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Topic: News and Announcements / Patch notes Friday Feb. 14

Scheduled Maintenance


The Love Messenger’s Chest is now available for purchase for one week only.
The angelic power of Rassys awaits for those who seek love in their hearts!
The Love Messenger’s Chest can contain one of the following:

General: Theo | Attack 480 Defense 480 | Angel, Tank, Special | Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage for each Angel troop in the legion; Theo gains 4 Attack and Defense for each Defender of Rassys owned (Max: 50); Theo increases the Attack and Defense of all Angel troops in the legion by 3

Troop: Defender of Rassys x3 | 145 Attack 145 Defense | Angel, Tank, Special | Gains 1 Attack and Defense for each Love Messenger’s Crown, Tunic, Gloves, Pants, Boots, Salvation, Power, Endurance, Guidance and Perseverance owned (Max: 3 each) and for each Love Messenger’s Grace owned (Max: 5)

Equipment: Love Messenger’s Crown | Attack 475 Defense 360 | Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage for each additional Love Messenger set item equipped; Extra for each Defender of Rassys owned (Max: 50); Increases Player’s Attack and Defense by 40 for each Love Messenger’s Boots owned (Max: 3)

Equipment: Love Messenger’s Tunic | Attack 480 Defense 250 | Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage for each additional Love Messenger set item equipped; Extra for each Defender of Rassys owned (Max: 50); Increases Player’s Attack and Defense by 40 for each Love Messenger’s Boots owned (Max: 3)

Equipment: Love Messenger’s Gloves | Attack 450 Defense 400 | Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage for each additional Love Messenger set item equipped; Extra for each Defender of Rassys owned (Max: 50); Increases Player’s Attack and Defense by 40 for each Love Messenger’s Boots owned (Max: 3)

Equipment: Love Messenger’s Pants | Attack 475 Defense 300 | Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage for each additional Love Messenger set item equipped; Extra for each Defender of Rassys owned (Max: 50); Increases Player’s Attack and Defense by 40 for each Love Messenger’s Boots owned (Max: 3)

Equipment: Love Messenger’s Boots | Attack 445 Defense 300 | Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage for each additional Love Messenger set item equipped; Extra for each Defender of Rassys owned (Max: 50); Increases Player’s Attack and Defense by 40 for each Love Messenger’s Boots owned (Max: 3)

Equipment: Love Messenger’s Perseverance | Attack 445 Defense 300 | Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage for each additional Love Messenger set item equipped; Extra for each Defender of Rassys owned (Max: 50); Increases Player’s Attack and Defense by 40 for each Love Messenger’s Boots owned (Max: 3)

Equipment: Love Messenger’s Salvation | Attack 445 Defense 300 | Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage for each additional Love Messenger set item equipped; Extra damage for each Defender of Rassys owned (Max: 50); Increases Player’s Attack and Defense by 40 for each Love Messenger’s Salvation owned (Max: 3)

Equipment: Love Messenger’s Power | Attack 445 Defense 300 | Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage against Demons, which increases if Love Messenger’s Salvation is equipped; Increases Player’s Attack and Defense by 40 for each Love Messenger’s Power owned (Max: 3)

Equipment: Love Messenger’s Endurance | Attack 445 Defense 300 | Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage against Undead, which increases if Love Messenger’s Salvation is equipped; Increases Player’s Attack and Defense by 40 for each Love Messenger’s Endurance owned (Max: 3)

Equipment: Love Messenger’s Guidance | Attack 445 Defense 300 | Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage against Qwiladrians, which increases if Love Messenger’s Salvation is equipped; Increases Player’s Attack and Defense by 40 for each Love Messenger’s Guidance owned (Max: 3)

Mount: Love Messenger’s Grace | Attack 635 Defense 400 | Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage for each Defender of Rassys owned (Max: 50); Extra damage for each Love Messenger’s Grace owned (Max: 5)

Limited Offers have been updated:
This weeks features are the Love Messenger’s Chest and the Twilight Chrysalis Starlight mount!

