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Topic: RobotPet / Suggestions for upcoming updates

Just one thing. Make the AI of the robot so that it doesn’t friggin charge at the enemy. I mean, that’s why there’s a thing called max range, so you can shoot their asses while not getting yours shot back. I win fights 55+ levels up in infinity just by keeping out of range. Right now your bot is like “Hey wassup, here I’m going to get as close as I can to you, and then stop so you can shoot me very easily. I know I can shoot you from further off, but fuck that, I’m going to completely make that advantage obsolete ’cuz I wanna be a dick to my master.”

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Topic: General Gaming / what are the best idle games?

well Grind Quest Beta is good coz u can switch places to lvl and stuff lyk that

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Topic: Dream World / Official Suggestions Thread

Originally posted by LukeTheFish:

i think you should take the energy thing out. it restricts a persons play time, and if you want to keep people interested, you shouldnt make them have to stop playing for no reason. let them continue to progress, just make the ranks higher exp levels and add more ranks

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