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Topic: Contract Wars: General / Roulette Attempts.

Originally posted by SweetCold:
Originally posted by OmarCZ:

how about you take your childish behavior somewhere else.Being rude doesn’t empathize to be correct!..
and opinions of the players make this game not one-sided rational responses .

thats why I put those stars and “s” at the end of it, it wasnt done by auto-censorship itself ;), to avoid being rude and I didnt meant specifically you, though you were included … anyway you yourself said and I quote: “its not that i hate the attempt,i like it…now atleast we do get something…to make it more realistic” there are lotteries where the smallest win is the bet itself which gives you sort of a free attempt, so it is realistic and on top of that you will always win sth and Im sure you are aware that wasnt the case before the wc ;) so enjoy the free attempt and fear the day devs become tired of us being greedy and introduce “nothing” slots again ;)

I would understand this suggestion half a year later but, what? 2 weeks after introduction? Im sorry that just reeks of greediness

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Topic: Contract Wars: Weapons / Best G36C Skin discovered!

Originally posted by GoodGun5:

The G36C task is pointless now. 100 triples for nothing…

have you looked at that mod tree? there is a big difference between non-wtask and wtask mods :) especially at early stages

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / [DEV] Update and patch note

oh my god! a collimator! G36 task is finally not impossible! (at least in my case ;) ) and yeah I dont have AKMS so I couldnt have known how it works with gp guns ;)

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / Roulette Attempts.

ungrateful ******s, thats what people are! if you dont like free spin then lets make it like it was couple weeks ago… nothing… how you feel about that? free attempt doesnt sound like nothing anymore does it?

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / Roulette Spins

roulette is probably the only thing that is getting constantly better (if you exclude bonus/promo free spins ) so yes it is worth 1minute, you cant expect getting GP constantly they are rare and thats how it should be ;)

Originally posted by gshines95:

Hi, What is MP? You can get them between the skill and black division on the roulette. Thanks

Modification Points… currency in weapon customization right know they are usefull only for M4/AK105/AKMS but there are/will be updates everynow and then so every gun will need them at some point, you get 1MP for every 5000 weapon exp(sonar, killstreak etc dont count)

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / Contracts take forever

Originally posted by nnamesorHseldaeH:

AHAHHAHAHAHHAHA. You dont know me, do you.
I dont have many more because it is way too common to do one of these nowadays.
Also, I have 3 Quads, two with AKMS, one with Bizon, and two Pro’s, one with knife and one with P226r, and I am a terrible player.

just few things…
1) “nowadays”: so it wasnt like that all the time, how long you play cw then?
2) clan skills help a lot at those lvls
3) 75% contribution
4) you have alt

5) 3+4 make it very hard to believe you actually are a new guy unaware of cw world and its mechanics which was my main argument in my previous post…

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / Contracts take forever

this contract only requires some grinding, but its quite easy shouldnt take too much time, if you stick to small and fast maps like bay5/evac/parkside its really a matter of 2hours max since you dont have to change your playstyle/aiming etc :D and wait for other contracts, next one is a real cutie… 4 doubles in TDs mode :D good luck ;) and bronze #20 is 400kills so… yeah ;)

Originally posted by nnamesorHseldaeH:
Originally posted by sulphite:
Originally posted by AndrewLyssunov:

That takes literally 5 minutes to do… then try 20 Quad kills on TC, lets see how much that will take you.

Originally posted by MaxValis:
Originally posted by sulphite:
Originally posted by testaccount1:

Here comes the k pyramid…..
But seriously, did you really have to make a thread about how you did one of the earlier contracts?

Early for you, just did it for me. I don’t mind games that ask for some dedication, but 250 kills in 24 hours is crazy incredible, I’ve had to try it so many times now and come short.

Get 50 kills per game do 5 games and tadaa 250 in under a hour

And how in the world do I do that?

Its fucking easy. If I can average 50 per match on parkside anyone can.

