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Topic: Holyday City / Close browser at night? or leave open?

I wanted to know, if you earn just as much money, if I close my browser (and thus Holyday City), vs if I left the browser open all night?

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Topic: Kongregate / Today's Kongpanion?

Ok so it`s Monday Mar 23rd..

Where is this week’s new Kongpanion?

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Topic: RobotPet / Suggestions for new player for what skills to grab?

I am new to the game.. Could anyone suggest what Player / Passive / Permanent skills to take?

Is there a preferred order you guys get them in? Right now I`m a new player.. barely 5 mins in. There are many choices and I`m not sure which are best to take.

As this game does have reset’s.. ie: Rebuild. I`m guess there are skills you always rebuy. (Except for the Permanent which crosses over rebuilds).

But even with that.. is there a preferred order you`d buy any of those skills?

Thanks, Zanatar.

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Topic: Party Of Heroes / List of classes so far?

Does anyone have a list of all the Classes in the game? I am not sure if I`ve discovered them all so far, but I`d like to know if I`m misisng any.

So far I`ve found:

1) Gladiator -Melee DPS / Makeshift tank (At least I`ve been using him as a tank )
2) Warlock – Ranged DPS
3) FrostMage – Ranged DPS / Disabler
4) Skirmisher – Ranged DPS
5) Marauder – Melee DPS / tank killer
6) Brute – Melee DPS
7) Huntress – Ranged DPS / Support
8) Carnifex – Melee DPS / Tank killer
9) Assassin – Ranged / melee dps /Tank killer (More ranged then melee)
10) Ogre – Tank / Damage Dealer
11) The gnoll archers (forget the class name.. as I no longer have one to check). But was ranged DPS.

That`s what I`ve seen so far.. What other classes have you come across?
Is the Ogre the only Tank class? I haven’t come across another Tank class yet.

Thanks, Zanatar.

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Topic: Party Of Heroes / What`s your party strategy?

Ok well I’m surprised no one has posted anything yet for this game.

Just want to say I’m having alot of fun with this game so far. Quite enjoyable.

So , I was thinking to get things started for discussions, given no posts yet, what has been your Hero party Strategy so far? There are several class types to choose from and form parties with.

Given I’m not too far in the game yet.. My halls of Hero’s is only at lvl 4.
So I can only suggest a 4 party combo that is working for me right now.

So I’m currently using: 1) Gladiator 2) Marauder, 3) Skirmisher and 4) Frost mage.

So far it’s working well for me. The Gladiator tanks, The Maurauder is Melee dps and kills tanks.. the Skirmisher provides strong ranged dps.. and the Frost mage also ranged dps.. but slows and freezes them down.

So what are your party compositions and strategies so far? List your Hall of Hero level too.

Thanks, Zanatar.

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / this game causes free edition of Bit Defender to crash.

Anyone here using the free edition of Bit Defender , for virus/spyware scanner?

I am using it, and everytime I go into full screen and back out , for Contract wars, it causes Bit Defender to crash and I have to re-load it.

Wondering if anyone has seen this problem?

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / New to the game..need major help starting out.

Is the SV-98 Sniper rifle worth getting? Again I love sniping. Wondering if I should save my credits for this?

I am not sure how long or hard it is to gain CR in the game.. If it`s slow going.. I may not want to waste CR on a gun I`m just going to replace anyway. Am I better off saving CR for a sniper rifle in a different Weapon set , instead of SV-98?

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / New to the game..need major help starting out.

Well I`m a long time member of Kong and I love shooters, I just discovered this game, somehow missed it before.

I was looking through the game, I find the menu`s a bit confusing to navigate, especially when buying weapons. I am really not sure what`s the best thing for me to do to start off.

I found some beginner guides, but they seem to be extremely out dated and not sure if they even apply anymore.

I`m really unsure at what to unlock. I will not be spending money.. so I`ll be a non-casher.

Could I get some recommendations on how to best start off?
1) What skills should I take?
2) what weapons should I spend CR on.. since it seems precious.

Any other advise , would be much appreciated.

I`d really love to know if there is an updated guide that I can follow?

Last thing I`ll mention.. I have a love of sniping in shooters. So if your advice can be geared towards sniper info, that would be great, unless you suggest against sniping in this game.. not sure if it`s fun or worth doing in here.

Thanks, Zanatar.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / I`m new to anti idle, need help with Battle Arena.

Hello, Ok so basically I`m really new to this game. Only been playing Anti-Idle for about 2 days now.
I`m lvl 409.
In battle Arena: I`m Rank 67.

I was following a guide from these forums, from “shinki12345”. The guide is very outdated and only goes to the Desert. But I did follow it up to that point.

The guild had me craft armor and weapons. The armor is straight forward with the different sets every 10 ranks. (Red, Knight, Paladin, Executioner ) etc.

