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Topic: Contract Wars: General / Dr ImpleX - 154SP

Originally posted by MeleeMan48:

I love how many people think that anyone with 130SP+ deserve a ban. I am at 124 without farming once ever or taken advantage of the SP bug like ImpleX. I am only lvl 65 and I still have 5 more SP contracts. It’s not impossible, calm down.

and how many people with 130+ SP didnt farm? at least once… thats why people generalize it :)

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Topic: Contract Wars: Bugs and Unofficial Tech Support / Hacks or not?

Originally posted by isukps:

saw jaseem on evac, he seems to have strangely good intuition compared to last time i saw him

maybe it’s just luck

since you mention his name… yes thats the man I was talking about!

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Topic: Contract Wars: Bugs and Unofficial Tech Support / Hacks or not?

Originally posted by jackhornblower3:

So it’s not just me who thinks that hacking has become a major issue overnight. It’s good to know I’m not a noob.

no, its not just you, Im being killed through shrubs noone can see, hell even on evac… just recently hidden in the valley near the truck and suddenly out of nowhere, couple shots across the map dead on target(didnt die because I really was in cover but weird nonetheless)… :D and then through shrubs/trees from barrels on chopper plateau (near the truck again) the moment ruins were out of the way and clear line of fire… dead… on same spot several times over even though my team-mates were nowhere near me… Im half blind so before accusing someone I left the game and checked the spot with sniper optics… Im sorry, despite that guy being lvl68, theres no way in hell he could both spot me and shoot me in a millisecond especially while mowing down my teammates camping on roof… the thing is, Ive never been killed in that manner before and I was going against better players… btw same insta reflexes happened when I tried to flank him…

despite the fact Im conviced about some kind of cheating I wont point fingers, that guys clan doesnt have great reputation so… :D

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / Am I the only one?

Originally posted by Longshots:
Originally posted by vitalykolobkov:

If you make it harder all new players will be enraged because of discrimination towards them. Or are you going to remove w-task from everyone first?

That would make it so much better, agreed with the removal of currently tasked acr’s

I dont like that idea (Im one of those that bought acr because of its easy w-task otherwise I would go for sth totally different :) )…. but, well, if they ever decide to do that they could also restart contracts… I wonder many people would get to blocking contracts again :)

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Topic: Contract Wars: Weapons / Test - Sniper Firerates

thanks for the test :) kinda interesting, didnt realize un-scope reload is faster :D


Originally posted by Wakom:

You can bypass the fire rate of sniper rifles quite easily. Just ignore the bolt action animation. Excuse the crappy video quality.

heh, I dont wanna be nit-picking (since I know about it for some time) but technically thats a bug/glitch or whatever you wanna call it… as far as Im concerned thats a punishable offense :D … just saying

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Topic: Contract Wars: Weapons / AWM-crazy gun

wtf is that thing iamJerbear9? it looks like win98 or sth like that :D

btw I force myself to use AWM and went whole lighthouse match with it and at the end it still showed 100acc, so I dont understand whats the problem here ;) granted I have bunch of acc skills but still… and I think the scope is little off (or my eyes are off :D )

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / Spawn killing?

so what about shooting after a second or so after they spawn? :D:D

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / What is the best weapon in set 6 ?

scar-H is probably the best choice but if you have to ask scar-h is big no no since it would take a long time to earn cr for other guns(expensive repair cost) so yeah X95 is probably the next best thing ;)

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Topic: Contract Wars: Weapons / AWM repair...

I bought all 3 of them purely because of “collector” status and excessive cr bank :D maybe AN94 could be fun… dont know, too much staff going on (free nubgru, 6hours Mod.3 – I understand now why people use it :D)…

as for AWM repair cost: its very high, yes, but thats not the biggest problem with it, 35 repair points is… on the other hand its the very first (real) cr sniper that can one-shot even high lvl players, so it has to have some drawbacks otherwise people would buy gp snipers :)

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Topic: Contract Wars: Clans / **Figa Ka3aku - OFFICIAL RECRUITMENT/NEWS/DISCUSSION THREAD**

Mithrandir1: I think theres nth wrong about it :) not sure how long is temporary though… but I dont have access to cw now so I wont be able to accept you back immediately (at least for next day or so :( )

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / BIRTHDAY of Absolutsoft!

first of all congratulations on your 4th anniversary, I never realized theres 30 of you working on CW and stuff :)
secondly I thank you for your gifts all 3 of them ;) (great choice)
and last but not least I wish you all the best for future

Originally posted by vitalykolobkov:

Devs, please give me pecheneg for 4 days. I already bought P90 devgru, so I do not want my code to be wasted. Yet, I never played with pecheneg and want to try it first before resetting skills.

thats what you get for buying nubgru, no punishment is hard enough, though this one is at least quite funny :))

Originally posted by Spectrano:

is that realy “Thank you” because for 4 days servers are going to be full of Douchgrus

seems more like a punishment

no, no, no! you have to look at it from the other side… for 4 days nubs will experience almost the same hell the remaining wise players have to endure every day :) btw if you ever wonder if you should buy +30 pen, now is The Time :D

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Topic: Contract Wars: Weapons / AN94 Preview

theres 2days old video on youtube with AN-94 showing its tier6 CR gun with 150repair points and 350cr/1point

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Topic: Contract Wars: Clans / **Figa Ka3aku - OFFICIAL RECRUITMENT/NEWS/DISCUSSION THREAD**


  • Vasenkov

didnt look for rest since were full… youll have to wait until some kicking is done :)