Daily Rewards have been changed for one week only.
Rassys, the goddess of love has blessed us with affectionate treats!
Days 1 and 4: Bright Green Bonbon – Restores 25% of base Energy
Days 2 and 5: Bright Orange Bonbon – Restores 25% of base Stamina
Days 3 and 6: Bright Purple Bonbon – Restores 25% of base Honor
Day 7: Idol of the Devoted

Event Raid: Zhelvos, Demon of Despair
He used to be Theo of the Oculus Occult in his mortal life. But when he sacrificed himself to save his lover Chandra, he was cast into hell, his heart ripped apart, and he was tortured by the minions of the depths. The corruption of hell eventually transformed him into Zhelvos, Demon of Despair, and he wants nothing more than to make others feel his sorrow until he can reunite with his spurned lover once more.

Citadel: When unlocking a building, the correct colored image should now load without refreshing the game
Equipment: Fixed an issue that would cause Energy, Stamina, Honor, Health number displays to show incorrect values when removing equipment that gave bonuses to these stats
Campaigns: Applied more fixes to the overall Campaign damage formula.

Rev .

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Topic: General / Bugs

Katya is returning the same perception bonus regardless of whether any Vampire Treasure Hunters are in the active legion. Katya’s bonus should supposedly be increasing per VTH in the legion. This persists after saving the legion and refreshing the game.

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Topic: General / Raids Bot

Aside from repeating my request for an opt-out mechanism, two specific points I’d like to reply to:
“[…] but no matter what I do, I’ll probably be accused of favoritism and/or discrimination.”
I am sure you are correct in this – pleasing everyone is never an option. However, as it stands, complaints are rooted in fact – you are showing favoritism, as you have openly admitted in a previous post. I’d consider this argument to have far more merit if that were not the case.

“I can certainly add a delay for room 1 if they want a reason to complain about getting the raids last.”
I invite you to visit room 1 and see for yourself that this delay appears to be inherent in the bot’s mechanism. A person sitting in both room 8 and room 1 was able to call out the bot’s upcoming raids, often before they were posted in open chat. I find it unlikely that the human action sequence see-recognize-mouse-mark-copy-switch-paste-enter, in addition to the person’s inherent latency to Kong’s chat, could take place in under 500 microseconds (or, if you prefer, see-recognize-switch-type raid name, which I think would be a little quicker). While this lacks rigor – it was a single case over a short span of time – it does suggest that there may be more of a delay than expected, probably around 1-2 seconds. As to whether that is a significant span of time or not is a question I don’t have the tools to answer – but if you put the bot on 2-second delay for room 8, I’m sure you could see for yourself.

Ultimately, a lot of this boils down to perception, and right now, the perception is that the bot skews raid availability. Changing this perception will be difficult as long as this is admittedly the case, and while the perception (justified or otherwise) holds, antagonism is to be expected.

[edited to add]As I feel like I’m repeating myself to a large extent, I will not be posting in this thread again. If anyone wants to take the issue up further, feel free to Kong-PM me.[/edit]

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Topic: General / Raids Bot

Originally posted by Itsaku:

I was protesting an opt-in service, and agreeing with an opt-out :P I completely agree there should be an opt-out for DL and z10 raids, for the reasons you post, I simply don’t think that’s a big enough problem to constitute any large action against it. Simply ask who wants it and whisper it to them. Also, I don’t think you understand how the bot works. It goes in to one room, spends some time posting its raids, then switches to the next room. If by the time you click a raid and have it loaded, the bot has completed three rooms, your internet would have to be so slow that you’d never manage to log in to begin with.

If this is how the bot works, how come raids are always posted in room 8 before they’re posted in room 1? 100% of the time? If it’s a cycle, room 1 should be getting fresh raids from room 2, and stale raids from room 8. That’s clearly not the case. I could be wrong, but the facts don’t seem to sit well with your explanation.

As I have explained repeatedly, if the bot does not benefit me, and it does negatively impact me, I don’t want it here – even if you like having it around. I am voicing my opinion here, amiably (or at least, as near to that as I can), to try and get it fixed, before moving to more direct avenues of approach. Ultimately, either the bot works in a manner that everyone (or almost everyone) is happy with, or it’ll probably get shut down by Kong. I’m fine either way, but I think it would be better for the player base if the former is the case.