I dont think sulphite is a lvl 59+ guy with noobgru/noveske/ACR/mod.3 or alt of such guy, he sounds like a low lvl new guy(yeah, I see it, hes lvl38) and forgive me for saying that but its hard to believe you or anyone else were capable to do 50 kills on parkside or anywhere else at, let say, lvl20… especially when it doesnt take long to lvl up at those lvls

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / Why is vk ahead?

maybe the fact that devs are russians and with exception of nqss they dont speak english(thats what I heard) on decent lvl has sth to do with it… ;) also faster response with bug reports if theyre in your first language :)

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / [DEV] new customizable weapons

Sig Sauer P226R ;)

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / packages

Originally posted by ZainM25:


yeah, like that ever worked :D

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / How your HC KD goes from 6 to 2.5

Originally posted by DutchLol:

I can do them everywhere, the KDs I’ll get are different. Yeah, that farming was fun, oh wait, I didn’t farm that. Ough, bad sources

you sure? I mean its been several months but I recall reading sth about you, beretta triples contract and farming evidence for your second offense(although the circumstances of your 2nd ban were unsual I give you that)… doesnt matter, I made my point ;) the only thing that makes your case sad is that youre probably the only farmer that actually got perma banned though cw staff had nth to do with that ban :( but at least I can rest theres at least some justice on the (internet) world ;)

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / How your HC KD goes from 6 to 2.5

Originally posted by DutchLol:
Originally posted by Ravel70:

That’s just how HC is, the way it was designed to be…more “realistic” and more difficult.

Why do you think the majority of renters don’t play much HC, after they got rid of the lower level server brackets where they could take their Noveske or Devgru and go stomp newbies ?

So suck it up buttercup, find a match you can play in…or go back to normal mode…lol

Because I’m so gonna do a benelli contract in normal mode against 170 armor stackers..

well, if youre good enough you should be able to do them whenever you want right? thats what you said in past… after all you did the 5triples with beretta on your old account and that couldnt have been easy… oh wait you farmed that one… nwm… as for the whole HC team killing… you dont like it, dont play it, that said I kind of hate the fact teamkills count towards your score :(

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / The Roulette Secret!

actually theres also a trick to speed it up, but only pros know about it, you press right mouse button and move clockwise (or the other way to slow it down)… oops! now you know about it too :( but it doesnt do anything… until someone posts video with them doing 1000spins and all of them lends on 30gp/1sp (so you have a margin for error) I wont believe it changes the outcome! ;)

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / Friend got banned after kongregate account was hacked

Originally posted by JudaiYuki:

What do you do in these situations?

you take a step back and think how/why you got hacked… after some time, depending on your intelligence (seconds, minutes, days, never…) you will inevitably find out it was your stupidity that got you loose your account and youll move on with another priceless life experience in your pocket… youre welcome for helping you to find the right way dealing with this situation ;)

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / Ban Duration

Originally posted by DictatorPL:

Im for IP ban-u not allowed to play our game. Oh wait we wan ur money so its never happend.

ip ban? you are aware theres an easy way around it, let alone the fact it can ban more than just the cheater…

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / R.I.P CR Roulette

just today I got 3 times CR out of 4 attempts so its probably just you also mod points are kinda more important, for enough cr all you need to do is use your gp gun for a while and youll have excess of cr and yes I said gp gun… its highly unlikely people at lvl59+ dont have at least one of them

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / [DEV] not so popular maps

stop meddling with lvl brackets it should have stopped noob-stomping but instead it created even worse problem… stacking, TDS servers werent popular even with 10-70 brackets so it wont help

Originally posted by CelticPredator:

This is the best balanced system for the game, there is no better system that can be done…


seriously? have you ever been in 59-70 servers? because I can assure you stacks are problem there too and I dont see how 1lvl difference would change it, so not only it wont work it will also make it harder to find playable server because more brackets mean less servers per bracket thus another wrong step!

