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Topic: Swords & Potions 2 / Bug Reports and Issues

Never mind my last post, now fixed

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Topic: Swords & Potions 2 / Bug Reports and Issues

Hi, please help me with an error:

Error occurred, please restart, error code #888798

I get the error at the end of the working day, then I refresh the whole browser, the game loads at the exact same spot as before (halfway through the day, as I left it yesterday)

Then this loops, I cannot complete a day.
The exact same scenario happens, x number of customers come in, all the same, all want the same thing, all accept/reject the same things I suggest them (e.g. I suggest item X at chance 75%, he always takes it. Another customer always does not. As if it is saved already (like when you Spin and log out, it is always the same result)).

Earlier I was playing on a different laptop, a weak one that froze the game often and did not load the textures in HD.
I think it could be relevant. All other people on chat can play fine.

I restarted the browser and PC, Flash Player is up to date; cleared temp files, browser cache etc too. Never had a problem with this PC.
Any suggestions please?

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Topic: Technical Support / Certain Kong games do not load

Oh thanks a lot both of you, I’ve deleted those lines and it works now :) I don’t even remember changing the hosts file lol

[I only wasted 2×2 hours on this]

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Topic: Technical Support / Certain Kong games do not load

— edit2: I don’t remember, it’s possbile though

— edit:
I found the hosts file and found this at the end:

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Topic: Technical Support / Certain Kong games do not load

Hi all,

I’ve spent 2 hours trying to troubleshoot this, any help would be appreaciated!
Checked the forum and tried lots of things before finally posting.

Certain games are not loading on Kong. -- edit: I did find some rudimentary games that do load, but they are really simple and low-rated
The chat and frame loads,
Black background appears, “this ad will close automatically” msg flashes up
Gray background appears. Right clicking does not bring up Flash options, only the standard HTML stuff.

- Happens only on Kongregate, games load on other sites fine.
- Happens with other browsers, too (IE,Chrome,FF)
- Games I used to be able to play still work fine, but nothing else. Some of these games use Unity, some don’t.

Technical details and troubleshooting:
- Home computer, Windows 7 64-bit, Firefox 20.0.1 (latest), only router, no seperate proxy, everything up to date
- Reinstalled Flash player (uninstalled,rebooted,installed)
- Reinstalled Shockwave player
- Reinstalled Java
- Reinstalled Quicktime
- Disabled all add-ons in FF, tried running in protected mode, too
- Checked device manager, no warnings were found
- Reinstalling audio driver not possible (up to date)
- Reinstalled video driver
- System time is correct

- Tried disabling/enabling protected mode in Flash settings (the cfg file)
- Flash global storage settings are set to unlimited
- Flash “Allow 3rd party content” option is enabled
- Deleted Flash cache, browser cache
- Deleted Java cache
- Deleted temp files (c:/windows/temp & application data/temp)
- Tried all proxy settings in FF
- I have no popup blocker or website blockers either.
- Ran CCCleaner w/ its registry fix options, too

- Every other program is closed (uTorrent, etc)
- Rebooted machine several times

I read that plugging in the audio jack for the headphones might help, it did not.

I checked the Read-Only status of the #SharedObjects folder, it is not ticked, but filled with the blue color (as if it was partially read-only). I unticked it, clicked on OK, but checking it instantly showed that it reverted back to the blue background.

Again, any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / Fuel Trade

I support the idea completely.
If someone is desperate to have something, let them pay the fuel cost.

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / Mission Report missing when zombies attack

When you come back from a mission and the game has just generated a zombie compound attack, you do not see the mission summary. Regardless of what you choose (Bring it on/Need more time) and it is not displayed afterwards and no yellow notification either.

As I found no sticky for reporting bugs in general, I’ll just post it here for the devs

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / [NEWBIE GUIDE] Duo team to farm 24hs without stopping!

I think that’s what everyone does, except the 24 hour part :)

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / Volume sliders not working

I have to set it to 20% or so, it is displayed so every time, yet volume is at 100% until I move the slider the slightest

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / Map/building does not load, I get static loading screen

Hi all and/or devs,

Every now and then the game gets stuck at the loading screen of going into a building, just before it would bring up the final interior view.
Then it get a “static” look, like the TV when not tuned in and I need to refresh.

My only problem is that it locks the building for 22 hours. It’s very annoying and bad design; but even this wouldn’t be fatal if it wasn’t part of a mission… Now it’s my second day in a row that I can’t go to the only office in that particular neighbourhood.

I also noticed that the problem only happens in areas other than my own. The occurence is high, like 1 in 5 times it happens… (but never in my own district).
The people I sent to the mission do not need time to return, they are all there in my compound when I refresh.

I’m using my home PC, no proxy, etc., latest Firefox, Win7 x64
I don’t do anything else while loading it, have no other Kong games open either.

