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Topic: City of Steam: Arkadia / Loading title stuck at 0% indefinitely

31/07/15 hmmm… stuck at screen which has “play” button… but no matter how many times I click it doesn’t continue…
and I’m on the US servers.

seems the game is down again. hopefully for a major update… :-)

01/08/15 back up again… will need to check the FB page for more info.

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Topic: City of Steam: Arkadia / Loading issue

still can’t get on…

oh well off to play other games again until this is fixed

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Topic: City of Steam: Arkadia / Loading issue

also 0% on firefox… well at least I’m not alone

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Topic: City of Steam: Arkadia / Glitches

Originally posted by ominous87:

same items wont stack. i have metal and bike parts and a few other things that are same item and lvl and wont stack and is taking up a lot of needed space. there’s no reason why they shouldn’t stack.

You will find some of the items are bound to character or untradeable or neither … these take different stacks so you CAN have up to 3 stacks of some items.

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Topic: City of Steam: Arkadia / Can't play

I also cannot get on to the servers… seems it can’t find the server at

I have searched for cityofsteam… and have found MANY links to it… but it seems none of them are active for me.
oh well off to other games that don’t block me I guess…

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Topic: Brave Tales / Guess the Skill contest

1st: Explosive teeth smash… this is the result of the new characters fist hitting your head.

2nd: choke hold… this is the last thing you see before it all turns black (with a voice in the back ground saying “finish him”)

3rd: triple shot… This is a bad attempt at doing the triple robin hood arrow trick into jello(supposed to be point to end of each) due to the poor accuracy of the new hero putting 3 arrows into his bow at once.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [WarFlow] WarFlow Ranking Events of March

1.There is only 1 final ranking for all servers.

so unless you are in TOP 3 FOR ALL 4 or is that $$$ events you will not rank…
lets face it 26 servers… top 1 winner from each server getting all 4 wins = A PLACE

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [WarFlow] Mine Wars

TERRIBLE idea Larok…

IF you are getting 10 defenses then you are already dominating the local area and getting 1 min off your mine CD each hit.
The idea behind sending you home is to give the other side a small breather from you KILLING them all the time. and allow them time to spread out again.

MIND you giving them 1 medal (and only 1) for the 10 DEFENSE (or 11 or 12) has merit I guess.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [WarFlow] [Forum Event] The Blitzkrieg—Jan 23, 2013

in game name [S2]Tesoffer
Battle: Enemy at Gate

Members [S1]Beenpoo, [S2]Monterey, [S2]zesty cheese, [S2]Tesoffer

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [WarFlow] Mine Wars

well I have one suggestion.

Make the CENTER (44 person) mine have a 50% chance of getting 1 gold (as well as normal amount of silver).
Of course IF it becomes a double mine the % jumps to 100%.
This give you the option of going for silver (double mine) OR a chance of 1 gold at center.
It also means you have the fight to keep the center mine to get it. and it is always equal distance from HQ for ALL teams.
and 1 gold doesn’t give THAT big of an advantage.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [WarFlow] WF is down

hi grumpy… I used to be happy… but now I think I’m grouchy ;-)

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Soul of Guardian (SOG)] SOG Maintenance Notice on November 15th

I can’t seem to get in to game any more. IS anyone else having the same problem?

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Topic: Castlot / loss of CoD

2 things to point out with card merges.

1: a lower quality card with be consumed by a higher quality one no matter what. So blue cards get exp from all green cards no matter what level they are. Purple cards get exp from blue and green cards no matter what they are and orange consumes all other cards except orange…

2: when cards are the same quality the one with the higher exp consumes any lower level one so if you have 2 blue cards and 1 is lv 5 and the other is lv 4 or less the lv 5 one will get the exp.

So if you merge “all cards” the highest quality card with the most exp will end up with ALL the exp from the merge.
all this is explained ingame (badly)

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [WarFlow] Feedbacks, Comments and Suggestions

1: agree with neal85 on rituals, 1% is just annoying raise to 8-10% but lower times per day say 3-4hrs between attempt.

2: Soldier loss to ambush and most wanted is annoying, you can lose all your troops very quickly. Turn most wanted to like friendly challenge, Or just no troop loss for defender.

3: forge system needs tweaking. make it so that each level give a choice as to what you use, jewels, gold etc as each becomes available… but players choice as to what they use (may cost more to use lower type of item but meh)

4: give non vip a better chance with improve system… even if the upgraded improve is 10x normal honor cost and only = platinum improve.

Other than that, I do like the way new players are separated from the high level players until they are more prepared and the slower introduction of new things to do by level. Makes a change of pace from other games of this type where you end up being squashed by other players who started months earlier (at least until you get into the higher levels anyway)

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [WarFlow] New system: Warstar

mine appeared as soon as the ancient altar appeared in town. may be limited slots to hold starsouls… but not sure.

Wiki updated.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Redshift] Official: Bugs and Glitches

Originally posted by Rikeka:

I trained Overloading V… when it finishes, what it does?

