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Topic: Kongregate / Harassment in forums

gabidou harrasses me all the time kong plz ban him :’<<<<<<<<<<<<

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Topic: Off-topic / Are you a big guy (for me)? Do you have autistic tendancies? Do you like e-legos? Well you came to the right place! (OT Minecraft Autism)

if u buy me minecraft i promise that i might play it with you for 5 minutes

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Topic: Off-topic / I just hacked in to rollerCROWster's account

this is proof that i hacked rollerCROWsters account (this is me, mafefe, btw)

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Topic: Off-topic / I'm A CROW AMA

Originally posted by Pipipipipi314:

How would you react if you were the last crow in the world?


Originally posted by SilhouetteOfDeCa:
Originally posted by Caravine:

Ever fapped to a mirror?


Originally posted by 10crystalmask01:

Crows v.s Pigeons, who would win?


Originally posted by 15man:

do you like furry crows?


Originally posted by nikolas10161:

How does it feel being an inferior bird?

CROWS are the best bird

Originally posted by Zachary_Greene:

Do you peck at Kitties?

CROWS will peck any animal if its funny :>>>

Originally posted by Holy2334:

How does it feel that the website admins hate you?

if they hate me, why dont they ban me? also they gave me a kongpanion :>>

Originally posted by VoodooCoffeeGuy:

How does it fill you will never settle down and have a soft life, maybe a family? Just a new mate and new eggs everyear.

CROWS mate for life, retard.

Originally posted by KoopaKnight:

How does it feel to be a crow?


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Topic: Serious Discussion / Migrants In Europe

Originally posted by petesahooligan:

That’s the Karma I know and love. He asks a question that I try to answer accurately and thoroughly, and I get four paragraphs of editorial about ME and one sentence buried in there about the topic. (At least I only take a few sentences to do the same.)

I’ll be in the corner, “looking inward.”


I looked inward for a minute. I imagined, Karma, what it might look like to concede this “argument.” I had a hard time but I’m willing to give it a college try.

You suggest perhaps that I should agree that when we are talking about the challenges of immigration, we are solely talking about ILLEGAL immigration. If I accept that, then we can’t have a clear picture of what the impact is of accepting refugees at the same or greater numbers. You know why, of course. It’s because a majority of immigrants are legal. Nonetheless, I will remove the majority of immigrants as we discuss the impact of only illegal immigration.

Do you want me to concede that immigrants of the illegal variety lack the resources that legal immigrants have? I struggle with this assumption. It presumes that ALL legal immigrants simply waltz into the country and have a place to live and a job and won’t be a burden whatsoever on public services, while EVERY illegal immigrant has no place to live, does not have a job, and will rely upon public resources. I could TRY to accept that wild assumption, for the sake of not offending you any further.

Shall I admit defeat by declaring that we can presume ANY solution discussed here would naturally be suggested in the most humanitarian terms, and that the humanitarian aspects of refugee management simply doesn’t need to be discussed again? I can try to do that. We will assume that basic human dignities and freedoms will be afforded to everyone that steps foot on our soil… provided we can afford it and that it makes sense economically. Their civil liberties will be upheld, they will be treated humanely and with dignity. Not like it’s being done now, but in the future it will be all copacetic. Got it.

Should I use the same terms as you, and characterize people fleeing for their lives, or trying to reach a land with opportunity, as an “invasion?” And that the people that are embarking on this dangerous mission as “skill-less leeches” as others here have? I could try to do that, just for you. In addition, I will throw in that immigration has no relationship to race and anyone that criticizes immigration is never talking only about “some” immigrants.

Is this what it would take to open my eyes to your wisdom? Then we can move on and hear all of your solutions!

Smug level: 200%

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Topic: Kongregate / Just Wondering About Spammers

I agree, kong would never give up on banning people who break the rules ;>>>

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Topic: Off-topic / There is now a CROWfficial CROW forum on kong :>>>

discuss how there is now a CROW forum :>>>>>

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Topic: Off-topic / Which console would you save in a fire?

whichever 2 can be sold for the most $$$

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Topic: Off-topic / Pig & Heron Comic Directory

Sometimes double cancer can be harder on your bros…

also u forgot to make heron’s legs orange u fuckin scrub

…and pigs ears in panel 4


Topic: Off-topic / This OT is now the property of your CROWverlord :>>>>>

This post has been removed by an administrator or moderator
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Topic: Off-topic / What OTer do you think hates you the most?

immortal7777 or adv0catus

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Topic: Off-topic / What happened to Uber

he got murdered by angry taxi drivers

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Topic: Off-topic / Rollercausters or Water slides?

rollerCROWsters :>>>>>

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Topic: Kongregate / Kongpanion merch

make some t shirts or something with the kongpanions so ppl will care about them

also ppl who have kongpanions based on them should get all merch of that kongpanion for free ;>>>>>>

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Topic: Off-topic / I'm A CROW AMA

Originally posted by Ruudiluca:

What do you find more attractive?
Crows or humans?

That is 2 questions, ur only allowed 1

Originally posted by Kazeelex:


I am not from virginia

Originally posted by LukeMann:

How do you feel about ravens, jackdaws, and other corvids?

they are also CROWS :>>>>

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Topic: Off-topic / I'm A CROW AMA

Originally posted by Caravine:

Ever fapped to a mirror?


Originally posted by Mikkmar:

Ever fapped to a minor?


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Topic: Off-topic / I'm A CROW AMA

ask me stuff and i will maybe answer

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Topic: Kongregate / Kong needs to badge more games ABOUT CROWS :>>>>

us CROWS face so much disCROWmination and kong wont even badge games about us :’<<<<<

#yesallCROWS #givemoneytoCROWS

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Was math invented or discovered?

How Can Math Be Real If Numbers Aren’t Real?

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Topic: Off-topic / A fun "game" to waste your time

this site was blocked due to malware


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Topic: Off-topic / Why does Sonic the Hedgehog attract so much autism?

our story begins with a crow flying around station square. it was minding its own business when suddenly IT ALL FLOODED OMG!

then a giant monster rose out of the water and destroyed a building. resting on a broken bridge, the crow saw a yellow hedgehog attacking the evil water beast. The beast hit the yellow hedgehog, knocking him into the crow. This transfered some of sonic essence to the crow

the crow was transformed into a hedgehog/crow hybrid, now known as a hedgecrow. Crownic the hedgecrow helped kill the evil water beast and then flew away.

Later, he found the secret 8th chaos emerald and became emo for some reason.



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Topic: Off-topic / how to CROW post

its easy!

1. Add random CROW puns
2. CAPITALIZE the word CROW and anything related to them (i.e. NEST, FEATHER, TALON)
3. If you want to threaten someone, threaten to PECK their eyes out.
4. Use :> and :< . more s means more emotion!!!
5. If someone INSULTS CROWS :‘<<<<<, use :’<<<<
6. When someone posts DEAD CROWS :’<<<<, call them edgy losers.
7. Remember: CROWS dont actually care about anything posted on OT, so neither should you.


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Topic: Kongregate / 10 games left

FACT: the number of games being uploaded is going to go down until we reach ~2 left, then hundreds of ppl will upload games.

but only 1 can be the 100K game.

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Topic: Kongregate / 10 games left

Originally posted by Heather:

We were going to replace our Ant mascot with the new Crow mascot to celebrate 100,000 games, but then we remember that Kongregate hates Crows.


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Topic: Serious Discussion / Should we relax marriage laws even further?

If polygamy becomes legal, will tax deductions be greater for groups with more people?

If so, we should all get super married so we will have so many tax deductions that the government will pay us :>>>>

we could be like a giant murder but with ppl :>>>>>>