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Topic: General / Raids Bot

Since it seems to be less than thoroughly clear, I will explain:
Option 1 – a raid gets posted in room 1. I see it, and at the same time, the bot dumps it into room 8, then 7, then 6. By the time I’ve gotten to the raid, there’s a good chance folks in other rooms have beaten me to it. Blink and you miss it.
Option 2 – a raid gets posted in any other room. I don’t see it now, and by the time the bot has posted it in room 1, it’s dead.
Option 3 – a raid, particularly a NMDL or z10 raid, is posted in room 1. It is passed on to other rooms where taggers are significantly more common, and fails as a result, or becomes more difficult to kill. In the case of NMDLs, this also increases the likelyhood of hitter overload, which means multiple people will be unable to hit 150m.

With option 2, nothing has changed (except that the bot is spamming dead raids). With option 1, it is now more difficult for me to get in on the raids posted in the room I’m in. Option 3 is obviously detrimental.

I don’t think an opt-out defeats the purpose – I’m sure enough people will be willing to keep their raids public (particularly since opt-out means public is the default). If that’s not the case, there’s really no justification to running this bot in the first place, as that would indicate the majority of the population doesn’t want it. I don’t mind the bot sharing my N Bellas or NM Tainted with other rooms – that’s actually beneficial to everyone. However, as long as I am not able to control which raids go fully-public and which do not, there’s an obvious negative side to consider.

I’d probably feel differently, at least to some extent, if room 1 got raids first, of course – but as it stands, I am exposed to the negatives more so than the positives. I’m guessing the same holds true for most of the Room 1 regulars, which is why objection is natural.

As a minor aside, it would take very little coding to allow the bot to distribute raids in a “fair” manner between rooms – for example, simply start with the room directly below the one the raid came from and then move through the list in descending order (e.g. a room 3 raid goes to room 2, then 1, then 8, then 7, etc). This sets up a natural cycle where each room gets first crack at raids from a room that’s almost (but not quite) as active, and it still gives room 8 a nice benefit, as it gets first crack at Room 1 raids. This doesn’t solve all of the problems (I still want to opt out on certain raids to avoid taggers or overload), but at least it keeps things reasonably fair for raids that die quickly without adding any significant coding.

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Topic: General / Raids Bot

Originally posted by Itsaku:

She’s hosting the bot. It’s her bot. Why exactly would she not post it to her own room first? Maybe instead of whining about how the bot posts to its owners room first, you should thank her for hosting the bot at all rather than just using a script to capture raids for herself and not share.

On that note, thankyou, HumanGirl, for hosting the bot.

Come again – I should thank someone for making a bot that takes raids I could normally hit, and gives them to other people instead, while virtually ensuring any such raids from other rooms are dead before they’re posted in my room? I’d have to say that makes very little sense.

The bot’s owner strikes me as a reasonable person. I’m sure that with a little work and an opt-out option, it will be easy enough to maintain a bot that provides its intended service without the more objectionable functionality it currently features. If that’s not the case, it is only natural objections will arise.

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Topic: General / Raids Bot

Originally posted by Infinitis:

All the rooms are getting it anyways, so what’s the big deal? It’s stupid stuff like this that makes people quit working on things that help the playerbase.

Oh, the irony.

The only thing that could make this bot potentially useful, at least from my personal perspective, is if the bot allows me to hit raids I otherwise could not. As there is never a shortage of larger raids (just grab one of the popular pastebins and you’re set), this generally means 10-man raids. By the time those are posted in room 1, they tend to be full, dead, or both – which is to say, the bot helps me not at all, while making it harder for me to get a spot in 10-man raids posted originally in room 1. I don’t see why I would want a service that benefits those in room 8 at my expense, under some guise of “fairness”.

Again, it is entirely my own opinion – but I do not feel that having this bot forced upon the population at large is a good thing. If making it an opt-in service is not practical (I’m not sure how you’d code that), at least make it easy to opt-out (easily handled by having a /w command that tells the bot to mute you, and thus not pick up on your raids; or, on a per-raid basis, make the bot ignore any chat message with an arbitrary string such as “Noshare” and document this so people can avoid sharing links as appropriate).