It resets to 0.


mine is the same
I think it should open expert overloading at 0 but resets advanced instead…. :-(

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Star Supremacy] remove weapons from transport ship completely

even transports need to defend themselves from aggressors at nodes…

mind you the amount of fighters they can carry is a bit much.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Star Supremacy] suggestion

here is my IDEA for 3 new modules.

module 1:
add a module… so placing this module in costs 1 module but add 2 back (only 1 module PER ship) costs ore and goods (not sure how much) and may need a min 10 – 15 cargo spaces

level 1: lose 100% cargo space of the ship (this is where the module space comes from)
level 2: lose 90% cargo space
up to level 9: lose 10% cargo space
and level 10: lose 5% cargo space (min 1 space)

Module 2:
lose 1 slot of bigger weapon type to gain 2 (or more) of the next level smaller slot with bonus to initiative.
EG: destroyer class has 1 heavy weapon. by adding this in you would get 2 turret weapons slots.

level 1: 2 turrets lose 1 heavy OR 2 heavy lose 1 capital. initiative +1
level 2: as above except init +1.5
level 3: as above except init +2
level 4: as above except init +2.5
level 5: 3 turrets lose 1 heavy OR 3 heavy lose 1 capital, Init +2.5
level 6: as above except init +3
level 7: as above except init +3.5
level 8 no loss of bigger weapon slot but now only 2 turrets/heavy weapons and init +3.5
level 9 as above except init +2 and turret weapons fire at fighters first 10% of the time (heavy weapons no change and init +4)
level 10 same as level 8 but now 3 turrets/heavy weapons and init +4 (all turrets have 20% chance to fire at fighters first init +2.5)
and remember ALL weapons of this size gain the bonus to initiative.

Turrets firing at fighters is the turrets attack so unless they have multi hit capabilities (guass gun, rail repeater) they lose their attacks vs main craft.

Module 3:

opposite of module above. upgrades 2 weapons to 1 of next size. however weapons LOSE initiative. (due to being a spinal mount and having to turn whole ship to face enemy etc.)

level 1: loss of 2 weapons and init of new weapon -5
level 2: same as above but init only -4.5
level 3: same as above but init -4
level 4: same as above but init -3.5
level 5 loss of only 1 weapon and init -3.5
level 6 as above init -3
level 7 as above init -2.5
level 8 as above init -2
level 9 as above init -1.5
level 10 NO weapon slot losses but init -1.5

and initiative loss is for ALL weapons of that size (so all capital or ALL heavy weapons)

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Star Supremacy] wah colony hub max lvl 10 is too low

think how much of all 3 special resources you’ll need to get level 10 commercial center….

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Star Supremacy] Raiding Frustration

i’m with Tibike on this one… it should always steal from the highest count over hidden storage that fills its storage. UNLESS you could give the commander a directive… like raid for food… raid for ore…

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Star Supremacy] Special Resource Problem!!!!

I have a slight problem with the special resources… you can only MOVE one of them.

In my trade colony to colony I can, as an altair, only move crystal between them. I assume it is the same with the other 2 races.

But there are many buildings that require said resources to upgrade, one of the buildings requires all 3 special resources to upgrade. So even IF I do manage to get ALL three special resources I could only do 1 town at a time. by direct raiding (or buying from trade with advanced trade token) for EACH resource I can’t move for EACH colony I have. And with 5 or more colonies the cost in B-creds would be VERY expensive to say the least.

What I would like to see is either: colony to colony transfer for ALL res (even if say special res is slowed so where 50 max could be moved by the fleet normally only 5 max could be moved. OR make it so trade tokens can be used in place of ADVANCED trade tokens with say 10 normal tokens = 1 advanced token.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Star Supremacy] bug/glitch -- Locked Spots on built colony

how many buildings do you have? you only get so many slots per colony until you upgrade the colony hub.

each upgrade of the hub past level 5 gives 1 new slot.

also building a commercial center also unlocks 1 slot PER level.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Star Supremacy] Advance Trade Tokens

also add to altairs & seekers list list
missile base cannot get past level 4 without heavy metal.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [WarFlow] Suggestions for Improvement to Warflow

there are a number of warflow wikis around

is just one. (it has links to some of the original spreadsheets as well)
just ask around.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [WarFlow] Suggestions for Improvement to Warflow

I have to agree with Rascalkill on the just trading thing… Not really necessary

However, IF trading is really wanted, perhaps a auction area for equipment, and all equipment MUST be 1-1 to allow it to go into the auction area.

And say, 16 hrs min for the auction. SURE that means alts can still buy it (and 10% of that money is taken as an auction FEE) BUT they would have to outbid anyone else that wants it (and min price would be say 3/4 of what you can sell it for in the shop, and you can set your own min price.)
So if you do have something you don’t need, sure, you can sell it to the store Or, see if someone else wants it.

And on forage.
Have a forage holding area or nation forage (whatever you want to call it) the more you sell the lower the price multiplier goes (so first sell of the day 1x second sell .8x 3rd sell .6x) like a force sell until the price multiplier goes to .1x OR people buy it so buying forage would help people by raising the multiplier if stocks are low (and buy goes up to 2x, starting at 1x then 1.2x then 1.4x etc) lowered IF people are selling. this is apart from the rising and falling price