Any ideas from anyone? Thank you!

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Heavens] Chest Rotation

I felt the need to join this conversation.

I have to agree with Guardofear, at least with the general thoughts behind his words.
“can’t agree to that” – in the context of “others get it more frequently” is just ridiculous. It’s RANDOM. Don’t compare yourself to others. There are lucky and unlucky ones, you got to be the one who had to support the devs 40 kreds more than others. If there was a limit of “10 purchases maximum”, don’t you think everyone would just spend 1 kred 10 times and guaranteed to have another diamond chest? What could the devs possibly do?

If you are prepared to spend 245 kreds for 420 diamonds, essentially getting 3*245=735 kreds worth of stuff, or 1260 dia, be willing to spend 40 more…….
Especially that you point out others who REGULARY pay, as they get 1 in 5 or 10 on AVERAGE… now I imagine these people who pay these sums of money, I don’t get why the rich keep complaining. Getting that 3×420 offer like 5 times altogether, that’s 6300 diamonds in return, a huge huge advantage over anyone else, yet complains about 40 kreds extra.

But I understand you in that the dia/kred prices are weird, they don’t follow Kong’s purchase system (getting 110 & 225 kreds on Kong vs getting dia for 120 & 245 kreds in Heavens………. so unfair, delibaretly making you purchase more )

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / Deathmobile upgrade still possible?

It’s his choice. It is a way of paying for the game, just like you buy any other “normal” games (non-browser games).
If it was an advertised game on Steam that you can buy on a dvd, for $15, you would, wouldn’t you?

re: “it’s just a game” -you do not realize the amount of work that the developer put into this. It’s hundreds if not thousands and it is free for all, unless you decide to support him

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Heavens] Tourney board

Okay, I see.
However, as mentioned above, this game is already too much affected by luck, which the 10×10 board would only escalate.. somehow the focus should be brought back to skills.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Heavens] Disconnect lost items

Maybe the durability was 2, then you lost the item if getting disconnected meant losing the battle.
When you lose a battle, you lose -2 durability for each iteam worn.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Heavens] Tourney board

Raxonir, what exactly do you mean by modifying stats?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Heavens] Who's on First

But you won’t have any control anyway… it would be a fake feeling of control, no skill involved, pure luck again.
The underlying issue with the whole system should be addressed, and it’s sad that PLAYERS try to come up with a workaround, and the devs don’t even care to fix the big issue. Shame!

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Heavens] ENORMOUS HEALTH !!!

A very valid question… It causes all sorts of problems.
There should be a seperate arena for those who have cheated their way in like that. In your example, the person must have bought level 5 medals that cost a lot of money.
It’s “ok” to award those who paid so much, BUT not at the expense of others.

About the seperate arena: Since the stats of the NPC enemies in the arena are in a given band per level (say, 3500-5000 HP, 700-1000 dmg for level 6 NPC (not real data), etc), those players who exceed ANY of these values, say, 2 times, would be playing in the seperate arena (and without NPC enemies, otherwise they can keep farming like they do now…)

This is a serious issue with game balance and needs to be addressed ASAP, normal players are REALLY put off by this.
And by “normal” I mean those who have paid once or twice, yet, the gain cannot be compared to those who spend a fortune here. Surely you (devs) can’t expect everyone to pay dozens of dollars, consider those who paid 5-10, and the rest of the players (this is a website for free games after all…).

A worse example than the OP’s is a player who is like level 3 and already has stats 5x of other lvl 3 players. The “level” should be based on the combination of STATS and not XP…
Alternatively, when you click to fight in the arena and the game supposedly “tries to find a match” for you, it should simply not find a match if the difference is so huge. Let THEM suffer by waiting forever for someone their stats to join; not us.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Heavens] Jackpot?

I agree with the last post.

Mainly because it gives that person the best chances of winning AGAIN, especially that one can’t spend that many dia on anything else but the spin again.
Translate that amount of diamond into the equivalent of Kreds. The winner would sell that account instead.

The main problem is the huge gap between the top 2 payouts (jackpot and 2 clovers [50dia]).
I’m sure that the statistical average of getting 2 clovers is higher than 50 tries.
Altogether it means that 99.9% of the people lose all the diamonds if they keep going in hope of getting the jackpot, or more precisely, everyone except the only 1 winner. That is the problem.
This system redistributes the diamond pool in the worst way possible. Take it from the poor (plural) give it to the rich (singular)
Wouldn’t you rather keep everyone [or a bit more people] happy than just 1 person?

To reduce this gap there could be a bit bigger, say, 200 dia payout, more rare than the 2 clovers. OR simply increase the payout of the 2 clover a bit to like 100.
– It should keep the jackpot from shooting to the stars, in a way slowing its increase,
– There would be more wins altogether → more happy people → more loyal players who won’t leave after 2 weeks of gameplay.