As for the order in which raids are sent out to rooms – it is the owner’s prerogative to pick whatever order benefits her, of course; it’s also her problem to deal with when people complain and/or report the bot for abuse because this order is biased against the room they happen to frequent. Choices have consequences.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Heavens] Cheating player

Originally posted by toriel_c:

I just fought against someone and did not do a single point of damage, whether I matched skulls or used spells. The player in question is maboroshi83. Looks like some people can hack the game and cheat. The creator needs to look into this.

Looks like some people don’t understand how Armor and Block work.

Better luck next time.

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Topic: General / Evaluating Echy

so you don’t want an off-hand that can beat most PC off-hands, a troop that beats most PC-troops, potions or equip that’s better for demons than drake-slayer from kryka is vs. dragons if you have enough base damage?

even a handful of volatiles are extremely good and you shouldn’t underestimate the greater potions either, a single one might not be that great, but when you have 20-30 of either type (i almost got 30 of both) the boosts add up

I wouldn’t mind getting the troop and off-hand – but I wouldn’t go out of my way to do 5b damage for them, either. It was always Mach or bust. Without Mach in the loot list and with the potion chance this low, I wouldn’t bother doing more than 1b, tops (I won’t bother next time, certainly). I’m sure it’s a different story for people to whom 5B is easy, but I’m nowhere near that point in the game yet.

I’m not complaining about a handful of useful potions – but I spent several potions to get this much damage, and I spent heaps more ESH on this than I’m getting back. It’s not even close. As for the greater potions – all of the stamina potions I got, combined, don’t add up to a single 25% potion. All of the energy potions I got, combined, add up to less than two 25% potions. That doesn’t add up to much of anything.

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Topic: General / Evaluating Echy

I realize I’m not really objective here, but when you put up a WR that only has one desirable drop (which appears to be quite rare to boot), people are justified in complaining about not getting that drop – particularly people for whom 5B is a lot of effort.

I can’t speak for anyone else, but having gotten a very small handful of 25% potions and 10 pieces of junk armor (that I can later use to craft more junk armor), I can’t say I consider four days of hard WR hitting a success. Would be nice if they’d at least been up front as to how low the chance of getting Mach / potions was relative to the other drops in the same tier. In retrospect I certainly wish I’d just gone on with my regular, day-to-day stuff and only spent honor on the WR to get a few drops.

At least I’ll be doing that next time out. Fool me twice, shame on me…

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Topic: General / Bugs

I am having difficulties logging in – the game loads up to the point where it says “Loading Inventory”, but stops there. This issue persists across refresh, hard refresh (CTRL+F5), manually clearing cache and cookies, switching browsers (Chrome and Firefox), and restarting the PC. I was able to log in without difficulty until a few hours ago.

I am able to log in from a different PC (which is also on a different network), but obviously this is not a long-term solution. Would appreciate any suggestions as to what might be the problem and how to correct it.

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Topic: General / Oct. 12 Extended event - too many chests!

Originally posted by Goontra:

Bored high-level-players complaining about getting the goals the developers think of, way too easy…Seen it before..

Think this prolonging of the event is for the 98% of players that didn’t spend over a 1000$ on this game, and I thank the dev’s for that.


Thank you for contributing absolutely nothing to the discussion. Clearly I’m a bored, high-level player who spent over $1000 on this game, who for some reason is hitting z8 raids rather than focusing on DLs for the pragmatic relics, which provide a better enchanting value. That makes perfect sense.

I am happy that this event is still in progress, giving people a chance to craft anything they missed. This was quite clearly stated in my original post. However, because the devs made a design decision to put the enchanting stones on the same raids as the chests, I’m clearly going to be collecting more chests than I could possibly use – and at 2SP for a set (20/15/10/5/1), they’re at least as worthless as regular equipment, and possibly more so with the workshop coming up. I think my request to set a reasonable SP reward for chests (what the figure should be, I’m not sure) is quite reasonable. For what it’s worth, it also has near-zero impact on the uber-players you mention – they’re not going to be hitting z8 raids anyway, being focused on DLs.

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Topic: General / Oct. 12 Extended event - too many chests!

OK, I understand that lots of people out there still need chests, and I’m happy they’re getting another chance – but for those of us who’ve already gotten enough chests and are trying to hunt up enchanting stones, the amount of chests being dropped is pretty silly. Making matters worse, the drop rate is now completely skewed – people are going to end up with huge piles of orange and purple chests and too few lower-color ones, leading to more tagging problems.

