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Topic: Bloons Monkey City / BANANA FARM BIGG GLITCH

Hey, very sorry for the late response here. We’ve been working on a way to be able to fix this for Kongregate users (a lot easier when it happens to NK accounts) and we’ve just got that ability yesterday. I’m going through fixing anyone who has emailed in, so you’ll get a response soon.

If you run into an issue like this you’ll need to submit a bug report to get it fixed up as it needs to be done on a case by case basis.

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Topic: Bloons Monkey City / Stuck in loading

After some investigation into the url you posted, it seems that you may have a virus/malware that is redirecting the request to this unknown server.

This page indicates that the server is in Vietnam:

Are you using your personal computer and network connection, or are you at an internet cafe / using public wifi? Also which country are you in?

Could you please try this test and let us know what the results are:

Click this link, or copy-paste this url into the address bar of your browser:

Do you hear / download an mp3, or are you redirected to the unknown server?

If you are redirected, then it does indicate that you have either malware or a compromised network connection.

Thanks for reporting this. It is a peculiar and intriguing case.

Further reading:

This page features reports of very similar mysterious redirects to urls that contain this string “ich_s_t_a_r_t”. Some people suggest it may be the Chinese government doing experiments for the Great Firewall. Would you happen to be in China?

Another case of the same thing, this time hijacking a wordpress download:

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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 3 / Stat Resets

Originally posted by varnine:

You mean when the disk turns orange we must click it?

Clicking it can sometimes re-establish a connection. But usually the only option is to refresh the game.

Anything that happens while the disk is orange cannot be saved.

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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 3 / Why your rank resets...

SAS 3 does save your profile online. What is causing the most resets is the game not being able to connect to those servers.

As in that picture. Always make sure the save icon is green. If it’s orange, refresh the game. (Orange means it can’t save anything you do.)

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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 3 / Stat Resets

Yep, acegallaidol. We’re almost entirely sure that the resets are from connections. There are two probabilities:

1. You log in but a lack of connection means you don’t get your game data, and it looks like you’re reset. Refreshing will fix this up (unless you don’t connect again)

2. You’re not connected so your game data cannot save and the next time you log in you get game data but none of the progress of last time.

We’re working on something to let you know if you’re connected, and to try stop it being so temperamental.

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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 3 / Stat Resets

Originally posted by Golemator1:

can u just give back our ranks from the resets cause this is getting annoying

That’s the hope, we just need to work out a feasible way to do that.

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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 3 / Stat Resets

Hi everyone, thank you for playing SAS3 and giving us your feedback.

We’re aware of the resets that are happening for many of you and are working on fixing those issues.

In the mean time we’d like to thank you for your patience and let you know to keep giving us feedback and bug reports.

Some players have reported that re-logging in has brought their rank back (not limited to jarek56 here in this thread :) ). It seems there may be a connection issue and you’re either not connecting to the server to retrieve your info, or progress isn’t saved. We’re working on incorporating some visual cue to allow you to see if you’re connected correctly.

OK. We’ve got the feature in now.

See it circled here

If you see the floppy disk orange, refresh the game immediately. Any progress you make will not be saved.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Aetheron] No stat points when level up

Hi AzureTW, what is your character’s name?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Aetheron] Likes and Dislikes

Bushwhacker – you can “respec” your character once you reach level 10. This will allow to reallocate ALL skill points earned up until that point. So if you think you’ve spent too much on Defense, respec and you can change to a more aggressive build.
The first respec is free (for each character), but after that respeccing the same character again will cost you 90 credits.

The respec character button is underneath the scroll on your character home page.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Aetheron] Likes and Dislikes

Hi goatsalways, what is the name of your character?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Aetheron] Likes and Dislikes

Hi guys, use potions! They fully recharge you and you can buy them using gold when you run out. Also, you can convert 1 Aetheron Crystal into 5 Potions at the Alchemist’s Lab. Also look out for cards like Inner Reserves, Bind Wounds etc.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Aetheron] Improvements?

1) If you click on the down arrow next to the two line summary at the top you will be able to see the entire Combat Log for the battle.

3) Click on the deck, bottom right to go to your deck screen. Then select the “Combat Active” button above and click on cards in your collection. You should see two crossed swords appear above the card, which marks it as Combat Active (ie. it’ll randomly be drawn in combat).

Glad you are enjoying the game!

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Topic: General Gaming / Bloons Super Monkey. lolz

Thanks for the ideas. What do you mean by “double stages?”

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Topic: General Gaming / strategys for bloons tower defense 3

Hi there. Glad you guys are enjoying BTD3. For the time being we’re keeping it exclusive to Ninja Kiwi. We know some of you may want it on Kong due to badges etc, but we’re experimenting with something different here.

BTW Steelsauce, where on armor games did you see it?

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Topic: General Gaming / Bloons TD 3!

Hey guys, glad you are enjoying the game!