As I think even 10,000 diamonds is too much, it gives too much advantage.
I’m not even motivated to get such a huge amount of dia, it would destroy my gameplay, everything would be simply boring (it already is sometimes).

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Heavens] Beginner's Guide to Heavens

Well that’s good to know, I would have never guessed.
If it’s not in the Beginner’s guide, it should be; if it is, my bad

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Heavens] Diamond count does not update

When I spin the wheel and win, say, 5 diamonds, it won’t update my total diamonds on that page – and when I close it and go to the main screen either.

No matter what I do it won’t update until I either:
1) Spin the wheel again and win diamond (only then)
2) Spin the wheel and run out of diamonds (according to the wrong value of total diamonds)
3) Refresh the page

Now, obviously, refreshing is a workaround, but I’m reporting it to be fixed.
Does anyone else have the same issue?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Heavens] Game improvement wish-list

I agree with most points… especially the lack of tutorial or documentation. Yes, there is a fan-made Beginner’s Guide, and a very short FAQ, but people keep asking everything in the chat, and most wouldn’t think about looking for info OUTSIDE the game. Even if it means scrolling down.

About the monster strength: I think it’s fair enough to have 3 main categories. After all, if the stats were given, you would have an easy task, it wouldn’t be exciting (“shall I try? shall I skip?”).
Each monster takes one attempt to figure out whether you can handle him or not in the future.

About the second to last point:
If it’s your turn and make your move, the final updated HP of your opponent is only displayed after a few turns.
I guess that the chain that comes after your move is calculated instantly, and the animation has to keep up with it. By that time, the final HP is long known but will only be displayed after a few chains… weird.

About the blocking, perhaps it’s the armor absorbing it all.
An event log should be a must… the chat area is perfect for that. The chat is not used most of the time anyway. Even then, it could be switched from Battle Log to Chat with a simple button……

About the last point, I agree, new players only see a Fight button, of course they will click on it… sadly.
It should be mandatory to go to the Arena every time OR update the text: “Fight in the arena” which would indicate that it is for the very best

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Heavens] 0 Energy

Yep, it favors Russians, as usual.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Heavens] No Surrender. Now what?

Wait 2 turns by not doing anything. When that happens, you automatically lose a battle.

There should be a surrender button indeed :)
By the way you are most likely not going to be able to get past his armor currently.
You do know that for 10,000 armor you have to cause over 1000 damage right? (I’m surprised you kept trying for 2 hours)
Use Agony that bypasses armor and stack them every other turn. He can’t damage you (as you noticed) so make sure you carry enough

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Heavens] Appeal to Developers of Heavens regarding recent changes.

Interesting read. (maybe a bit too long – just saying in case the length deters them from reading it).

1) A big sale before a price rise is a good idea (and common practice). (Regular random discounts of certain stuff is also GREAT)

2) I think they just made a mistake in calculating the ratios. They did try to follow the “spend more, save more” system before. Though, with not a lot of discount, like 5%.

3) The core fanbase are the ones who are at 5-6-7 now. Soon they are reaching the ceiling and quit. They will either find it pointless later on (as there is such a huge difference between stats between players of the same highest lvl that there is no adrenaline.. you meet someone 3x your HP, you just accept your fate. Next time it will be your luck. Even the road to get there becomes boring.
I’m only level 5 but I already find it SUCH a repetitive chore to just click click click, manually using all potions etc.
As the game gets older and older, it will just disappear down the line of a hundred other games, it won’t generate new players.
I hope they understand that the “core” players came from the original Russian servers, or when the game was new and on the front page. These times are over, they would only get a fraction of the revenues so far, I bet. If there is a time to come up with discounts and updates to attract and KEEP players, it is now. Before it’s too late.

4) The complete utter lack of balance just destroys this game. It still smells and functions like a beta version, nothing’s actually working as it should be. No tactics needed, just collect items and pay us, have your own virtual room of items… While it is a nice feeling to finance the development of something that is not yet released, it’s too much. It feels like an early Alpha version.

By the way, Laurent is very active in reading comments and replying, listening to needs, features get implemented etc. So that’s a big plus.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Heavens] Plase change the turnaments back to how they used to be!

Hmm I think the have just realized their mistake now.
Though this is worse then before…. for the reasons you wrote down.

I was so glad to see the “moving resources from 1 player to another” sentence… those who won gained a huge advantage.

I’d say, 1 person should only win 1 tournament a day… it’s unfair otherwise. There are a handful of experienced (possibly Russian) players who own these tourneys.
Possibly, everyone could have 2 or 3 tries a day. Even then, in a single week it would mean 14-21 tries… more than suffucient.
But then, give us back the frequent tournaments, please.