Is there any chance of replacing the current 2SP craft for the chest set with something that better reflects the time and effort required to pick up a full set of chests?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [The Grinns Tale] BESTIARY - All Monsters and their Loot

Based on my bestiary:

Angry Smogger drops, in order:
Broken Mace
Fur Pelt
Used Arrow
Small Nut (Currently appears in #3 slot, incorrectly)
Ancient Bills
Someone’s Ring

Thrunk drops that need correcting, orderwise:
1) Rusty Screw

3) Celestial Kettle

Sweeper Stu:
5) Shiny Ruby

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Topic: General / Patch Notes: September 14, 2012

Originally posted by minusa:

And the link to new world raid is… ??? …

Not up yet.

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Topic: General / Current Downtime

Originally posted by thortag:

because level 50’s were never intended to be able to get greenleaf gear, however with the compensation pack plus the ryndor event plus the extreme extension, level 50’s will be able to easily do nightmare DL’s which unbalances the game giving a higher likelyhood of autolevels, which will cause a new wall to be put in to prevent over excessive autoleveling…its a vicious cycle, that can be easily prevented by not overcompensating the raid timers.

Are you seriously complaining because a small handful of lower-level players are going to have a one-time shot at the few NM DLs that were up at the time, have enough slots left, and will be handed out to these players by their owners? Really? Not to mention anyone under 500 with a good damage output and some WR rewards can autolevel enough times to hit NM DLs in the first place, so this is hardly anything new.

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Topic: General / Current Downtime

Originally posted by Felendis:

We are in the process of restoring to a backup that was done a few minutes before the downtime. There is no ETA on how long this process will take to implement and test. After the issue is addressed, we will refill everyone’s Energy, Stamina and Honor and add 12 hours to every raid that was still alive as of the down time.

Any chance of getting that in E/S/H potions/scrolls? A full set of tanks is worthless to me, since I was going to level up anyway, and I’m guessing I’m not alone in this.

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Topic: Dream World / Black market level restrictions

I’m not sure if it is best to remove the level restrictions outright, but even if not, it’d certainly help to relax them a little. Something like 12 levels below gear, or 10 levels below high-end gear (instead of 6/8 like in the vault) would allow people to get out-of-depth equipment without being excessive.

The current system, in any case, stinks. I don’t even bother checking the market because nothing I can buy will help me.

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Topic: General / Quest Boss Updates

Considering the energy cost associated with fighting a boss, I can’t say I’m looking forward to trial-and-error on “new” bosses. Hopefully the numbers (or at least ballpark figures) will be made available.

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Topic: Dream World / Faction Wars Complaints and Compliments

I have to say, when I read kingk’s description of Faction Wars (below), this is not what I was expecting.
“Guild bosses + Faction based warfare (combining the best mechanics from raid bosses, invasion, and fallen)”
This seems to be little more than a rehash of Fallen, but with a guild-based twist.

Easily the best mechanic in the game, from a guild perspective, is the Isendel / Mine Boss mechanic, where everyone can help rage a boss even if they can’t actually kill that boss. This allows lower-level / weaker guild members to make a significant contribution, and it allows guilds with a small number of power-hitters to be successful – most members set ‘em up, power-hitters knock ’em down. Instead of electing to use this mechanic, which would allow everyone to participate, Faction Wars uses the Fallen mechanism of personalized rage. This sets up a situation where lower-level members can’t participate (they don’t hit the boss for any significant damage so they’re really just wasting their time), and higher-level members can’t easily keep their guild moving because they have to go through 100% personal rage before hitting the boss each time. Even something simple like crediting guilds for the number of times they’ve filled the rage meter (which means anyone can help as long as they meet the level minimum) could give people a reason to participate.

