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Topic: Kongregate / Backing up Kongregate saves using symlinks and Dropbox

Think I read the post, but didn’t notice he used or mention symlinks. You don’t need to use the utility every time you want to back up, it does it every second whenever the file changes. Oh well, maybe symlinks were mentioned later in the topic.

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Topic: Kongregate / Backing up Kongregate saves using symlinks and Dropbox

Just want to note that you can easily keep all Kongregate saves backe up all the time using Dropbox and symbolic links (both on Linux and Windows). Don’t know if it has been mentioned here or whether it is common knowledge or not, so I’ll post it anyways.

Dropbox – free cross platform software that backs up your data to a remote server when installed (you won’t loose you data if your pc burns and can access them from multiple pc’s)
symlink – symbolic link, a file that points to another file or directory on the disk

On Linux (Ubuntu)

Register, download and install Dropbox (

Find the location of your saves (type this into the terminal and it will print out the path to your saves)

find /home -name

move your directory to the Dropbox directory

create a symbolic link in the directory where the saves used to be pointing to (type in terminal, change the path depending on your username and where you put the Dropbox directory during install)

ln -s /home/<your>/ Dropbox/

this will make every future Kongregate flash game save every file into your Dropbox directory, which is uploaded and backed up every time a files changes, so you will never loose a save.

Dropbox also stores older versions of your file so you can revert to an older save if you wish (it stores the ten latest versions of the file or the files a month back, not sure).

For Windows it’s similar:

just find the directory

move it to your Dropbox directory

create a symbolic link (use the mklink command)


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Topic: Kongregate / Super Important: Downtime as Kongregate Switches to New Servers! (Already complete)

Any chance you could post your existing server setup and the new setup you’re migrating to? Would be really interesting to know what hardware you’re using if you’re not afraid to share.

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Topic: General Gaming / What's the deal with Prince of Persia?

Kongregate needs to get cash to function, and that’s that. It’s not a message to Kongregate, but to the developer of the game and Ubi that they should work out a better advertising strategy. But I’m happy that instead of a crazy amount of ads this can work out too while feeding the site.