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / I Guess This Is GoodBye

lnvincibIe: yes, people are dicks but they prey on week, dont give them the notion youre week and for the most part youre fine…
what is most likely to work? turning off/limit social media or fight the anonymity of internet? imagine this: youre staying on a beach in front of your house and you see tsunami coming what will you do? get to your car and drive off and later come back to salvage what you can or go back to your house, open a bottle of wine ranting about how unfair it is thinking nth will happen to you while doing so… thankfully this is kong and not force of nature so you have more options, you can either call for mod/report it, mute them or simply ignore them… at some point they will either break kong rules or get bored and theyll stop… its all about learning how to deal with morons not how to convince them theyre hurting you, because they dont care…

Or…. On the otother hand… People could stop being assholes to them on social media?

until someone/something force all of us to have some kind of chip that will zap you with billions of volts everytime you do sth inappropriate people will be assholes especially on the internet…

anyway I wished him best of luck in rl and thats all I or anyone else can do for him so… ;)

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / I Guess This Is GoodBye

how about instead of crying how mean is everyone to you to just turn off your chat? have you ever consider that? you remind me those people that committed suicide because others were mean to them online, even though all they needed to do is stop being on social networks 24/7 (most of them)… btw people dont start to behave like dicks without you giving them reason (no matter how little) and theres also the magical button “mute” ;) its not like you have to deal with them, of course unless you want to…

anyway bye bye and gl in rl

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / Third gift from the Devs

Originally posted by mejorqvos:

…they gave the akms for 7 days with a promocode (so everyone could test it’s customization)

hate to burst your bubble but it definitely wasnt everyone… (how could you even say sth like that?)



Originally posted by dosado:

Oh wow, 150GP! Enough to buy the PMM guys, today is a happy day. Really great how rewards are getting worse each milestone we reach.

imho devs over do it in past with gp rewards so they arent really getting worse just more sensible, its not enough to buy perma weapon but if youre here for some time(more free stuff) + contracts + lvl-up rewards (if youre stupid enough to power lvl-up to 60+) will give you chance to buy anything in due time… people in general are greedy little pricks, they want everything for little to nothing… 150gp in my mind is a perfect top notch reward, doesnt buy you anything but it helps fulfill your goals whatever they may be ;),

personally I wouldnt mind no gp but sth like free random temporary gp gun for everyone for couple days :D

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / BALANCE IS AWESOME!

Originally posted by 4aRoN1:

Isn’t this kinda naming and shaming, which is against kong rules? idk

theres another way of looking at it… showing match results of public game… nth wrong with that ;)

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / Petition to remove Profile Blocking

I dont mind profile blocking, its annoying and majority of its users are rental nubs but… it doesnt change the game itself so I dont care, if anything when Im killed by those people I can say to myself “skill-less, rental, cheating nub” and then I happily move on without any harsh feelings regarding my performance since I cant check if hes really that good :D

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / [DEV]700k likes, second present

ZpLitzor: I have issues with them calling it reward and act like they did something primarily for us, it reminds me systems supermarkets and such are using with their discount sales(not sure about proper english expression) when they first raise the prize by 10% and then after week or two discount it by 15% so the actual discount is what 7%? or sth like that… in this case they first remove parts of the game just so they have sth to give us back and call it a reward… it just offends me that they think of us (me included) as stupid brainless herd of sheep :’(

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / [DEV]700k likes, second present

not whinning(I probably wouldnt use it anyway) just pointing out this isnt a prize… its barely 3 hours after you released it on fb, it actually just hit 3hour mark, and all of them are already activated… it actually was used up hour ago… same sh*t/scam/lie ,take your pick, like with promo spec guns few months back, except this was supposed to be a reward for all of us… seriously?

I would like to point out that first “prize/reward” was return of hidden gp guns to buy (essentially thats a “reward” for you since people will spend more money :D ) and second one is for 4kpeople… if anything it should have been 100k (600k → 700k)

I understand youre a company that needs to be profitable but please make it less obvious…. thank you

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / The Recoil (Give us the old Pattern back!)

as it is now, old(non customized) guns are superior and that will be the case until all weapons get wc or at least most used guns, then you will see it will improve your performance ;)