Rewards, at least as listed, seem to be insignificant, except perhaps at the highest levels. This isn’t a surprise – it’s the case for pretty much every boss reward – but it’s still a bit of a disappointment. Level-appropriate equipment is not a useful reward for the vast majority of DW players, as most of us are in a guild with higher-level people who can furnish us with equipment up to 8 levels above ours. Getting 10% is an awful lot of work for anyone with “normal” stats (anything under 300 or so), so it would be nice if it was rewarded in a significant way – say, by having a vastly-increased chance of rolling +4 or better (or Regen/Guardian/Scoped/Enchanted +1 or better) items. At least that way items are potentially going to be useful, either to whoever got them, or to someone else in their guild.

Finally, the actual “faction wars” seem pretty silly – guilds can’t work together in any way, which means this is nothing more than an aggregation of individual results. Allowing guilds to work together (e.g. share the same boss, share the same rage meter, etc) might have made this an interesting competition, but as it stands, all you can do is grind away at your own guild’s bosses and hope that random chance has put you on the right team.

I like the new art, I like the fact that this makes fallen-level mobs easily available for everyone (above a certain level), and I like the concept of an event where multiple guilds work together toward a common goal – I just wish it would actually work that way, rather than as implemented.

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Topic: Dream World / Official Bug Reports Thread (new)

You gained 20 learning points! Trade in 5 of same color for a reward!

Game rewards the correct amount, but the old message is still shown.

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Topic: Dream World / Update Content - preview

I can’t make heads and tails of the faction wars system – guess we’ll have to wait and see it in action to get a grip on what it all means.

L90 skills look underwhelming- just a little extra damage and just once per battle, and you have to use up an inventory slot for it to boot. Sword/Gun users will still get these, since you want to keep your skill level around the same as your level so there’s not much extra cost. Magic users are getting shafted here, since there’s no benefit to raising Magic over 60 right now, so you have to pay the full 60—> 90 cost just for the new class. Hopefully the class bonuses will be decent, because the skills as listed are not.

Battle Fatigue for PvE is going to lead to a player revolt, and it doesn’t make the game more fun in any way. I don’t see the point.

Yes, please on auto-unlock for puzzles. Yes please on removal of keys and orbs. Yes please for the new side quests.

Yellow crystals are still useless. 20LP or ~40-50 LP, it’s still not enough to matter for anyone with half-decent stats – even with the new formula, it’d take me 75 yellow crystals to get one point of INT, which makes them pretty much pointless and easily the worst crystal outside of reds.

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Topic: Dream World / March (April?) Update

Originally posted by weezyfosheezy:

ah always wondered why the arrow is pointing at her boobage.

“I’m up here”

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Topic: Dream World / New server?

A second server is, as stated by some in this thread, a deathblow to the original server. It won’t come immediately, but as the new server attracts most of the new players, the original server will slowly stagnate. Existing high-level players will remain with Server 1, but it will eventually get so top-heavy that there will be no reason for new players to sign up, as the existing guilds/players will focus exclusively on L70+ (or L80+, or whatever) content. With no new blood, Server 1 will remain a home to those who are already high level, but with natural attrition as people lose interest and no replacements in the pipeline, the original server will die out.

Suggesting that this will not be the case because DW is a RPG, or that people will put in equal time on both servers, is unreasonable. Why would anyone make the effort to switch to Server 1, where they know they’ll never be competitive with those who have a two-year head start, when they can be a leading player on Server 2? How many people can afford to seriously gem up two different accounts, one per server? Perhaps a small handful will, but that doesn’t change the fact that new blood will be cut off from server 1, causing stagnation.

I realize that there are commercial reasons to add a second server, and I understand that this is certainly within the game owner’s rights, but it’s still a slap in the face to current high-level players. That this is being done cloak-and-dagger style, with only two days of warning and no chance for players to have an input on the process, is just adding insult to injury.

For both kingk’s sake and for the sake of the player base, I hope to be proven wrong – but I don’t think I will. I’ve been around too many MMOs – including MMORPGs – where this exact dynamic occurred already.

P.S. I’m a little lost as to why the “new server event” is being billed as “spectacular”. For anyone on server 1, it’s nothing more than an extended weekend event.

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Topic: Dream World / UI enhancement request: confirm "Explore" from non-mob encounters

Originally posted by biawow:

Another alternative is to have the game remember the last action you took on well/beggar or whatever and pressing spacebar would repeat the last action taken.

That would not be particularly helpful to those of us using the mouse to navigate…