There is absolutley no logic in that. Wait sorry. That is perfect COG logic. Dungeons should be on a scale.

normal 1
nightmare 2
hell 3

normal 2
nightmare 3
hell 5

normal 3
nightmare 4
hell 7


normal 4
nightmare 5
hell 9

The cost to do the higher dungeons should be reflected in score given.

Total for 6 d11h (lvl 110 dungeon) is still only 54 points. that is not even the same as a run through the first 2 levels of purgatory abyss.

Think for once COG. Please.