But the weapon crafting is a bit more confusing . Especially with Fusion added to the mix.

The weapon I`m currently using , based on the guide, is a spirit weapon , using Zanatar`s Tree stick and enhancing it 3 times with Weapon Rock 3. Then fusing it with a Premium Sword. So that`s what I`m using now.

But I have no clue how to progress now. I have some questions on that: Edit: I just realize how I can copy my stats here. I will show you guys that at the end of my post.

1) What do I craft next for a weapon? And what`s the progression beyond that? Do I fuse? with what? I really have no clue how to understand what to make next for weapons.

2) What about Armor.. do I just keep getting the next set (10 ranks later)? Or do I start fusing with Armor too? if so what and how?

3) Given the guide by “shinki12345” is incomplete I`m on my own now. I have no clue what to max for skills next. All of the skill build`s I find in this forum, or all of course for people maxed out..with thousands of skill points.
Right now at Rank 67 , I have 1006 skills points to play with, if I were to reset.

4) I can’t find one, but I`d love an updated guide, for beginners like me. There must be a post hidden away somewhere that one of you knows about that can help me through all this.

Really looking forward to your responses. I appreciate it in advance.

Thanks, Zanatar.

ps: My character sheet so far:


Player Name: Zanatar
Lv. 411
Rank: 67
Robacon Rank: 24

Ring: (No ring equipped)
Buff: (No buff) (Effect: 100%)
Invisible Ally: [#35] Forest Spirit

ATT: 4,466 (4,060)
DEF: 4,868 (4,057)
ACC: 0% + 1,188 (1,007)
EVA: 17% + 2,077 (1,009)
MaxHP: 36,677 (25,295)
MaxMP: 9,192 (10,214)

Equip ATT: 251
Equip DEF: 727

Max Damage: 20,720 (at 0 Combo + 0% Rage)
Mastery: 10%
Ignore DEF: 0%
Damage Resist: 7% + 8,973
Magic Resist: 0%
Attack Speed: 11
Double Hit: 0%
Crit. Chance: 12%
Crit. Damage: 156%
Reflect: 32%
Magic Reflect: 0%
Instant Kill: 0%
Non–Boss Damage: 115%
Boss Damage: 123%
Potion Efficiency: 100%
Negate Effect: 0%
Rage Depletion: 100%
Rage Power: 40%
Rage Speed: 0%

Autosteal: Lv. 0
EXP: 104%
Coin: 104%
Pixel: 109%
Drop: 100%
Spawn: 100%
Rare Rate: 100%
Epic Rate: 100%

Fire: 0%
Ice: 0%
Wind: 0%
Earth: 0%
Thunder: 0%
Water: 0%
Light: 0%
Dark: 0%


Pixel: 4,583,792
Crafting Material: 1,017,870
Superior Crafting Material: 6
Unobtainium: 0
Enhancer Fragment: 65
Chaotic Fragment of Chaos: 0
Proof of Training: 0
Proof of Mission: 4
Crystal of Rarity: 0
Crystal of Ultimate Rarity: 1


Robacon’s Weapon
Weak Crossbow [+1]

  • Rank: 20 | Unob. Enhancement: 0
  • ATT: 100 | SPD: 7 | DEF: 0 | CRIT: 15 | DEX: 25 | HP: 0
  • Bonuses: [Coin] – [Accuracy] – []

Zanatar’s Tree Stick [+1] – FUSED

  • Rank: 45 | Unob. Enhancement: 0
  • Item Level: 3 / 11
  • ATT: 221 | SPD: 11 | DEF: 2 | CRIT: 11 | DEX: 3 | HP: 2
  • Bonuses: [Pixel] – [Mastery] – []

Knight Hat [+0]

  • Rank: 50 | Unob. Enhancement: 0
  • ATT: 5 | SPD: 0 | DEF: 45 | CRIT: 13 | DEX: 0 | HP: 0
  • Bonuses: [] – [] – []

Knight Shirt [+0]

  • Rank: 50 | Unob. Enhancement: 0
  • ATT: 5 | SPD: 0 | DEF: 55 | CRIT: 10 | DEX: 0 | HP: 0
  • Bonuses: [] – [] – []

Knight Gloves [+0]

  • Rank: 50 | Unob. Enhancement: 0
  • ATT: 10 | SPD: 0 | DEF: 35 | CRIT: 13 | DEX: 0 | HP: 0
  • Bonuses: [] – [] – []

Knight Pants [+0]

  • Rank: 50 | Unob. Enhancement: 0
  • ATT: 5 | SPD: 0 | DEF: 55 | CRIT: 10 | DEX: 0 | HP: 0
  • Bonuses: [] – [] – []

Knight Shoes [+0]