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / Figa vs Loner

personal opinion figa doesnt play with locked profile nubs (^◡^ ) besides should figa ever beat you you would blame it on fs so whats the point…

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Topic: Contract Wars: Weapons / weapon customization

Originally posted by EchoGuy:

I think customization is mostly just colors. I doubt they would let you switch between any scope you want…

I think it will work like it did in alpha version or sth… you will have a pool of specific attachments to specific weapons depending on their class and later on weapon lvl (so you cant add sv-98 scope to kedr :D), but before adding anything you will have to complete its w-task with vanilla version… at least thats what I got from reading peoples comments(cw “secondary” staff included) :D

↓↓ picture that is flying around forum for a year or so, should be from alpha of original CW years back or sth like that :)

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Topic: Contract Wars: Weapons / What is the best tier 5 gun?

untasked probably rpkt/p90(you will complete their w-tasks quite easily without even trying) but except 9a-91 they have relatively easy w-tasks so… pretty much all of them are good :)

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Topic: Contract Wars: Clans / **Figa Ka3aku - OFFICIAL RECRUITMENT/NEWS/DISCUSSION THREAD**

Originally posted by sodlu:
Originally posted by OmarCZ:


  • GeneralCeltrax

1k posts ;) not bad OmarCZ

dang it, I was looking forward to it, planning big party… lots of beer, whiskey, slivovice(local/national spirit), lots of friends, nice chicks, limo etc but… but… I forgot :D :’(

no1sperfectt: until lvl30 you wont get positive response ;)

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Topic: Contract Wars: Weapons / weapon customization

not sure where it was but I read few days ago theyre mostly done with recoding so it shouldnt take too long… on the other hand I also heard rumors (January this year) weapon customization could come in March 2014 (worst case scenario during summer 2014) but they were working on recoding first… so I wouldnt trust myself in this :D

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Topic: Contract Wars: Clans / **Figa Ka3aku - OFFICIAL RECRUITMENT/NEWS/DISCUSSION THREAD**


  • Palarax
  • Kedr4Fun
  • Barbarossa82

requests cleared

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Topic: Contract Wars: Clans / **Figa Ka3aku - OFFICIAL RECRUITMENT/NEWS/DISCUSSION THREAD**


  • GeneralCeltrax
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Topic: Contract Wars: Clans / **Figa Ka3aku - OFFICIAL RECRUITMENT/NEWS/DISCUSSION THREAD**

Originally posted by rinswindt:



Hi hi :) were still here and fighting :) and thanks ;)

to all:
requests cleared time to reapply If you want :)

  • ↓↓ Synthesize: ACCEPTED :)
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Topic: Contract Wars: General / Height of Stacking

Originally posted by thousandsun1:
Originally posted by EliteAPA:

Give that picture to the devs and they be like “Well, we gotta have pay2win stuff to make money”. I mean, that’s what they said last time.

That explains why the server level caps were increased. Now you have to pay to go against lower levels.

its the other way around… now you have to pay to go against higher lvls otherwise youre in significant disadvantage anyway stacking is a serious problem… btw you can buy early access for credits so no big deal here

Originally posted by firebreathz:

meh man up face the stacks.. only makes you a better player..

Im hearing this sh*t from all sides, some cw staff included, and Im sick of your naivity(I have other words on my mind but lets stay polite) :(
few minutes ago I finished interchange TE with match score 150-28(5-2 my score, I joined a minute before the end :D), with my exception my team was clanless lvl50s going against lvl64+ pinoyz/bih/sao and one or two others I cant remember… it was laughable, they didnt even bother flanking, just rushing forward with their 100+ (Ichecked those without locked profiles) armors and gp guns… newbies guns barely tickle them through that armor at that range so I ask you what those low lvl players will learn from this lesson? certainly not a way to improve they skills… man up? Im sorry, Im yet to see some really good guy to join this kind of a team and stay until the end… speaking of which, theres so many people on forum saying take a challenge, lets fight them to improve etc but I never see them in-game fighting stacks :D

also funny thing is most people defending stacks are those that join them… also this stacking issue became serious problem when new lvl brackets were introduced (or am I wrong?)…

Originally posted by Tutul1000:

I dont see a problem!
Read tutultalks4

It is the noobs choice to fight a stronger team, they can leave whenever they want.
They’re noobs.
But the are skilled enough to know how to switch teams or leave the match.

I see a problem when this happens on most 45-70 servers, they can leave, sure, but joining other servers dont solve the issue

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Topic: Contract Wars: Weapons / Devgru vs PRC (finall round)

Originally posted by SirLautrec2:

…and why em I noob I just wanna know other people s opinion…

well, theres a reason why people call it nubgru… and youre thinking about buying one… ;)

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Topic: Contract Wars: Weapons / G36C task is bullshit

Originally posted by kudamon:

my dear theminelayer122, go try and task 9a-91 then.

i bet with you that you will say g36c skk is easier to task than 9a-91.

not really, 9a-91 w-task could be bought, believe me when I say 90% people owning G36 would buy it the first chance they get simply because of the frustration :D

as for the rest… go and task your G36 now… it wont be that “easy” now :) G36 is a gun with paradox… super cheap with super difficult w-task so people end up with shit*y gun because of no w-task

Originally posted by Ninjakitten09:
Originally posted by TheDutchSoldier:

I did it legit in a day, stop whining.

Again, Says the guy who got banned for farming.

hes only one of many so-called pros which farmed their asses off until they were finally caught… the only difference is, hes well known and people made fuss about it :D

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / New map Site

:-O you came here before fb… thank you ;)