  • Rank: 50 | Unob. Enhancement: 0
  • ATT: 5 | SPD: 1 | DEF: 35 | CRIT: 10 | DEX: 3 | HP: 0
  • Bonuses: [] – [] – []





Lv. 30 / 30  Quick Attack
Lv.  7 / 10  Heal
Lv. 10 / 10  Strength Enhancement
Lv. 10 / 10  Dexterity Enhancement
Lv. 20 / 20  Invisible Armor
Lv. 17 / 30  Artful Dodger
Lv. 10 / 10  HP Recovery
Lv. 30 / 30  HP Boost

Lv.  0 / 30  Power Attack
Lv.  0 / 30  Super Knockback
Lv.  0 / 30  Combo Strike
Lv.  0 /  1  Quick Attack Improve
Lv.  0 /  1  Power Attack Improve
Lv.  0 /  1  Super Knockback Improve
Lv.  0 / 20  Invisible Weapon
Lv.  0 / 30  Accuracy Boost
Lv.  0 / 30  Weapon Mastery
Lv.  0 / 20  Weapon Booster
Lv.  0 / 30  Critical Force
Lv.  0 / 10  Critical Chance
Lv.  0 / 30  Keen Eyes
Lv.  0 / 30  Overpowered Tanker
Lv.  0 / 10  MP Recovery
Lv.  0 / 30  MP Boost
Lv.  0 /  1  'potion [PROFANITY] 1/5'
Lv.  0 / 10  Combo Power
Lv.  0 / 10  Combo Protection
Lv.  0 / 20  Combo Critical
Lv.  0 / 30  Combo Reward
Lv.  0 / 10  Rage Mastery
Lv.  0 / 30  Rage Power
Lv.  0 / 30  Panic
Lv.  0 / 50  Learner
Lv.  0 / 50  Money UP
Lv.  0 / 30  Drain
Lv.  0 / 10  Mana Eater
Lv.  0 / 30  Coup de Grace
Lv.  0 / 10  Poison Ability
Lv.  0 / 20  Poison Power
Lv.  0 / 10  Weaken Ability
Lv.  0 / 20  Weaken Power
Lv.  0 / 10  Blind Ability
Lv.  0 / 20  Blind Power
Lv.  0 / 30  Explosive Attacks
Lv.  0 /  1  Mana Power
Lv.  0 / 30  Five-Leaf Clover
Lv.  0 / 10  Reflect
Lv.  0 / 10  Magic Reflect
Lv.  0 / 30  Autosteal
Lv.  0 / 20  Basic Attack
Lv.  0 / 10  Double Hit
Lv.  0 / 10  Elemental Bonus
Lv.  0 / 10  Master Hunter
Lv.  0 / 10  Spirit Shield
Lv.  0 / 10  Legendary Weapon
Lv.  0 / 10  Adrenaline
Lv.  0 / 10  Protection
Lv.  0 / 10  Buff Boost
Lv.  0 / 10  Crescendo
Lv.  0 / 10  Revive
Lv.  0 / 10  Revenge
Lv.  0 / 10  Absorb

TOTAL SP: 1,006

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Topic: Ballistic / What`s a good skill build for Vanguard?

Wondering if anyone has had time to experiment with the skills for Vanguard?

Anyone have a recommended skill build for Vanguard?

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Topic: Kongregate / No new games since Jan 10th?

Yeah I realized they are hot new games. I`ve been around here for years.. but honestly can’t remember it being that long for a new hot game to show up then.

Ok well at least I know it`s not my browser. ;)

Thanks so much for the quick replies.

Take care,

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Topic: Kongregate / No new games since Jan 10th?

I figured as much.. but it doesn’t explain why both my Firefox Browser and IE browser (with history/cache/cookies etc, fulluy deleted), that I cannot see the new games on the Front page. It still just shows those same three. Is that the case for you too? On your Kong home page.. is it the same three “Sentry Knight, Deadly Gambling, and Idle Mine” ?

If not.. any suggestions on what could be the problem for me?

Thanks, Zanatar.

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Topic: Kongregate / No new games since Jan 10th?

How come there has not been any new games showing up on Kongregate since Jan 10th?

On the front page via the “Hot new Games”, it has been the same three games “Sentry Knight, Deadly Gambling, and Idle Mine” .

If you click “See All” next to “Hot New Games”. You can see the last game added has been Sentry Knight on Jan 10, 2014.

I thought maybe it was my cookies. I cleared my cookies, cache, and even tried in a different browser, on the off chance it was my navigator`s fault.. But same result.

What`s going on? Why no new games?


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Topic: BattleCry / Heroes Campaign with only Campaign Rewards

I must be doing something wrong.. But I can’t figure out what it is.. Would you happen to have any idea? I tried numerous times over and over and I fail each time.
Do you have any idea what I could be doing wrong? I wish I could show you. I don’t know how to post screen shots of my game to do show you.


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Topic: BattleCry / Heroes Campaign with only Campaign Rewards

I`m hoping someone can help me out. I am on Act 2: “2.1 Turning over a new leaf”. I`ve followed the screen shot indicated in the OP exactly. Including the speed of the rows etc. But it continues to lose. I cannot beat this map as per that screenshot. Not sure what I’m doing wrong.

Might also be worth noting that my Points left over are 390, vs the screenshot having 402 points remaining. I’m not able to find any difference.

Thanks, Zanatar.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Odin Quest] Best class?

Is there any one class that stands out above the others? Or are they all well balanced?

Would love to hear your comments on the different classes and how they play. Especially towards the current end game.

Thanks, Zanatar.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Backyard Monsters] Now Recruiting | The Tartarus Revival (TTR)

Thank you for accepting me. I’m looking forward to getting to know you all.

Thanks, Zanatar.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Backyard Monsters] Now Recruiting | The Tartarus Revival (TTR)

Hello 3ndless and other members, I’m very interested in joining and would ask permission to come aboard.

-I am currently Level 42 (for my BYM base), and level 32 for my Inferno Base. (I’m currently rebuilding my inferno base, so it’s buildings and walls are all moved to the sides).

-Concerning my BYM base, I am on World Map and currently have 17 outposts.

-As to how often I play, it should be noted I work from home and therefore I tend to be online Monday’s through Friday’s during standard working hours.. ie: anywhere in the vicinity of 8am and 6pm. I tend to not play as much in the evenings nor weekends. I’m a family man, married and have two kids, so weekends I tend to dedicate myself to my wife and kids.

-As to my goals, I enjoy playing casually. I am one that like to build and expand. I am not an aggressive player by nature. I am more of a defensive player. I enjoying coming on, making sure my workers in my main base and outposts are always put to work.

-Why should you take me on as a member? I’m 40+ years old. I’m mature and responsible. I take orders very well. I am a follower not a leader. I will follow and go wherever I’m told. Consider me a soldier, at your beck and call. Once joined, I’m extremely loyal. Especially once I start getting to know you all. I will never jump ship unless the Aliance dissolves or I’m asked to leave. So you can always count on my support and loyality.

I will tell you upfront, I will likely not be your most agressive player, as I mentioned. I like to quietly build my base and outposts. I look to this aliance, as a means of protection, and I realize that protection comes at a cost. That cost, I will repay, by striking whichever targets you ask me to strike. I will attack if asked to attack, otherwise I will mind my business and keep building up my Main base and my outposts and expand my empire as I do so. Consider me your sleeper agent, to be awaken and used and needed. :)

I sincerely hope you’ll consider me.

Thank you, Zanatar.

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / Kessov Siege: In the Name of the King

Hmm. given I have mostly Loyalist and Betrayal gear.. is the Bessigers’s gear (which is much inferior) still worth using? I ask only due to the Siegecraft bonus (as it does bonus dmg to Kessov).. I’m just making sure the bonus dmg from the procs, doesn’t out dmg even say Loyalists gear.

They need to give us new gear that stands up to what players use now. Why? Becauase the bessigers’s gear that exists now is outdated and no longer good vs Kessov. There should be eliete sets of gear for the different WR’s that are updated to keep up with the newest and greatest gear in the game.

Thanks, Zanatar.

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Topic: Kongregate Labs / [Backyard Monsters] Game not loading - stuck at Rendering - 100%

It has just happened to me now. I’ve rebooted, flushed DNS, cleared all temp, cache, history etc. Tried from a different browser. Someone must have an answer?


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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Best class?

Everyone keep saying Wizard.. What about the Sorcerer? Is that class any good? I mean From what I’m told, Sorcerer is basically a Wiz but better.. What’s your opinion on the Sorcerer?


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Topic: Call of Gods / [Event] Valentine's Day: Say your love

Love you so much, happy Valentines day.
Server 1
In-game-name: Zanatar
E-mail: PM me if needed.

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Topic: Call of Gods / So about the higher levels

Someone needs to seriously take the time to go through every post by CallofGods and count the number of times he’s said those same words and then never come back again with an answer. He must have it as a macro or something.


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Topic: Call of Gods / Will the CHAT ever get fixed? Question for Call of Gods.

I give up.. This is pointless.


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Topic: Call of Gods / [Event] Valentine’s Day

Honestly, given the math that has been done here, showing how it’s practically impossible to get 800 roses (especially for non cashers.. ) shows me how the dev’s really don’t care about there own game, or about us. It really makes me sick. I swear it’s like this game has become a giant glass of Milk, and all of us are Lactose intolerant!!!